this psd is coming up soon


恋人は公安刑事 - Her love in the Force Jp
MPD x MSB x PSD Collab substory coming soon!

While on a trip with him, you end up meeting… a line of other ikemen public servants, what kind of trip is this going to become?

There are 3 rules to enjoy this tour:
1. Hold his hand while sightseeing 
2. Listen careful to the convo between them
3. Don’t get distracted by the other guys

The destinations are:
Hokkaido (Nomura, Daichi and Ayumu)
Kyoto (Kaga, Subaru and Kirisawa)



Chutkat has generously decided to share with you a video of her work on the Shaman Cat base, and with it comes an update as to how the revamped art is progressing.

All creatures are in the line art stage right now. The sketches were finalized and reviewed by a second artist successfully. Soon, we will have one of the wolf bases completed so we can hire a marking artist to complete the markings on all bases.

When that time comes, we will make a post with a link to the new wolf base’s PSD file for any artists interested in trying out for the marking artist position. Unfortunately, the marking artist that we had lined up prior does not have time to work on markings anymore, so we will be looking for someone new that compliments Chutkat’s style well.

If you recall, with this revamp, all species will have a dynamic part. In this video you can see a preview of the cat clan’s dynamic feature: extra fluff! Your cats can look super regal with all of that fur, or you can play them as a cat normally looks by turning off the dynamic feature in your clan mates.

Are you looking forward to finding out the new dynamic part on your favorite species?