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You know what I’ve realized? The fact that we can’t unfeel something. We just get used it. Like suppose we’re sitting on a cold surface, it’s cool at first but then it starts getting warmer. It’s not that the surface suddenly got hotter, it’s just that we got used to the coldness. Or when someone gets stabbed with a knife. It hurts at first but then the pain disappears. It’s not that the knife is gone, it’s just that our body gets used to the knife piercing our skin. And now that I think about it, you know when you’ve been sad for so long that suddenly you don’t feel anything anymore? Not happy, not angry, just nothing. It’s not that the sadness is gone. It’s just that we’ve got used it. Or when someone keeps treating you like complete shit and after a while, you just don’t acknowledge it anymore cause you’re used to it. And that’s just really fucking sad. The fact that we get used to something so much that we completely forget it’s there.
—  3 am thoughts // D.P

Jeff Hardy/OC- Jeff and reader were “friends” during Ring of Honor and now they are both in the WWE. A little reunion never hurt anybody.

Warning- not really any, spanking, a little hair pulling.

Sidenote- this one is a little bit shorter but for the anon who requested like 12 years ago, I hope you like it.

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As I stood in the gorilla for WWE, I recall the phone call I got from Triple H. I felt a sense of pride rush through me as I remember Hunter asking me to join the WWE. I was wrestling for Ring of Honor, but my contract had expired 3 weeks before Hunter called me. Now I’m standing in the gorilla waiting to join Bayley down at the ring. My music hit as I walk through the curtain and a loud pop came from the audience. I smiled wide as I went through all the memories I had of me wrestling. As I joined Bayley on stage the crowd chanted my name.

Bayley and I were going to be on a tag team with a male tag team and we were just waiting for them to be announced. I crossed my fingers that it would be with the two wrestlers I knew from Ring of Honor. I was close friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy, well Jeff was a different story. Things happened but we never acknowledge the elephant in the room.

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An Unexpected Turn (Barry Allen x Reader)

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Requested by: @lisagust14“Hey! Can u write barry x reader imagine where the reader works at ccpd , is sarcastic one and hates romance. At first they hate each other but then they fall in love with each other. And readers also works at star labs❤️ thank u”

Word Count: 2.5kish

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I’m so sorry this imagine took so long, I really wanted this one to turn out well:) anyways, school’s been hectic so I will try to upload maybe two a week? Three if I manage my time well! Thanks for your patience guys AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500 FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU GUYS

“You don’t just step all over a crime scene, Barry!” you yelled angrily. No, angry wouldn’t even describe what you were feeling right now. You were furious. Enraged. A bit on the “I’m gonna kill this guy” side.

All because little Mr. Know-It-All decided that running all over the crime scene in less than five seconds would be the best way to obtain crucial evidence without “contaminating” it. Stupid.

“What, I got what we needed! The police would never let us have this,” Barry argued, trying to keep up with your pace ironically.

You turned on your heel, stopping abruptly. Barry quickly stopped in his tracks, his Converse squeaking against the quiet hardwood floor of the CCPD building. He looked down at you expectantly while you raised your chin slightly. 

“Oh, sure! Let’s just steal from the damn police, Barry. Let’s just take some totally unimportant evidence because apparently, we don’t trust them to successfully catch the metahuman!” You took a pause from your rant, and glared at him. “I’m the police, Barry. Me. Not you. Me.”

Barry shrugged his shoulders and looked away. “I mean, I’m technically the police too…and the Flash,” he retorted, smirking at you.

Your mouth dropped slightly while your eyes squinted more in a small feeling of shock at what he just said. Did he just say that? 

You let out a groan of frustration before taking a step closer to Barry, almost chest to chest. You were shorter than him, but standing closer allowed you to feel more in control.

“You give me fucking migraines,” you growled. “The only reason I even associate with you is because of Caitlin. So try, try, not to be so damn annoying.”

Barry crouched down slightly so that you and he were now eye to eye.

“Nice to know I have such an effect of you, Y/N,” he said back, one cocky eyebrow lifting up.

You scoffed. You were at a loss of words. When you opened your mouth to say something, Barry took a step back and crossed his arms. 

“Nope, I’m not in the mood to hear you complain about me again,” he said, shaking his head.

“Excus-” you started, but Barry cut you off.

“Nope. I’m going back to S.T.A.R. Labs. Caitlin’s going to want to see this evidence,” Barry said. Before you knew it, his signature streak of lightening flew past you.

“Yeah, which you stole!” you yelled after him. However, he was gone and all that was left was the effect of blown wind and your anger still bubbling inside.

You sighed in frustration before heading back to the main hallway of the police department, eager to get your mind off of the guy who gave you actual headaches every day.

Barry slammed the evidence bag onto the table where Caitlin and Cisco were talking in the Cortex when he started pacing back and forth. The two looked at each other confused while Barry murmured to himself. Then, he looked at his friends.

“Why is Y/N so mean? She’s really mean!” the frustrated boy exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Y/N?” Cisco asked. “Y/N’s like the nicest person here, along with Caitlin,” he added quickly. Barry scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.

“No, she’s mean.” Barry pointed at Caitlin, who was your best friend and the reason why you worked at S.T.A.R. Labs every once in a while. “How are you friends with her? She’s…mean!” he repeated.

Caitlin laughed at his tirade about you. “Y/N’s not mean, Barry. You just haven’t gotten to know her,” she said. “It’s probably because you keep on annoying her.”

Barry scoffed, leaning against the table in the middle of the Cortex room. “Me? Annoying? How?”

Cisco scoffed, leaning back in his seat as if ready to make a list. “I mean, there’s a lot of things,” Cisco started. Barry held up a hand and indicated him to stop.

“Okay, fine. But, she’s over exaggerating. She got mad at me because I “stole” evidence,” Barry said, putting quotation marks around ‘stole’.

Caitlin’s eyes grew wide. “Wait, you stole this?” she asked, holding up the bag.

“No!” Barry defended. “Well, not really. I mean, it’s not really stealing when no one saw me steal it. Plus, we’ll return it. It’s like borrowing,” he said smiling.

Caitlin pursed her lips and glared at the speedster. “Yeah, sure.”

“Okay, but that’s not it! Y/N’s just a mean person!” Barry continued.

“At least I’m not irritating,” you said, walking into the room with the same glare on your face that was plastered on his.

“Oh, hey, Y/N!” Caitlin greeted. You waved at her and Cisco before sitting down in the chair in between them. 

“I’m leaving,” Barry stated. He walked out the door and turned left, probably going somewhere in the building. 

“I’m going to go see where he went,” Cisco said, pointing at the doorway. Him and Caitlin shared a look but you decided to ignore it. You nodded, and leaned over to what Caitlin was doing.

“How’s the DNA looking?” you asked. 

“It’s actually a perfect sample,” Caitlin said, looking at the cell structure on the computer.

“Yeah, I was hoping so.”

Caitlin looked at you slightly confused. “Why? I thought you didn’t want Barry stealing this,” she asked with a smile.

You chuckled. “I was kind of expecting him too. Plus I wanted him too. We don’t have this type of technology over at the department, and if I were to steal some evidence and get caught, I could lose my job. But if the Flash were to do it, well, no one would have a problem with that,” you explained truthfully.

“So getting mad at him?” she questioned. Your smile grew larger and you looked at her with a mischievous glint in your eye before shrugging.

“I just like to see him get frustrated.”

Caitlin laughed, and then looked at you with a look.

“What?” you asked suspiciously.

“Do you think…” she grinned. “Do you think you two could like each other?

You coughed, choking on your own saliva. 

“We-we what?” you asked, laughing at the ridiculousness of that idea.

Caitlin’s smile grew larger, if that was even possible.

“Oh, but you do like him, Y/N! I knew it. I knew the second that you guys saw each other that there would be something there,” she squealing excitedly.

“Me?” you asked. “Liking Barry?” You shook your head. “Oh, no. No.”

“C’mon, Y/N. It’s like one of those, you know, love-hate relationships! It’s cute,” your friend gushed.

