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  • movies and animation
  • marvel comics and movies (especially x-men and spider-man)
  • themes, psds, etc
  • cute animals
  • colorful gifsets and edits because i adore bright colors
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I still can’t believe one of my favorites shojo animes is officially over.

I read the manga and I cried soooo much, and now with this I can’t with all these feelings… it was so short but I loved it. Tomoe killed me once again, he truly loves Nanami even if he did not know at the beginning that she was her true love for too many years, he finally found his happiest, he finally is with the love of his life and I’m so so so proud.

It’s really sad that Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) is not longer with us, that this and the extra chapter for the manga are the last things that we’re going to see. Not third season, that makes me feel so depressed😭

PSD: Jirou is one of my favorite characters, I laughed so much in this part😂

gigirock  asked:

Any tips for where to find icon borders and such for gifs and rp icons?

Well, I have just the thing for you- Various places to find icon borders.

HelpersofIndie icon border tag
DearIndies icon border tag
You can check out the general icon border tags, x, x, x, (the last one, you may have to dig more)

Now, these are where I’ve gotten some of my favorite borders.

jungkookrph’s christmas borders (pngs)
wxnderlandrps christmas borders (pngs)
cockyicons psd/icon borders (download/psd)
jungkookrph not xmas themed borders (pngs)
krigarofwars pack (115x115 borders as well) (pngs)
bipolarstarscream’s borders (pngs)
stuff-dxmp’s overlay things (pngs)
jcgged’s icon borders/textures (png… ish)
zaynmrps borders (png)
brokenagentjareau’s borders (png) 
dumpingresources and two (photoshop, i think?)
octomoosey’s icon borders (download/photoshop)
askmexpepperpotts textures (png)
ninnymvggins icon textures/borders (png)

There are tons in the tags, that I haven’t listed here, but these are ones I really love.

The One With The Tiny Shirt

Summary:  Washing baby while singing your heart out to one of your favorite songs without knowing Dean is watching you. Who knew things can get pretty hot on Baby’s dash?

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Words: 900+

Warnings: Implied Smut. 

A/N: My entry for @sis-tafics & @eyes-of-a-disney-princess Birthday’s Challenge! This was such a fun one to write & I hope y’all like it! Happy Birthdays! <333 PSD; This is not beta’d. 

Prompt: The One With The Tiny Shirt 


Washing cars wasn’t a task you did often but when you did, it had to be done while listening to some music classics. There was no cases on the radar, leaving you and the boys to stay in the Bunker. It’s been a week and you were starting to feel caged up and bored. Dean always found the way to kill the time though, either was going to a bar or not leaving his bed at all. You loved spending time with him but there was nothing better to do when you weren’t doing him. Dean wasn’t fond of your love for Bon Jovi but it was just because he didn’t understand your love for the iconic band.

You had a love and hate relationship with arguments about how Led Zeppelin was a thousand ways better than Bon Jovi. It was fun and Dean always had some good points about his favorite band. Led Zeppelin was great but Bon Jovi was and would forever be your favorite. The reason that created so much love for the band was because it was your first concert ever. Your mother being a completely Bon Jovi fan,  took you to a concert and it was like you were in a whole new world. So much freedom and carefree in one place blew your mind away.

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Where does that name come from anyway?


So I’ve seen some interest for mock scribble babies, I was curious if you guys would be honestly interested in these? You would get rights to them aka ability to upload them as a species if you wanted to. I think I would want to add that you can’t sell blank psd uses for usd, but other than that go nuts.

I want to say a price point around 5-10$ depending on how long a baby would take me (these all took at least an hour)? 

(Also gosh you guys there’s only 2 of my Oet set left in the pot, I’m super excited to see that people liked the set! It’s one of my favorite things I’ve done more recently.)

♡ sabrina carpenter gif icons.

as a product of boredom and messing around w/ some psds, here are fifty-one gif icons of my favorite lil bean sabrina carpenter. i’ll probably be editing/adding to these after i make other gif icons for myself so keep an eye out for that. i don’t take any credit for any of the actual gifs just the editing & if you would like your gif taken down pls let me know! liking/reblogging would be a pretty cool thing to do!!

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anonymous asked:

do u have any good icon psd recs?

          GOOD  PSD  RECS  ?  /  yea’  absolutely  !  as  someone  who  is  constantly  on  the  hunt  for  new  psds  ,  you’ve  come  to  the  right  place  .  i  have  so  many  it’s  a  little  overwhelming  really  but  the  first  thing  that  comes  to  mind  is  are  these  packs  (  x  ,  x  )  by  starhaze  .  they  are  so  incredibly  beautiful  ,  each  and  every  one  of  them  ,  so  they  have  been  a  personal  favorite  of  mine  since  their  release  .

          anything  by  valorslain  (  x  )  is  also  wonderful  and  can’t  be  overlooked  .  other  than  those  beauties  a  few  more  are  (  x  ,  x  ,  x  ,  x  ,  x  ,  x  ,  x  )  .  i  also  regularly  get  psds  from  deviantart  and  make  my  own  as  well  as  have  various  ones  i  collected  elsewhere  over  time  .  so  if  none  of  these  suit  your  fancy  or  you  have  something  specific  in  mind  ,  hit  me  up  off  anon  because  i  might  can  hook  you  up  !  hope  this  helped  though  ,  punkin  !  xx

How to: make the same psd work on two different scenes

This tutorial has been asked by a few of my friends and anons, how to make the same psd work on different scenes, when the said psd isnt working. Making gifsets can be a pain in the ass, especially when the psd isnt working the same on different scenes. I will show you how to deal with different colors.


we will learn how to go from this

to this:

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get to know me meme: [3/10 favorite singers/bands] → Little Mix

I just think it obviously reaches out to a lot more people; people who might not usually listen to our music might listen to it because they’ve got at least one person to look up to in the group. Anyone can look at us and relate to us, and that’s the amazing thing about Little Mix.”

anonymous asked:

this is my absolute favorite doctor who blog! i love how you actually create content and write things instead of just reblogging psd edits and stuff

Ahh wow! Seriously my actual favorite kind of message to receive, I’m really happy to hear that you appreciate the effort I put into this blog!