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                                hello i am two weeks late but i loved this prompt. 

30 day otp challenge
day 26: getting married

“You’re going to America?” Kusanagi-san looked shocked and Misaki wasn’t surprised in the slightest. Of course, he’d expected a reaction like that. “What for?”

“Well,” he began. “I really like Saru, ya know?”

“Yeah. And?”

“And, well, I really like him. A lot. Like, super, super lot.”

“Yeah,” Kusanagi-san said. “You love him.”

“…yeah.” Misaki smiled. “That.”

By now, the entire bar had shut up, listening in to the conversation. Misaki found he didn’t mind.

“We can’t get married in Japan, so we’re going to America.” A ring flashed on his left hand, and everyone wondered how they hadn’t seen it before.