“What? No, Caitlin! That’s way too cliché. No, no. That sounds horrible. Plus, he gives me enough problems now. I couldn’t survive dating him,” you said.

Caitlin jumped in her seat. “But you did think about dating him!” she stated. Your mouth opened and once again, you were wordless.

Caitlin gasped. “Oh my gosh, you did,” she said.

“Caitlin!” you scolded. “I don’t like Barry, and in no way does he like me. He probably hates me,” you said frankly.

She rubbed your shoulder. “Barry does not hate you. I know that for a fact,” she said. You raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

“How do you know?” you asked.

“Well, Barry usually doesn’t spend that much time talking about a person he doesn’t like. Even if it is ranting about your arguments,” Caitlin laughed.

You glared at her playfully. “He. Gives. Me. Headaches.”

Just then your phone beeped, indicating that you were needed back at the police department.

“Oh, I need to go, Cait. I’ll see you later?” you said, already standing up, slinging your purse over your shoulder.

“Yeah, Y/N. See you later. And maybe Barry will too,” Caitlin teased, wiggling her eyebrows.

You laughed, secretly playing the idea of you two dating in your head.

“Yeah, in your dreams.”

For the rest of the day, you couldn’t get the idea of Barry and you potentially being a thing.

“Damn it, Cait,” you whispered to yourself as you looked at Barry from across the room who was talking to Joe.

You shook your head. “Nope. No. That’s too cliché, Y/N. Since when did you like these romantic things?” You paused. “And since when did you start talking to yourself?”

Mentally shaking your head, you went back to your computer and attempted to focus on your work. Then, Iris walked in. You attention immediately focused onto her. You knew that Iris and Barry were best friends but since the first time you met her, you’ve had an uneasy feeling about her.

Suddenly, a thought struck you.

Was this feeling…jealousy?

“Caitlin…” you groaned. You put your head into your hands and closed your eyes.

‘You do not like Barry. You are not this kind of person,’ you thought to yourself.

Just then, you felt a presence near you.

“Hey,” you heard Barry say. “You okay?”

You raised your head up in confusion. “Huh?” you asked.

For the first time, you could see that Barry didn’t have his usual cool demeanor on. It was like he actually cared how you were.

You smiled genuinely. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just…headache,” you said. Barry chuckled.

“I hope not because of me,” he teased.

You paused in mock thought. “I don’t know. It could be.” You both smiled, and then a silence fell over the both of you. However, right as Barry opened his mouth to say something, Iris called him over.

“Bar! Let’s go, we’re gonna be late,” she said.

Barry nodded at her and looked back at you.

“Oh, where you going?” you asked, suddenly curious.

“We’re just going on a simple date, and such. Nothing serious,” Barry informed you.


You gave a smile small and waved. “Well, I hope you have a good time,” you told him.

“Thanks.” With that, Barry smiled at you and walked back over to where Iris was standing and escorted her out with one backward glance towards you.

When he disappeared, you began to think.

Just this morning, you guys were at each other’s throats. This has been probably the first time in a while since Barry had actually been nice to you besides when he first met you.

What changed?

Then, something hit you. Did Cisco have the same talk with Barry that you did with Caitlin?

Did he realize that you could like him and just wanted to be nice to you?

Was him going on a date with Iris his way of telling you that he wasn’t interested in you?

“Oh, I’m going to kill them,” you whispered to yourself.

A month passed by since that day.

You found out that Cisco did propose the same idea that Caitlin did, but he told you that Barry was kind of vague with what his reaction was to that.

Over the month, you realized that, maybe; you did actually have feelings for Barry and just suppressed them with hate. You were never good with romantic feelings anyways.

The only person that you told was Caitlin who promised to keep it a secret. Not only were you horrible with feelings, but you were even worse with rejection and seeing how Iris and Barry were going on frequent dates, you could tell that it would be a really bad rejection if you ever told him how you felt.

But something, deep down in your gut, told you that Barry wasn’t enjoying these dates. He would come back to the labs unhappy and just bored. Like the night he had wasn’t all that great.

But if he didn’t enjoy the dates, then why did he keep going on them?

Day after day, you would contemplate on telling him how you felt. Every day, you would watch Barry when he wasn’t looking. As creepy as it sounded, it was calming.

Sometimes, he would make faces that he didn’t even know he was making. Other times, he couldn’t hide his emotions even if his life counted on it.

It was the small things that really got to you, and day by day, you could feel yourself liking him more and more.

One day, you just had to tell Caitlin.

“Aww, Y/N. That’s so sweet!” she raved.

You scrunched your eyebrows in slight disgust for yourself. “It’s literally the most corny thing that I’ve ever heard myself say. My gosh, what’ve you done to me, Cait?” you asked, frustrated.

“I made you realize your true feelings,” she said smiling.

You slouched back in your chair and sighed.

“But I don’t want to like him, Cait. It’s…he likes Iris and it was just so much easier when we were mean to each other,” you said softly. Barry and you still talked, teasing each other from time to time, but ever since that day, you couldn’t actually insult him anymore.

“That’s because you were in denial. Now you aren’t! And now, I’m encouraging you to go after him, Y/N,” she told you.

“I can’t. He has a girlfriend.”

“Well.” Caitlin started. “They’re technically not dating.”

“Yeah, we’re not,” you heard a voice say behind you.

A chill went down your spine.

‘Oh, crap,’ you thought. ‘Oh, crap.’

Caitlin winced before standing up awkwardly. You gave her pleading eyes, mutely asking her not to leave. She winked at you before walking out the room, leaving the two of you alone with your heart beating furiously.

You turned around in your chair to face Barry who was still standing next to the door frame.

“So,” you began, “how much of that did you hear?”

Barry took a step closer and shrugged lightly. “Enough.”

A small ‘oh’ escaped your lips as you looked anywhere besides him.

Then, in a split second, Barry appeared in front of you, you standing up now and him grabbing your upper arms firmly but gently.

“Why didn’t you say anything, Y/N?” he asked you softly.

“I-I…I saw how well you were doing with Iris and I didn’t…want to mess that up,” you whispered, looking into his green eyes.

“You knew that I wasn’t enjoying those dates, Y/N.”

“Then why did you keep going?” you asked.

“Because,” he said, letting go of you and taking a step back, “I thought that my feelings for you weren’t real. I thought that if I spent more time with someone else, then I would get over you,” he admitted.

You quirked up an eyebrow. “Hold up, you thought you could just date your feelings away?”

“Yes?” he said. “But,” Barry continued, his hands hovering over your waist, “now I know that I do like you, Y/N. For a while now.”

“And when you were mean to me?” you asked, smiling. You both knew that you guys never actually hated each other. Caitlin was right. Perhaps it was a “love-hate” relationship. 

“That was when I didn’t know how to handle my feelings,” he confessed. A moment later, his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you closer.

“But now I do, and I don’t want to let you go,” Barry whispered.

“By all means,” you replied, “don’t.”

Just then, Barry kissed you softly, but with passion. As if he’d been wanting to do that for a while.

And just when you think that you’ve got it figured out, life can give you an unexpected turn.

The End


Politics [Bucky Barnes AU] (Part 4)

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Series Title: Politics (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader
Warnings: Mild swearing/cursing
Word Count: 1,397
Requested: By all of you to keep writing, so technically, yes xx
Short Description of the story: Your father is running to be the state senator of New York City. James Barnes, your childhood nemesis, is an egotistical playboy who is the son of your father’s opponent. The both of you plan to make your fathers’ campaigns living hell together.
Short Description of the chapter: Your plans to get the media’s attention by releasing a sex scandal with Bucky start to come together. You and Bucky go out together in public, only to argue about your high school lives in private.

Disclaimer: not my gif, I have never seen “Political Animals”, which I know Sebastian Stan appears in as an important character, so this isn’t based on Political Animals

[Y/N] = your first name
[L/N] = your last name

A few days after your father’s event, you and Bucky met up one more time. Bucky had left an anonymous tip to the paparazzi that you and Bucky would be meeting up in secret, allowing them to follow the both of you there. You were wearing a very 70s inspired outfit, in a denim button up mini skirt, a long sleeved white top tucked into the skirt and a pair of tall, tan boots that reached just under your knee. It was just casual enough to pass for everyday wear, but it was a little more than you usually wore, so you knew that if the paparazzi got pictures of you and Bucky, they would comment on that.

“What do we do now?” You whispered to Bucky when the both of you were hoarded outside of a relatively private coffee shop in Manhattan. All of the reporters and photographers were making sure you couldn’t move from the crowd.

“Just follow my lead,” Bucky whispered back before taking your hand gently in his and starting to walk, acting like he was shielding you from the paparazzi and cameras. “Please respect our privacy!” he added loudly enough for them to hear. You had to hide your smirk, knowing that there would be plenty of speculation after the words fell from Bucky’s lips. 

“Nicely done,” You complimented once the both of you were safely inside the coffee shop you had planned to meet up in. The both of you found a table near the far corner of the shop, as far away from the paparazzi outside as possible. “All right. So, what’s the game plan?” You questioned Bucky, who was looking at the menu in the café.

“Well, now we have their attention,” Bucky reminded you, a smirk on his lips. “We can release the pictures as we planned.” This made a little bit nervous. Bucky’s plan was to release intimate-looking pictures of the both of you on his Instagram, allowing some people to see it, take screenshots and so on, then delete the picture, acting like he had accidentally posted it publically instead of sending it to you. This would surely take all of the attention the press had away from your fathers’ campaigns.

“But, that means we have to physically take the pictures,” you stammered slightly. 

Bucky raised an eyebrow. “You’re not chicken out now, are you?” he asked you, seeming like he genuinely thought you would. “We’ve barely even gotten started, Y/N.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “I know. I’m not giving up, don’t worry yourself, Barnes.” You told him, trying to play it cool and as if you weren’t actually freaking out.”

He nodded back at you. “Good,” Bucky said before looking at your legs with a smirk. “I just love that skirt of yours.” He admitted, his eyes raking down the length of it.

You rolled your eyes. “Well, if you love it so much, you can borrow it some time.” You replied back sarcastically. “You do have the legs for it,” you added as a joke, making Bucky grin, before waving a waitress over.

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BTS when you are on your period

Requested by: jiminssparklingbutt

Author‘s Note: Since every person acts and behaves differently on their period, I tried to vary the scenarios and the types of people!

Quotations are you speaking!


(Enters bedroom and sees you lying on the bed with a hot pack on your stomach) Honey, you okay? “No, I’m dying.” What’s wrong!!!! Does your stomach hurt? Do you need medication? What about- “I have really bad cramps. I got my period today and now I feel like dying and nothings helping!” Ohhhhh. Chagiya! Why didn’t you call me!?! I could have came sooner! “I didn’t want to bother you.” (Pouts) You are never a bother! (Peppers your face with kisses) (*GIF*) Well, I am here now, and I know just the thing to make you feel better! I shall cook you your favorite food! “Yesssss! I love you!” Love you too, honey! Next time just call me, okay? “Okay!”

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(You walk in to your apartment after work and see your boyfriend lying on the couch) Hey baby! How was work? “Terrible! Not only did my boss call me to his office to talk about how I was late to work today, but I got my period this morning, which was why I was late to work in the first place, and my stomach has been killing me all day and just AHHHHHHHHH” Oh no. Do you need me to go beat him up? Just kidding! I have an idea. Let’s not cook today and order takeout! My treat! And in the meantime, I can cuddle you on the couch and we can watch that sappy movie you love. “One, you don’t cook. Ever! I cook. And yes takeout sounds good! Can you get the phone?” Sorry, I can’t get up now (*GIF*), I’m too comfortable. But you can go get the phone and then join me.

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(Enters the kitchen) Hey darling! I’m home!!! What are you cooking? “Food” Okay…. Cool. You okay? “Yeah.” (Very concerned) Are you sure? Cause you are frowning into the pan. “I’m fine (you snap).” Okay then. I guess I will leave you alone. (Walks away, pouting, and goes to the bathroom to shower. Sees pad wrappers in the trashcan and figures out what’s going on. Walk back into the kitchen) I have decided to help you turn that frown upside down! Watch this! (Starts acting silly and fooling around (*GIF*)) I SEE THAT SMILE! YOU CAN’T HIDE IT FROM ME YOUNG LADY! “(Giggles) Thanks Oppa! I needed that!” Anything for you my love!

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(You walk in through the door) Hi baby! I was waiting for you! (Goes in for a kiss) (*GIF*) (You stop him) “Not in the mood right now.” (Immediately becomes serious and concerned) What’s wrong? Did something happen? “Yeah.” Ummm… Are you going to tell me what? “No.” Okay then, do you want me to give you space? “Yeah” Okay. I’m gonna be in my room just writing lyrics. Call me if you need me okay? You know you can rely on me for anything, right? “It’s nothing like that. I’m on my period and I really just want to be alone.” Okay, that’s fine. I will be just down the hall if you need me. Love you!

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(Enter the car) Heyyyy! (*GIF*) “Hi! Where we going?” Out to eat! What are you in the mood for? “I have been craving ice cream the entire day! Can we pretty please get ice cream?!?!?!? Chocolate Mint!” For dinner? Are you sure? “YES! Pretty pleaseeeeeeeee! (Pouts) I’m on my period….” Ohhhhh. That explains the cravings. “Excuse me! What are you trying to say mister?!?!?” Nothing, nothing. Just that I love you and we can go get ice cream for dinner now. “Really? (Looks up hopefully at him)” Anything for you babe! (Kisses you on the cheek)

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(Enters the living room and sees you lying on the couch watching tv) Hey chagi! Aren’t you supposed to be at college? “I skipped today. Wasn’t feeling well.” Oh no! Are you okay? (Walks over to you to check your temperature) You don’t feel hot? “Hahaha! I’m on my period silly!” OHHHHH! Want me to bring you blankets? “Yes please!” (Goes to the bedroom to bring the comforter) Anything else? “Jasmine Green Tea would be nice!” Okay! Now that I’m home, I can take care of you like you deserve! (*GIF*) 

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(You enter the bedroom and see him lying down on the bed listening to music) (*GIF*) “Hi.” Hi. “You okay?” I had a shitty day today. Not in the mood for doing anything productive. “I had a shitty day too. I got my period.” Oh. That sucks. “Yeah.” Come lie with me? We can listen to music together and get over our terrible days. “That sounds nice.” (You climb onto the bed and cuddle into the side of him. He gives you one of his earbuds and you both fall asleep to the soothing music and the comfort of each others embrace)

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“Let emotions subside before you decide.”

Someone sent me this quotation and I am more than thankful that I got to read this line. 6 words, one line, in that one short sentence can change a person’s life. Lately, I was really having trouble deciding wether to stay or transfer to another school. It’s not like that I don’t like my recent school but I just want to choose what’s best for me. I regret being oblivious before and now that I get to open my eyes to the reality I really want to make the right decision— to transfer. But many circumstances hinder my desire to shift and though I am more like to ignore that and push what I want, I really have to consider those. I’m a really considerate person, and a part of me hate it. I know it’s wrong not to push harder but I came to think that maybe I should stand up and be on my own, if I can’t go to that school that I want and which is best for my course, I should stick to where I am right now and make this decision right.

I am an indecisive person, I always makes mistakes when it comes on making decision on my own. I let my feelings overwhelmed me that makes it feel right when it actually isn’t. Those have served a lesson to me— sometimes we should think thoroughly and deliberate things with our mind, we should consider those possibilities and not decide right away.

hello everyone! i have a “friend” (i had to open close quotation because we just got acquainted lol) who is opening up a groupchat for our precious PRODUCE 101 SEASON 2 BOYS! as seen in the photo, it is an international chat, so all people are welcome ^^

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but if you don’t want to, do help to reblog and pass this along so that others can join in instead! please and thank you very much!


