this production was such fun
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“I have to ask,” Rico began, hesitance clear in her voice. “I’ve noticed Levi is… very close to Eren.”

“Eren is his assistant. What would you expect?” Petra’s sounded airy and nonchalant, but Eren knew her well enough to hear the feigned ignorance.


ConsPlay Superior group worked on adding those final touches to Soundwave this weekend!

@tyrantofthefirmament worked on placement and gluing of the El wire as well as tricky upper leg assembly while @tfg1-minibot-lover and @ask-dr-knockout worked on creating, cutting, prepping a few finishing touch parts before painting as a team.

The final assembly of Soundwave legs took a few extera hands including those of SW family!

There was also a little time with tweaks and repairs for Starscream and Knockout! At one point the pieces of the 3 scattered around the room as if half eaten by scraplets oh no! Lol

The doctor prepared the nights rations Saturday night while the communications and air commanders continued to work and share in a few stories along the way.

Overall it was a very productive and fun cosplay weekend for the 3 decepti buddies and Family!


q: Is there a reason that among the members, the two of you in particular got close to each other?
cy: I think the way we play is really similar.


Finished up a super cute new little pattern.  I love Dungeons and dragons and table top games but often I find there just isnt enough froo froo-ey stuff So I made this! And expect there to be more :) 




D&D inspired eyeshadow palettes

I really like the leather + gold + touches of color idea of this line, so I continued it in these eyeshadows. Colors are picked and named from spells that each class has available to them. They were selected due to name length (or how well they work as cosmetic names), if they were exclusive to the class, or if the spell fit that palette more than another. A lot of classes share spells, after all. If your fave spell isn’t on here, sorry, I really tried the best I could! There’s a LOT to potentially pick from.
These include palettes for Wizard, Warlock, Bard, Paladin, Cleric, and Druid. I may do the rest at a later point!

Colors for these palettes were selected based on the perfumes that started everything.

(This isn’t a real product, just an art project for fun.)


Ghostbusters! (x)

Fun Fact: Kait Ritter, storyboard artist on the show, has a cameo in a portrait in the gallery hall in “Fitzherbert P.I.”!

Drawn by @mayonose and painted by @fionahsieh, posted on Instagram by @kritterart. Thanks for sharing this fun fact, Kait!


So today when I took a walk I collected lots of tiny flowers and plants. When I got home I made tiny flower crowns with them. 

I suppose they’d be too big for like a five inch tiny but they work for bigger tinies. (they’re between 22 and 25 mm in diamenter) Here is one compared to my hand: