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Someone's Got A Crush

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader (Female Pronouns)

Prompt: George weasley fluff where you are friends with the twins and Fred lets it slip and tells your best friend that someone fancies you and she tells you but she doesn’t know who it is so George finds out and teases you about how ‘some bloke fancies you’ and it ends in a make out session. Yep.

Warning: Fluff, make-out sessions, swearing,  and the Weasley twins in general deserve a warning


(Y/N)= Your Name, (Y/BF/N) = Your Best Friends Name

Of course. Of fucking course this happened to you.  The entire situation had such Weasley flair to it that they had practically put their bloody names on it. You were walking to Potions (eww) when all of the sudden your best friend (Y/BF/N) pulls you to the side of the hallway. You were about to question them when they starting going into this rant you could barely understand. The only words you could pick up were bloke, fancy, and Weasley. Bloody hell. “(Y/BF/N), slow the actual hell down. Repeat that entire thing again.” They took a deep breath and then said “Okay, okay, so I was speaking to Fred Weasley, right?” You nodded slowly, not knowing exactly where this was going. “So he was talking to me about pranks he and his brother are going to pull and such when suddenly the conversation went onto the subject of you. And guess what he bloody told me! Some bloke here fancies you, but when I asked who, he got all quiet and left!”

You sat there in shock. Someone fancied you? Who the actual hell? It’s not like you were unattractive, quite far from that actually, it’s just the fact that you didn’t talk to many people besides the Weasleys and (Y/BF/N). Great, you though, some random bloke is crushing on me and we probably haven’t even talked before. Score one for awkward verging on creepy. You finally broke your train of thought, thanking your friend for this, um, news. You silently entered class and tried to pay attention another of Snape’s incredibly dull lessons .No matter how hard you tried to focus, you just couldn’t. You sat there trying to come up with names of who this person could possibly be. You silently hoped it was the infamous George Weasley, the boy who captured you interest and affection from day one. But, you reasoned with yourself, that that would never happen. He only liked you as a friend, and nothing more.

When potions finally ended (thank god, you thought), you start walking towards the Great Hall for some well-deserved lunch. Just when you are about open the doors, however, you get dragged yet again to some random hallway. What is this, national drag-(Y/N)-against-their-will-into-hallways-day? You look up to see who you assailant is, and you see it’s none other than George Weasley.  “So my little (Y/N/N), I was just talking to my dear old twin and he tells me there is some kid here who fancies you. “

“Weasley, I swear if you say one more thing on the subject I will not hesitate to punch you square in the face” you say, trying to sound threatening, but it come off as adorable. George just starts laughing and you can’t help but join in. “You do know that I know who it is, right (Y/N)?” he states between giggles. You look at him, eyebrow quirked in confusion. “Alright I’ll give you some hints, because I’m a good person like that,” you can’t help but giggle at that last part, but you let him continue, “He is, in my opinion, a good person. Sense of humor, so that’s always good. Tall, dashingly handsome, and from what I’ve heard, deeply and madly in love with you. Oh, and he might be standing right in front of you.”

For the second time today you are shocked into silence. He looks down at you, waiting, no wait, pleading for you to say something. You finally muster up the courage to say something back. “Well, George, I know someone who fancies you too. She is also good natured, quite funny if she does say so herself, and she is also deeply and madly in love with you, too. And she is standing right in front of you.” The biggest grin breaks out on Georges face, and in one swift movement, he lifts you up and spins you. You start laughing uncontrollably, just loving the feeling of being lifted by him. He sets you down, and before you know it, his lips are on yours. You smile into the kiss, loving the feeling of his lips on yours. Soon enough, the kiss gets deeper, and he swipes his tongue across your mouth, begging for entrance. You happily obliged, moaning at the feeling of his tongue. When things get a little to heated, you reluctantly pull away, not wanting to get caught by passing students or teachers.

 You smile at each other, when a realization dawned on you. “Oh my God, we are missing lunch!” you state. George just laughs at you, thinking about how adorable you are. You suddenly start running back towards the Great Hall, and he hears you yell “LAST ONE THERE GETS CAKE TO THE FACE!” He chuckles and runs after you, thinking, “Bloody hell I love this girl.”


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