An ode to an incredible character of Xena: Warrior Princess. Callisto is the greatest “villain” I’ve ever seen on any TV show. I only put quotation marks around the word villain because she really wasn’t a villain at all to me. I have a hard time calling her one because she was just very depressed and psychotic. A misunderstood soul that needed to be saved. I’m glad she got the ending she deserved. Xena had to be the one to save her soul since she was the one who killed it in the first place. I never quite forgave her for that. This should of been the reason why she had to die and stay dead in my opinion. 

If you have hard feelings towards Callisto in any way, this video will change your mind. It shows Callisto’s story and a side you don’t see of her often. A complicated character. The woman who never got to be a child. Child of Cirra. Follow her story of vengeance and hatred through this video and come to see Callisto in a whole new light. 

Happy birthday Hudson Leick! Thank you for giving us the acting performance that really gave Callisto depth so that she was far more than just a villain.

The air in the motel room was heavy, humid. Almost uncomfortable to breathe in. Dean would’ve opened a window ages ago, if it weren’t for the fact that it was storming outside, thunder crashing, rain noisily pounding against the windows like the sound of drums. Dean silently cursed the broken AC, shifting his legs, which were feeling a little sore from the laptop that had rested on them for too long. He clicked on the next article with an exasperated sigh, the bed creaking when he moved to sit in yet a different position.

Sam had texted him a couple of minutes ago ‘Just finished the interview with our witness, found nothing new. Gonna wait out the storm before I head back’, and that obviously did nothing to motivate Dean.

He was about to browse an article about a couple that had mysteriously disappeared seven years ago, when he suddenly felt like he was being watched. Dean groaned, glaring over the lid of his laptop at Castiel, who was watching him in wonder. The angel was sitting at the tiny table on the other side of the room, going through some files that they’d picked up at the local library earlier that day.

“Oh hell no, don’t look at me like that with those big blues,” Dean admonished, determined to be stern as he glowered at his boyfriend. “You know why we have the no-touching-while-working-a-case rule, so don’t try to win me over. Sammy’s right, no hunting would get done, so you might as well stop trying to distract me.”

Castiel looked nothing short of offended when Dean called him out.

“That’s not why I was looking this time, Dean. I wasn’t trying to ‘seduce you’, as you would put it.” Castiel huffed, and Dean had to stop himself from smirking when he picked up on the quotation marks when Cas mentioned seduction.

“Really?” Dean challenged, already closing his laptop, suspecting that they were most definitely about to break the rules. “Then why were you looking, huh?”

Cas got up from his chair, walking over to the bed like a man on a mission, gently sitting down beside Dean. That way-too-serious look gracing Castiel’s features was enough of a warning for Dean to know that this wasn’t about a fun make out session. Dean was curious nonetheless.

“Your soul, it fascinates me. And it’s far easier for me to read it when you think that I’m not paying attention to you, because you aren’t self-conscious or trying to hide from me then,” the angel confessed, blunt as always, not beating around the bush.

Dean sensed the blood that rushed to his head, feeling embarrassed at the thought of Cas studying the most vulnerable parts of him.

“That stained old thing?” Dean joked evasively, although he did scoot closer to Cas so that he could properly sit beside him on the edge of the bed, their thighs touching. “Bet there’s nothing left worth looking at there.”

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Everything You Are

“And I would stop trying to fall in love again and keep it a secret. It never works out anyway (x).”

“Don’t cause any scenes, Hood.” You warned Calum after saying he wanted to pick you up at the airport three days from now. It was your paid vacation from work and you wanted to go home, have a breather. 

“Can’t guarantee that, babe.” You knew he was smirking on the other line. 

“This is my consolation price for being your best friend, huh?” You sighed. “Wear a beanie or a hood. Wear a disguise or something.”

“Nah, that’s not very effective. I might give them so much feels.” He said, making a quotation mark after he said ‘feels’ in the air with his right hand. “And they really recognize me easily. I don’t know how they do that, to be honest.”

“Maybe they got some training from Waldo?” You joked which made both of you laughed.

You and Calum were always on the same page, he can be himself in front of you and vice versa. It was a miracle that you two hadn’t lost any contact with each other since they say that high school friends will disappear once you enter college and find a job. But here you and Calum are, defeating all the odds. Especially now that your best friend is busy living out his dreams.

You heard someone call Calum in the background. “Ugh, Y/n, gotta go now! Can’t wait to see you on Monday! It’s so good that we gotta be in the same place again. After how many years!”

It was 5SOS’ last day of their Australian leg of the tour and before starting their American leg, they were given a week off.

You seated near a cylindrical aquarium where angel fishes, clown fishes, puffer fishes, yellow tangs and blue tangs swam. It was like meeting the cast of Finding Nemo, in real life. 

You looked at the time. 5:09 AM. You texted Calum where you were.

Thirty minutes had passed when you saw a group of girls walking to where you are. Some of them were screaming moderately. You knew why.

“Y/n!” Calum said, catching his breath.

“Cal!” The group of girls weren’t leaving and instead they remained calm and yet ecstatic, standing a few inches away from Calum, holding their phones and taking as much of photos as they possibly can. You never thought of how big they became since the day you watched them perform at this restaurant/bar. There were only a few people who came that day.

“Look who’s famous now.” You playfully punched his arm. “Wow. You have tattoos now too?” You noticed the tattoo on his arm. 

He gave you a shy smile. To you, he was still that lanky guy from your Math class who became your best friend. “I just grew and got some tattoos and all… nothing special. But look at you now!!” 

You felt weird looking at their fans, standing there. “Uhm.. can we.. can we go now?” You whispered.

He grabbed your luggage. “Yeah, I’ll drive you home.” He faced the group of girls. “Umh, I appreciate you all for coming here. I’m sorry I can’t take a picture, I, uh, picked up my best friend and she needs rest. I’m sorry again, guys!” 

Some of the girls whined but most of them understood and wished you well. 

Calum was playing soccer with the boys in their backyard. You couldn’t help but stare at your shirtless best friend, all sweaty. He really changed a lot, you thought. He became more handsome… his smile, though, remained the same. That sweet smile of his. That adorable cheeks. The way he talks. Everything about him stayed the same.

“He had grown a lot, huh?” Mali, his sister, sat beside you, placing her cup of iced lemonade on the table. “How’ve you been?” She smiled.

“It’s been good.” You wearily smiled.

“The wedding’s off, huh?” She knew.

“Paul is such a jerk.”

“Does he know?” She asked, glancing at Calum.

“I never told him anything about Paul. All he knows is that I went home for my paid vacation.. which is partly true.. because it really is my paid vacation.. but he doesn’t know it’s because of Paul.”

Malikoa gave you a weak smile. “I’m really sorry.”

“I…” You sighed. “Also gave them my resignation letter. I’m planning to work here. I’m sure there’s a lot of opportunities here.”

“Do whatever’s good for you.”

“Y/n?” Calum stood infront of you. “What’s this wedding invitation? Who’s Paul Smith?” He asked, he went and fetched the mail while the rest of the guys were still playing soccer, Michael shouting something about him staying in his man cave, Luke and Ashton laughing.

You and Mali looked at each other.

“Well, uh, I better help mom prepare for dinner later.” Mali said, leaving you and Calum alone.

He sat to where Mali was seated. “Are you getting married?”

“Uh.. no.” You tried holding back your tears. “Not anymore.”

“Y/n…why didn’t you tell me?” He gave you a worried look. “Babe…”

“I.. I don’t know.. maybe because you were busy and all that and I don’t want you to worry about me. I don’t want you to be distracted with your work. I.. I don’t know.. it’s..” A tear fell from your right cheek, you wiped it. “It’s.. I just don’t want to worry you.. and besides, I’m alright now.” You gave him a smile but your eyes were telling something otherwise.

“I’m your best friend! I will always be here for you!” 

I’m your best friend…. those words echoed in your mind.

Best friend.

That’s all you’ll ever be to him.

You cried even harder.

It wasn’t even about Paul.

Best highlights from the Doctor Who panel at MegaCon 2015.

Featuring Tony Curran (Vincent van Gogh), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), and Alex Kingston (River Song). (I’ll use T, K, and A to designate who’s talking). 

