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This is Sam and she’s half alien. If you ask where her alien parts are, she will kick your ass.

Sunny Days-chapter 8

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- Negan and Sunny deal with the effects of their argument. Who will bend or break?

Warnings- Angst, Smut, Edging, Daddy Kink, Squirting, Language

Author’s Note- Sorry this took so long to get out. Flu, bronchitis, and plot bunny in shape of Max from The Resident took over my life. However, since you guys waited so long, I combined what would have been 3 short chapters into this much longer one. Also, I planned this story out before the episode with sad Amber aired. So my Amber is a bitch. And I’m gonna screw around with the time line to fit my story. It shouldn’t make much difference since it’s hard to tell how much time passes between episodes sometimes.

Word Count- 5.7k+

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Negan sat in his office staring at the new bedroom door. He swirled the scotch, the ice gently clinked against the glass, and brought it to his lips. He swallowed the last mouthful in one large gulp feeling warmth spreading down his throat. He had everything ready. All he was missing was Sunny.

She’s too fucking stubborn for her own good. She has no fucking clue how damn vulnerable she is out there on her own. She’ll come the fuck around. She has to. I’ll fucking make her. God fucking damnit.

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Saving All My Love For You - Elriel

Elain was nervous.

Even though she had no reason to be, even though she had gone out with Azriel before. And they were dating. And had gone on numerous dates before.

So why did this feel different?

No, Elain knew why.

It was because… because she loved Azriel.

And that terrified her.

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Burned Pt. 2 [M]

Genre: Smut/angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Triggers: drinking, sex, a lot of swearing 

Word Count: 5.2k

A/N: This is unedited so please excuse any mistakes I maybe have made, I’ll revise it soon. I almost had a heart attack writing this, so please leave your feedback

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It had been two weeks since you had slept with Jimin. It had been two weeks since you had pulled your brother Taehyung off of his best friend of years. It was then that you found out that you were just a piece in Jimin’s fucked up game. Using you to get his not so-ex-girlfriend back for cheating on him. It had been two weeks and the carpet burns on your knees were finally starting to heal. The scabs were long gone and all that was left was pink flesh, new skin, probably symbolizing that you were okay now. Except no matter how many times you showered, you couldn’t get the memory of his touch off you. And that’s what you hated most.

He only tried contacting you once. You had just started working as an intern at the hospital when he showed up. You cursed your stupid brother for probably telling Jimin where you worked. As soon as you saw him you ran behind a patient’s curtain. The person lying in the hospital bed looked at you like you needed treatment as you peeked your head between the nylon fabric. He was at the nurse’s desk, probably asking where you were. Jimin was clearly not satisfied with her answer as he turned around and stormed out. That was the last time you saw him.

A loud banging ripped you from your thoughts. Someone was pounded on your front door and by the sound of it was probably going to put their fist through it. Ripples of panic flooded through you as you tip-toed to the door. Peering into the peephole you saw that is was Tae. “I know you’re in there Y/N. I can hear you breathing through your mouth”

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About Ubi: Incubi/Succubi II

The first, more introductory post can be accessed here. This post contains answers to questions people have sent concerning Ubi. While much of this applies to all Ubi, this was written specifically from experience with Lowborn Ubi;  I tried to mention where it more specifically pertained to Lowborn Ubi. This was written in conjunction/verification with @swimminginscales

Starting off, what’s the ubi’s culture like? Where does the culture originate? Don’t they have families? Do they live in a community or are they solitary individuals?

Lowborn Ubi have a very accepting culture, where they encourage care and comfort with your own body and the bodies of others. I would say it originates from their need to eat sexual energy; in doing so, they have become very accepting of all body types, genders, etc. They can raise families or be on their own, they vary in it just like us. Some still live with their family, others live alone in an apartment, etc.

It was mentioned ubi can control some aspects of their bodies, such as dick size, can they do anything else?

Skilled Ubi are capable of completely shapeshifting their entire bodies. So dick or vag size/shape, tit size/shape, height, weight, etc.

How energy depleting can sex with them be?

Most Ubi that are not starving are fully capable of controlling how much energy they take during a session. You can even ask them to limit their intake for a session if you still need energy for the rest of the day.

