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Hellenic Polytheism Books

So, @somethingreekish asked what books I used in terms of Hellenic reading material/sources. I thought, I should just make a post about it!

Note: This is not an in-depth review and does not cover any potential faults of the books or their authors in regards to Hellenic polytheism. 

I’mma tackle these in order of readability. The further it goes, the more intensive the reading level. I’ll also include ISBNs if you are interested in finding them online. (Or better yet, your local independent bookstore, if you have one!)

100 Characters from Classical Mythology
by Malcolm Day
ISBN: 9780764160066

This book is basically an easy-to-read collection of one-page profiles on most of the well-known deities in Greek mythology. It acknowledges the kinship of the Greek and Roman pantheons, and will often explicate the differences. It has lots of nice photos of statues and plenty of classical artwork to accompany, not to mention the Gods’ family tree. The book is divided into sections: Primordial Gods, Olympian Gods, Descendants of the Titans, and Heroes.

Greek Mythology 
by Katerina Servi
ISBN: 9789602133736

I actually obtained this one in the gift shop of the Acropolis Museum in Athens. It’s written by Katerina Servi, a Greek archaeologist. It’s honestly very similar to the first book, but the family tree is more developed, and almost all of the art is photos of sculptures and terra cotta paintings (like the cover, above)! It’s even divided into sections similarly. 

The Greek Myths
by Robin Waterfield
ISBN: 9780857382887

Okay, hear me out… this is a retelling of the Greek myths that is incredibly reader-friendly. If you’re looking for a palatable collection of myths that isn’t nearly as *ahem* dry as the few below, this is a great middle ground. Whenever I wish I had my own collection of religious texts and stories to revisit, I open this book. Think of it as a collection of “Books” of faith for Hellenics. Plus, it is gorgeously designed and has tons of lovely paintings and photos of sculptures within!

Did the Greeks Believe in their Myths?: An Essay on the Constitutive Imagination
by Paul Veyne
ISBN: 0226854345

WAIT DON’T CUT MY HEAD OFF YET, HEAR ME OUT. This is a philosophical and historical essay on Hellenism and how the collective human experience and belief can produce things greater than itself. I know that sounds a tad blasphemous, but honestly it’s really interesting, and I’ve always tried to maintain a healthy level of skepticism in every aspect of my life! I still believe nothing is above a scrutinizing eye. A quote from the back: “Truth is not found, but created, as is history.” 

The Iliad & The Odyssey
by Homer
ISBN: 9781607102120

Agamemnon, Achilles, Odysseus… I don’t think I need to explain why I bought this! This is a really nice edition though, it’s hardcover and has gilded pages. Just good to have for reference. I wouldn’t call them easy reads, though.

The Library of Greek Mythology
by Pseudo-Apollodorus of Athens
ISBN: 9780199536320

Aaaand here at the bottom of the “light reading” pile is this lovely gem. It’s one of the oldest libraries still in print to survive since 2nd century Greece, and is generally considered one of the most true-to-context books of Hellenism. It’s got a few maps, some crazy complex family trees, and (thankfully) lots of explanatory notes in the back. Polytheists who use will be familiar with how the text reads, as it’s one of their most-referenced and -quoted sources.

That’s all! I hope someone found this list helpful to start out with, although I know this is only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities for adding to your own library! Just thought I could give you some candid feedback from someone who owns the above titles.

Happy reading!


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Here’s a Pink Diamond’s death Theory

I don’t know if someone has thought of that, and I’ll be pretty quick ‘cause it’s a raw idea i’m having… (also sorry for my grammar, I’m brazilian and in a hurry because I’ve got homework to do, for tomorrow)

What if she asked for it? It’s stated that a Diamond is an immensely powerful being, and ordinary gems couldn’t just shatter them out of the blue. 

It was stated by witnesses that the murder’s instrument was a sword, and that the rebellion was going on for quite some time. Quoting our beloved Zircon (the blue one, the green can choke): [referring to Rose Quartz doing it] COULD she? 

Of course, the quote’s context doesn’t apply to what I’m saying but I wanted to quote her in my theory. Let me be

I’ve been doing some research, and probably everyone has already used it to say either White or Yellow (or even Blue, but that’s the least possible): only a diamond can cut a diamond in real life. And this could be it! It is really possible that they wouldn’t let this information be erased from SU’s reality.

Only the weapon of a diamond, or a diamond’s power could kill one of them.

Probably there is some way to just end my theory but I would like to build a scenario of what I’m currently imagining Pink’s death.

We’ve seen in the Bismuth arc that Rose was against shattering. Maybe because she actually did it with Pink and maybe never wanted to. The traumatized look in Pearl’s face when the act is mentioned, pretty much gives it to us that she saw it happening and was an accomplice (in one way or another);

So, this goes a bit forward from the actual moment of the killing… PD’s only colony, Earth, is going to rough times and a terrible war between Womeworld x Crystal Gems has been on for centuries. I don’t want to build a full personality for her because I believe this would be wrong, but any leader would come to a dicision like that, and also giving the fact that she has a human-zoo after all. She was fascinated but the beings, much likely. Maybe she came to a point where she realized that Gems coming to planets and simply destroying their lifes to create something of their own is not a great action at all. 

Due to her being the youngest diamond, she might have thought of COEXISTENCE at some point and came to the realization that there was only one way to end this madness, at least to Earth, her own and dearest colony. I don’t know, maybe she set-up and encounter with Rose, and of course, Pearl. Now this moment I’d like to imagine that was pretty shocking for both of our beloved gems. There was, Pink Diamond herself, asking them to do so. Maybe even with the hope that proving the power of the rebellion and possibility of going against all that was going own in the Gem’s society (determined positions, lack of liberty of choice for the species and etc), it could all go to Homeworld and change things. 

Pink, in some way, I’m a bit lazy now to even think how, created a diamond-based sword and gave it to Rose with that purpose. Also this could be a reason for Pearl’s “WHY WON’T YOU JUST LET ME DO THIS FOR YOU, ROSE?”. They (Rose and Pearl, PD is already out off scene) argued. That was a POWERFUL act and a good way to win this War. Pearl of course, didn’t want Rose to be framed for such a horrendous act, she could be shattered seconds after killing Pink. As she said in ‘Do It For Her’, about her devotion to R Quartz, “when you live for someone, you’re prepared to die”. She would be up to do it in Rose’s place. 

The account given to us in The Trial of course, might be possible. They were in a War scenery, the possibility of having few Gems seeing the act, was pretty possible. Sorry, Zircon, but the soldiers were probably fighting at the time. The rebellion was pretty much stablished already, they could have made a plan to attack. Pink was let “off guard” (almost), and…

Now, I know there are many holes in my theory but I would like to share it with you. Maybe Rose really did it, but who gave her the power to do so and even planed it before her was Pink Diamond herself. As a way to sacrifice for a greater thing.