I basically wrote down everything I thought was noteworthy, including stuff I found to be really hilarious, interesting, or important. I didn’t write down the questions in exact quotes or necessarily in order because I didn’t want to miss the answers, but these are the basics of what happened. Exact quotes will be in quotations, my narrations/summaries are in italics. (I’ll probably end up putting some of the really hilarious quotes and other things into their own posts as well). 

At the beginning of the panel, they introduced themselves and got off on a little tangent about Vincent and Doctor. 

A: “That episode makes me cry every time.” She said she didn’t really know why, but she watches it with her daughter and she’s cried every time at the end when the Doctor takes Vincent to the museum. 

Q: Off screen did you ever act like each other’s characters, and can you do it now?

K: Laughed and said she would do it. She imitated River by saying “Hello, Sweetie” in a really deep voice. 

A: Didn’t want to do it at first, but Karen convinced her. She imitated Amy by yelling “Doctor!!!!” (Also imitated Vincent by saying a line that was in the original script about being a painter and being chased by a giant chicken, and she did it with a Scottish accent). 

T: Had Karen say “Your hair is orange” and responded with, “So is yours” in a pretty good Amy impression. 

Q: If you were the Doctor, who would you choose as your companion (in all of time and space)?

K: “All of time and space? I’m thinking…Jesus.” 

Moderator: I think Jesus would be the Doctor…

K: “No, he’d be my companion!”

A: “I wanted Jesus!”

K: Well you can have Buddha.

A: Yes, that’s true, I could have Buddha. But I think I’d really choose Bob Marley. 

Me to my friend: “Imagine all the hair!!” 

T: So do I take Mohammed now or something? 

Q: (To Karen and Alex) Did either of you know that River was Amy and Rory’s daughter before it happened? 

A: Said she knew way ahead of time, an entire season before the rest of the cast knew. She teased the rest of the cast with knowing something they didn’t, but she never told them. 

K: Arthur (Darvill) figured it out though, didn’t he?

A: Shook her head and said no. Apparently he pretended like he had figured it out but he really hadn’t. Also Matt pretended like he knew something Alex didn’t know to try and get her to tell him what it was. She also said that they kept the revealing scene really, really secret and there was something about the crew even using a fake piece of paper or something in relation to filming the scene and keeping it so secret.

Q: If you weren’t famous, would you go to conventions and cosplay?

K: “I love Star Trek.” I would definitely go and dress up as a Klingon. 

A: “I would go as an anime.” (The crowd asked her which one, exactly). I don’t know, I haven’t really seen any animes but I just love the wigs. I have five!

K: Laughed and asked, “When do you wear them?” 

A: I wore one for Halloween one time, I’ll show you a picture after this. (The moderator asked her if she could show us now, but she didn’t have the picture with her on stage). 

Q: If you could star on Star Wars, Star Trek, or Red Dwarf, which one would you choose to be on and who would you want to play? 

K: Star Trek, specifically Voyager. 

T: Star Wars. I’d want to play the Emperor. Then he said, in a really good Emperor impression, “Jedi…” Then he added that he would also like to play Boba Fett.

A: Star Wars. I think I’d like to play Chewbacca! At which point everyone Chewbacca roared. 

Q: What was your most memorable moment from Doctor Who?

A: Talked about when they were filming The Time of the Angels when River flies into the TARDIS and lands on top of the Doctor. In one of the first takes, she landed on him and “kneed him in the nuts.” (If you haven’t seen the video where Alex talks about this, you need to so here it is. Go watch it).

Q: (I actually don’t know the question for this one, I think it might have come from a tangent they got off on from the “most memorable moment” question. Alex was talking about working on Silence in the Library with David Tennant and said one of her favorite moments was whispering the Doctor’s name in his ear). 

K: “What did you say? Did you actually say his name?” 

A: Smiled that “spoilers” River smile we all love and said, “Yes.” 

K: You actually know his name?!?! “What is it?” 

A: Didn’t say what we all thought was the inevitable response but continued on talking about how they had actually told her the Doctor’s name. 

Q: (To Alex) Are you coming back for series 9?

A: Now time for the inevitable response, and we all knew it was coming. “Spoilers.”

Q: If you could travel with a different Doctor other than the one you’ve experienced, which one would it be. 

A: Immediate response. “Well I’m the only one who actually experienced the Doctor.” (Yep, that just happened). 

K: Said David Tennant at first, then debated between Tennant and Capaldi because they’re both Scottish, but finally stuck with her original choice because “I think he’d be funny.” 

T: Said he’d like to go back to Tom Baker. 

A: Said she would like to go back to when Doctor Who first began and be in the black and white episodes. 

Q: If you could choose another profession besides acting, which one would you choose?

K: I’d want to be a therapist. 

A: “I wouldn’t go to you.” 

T: “It’s sort of like Jesus,” but I think I’d want to be a carpenter. 

A: I think I’d like to do claymation. She talked about how she had to do a short claymation film for a project and said she really enjoyed it. 

Moderator: So you know about Gumby, right? 

A: “I have no idea what Gumby is!”

Q: What was the most challenging moment you had on Doctor Who?

K: Talked about how she had to do a lot of stunts on Doctor Who and specifically recalled, in Angels Take Manhattan, when she had to be suspended upside down for 1 minute with Arthur Darvill and kiss him. She said blood vessels were popping in her face and her face was all red after they shot the scene. 

A: Talked about a scene on a beach but didn’t mention a specific episode (I’m thinking maybe The Time of the Angels but I’m not sure). She said it was pouring rain and they only had one large umbrella for the whole cast and crew and they were all huddling underneath it. Then she said to Karen, “I remember you were sitting on that rock just freezing!” 


As an overall summary, all three cast members were really funny and very kind to the people asking questions. They were all very inspirational when it came to talking about tips for people who wanted to be actors. I hope you enjoyed these little snippets! The panel itself was absolutely awesome, and I hope I at least did it a little justice. I wish I could have recorded the whole thing, but we weren’t allowed, unfortunately. 

‘You can have your two christenings if you want them,’ he said.
For a moment, absurdly, Demelza looked a little troubled. Used to her sudden changes of mood, he watched her quizzically, and then she said in a small voice:
‘Oh, Ross. You’re that good to me.’
He laughed. ‘Don’t weep for it.’
‘No, but you are; you are.’ She got up and kissed him. ‘Sometimes,’ she said slowly, ‘I think I’m a grand lady, and then I remember I’m really only …’
‘You’re Demelza,’
he said. ‘God broke the mould.’
‘No, he didn’t. There’s another one in the cot.’

[from Demelza, by Winston Graham, Book 1 ch. 2]

My cosplay experience

Hello everyone, I would really appreciate if you read this thing. It’s about Tsukiyama Shuu, and his “fandom”. Quotation marks, yes.

I was at a convencion at my country, in my Tsukiyama Shuu cosplay. His character, in manga of course, means so much to me, so it was only natural that I chose to cosplay him. It was fun, of course, thanks to my friends, but then it got really unconfortable. 

You know, this “fandom” just happened to think, that calling him “trash” and disregarding his whole character and everything he’s done, while not even checking proper informations from manga, is funny.

So there’s just me, walking around, talking with my friend, who was cosplaying Kaneki, and suddenly, I hear: “Hey, that’s that pervert prom Tokyo Ghoul!” I ignored it. Then, some group of girls, without even aproching me straight, called me “trash” multiple times, and I don’t know how they expected me to react, if they expected me to talk to them, or laugh, but I haven’t done either of those things.

Then, there was like 5 people, that separately came to me, just to ask me why do I cosplay him. I told each one of them - because he’s my favourite character and I deeply care about him, And then, it turned out, that only reason they went up to me was to tell me things like “I don’t know how you can like him he’s *insert random insult*…” And then, there were his “fans”. They came up to me, just to tell me exactly the same things those “haters” said, only to undirectly tell me that they liked him only because he’s “handsome” and “funny”, and they think isulting him is fun.

It was really hard for me to keep up my roleplay, because the urge to just cry and tell them all to fuck off was unbearable. I get that not everyone wants to read the manga, but that doesn’t mean you have to bash cosplayers just because you can’t get your info straight. 