Are ubi good companions for individuals with “low spoons” or less energy?

I would say no, because they drain energy. However, a common phenomena that I have seen occur in multiple people is that as their body adjusts to regularly being drained, their body starts producing more energy to compensate, making the individual more energetic than before. When this happens, the body also uses the regular energy drain to flush out bad energy, releasing blockages and cleansing your energy for you, which can result in a cleaner energy overall. BUT AGAIN, there is no 100% guarantee that it will work out that way for all people with low spoons.

And what are some effects their presence has? Like when they are interacting with humans to obtain sustenance? Enhanced anything? Can Ubis increase your own sexual stamina and ability? What sort of sensations can you expect when engaging with an Ubi while awake?

Their presence and energy alone can make some people horny. A lot of people experience feeling “fullness” in their crotch or root or sacral chakras. It’s common to be wayyyy more horny/into it when fucking with an Ubi, and for the sex to last much, much longer than would be possible without Ubi. The entire thing, especially the finish, tends to be much more intense and pleasurable in general. Depending on how much energy your Ubi took, you could be KO or still be energetic enough to do work. Generally the more energy you allow your Ubi to take, the more intense the session will be.

How often would an ubi seek out sex from their partner?

A 100% or near 100% Ubi could go literally the entire day of sex, with breaks just to eat, use the bathroom, etc. This is not an exaggeration. Because of this, Ubi prefer to be called rather than doing the initiating because they always want to initiate, and understand that a single partner will not be capable of providing this kind of energy, which is why Ubi often have multiple partners to get laid from.

What’s the most popular kink that ubis have?

It really varies from Ubi to Ubi. Some are totally vanilla, while others are kinky as fuck. There are some kinks that don’t exist in the human world, too.

Do they get STDs?

Yes, Ubis can get stds. However, I do not think they are able to pick up human STDs as they are not human [needs verification]. Additionally, the lowborn realms are extremely advanced in their medicine, so I’m quite certain that they have found the cures/treatments to all if not most STDs. [also needs verification].

Can they extract sex energy from porn videos or pictures of hot anime tiddies or by just being a voyeur, I suppose?

Yes they can, however, the energy from internet porn is extremely minimal. Being a voyeur on other entities having sex would provide more energy, but it would be the equivalent of a “snack”; they couldn’t sustain themselves off of it.

Is there any sex act that the overall majority is morally against or are they fine with everything? Does one need to be a certain age to contact an ubi or is that a general rule of thumb like rated R ratings?

They are morally against ANY SORT OF sexual activities with children that are not Ubi and non-consensual sex, because that is not considered sex. Ubi feed of of pleasure, happiness, and love, not fear. [This mainly pertains to Lowborn Ubi, please be extremely cautious with Hellborn Ubi because Hell is a bad, bad place.]

The reason there is an exception within their own community is because Ubi children do feed on sexual energy; Ubi need it to stay healthy. Ubi are not born already “grown”, they begin as babies just like us. They usually don’t need sexual energy from the get-go; they start with “normal” energy to live on, and gradually begin to crave and need sexual energy as they age, although they are still very young when it starts to happen (our equivalent of 8-10 years old). However, any Ubi with a decent brain (99.99% of Lowborn Ubi) knows that it is socially unacceptable for any other species to interact with their children this way, AND they think it’s unacceptable in other species as well. Thus, the Ubi children are only “fed” by their parents/guardians.

YES it’s gross but it is literally their food. Ya gotta understand that they’re not human, and that this is their real food that they do need to survive.

Any decent adult Ubi (99.99% of Lowborn Ubi), will REFUSE any sort of activities with a non-Ubi  minor. However, there are of course underage Ubi who may attempt to get with other underaged entities, just like how underage humans already make attempts to get with each other in high school.

In all honesty if you try to call an Ubi and you’re underaged, they’ll probably show up just to yell at you for being stupid, then leave. 

Please just. Don’t be disgusting, wait until you are 18 to get with an Ubi.

Do they ever have the sex together for food?

Yes, though they generally prefer non-Ubi as then they can drink more energy; they don’t need to “share”. Also, Ubi don’t produce or release as much sexual energy than a non-ubi/non sex energy consuming entity.

