this pumpkin

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😈👬👺 ~effie :)))

😈 and your biaswrecker?

Somebody please stop Yoongi

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👺 who do you think is the meme-iest one from the meme squad?

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👬 your otp

This is really difficult … we have yoonseok here

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than we have taekook

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here we have namjin

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and than there is my very special otp 

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Okay, but how would little pumpkin react to a lapidot fusion?

Awww :3

I imagine she’d be really puzzled by it at first, perhaps behaving a little bit nervously around their fusion… until she realises that this new Gem is actually both of her “moms”, and then she’d get really excited about it!


Halloween_jack-o-Lantern_2014_big_seance by Patrick Keller