So please, everyone, just stop this. It’s everywhere, I can’t even scroll through “Tsukiyama” tag without getting angry. Every time I read the new chapter, I am absolutely devastated by his current state and I don’t really get how it’s even possible that people who still call him that still exists. He doesn’t deserve this, and I didn’t either. Thanks for reading. 

Excerpts from my Journal through the year // Some things never change.

There are so many things I wanted to tell you. I don’t know where to start. I guess I can start by saying I have loved you for a year now. I am not sure if you knew or not. I figured you would find out. You never showed anything that said you might. Now it feels like I’m holding on to nothing. I hope you know that I’m falling down, and you are the only one who can pick me back up. (1-2-15)

Please don’t forget me. I don’t want to be forgotten. I won’t be just another distant memory. (2-27-15)

At this point in my life, I just think the only person I can depend on is myself. I’m okay with that too. I just want to be 100% my own. I am happy that way. (3-15-15)

My life has been a civil war within myself and my heart thinks it’s prepared to love again but my brain thinks otherwise. I’ve found often my brain is correct. I have no gut feeling besides an ache for my pain. I’ve hit a low point. With him it feels like we are really getting to know each other this time, but with him it feels raw, slightly awkward. The fire is burnt out, my heart is now kindled to ash. “There is no fight in me, there is no fight.” (4-19-15

This is a new journey in my life, but I certainly will not forget the roads I have travelled to get here. Six months ago I said I didn’t want love, but maybe it is what I want. This is a good time for self reflection. To become who I really want to be. I’ve got alot to figure out, but maybe we can figure it out together. (5-17-15)

Today marks the end of my journey. I lied to you, I wasn’t okay. I realized my mistake, but he was still one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel free, just like I love to be. I have a smile on my face and it’s because I am happy. This is it. I’m sorry it had to end. (6-24-15)

No, I am not over him. Prehaps I never was. This time it’s different. It’s real. I think we might make it out this time. We’re going to hurt some people but we will make it through. He is worth it. He always will be. (7-25-15)

Of course I’m ashamed. I’ve got every reason to be. I just wish it could’ve been different, it still can be. (8-18-15)

Why are we so far apart? I could be standing right next to you and feel like I’m a million miles away. (9-11-15)

We could feel it, everyone in the room could feel it. We loved each other. I’m starting to believe this couldn’t possibly be one sided. Oh god, I am so in love with him. I love the person I am with him. He makes me feel electric, and I can’t help but want to feel like that all the time. I want to tell him, but I can’t lose him, my heart can handle alot, but not that. (10-18-15)

I should be mad at you. I’m not though. In fact I’ve been fighting even harder to keep you in my life. You can’t justify what you did. You kissed me and led me on. You knew how I felt, any decent person would’ve backed off if they knew they couldn’t be with me. You got my hopes up, something I thought I knew well enough not to do, and after all this, I still fucking love you. (11-7-15)

anonymous asked:

felicity telling oliver she's pregnant

Thank you, anon, for the great prompt. I have written a one shot similar to this before which can be found here. But I still wrote a short little drabble that is different from my first attempt. I hope you all enjoy it!!

“Pull it together, Smoak,” Felicity told herself as she stared at her pale reflection in the bathroom mirror. “I mean Queen.” She corrected. “Great, now I’m talking to myself.”

Felicity let out a sigh of frustration before feeling the familiar rumble in her stomach. For two weeks she had been ignoring the flu like symptoms as the virus had been going around the office. Oliver made her stay home from work the day before and scheduled her doctor’s appointment when the virus had not begun to clear up.

Oliver waited patiently while the doctor poked and prodded, taking blood to look for any elevated abnormalities. She didn’t have a fever so her doctor told her she was clear to go. Probably just a stubborn stomach bug, he told her.

When the doctor’s office called with her results only a few minutes prior Felicity had been shocked.


That just wasn’t possible. Sure, she and Oliver had a very healthy sexual appetite, but they were pretty thorough when it came to the birth control department. Prior to their engagement they discussed what babies would mean in their line of work.

While they were interested in having a family in the future they agreed that the present day was just not the right time.

Felicity turned to place her hands on the marble counter top of her en-suite bathroom, bracing herself as she processed this information.  Of course her doctor had to call while she was at work and waiting for Oliver to bring her lunch.

The gentle wrapping of knocks on her bathroom door caused Felicity to jump slightly, and also feel a little motion sick in the process.

“Felicity?” She heard Oliver’s concerned voice on the other end of the door. “You ok?”

Great, she thought to herself, he was on time. She had been hoping that he would be at least a half hour late so she had some time to process the news before she had to tell him. Of course her habitually late husband would be on time today.

Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves, and her sensitive stomach, she reached for the handle on the door. As much as she wanted, she couldn’t hide in the bathroom all day. Oliver would probably end up breaking down the door if that was the avenue she chose.

When she opened the door she found Oliver leaning against the doorway with a concerned and pained expression written on his face. He reached for her before she was across the threshold and she let herself fold into his touch.

“Hey,” he whispered as she turned into his chest, bringing his arms up to hold her closer. “Still not feeling good?” 

Felicity just shook her head ‘no’ but didn’t lift her head from where she had nestled it against his firm chest.

The prospect of having a baby wasn’t scary. In fact she kind of liked the idea – A little boy or girl running around with a bow and arrow and the skill of a serious computer hacker. There was no denying that their child would be a force to be reckoned with.

She was more concerned with Oliver’s reaction. This hadn’t been planned and they still had a lot of work to do in the city.

“Maybe we should go back to the doctor’s office,” Oliver told her as he rubbed circles on her back. “This can’t be a normal stomach bug.”

Felicity clung to him tighter, feeling her heart swell with his concern. He was going to be a wonderful father and that thought filled her with excitement. She couldn’t wait to see Oliver hold their baby for the first time and see the wonder on his face. 

“We don’t need to go back,” she mumbled against his chest before tipping her chin to meet his questioning eyes. “They called a few minutes ago.”

Oliver’s gaze went from curious to worried as he shifted his stance so that he was still holding her shoulders but further away. It was the stance he took when he was preparing for a fight. Only this time the fight would be against dirty diapers and two am feedings.

“Felicity,” he drew out in a breath, not breaking their eye contact.

“Turns out, I’m ok,” she told him with a small, unsure smile.

“Then how come your face looks like that?” He asked with skepticism in his voice.  He had known her long enough to know when she was trying to hide something.

Felicity took a step back at his tone. “How come my face looks like what?”

Oliver let his hands drop from her shoulders as he folded them across his chest. “You have your ‘about to hack’ face.” He quoted to her. “Which, depending on the situation, I wouldn’t question, but you have been “hacking” a lot, lately.”

Felicity winced as she brought a hand up to her forehead at his use of words and quotations.

“Felicity, come on,” he told her in a soft tone. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong, per se.” She paused as he stared at her expectantly. “I just got off the phone with the doctor’s office and they told me that I’m pregnant. We’re pregnant … You know I’ve never really understood that saying, because technically the baby is in my body, not yours, but that’s totally not relevant right now.” She trailed off as she saw the smile on Oliver’s face begin to form.

“You’re serious?” He asked with controlled excitement in his voice, bringing a smile to her lips. “We’re really …?” He stopped as he gestured to her stomach.

“Oh yeah,” Felicity nodded as she glanced down to her still flat abdomen. “Blood tests and extreme nausea don’t lie, my friend.”

Oliver laughed as he took a tentative step towards her to place his hand on her hips. “We’re going to be parents.”

Felicity returned his almost childlike smile with a nod. “So you’re ok with this?”

Oliver gave a small chuckle before bringing a hand to caress her check.

“I’m more than ok,” he told her earnestly before letting his lips brush against hers.

"Good,” she told him as they separated slightly. “Now, what did you bring me for lunch? I’m starving." 

She couldn’t help but smile as Oliver get out a laugh before pulling her back in for another kiss. 