Do they use sex toys?

It can vary of course, but usually…What kind of Ubi doesn’t have some sort of collection of sex toys?


We hope this post was able to help, if you have any more SPECIFIC questions, feel free to send them in!!

Harry Hook x Gil-Bullied

Requested: By anonymous: Could you please write headcanons for Harry cheering up Gil after he’s been bullied?

Warnings: Mentions of fights, injuries, and blood.

Notes: why would anyone hurt Gil he’s too sweet, but I guess that would be a reason on the isle. :( I love Gil. Also I tweaked it, it’s less bullying more just getting beaten up. 💙💜💙💜

(Not my gif)

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Most on the Isle didn’t care much for Gil, he was too sweet and too hopeful.
Sure, he’d go around terrorizing inhabitants of the Isle, but never without Harry or Uma, it wasn’t fun without them.

And yeah, Gil is muscly and big, but it’s known that there’s only a few instances he’ll get violent.
Someone is talking bad about/threatening Uma and/or Harry, someone is messing with any of the crew, or if they’re in a fight.
Besides that, he didn’t get violent unless his captain or first mate ordered it.

Even though this somewhat made Gil a target, most didn’t touch the third son of Gaston in fear of getting hooked.
It was known through the Isle that you didn’t mess with Harry Hook or Gil Gaston in fear of the other one coming for you.
Of course, some people are just plain stupid.

Harry probably finds out only after Gil shows up to the Chip Shop covered in bruises, sporting a black eye, and a cut lip.
Pissed wouldn’t even cover Harry’s emotions.
No one hears of the gang that targeted Gil for quite some time, and most don’t recognized them after Harry got done with them.

He probably drags Gil (a bit softer than he normally would) down to the ship to patch up the injuries, pulling him into his quarters.

Harry’s accent got thicker, cursing whoever decided it was a good idea to mess with Gil.
All the while, Gil’s just got that grin of his on, watching Harry wipe off the blood and stitching up a few cuts.

Harry starts getting up to leave, deciding he didn’t do enough to the gang, but Gil grabs his arm.
He barely has to look at Gil to know what he wanted, letting out a sigh and shucking off his red jacket as he got into the bed, Gil excitedly pulling Harry into him.
Gil mutters a quick and quiet thank you.

“Ye’re lucky I like ye lad.”

The two of them stayed like that, Gil completely forgetting about his bruises and stitched up cuts as he spoke animatedly to Harry.
Harry would cut him off with a firm kiss and a smirk when the other boy started getting a bit too excited and would just ramble.

Uma just grins when she sees the two of them passed out and tangled together when she goes looking for them hours later.

Anything You Want (Doukyuusei)

A/N: Doukyuusei (Kusakabe/Sajou) -  25. “I-I never said that!” - A few short drabbles for speedwriting anniversary time, that’s what I thought. *writes long ass fic again*. Oops. This fic is a bit weird hehehe but I am weird too. ^///^

Summary: It’s Kusakabe’s birthday, and he has only one thing he wants: have Sajou to himself for lots of tickles, all. day. long. For his birthday, Sajou did promise him ‘anything he wants’ after all…

Word Count: 2704

“Arghh. Kusakabe, why… am I tied up?” Sajou groaned and squirmed a little. Waking up with both his hands tied together behind his back was not what he would call comfortable and reassuring. He turned his head onto the soft pillow to meet Kusakabe’s gaze. Oh, that smug little smirk…

“Good morning dear.” Kusakabe leaned in and stole a kiss from him. Sajou closed his eyes and accepted, but he still moved his arms a little to test his bonds.

“Well?” Sajou huffed when Kusakabe pulled back, still waiting for an explanation.

“Am I not getting a happy birthday dear Hikaru-kun?” Kusakabe said in a little bit of a singing tone, and he kissed him again. Sajou however turned onto his back, breaking their kiss and he tried to pull his arms free. Damn, that was pretty tight.

“No, you’re getting a why am I tied up because I have no idea what you’re playing at,” Sajou said, sadly wasting his energy in trying to squirm free. 

