this quality is disgusting


I’ve been called disgusting because of my OTPs about 15 times last month.

Please please PLEASE don’t treat us less human just because you think shipping our OTPs is not right. NO exceptions. You will not become a better person nor make the world a better place by doing that. We won’t stop shipping it, there will only be more hate.

Update: half of those who reblog it don’t understand exactly what I meant here, so I’ll say it boldly: this comic is for those who receive hate because they ship underage/incest/abuse ships and such, not just ships that are unpopular. You say it’s illegal? I’m desperate to see a screenshot of the law which says “shipping fictional characters is prohibited when…”, including the number of the law, name of it’s country (bc I’m not american) and everything. You say it’ll make us want to have such relationships in real life? Well I’m sure you’ve read a lot of books with criminal characters, and you liked them, and apparently that means you’re gonna be criminals too.

I hate it when my words get interpreted the wrong way, so stop saying shit like “oh of course if it’s not about pedophilia!!!”. Yes. Yes it fucking is.


steve & natasha au! series / a werewolf au! no one asked for

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The Epitome Of Privilege: This School Has Its Own Police Officers

Everyone knows that there is a major gap in access to quality education in the U.S., but here is a disgusting level of inequality that’s going to make your blood boil: This high school has its own police officers.

Seriously?? For those keeping track at home, this is what privilege looks like.

When students arrive at Westville High School in the morning, there is a police officer stationed outside every entrance, plus two in the building who sit outside the cafeteria and main office. These fully trained officers aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t stop Westville from liberally peppering them around the halls, not to mention having them man two, count ’em, two, expensive metal detectors.

We’ve heard of schools with pools and yoga studios, but this is beyond the pale. There are nearly as many police officers as teachers!

And it doesn’t end at the final bell of the school day: When it comes to events like sports games and school dances, Westville is basically crawling with police. A 1:20 officer-to-student ratio is the norm at the Spring Fling—you can’t turn around without seeing an officer standing by, ready to keep students safe at a moment’s notice. When you look at all the schools that have to call the police and wait for them to arrive in the event of an incident, it’s pretty clear that Westville is the luckiest school in the country.

Some just get a better shake based on where they’re born.

This is the epitome of privilege. Enjoy it while you can, Westville students. Life isn’t always going to be a cakewalk.