Prompt Me 

Magcon boys preference: First 'I love you'

Nash: You were dropping him off at the airport, as he was going to another Magcon and you couldn’t go with him do to school and money and other complications. Neither of you were happy about having to be away from each other for so long, but, there wasn’t much you could do about it. It was a long drive there, and an even longer drive back. You two barley said anything to each other but he held your knee, and rubbed your thigh while you were driving to try and comfort you. Once you were at the airport, waiting for his flight you two just sat and you rested your head on his shoulder and he rubbed your back and you walked around and talked for and bit and he kissed you a lot and once it was time to leave, he held you for so long and looking anywhere but your eyes he said, “I love you.”  you said, ” I love you too.” and that’s when you really started to cry and part of you wished he hadn’t said it because it only made it harder to leave him.

Cameron: You were at the beach Cameron, your boyfriend and with the rest of the Magcon boys and crew and Cameron was playing volleyball with his fans and the boys and you didn’t want to intrude or anything so you just sat on the beach, by the water reading one of your favourite books for the fifth time. And the you feel arms come and wrap around your waist and soft, warm lips kiss your neck.  “Hey, baby.” Cameron says “Hey, you done with your game?”  you ask, “Yeah, you wanna come for swim?” He says flirtatiously and you can feel that famous Camron Dallas smirk upon his face. ”Uh, no.” you reply just as flirtatiously as he as you told him earlier that you didn’t want to get swim or get wet at all today as you just didn’t feel like it. But, still you slowly feel Cam pulling you up off of the ground and he picks you up and throws you over his shoulder and you start to scream, “Cameron! I swear to god! Don’t you dare!” And he swats your behind twice to try and get you to be quiet then you feel your body being thrown in the air and hit the water hard. Once you surface you say, “I could have died, you asshole!” and he comes over and tries to apologize but you splash water in his face, you two continue to splash each other with water for 20 minutes straight until you say, “Okay, Okay, I give up. Truce.” and you stick your hand out to shake his and he swims over to you and swiftly picks you up bridal style and gives you a peck on the cheek and says, ”Truce, baby, I love you.” ”I love you too.” You say and give him a big kiss on the lips and then he throws you into the water again and starts to laugh like a Hyena.

Matt: You two were playing a video game and you beat him and he looked so surprise and he laughed and said, “Are you kidding me?!” “Why so surprised?” You asked, “You suck, my dog could beat you.” He ignored your comment and said, “I legitimately think I’m in love with you.” You found it to be really random and he said kind of jokingly, but not like he didn’t mean it. And sometimes he says jokingly is he’s scared he’ll sound pathetic. But that’s just your Matt. And it was one of the many things you love about him. “I think I’m in love with you too.” You said and giggled to yourself.

Jack G: You two were sitting in his room 1 o’clock in the morning and you were smoking weed with the lights off and candles lit, listening to a c-d that has a mix of all your favourite songs and you two were talking about running away together “And we’ll save up all our money and go buy an apartment in New York and have white bed sheets and a bed on the floor like they do on Tumblr, or we can have a house on the beach outside of L.A all by ourselves.” He said caressing your arm, with your head resting on his chest. You laugh to yourself a little, “Yeah?” You said, tilting your head up to see his face. “Yeah.” He says with a smile. “And can we have a loft in our house somewhere, where I can read and write and paint?” You ask, “Of course, anything for my baby.” He says mellow dramatically. And then the song Firefly by Ed Sheeran and you gasp, “Come dance with me!” You plead. You expect him to reject, but he puts down the joint and goes to dance with you, slow and sweet with his hands low on your waist and your hands around his neck, he looks into your eyes like he’s searching for something and then he says, “I love you.” Sort of like he’s just figuring it out and isn’t to sure himself. Then once you’ve realized that he’s expecting you to say something you say, “I love you too.” You didn’t question it, you knew. But it came out very timidly. and he smiled and he kissed you and you continued you dance.

Jack J:  You were always very insecure and all the hate you got from dating Jack didn’t help. You were strting to get really down on yourself and he could sense it. You were on Twitter one day and you were with Jack, just hanging out in his room and you said, “Have you seen the tweets about us?” You ask. “What tweets?” “The ones from your ‘fans,’” You say and use your fingers as quotations marks around the word “Fans”  “They say I’m not good enough for you.” You add on timidly. He sighs, ”Who cares what they say, y/n?, you are good enough for me, you are way too good for me.. you’re perfect, and I love you.” He says trying to comfort you, you look at him like you can’t beileve what he said and you say, “I love you too.”

Shawn: It was Christmas time and you were staying with his family for part of the Christmas break. It was late at night and you were cuddling on his couch with the fire place on, watching old Christmas movies. You were lying on his chest and you could feel your eyes eating heavier and heavier, you tried so hard to stay awake but slowly they were so heavy they closed shut. Shawn noticed and thought you were really sleeping, so he carefully moved you off of him and turned off the t.v and put away the glasses of hot chocolate you were drinking earlier. He then returned and carried you from the couch to his bedroom,  he tucked you in and lowered himself down to your side of the bed and kissed you on cheek and caressed the side of your face lightly and whispered, “I love you.” Slowly you opened your eyes and you knew you weren’t meant to here because once he saw your yes open, even in the dark you could see his face, full of fear. Until you leaned in, and kissed him on the lips and said, “I love you too.”

Taylor: It was during a fight, Taylor was flirting with girls again and you were getting sick of it. “They’re my fans! I can’t just ignore them!” he shouted, trying to justify his actions ”Okay, so that makes it okay to grope and kiss other girls and have their hands all over you? Think of how that makes me feel! what if that was me, what if it was the other way around, Taylor you would freak out!” “Don’t even start, it’s different and you know it.” “No, Taylor, it’s not different at all!” You screamed. You could tell he was getting heated. You could see that flicker in his eyes over pure frustration. He let out a long, hard sigh, he wiped his hands over his face and  flopped down on the bed and was silent for what seemed like an eternity, just as you were about to say something, quietly he said, ” I love you, y/n and I don’t want to fight with you… You’re right it isn’t fair to you that-” You interrupted his speech, “Wait, what?.. You.. love me?” You asked, he looked at you like you had two heads and in a soft tone of voice he said, “Of course I do.” Taylor had never been a romantic type so his words shocked you, after analyzing all that had just happened you said, ”I love you too.”

Carter: “Are you kidding me? You’re like a twig.” He said “Look at all this muscle Carter, I’d whoop your ass in a second.” You replied. Earlier Carter had called you weak and was talking about how girls aren’t as strong as guys and the really pissed you off so you told him you could beat him in a fight. “You talk some pretty big game for someone who needed me to open the pickle jar yesterday.” “I was saving all my strength for today, the day Carter Reynolds gets his ass beat.” You say with a flirtatious smirk on your face. “Oh? Okay then, let’s go, show me what you got.” He said so you both started to move the furniture around so you could have a bigger space. “Okay, ready?” He says and you nod your head. “Go!” He says and runs towards u and swiftly puts his foot behind your knee so you’ll fall but then guides your shoulders downward so you hit the ground softly and he is on top of you but you head hits the ground and it made a big enough sound so you thought you’d use that to you advantage. “Owah, Carter!” you say and hold your head down and weep quietly, “That hurt.” he quickly tries to see what’s wrong, “What happened?" You fake cried a bit loud now,  "I’m sorry baby," He said rubbing your back, "I love you.” You didn’t think he was serious so you turned around and stuck your tongue out at him spit in his face and start to laugh, “Sucker.” “Wow,” he said,“ You may not win at strength but you win at manipulation.” You laugh and it’s silent for a while until he says, “I really did mean it though, I do love you.” “Awe, Carter, I love too.”

Aaron: You and Aaron had been dating for a while now, but most of it you had spent apart because you two live hours away from each other. You had always told yourself that you would never get into a long distance relationship because now good ever comes of it. But, it’s Aaron. Your Aaron and he’s so worth it.  You two were skyping that night, like you do every night and laughing at w some funny video he told you to watch and once your mom heard you laughing so loud and told you to go to bed he said, “Y/N, wait” and you said, “Yeah?”  You could tell he was nervous, biting the inside of his cheek and picking at something that isn’t in view of the camera and looking anywhere but into it. “I wanted to wait to say it in person but, I’ve known for a while, for a long time actually and.. I.. uh.. love you.. so much.. and I think about you all the time and about it all the time and I’ve never felt this way about anyone and I’ve never cared for anyone more.. and I love you” It took him a while to blurt it all out but once he did the biggest grin crept upon your face and you said, “I love you too.”

