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Season’s Greetings from the murder family! 

In Cuba, Hannibal suggests documenting their time together. Will insists on a traditional ugly holiday photo (that you put on all the cards to people) because he’s so happy with the family he’s got now. So they assemble all the new dogs, stick the air conditioner on full blast, and Hannibal even consents to wearing the abysmal reindeer headband Will found in the corner store. 

Jack receives a questionable card on his desk. He swears in six different languages. 

Darcy Lewis has her own fandom and I think that’s beautiful.


                        Åmi and Valentine’s Day 

Happy Valentine’s Everyone so all my little one will be in school except Åmi and Nadia so I’m excited to spend the day with my two Valentines. Åmi has been adjusting fine  which is really good the only thing is she does not want to sleep in her own bed when it’s bedtime James and I  don’t mind her sleeping with us but I want her to feel safe and comfortable in her own bed so I have been looking for some beds and saw one @togetherstore I have read the reviews and there are a lot good things about it so that makes me happy so I guess are new purchases will be beds I’m also getting one for Jenny as well cus she complains about her bed being too high so we will save their old bed frames till they are old enough to sleep in them I was also going to get the boys new beds to but they sleep well and don’t have problems with their beds so that makes me happy. 

 Have a happy Valentine’s day 


Hey kitties~
If any of you are looking for a cute and affordable collar, I’d highly recommend looking up @kawaiiaitemu on Instagram and on their etsy page. Her collars are absolutely durable and very adorable. Use the code; bella147 to get 10% your purchase (:
I absolutely love her shop and her collars make me so happy. The collars are so comfortable and very easy to put on and take off. And she has so many cute charms to choose from and lots of cute colors and designs too. Her collars are amazing quality and they only cost $10.00 or even less!
Absolutely perfect deal! Go check out her collars and use the promo code too 💕

Sharing this hobby with my significant other makes me so happy! She got me to purchase my first BJD. I got her to purchase her first SD. She had all the supplies to do face ups but was fearful to try them on expensive dolls. I fearlessly dove into face ups and showed her there is nothing to fear. We build up doll plans together and whine to each other when waiting for dolls. We buy a lot of doll clothing but we keep each other’s wallets in check. The two of us attend doll meets together, something neither of us would never do alone. Having a partner in the hobby makes BJDs twice as fun for me!    

Image by BJDConfessions



I love you all and wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support you have given me and because Christmas is my favourite day of the year. 

                            10,000 STAR COINS!

In order to participate in this giveaway, please follow these rules; 

1) Follow The Star Stable Times (I WILL CHECK) 
2) Like this blog post 

That’s it! I am giving to this community who has brought so many great memories to me.

I would really appreciate if the ones who enter this giveaway are the ones who truly need the star coins. I know a long time ago I was the girl who would watch everyone get the new items the new horses and I would have to sit there for days waiting for my weekly star coins allowance to save. I am very blessed to be able to purchase star coins now with my own money. Which makes me extremely happy to do this for the followers of The Star Stable Times. 

I am not quite sure how long this will last. A Day? A Week? Please share your thoughts with me. Maybe I will surprise end it. Also I have already purchased the coins and have the code therefore the winner will not be able to receive the card it is being sent to my house. This was the only way I could be positive that I had the coins and the deal would not go away when it came to pick a winner. That’s alright you get the 10,000 and I get the card. 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Thank you for all your amazing support! 

Gwendolyn Winterburg.