“Everything will get better” statement haunts me sometimes. It gives me thoughts and shambles ideas. Each one of us struggles at something at one point in our lives but it got me to think if it is really getting better. We use this phrase to give ourselves comfort and certainty that the pain we feel right now will always be worth it in the end. But is it really? Or we just used cliche quotation to escape the reality and the agony we feel in the present? Does it really get better or we just use this drunk idea to think that what we feel right now will lead into something greater in the future? I really don’t know if everything really gets better or if we just use this as an escape.
—  “Everything gets better”
Running well is a matter of having the patience to persevere when we are tired and not expecting instant results.
—  –Robert de Castella. Normally I breeze by the Runner’s World quotation of the day but this one really got me. (De Castella, since I didn’t recognize his name, turns out to be an Australian marathon record holder who now runs a charity training indigenous runners for the New York City Marathon.)
Callie and Arizona - THR spoilers

Warning:  Long 

So I was traveling for work and really could not discuss the latest “spoilers” from Shonda in the THR article from a couple days ago.  I have thoughts.  I proposed that maybe TVline got it wrong with their comments about them dating people we have never met before as there was no direct quote from Shonda in Ausiello’s spoiler.  I didn’t see anyone really thinking what I was thinking so I am going to break down Shonda’s direct quotes from the THR article (using the in front of THR feels redundant but also weird without using it but I digress). Shonda’s direct quotes in quotation marks.

I feel like Shonda is skirting around the huge spoiler (to most viewers) that Calzona are seeing each other.  I realize some will disagree so let me make a case for it with the sad reality that I could be 100% wrong about this.  Anyway…

Shonda uses the word “definitely” when asked if Callie and Arizona will have new romances this season.  This is a consistent word I have seen her use when asked this question.  Callie and Arizona dating each other would definitely be a new romance for them.  They have been divorced for two years in Grey’s time.

She follows that up with “and some pretty exciting ones too, which I think is going to be interesting.”  She’s “intrigued” by what’s happening with both characters individually and admits she “still loves them together.”  What could be exciting to viewers right out of the gate (which I believe these spoilers are referencing) with characters we don’t know?  Also why keep bringing up she loves them together?  It would be very intriguing watching two people who were once married navigate a relationship with no present commitment.  I think back on one of Sara’s few interview/comments last season and she proposed the question (paraphrased in the THR article on on-call room sexy times) what happens when two people who used to be married and enjoyed a comfort level in their sex life have those urges again?

“The person Callie falls for and is in a relationship with is a woman.”  This could easily be a reference to Arizona and the only person I can really see Callie falling for in a real relationship.  

“That felt natural and it’s what the story is about and how it plays out.  I really tried to stay true to the idea that she’s bisexual but it is literally what the story is”    Calzona ARE what the story is about and has always been about no matter how ugly the story was written at times.   Callie had a long history with men.  Erica was her first experience with a female but Arizona was the woman with whom she fell in love.  Her attraction was to this one woman.  Other men and women don’t have have her heart like Arizona does.  That is the story.

Callie’s new female love interest is “very surprising.”   Arizona would be surprising even though I am speculating it right now. :)

Regarding Callie’s bisexuality:  “I like that we bring it up and I like that she has arguments about it.  I like that Arizona’s always had a bit of an issue with it, like, ‘When are you going to go back to guys?’  We’re going to really try to deal with it and make it a thing.  We’ll be working it in but not as like an ‘issue’, the way we never do issues and we’ll work it in and have it be part of her character”.  

So why would Shonda bring up Arizona’s issue with not trusting Callie if they were no longer together?  Why would it matter?  She was going there with them last season too with some of the dialogue and has mentioned it before in interviews whether you believe that about Arizona or not.  BUT if they were together just dating again that issue could come up again and finally be resolved for good.  I think back to 1124 where Arizona assumed Callie would want to get into the hot intern Dr. DeLuca and awkwardly encouraged it.   What if she were dating Callie now and those insecurities bubbled up assuming Callie would want to sleep with him (the fact that he looks a bit like Mark is not lost on me either)?  This would be an opportunity for them deal with that and for Arizona to communicate how she is really feels and to put any misunderstandings that Callie has about her feelings on it to rest.  They need to argue and discuss this in a healthy way and each need to let the other know how they feel.

This would tie in the soul searching and searching herself for Arizona to communicate what she wants and needs.  Arizona has not communicated to Callie in a very long time how she is in love with only her.  Both feel like the other would leave them for someone else and the bottom line of that is that it has nothing to do with being bisexual.

When she says “one of the hallmarks of a lighter season is a bit of Arizona’s response [to Callie moving on] is fairly comic, which I love.”  The words in brackets indicate those were not her exact words.  So Arizona could do like she did in 522 where she popped up in Callie’s face all day trying to get a read on the situation if Callie is working with someone like Dr. DeLuca.  This could hopefully lead to one of their best heart to hearts like we got in 522.

I am still of the hope that Shonda will mark their 250th episode with a Calzona wedding.  That would take some Calzona fast tracking if that were the case.

If you made it this far thank you and feel free to pop this pretty pink bubble I am in in now. :)

If Hiyori and Akon were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Long ago, Hiyori and Akon were in Squad 12 together. What if they met up again? And found themselves locked in a room? What would they talk about?

Hiyori: You!!!

Akon: Hey again. What’s up?

Hiyori; Don’t “hey again” me!! We haven’t seen each other for more than a century! I was exiled! Declared a hollow! Sentenced to death! And meanwhile you sat in my old squad, doing god knows what!

Hiyori: So don’t act like I just stepped out for a smoke!!

Akon: Okay…

Akon: Hi, Sarugaki. Long time no see.

Akon: You look exactly the same.

Akon: Only apparently you like pink track suits now.

Akon: Better?


Hiyori: You may be taller, but you’re still a little shit!

Akon: I have horns now too.

Hiyori: ….yeah, I was gonna ask you about that.

Hiyori: Why the hell do you have horns?

Akon: They came in when I hit puberty.

Hiyori: Really?

Akon: Nah, they were body mods.

Hiyori: And the bald line down the center of your head?

Akon: …it’s a part.

Hiyori: No I think you’re going bald.


Akon: Still as pleasant as ever, I see.

Hiyori: Ha! Like I would be pleasant to you!

Hiyori: You were one of the weird science guys my “captain” Urahara brought in!

Akon: I actually heard you pronounce those quotation marks. Amazing.

Hiyori: And I heard Kurotsuchi is your captain now?

Hiyori: I remember when he was in jail!

Akon: Yes, he very quickly took over after all of you left.

Hiyori: Got EXILED!

Akon: Exiled, yeah.

Akon: Made himself a lieutenant, too.

Hiyori: …made one?

Akon: Made one, yeah.

Hiyori: How do you MAKE a lieutenant?

Akon: Science.

Hiyori: That’s really creepy.

Akon: Eh. We’re a creepy squad.

Hiyori: And that pisses me off! Because Squad 12 isn’t supposed to be a creepy squad! It’s supposed to be a kick-ass and warm and loving and awesome squad!

Hiyori: If Hikifune hadn’t left, you’d never have gotten in, that’s for sure!

Akon: I don’t know why you’re yelling at me. It was Urahara Kisuke’s decision.

Hiyori: Oh, believe me, I made him pay for it!

Akon: Oh? I heard you’re working for him now.

Hiyori: Not working for him! Temporarily working with him!

Akon: Whatever works for you.

Akon: Are you still in love with Shinji?

Hiyori: WHAT 

Hiyori: THE FUCK


Akon: I always shipped it.

Akon: It was cute the way you yelled at each other constantly.

Hiyori: Well that just shows you were wrong as well as weird!

Akon: If you say so.



Hiyori: Well this has been fun.

Akon: Yeah let’s not talk again soon.