“It’s my birthday, you said you’d do anything I want so I tied you up so I can tickle you freely. That’s what I want today.” Hearing Kusakabe say this casually, Sajou gulped and he stopped his squirming for a brief moment, and he turned his head a little to look at that bastard’s smirky face again.

“I-I never said that!” he protested with a blush on his face, but Kusakabe - probably prepared for his stupid protests - held up his phone and showed their chat conversation from earlier that week.

Sajou: It’s almost your birthday. What do you want to do?

Kusakabe: Hmm good question. What should we do? 

Sajou: Anything you want.

Kusakabe: Okay :).

Sajou’s eyes widened. It was such a casual conversation and yet Kusakabe got this as the result out of it?!

“I d-didn’t mean it like that!” Sajou wheezed, rolling away and crawling towards the edge of the bed, but Kusakabe grabbed him and dragged him back with ease.

“Aw come on. I’ve always wanted to tickle you while you can’t move properly. Come heeere,” Kusakabe flexed his fingers above Sajou’s already twitching body, and he lowered his hands. He wasn’t even tickling him yet, but Sajou was already throwing an enormous fit, thrashing around and sputtering.

“Nonono! Haha! Please!” he brought out, arching his back and struggling despite his bound arms, but Kusakabe pushed up his thin T-shirt, still without tickling him.

“Ah, another thing I want, besides tickling you all day,” he said, pausing a little since it was too amusing how Sajou squeaked when he heard that.

“Call me ‘Hikaru-kun’ today. When you don’t, I’ll be more merciless than ever.” Sajou’s eyes widened and Kusakabe chuckled.

“What? Didn’t you say it was a habit? Let’s un-habit that with tickles.” Kusakabe continued, and he wiggled his fingers above Sajou’s exposed upper body.

“Also, still waiting on that birthday wiiish~” Sajou tensed up when Kusakabe’s wiggling fingers were still tickling the air above him, getting closer and closer.

“Say iiit. Haaappy…” Kusakabe started, but he got interrupted by a cute giggly sound when he did a feint attack, making him go “aaaww”. Sajou blushed at this since he knew Kusakabe always thought he was very cute when he was tickled, and it was embarrassing that he even reacted to fake tickles.

“Happy birthday dear Hikaru-kun now fucking stop it!” Sajou cried out so quickly that it was barely audible.

“I haven’t even started!” Kusakabe laughed, apparently not buying Sajou’s pathetic attempt at talking himself out of this. And so he started. The moment Sajou felt Kusakabe’s fingers making contact with his skin, ticklish shocks made him jolt and throw his lower body up in protest, giggles rolling from his lips. 

His body, his mind, he as a person was barely awake and ready to start the day, but here he was, lying in their bed with his arms restrained behind his back and with his devious birthday-boyfriend bending over him to tickle the hell out of him. So. Not. Fair. 

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Nice hoodie you got there Pt. 4 - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

A/N: Alright then, next part. After last part got way too cute, in my mind, so I’m going back to emarrassing the reader once again. We gotta stick to the rules. Let’s make things a little complicated. 

word count: 1926

part one || two || three

Originally posted by fyesdylanobrien

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Party Time

[Hi! Could you do a college AU imagine where y/n is close friends with Jenna and Tyler and they hook y/n and Josh up at a party? - Anonymous]

[A / N: So, I didn’t upload an imagine yesterday because I was working on this one. This is extremely long and I’m apologizing for it now but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it!]

Your phone vibrated in your pocket and you pulled it out, seeing a text from your best friend, Jenna. 

Hey, I got us invited to a party. You in?

You sighed, knowing damn well that only she was invited to it. No one liked you except Jenna. And Jenna’s boyfriend, Tyler. But besides them, everyone else at this college hated you and you didn’t know why. 

You mean that you were invited. 

While you were waiting for her to text back, you walked around your dorm room, putting your text books into your bookbag. You had just finished your homework which means that you had the entire weekend to do literally nothing. Maybe watch some Netflix, eat a bunch of junk food, and possibly wallow in self pity as you didn’t understand why no one liked you. Which is why you didn’t understand why Jenna wanted you to go to a party, with strangers that were from college. They probably already hated you before you even showed up to their stupid party. 

Yes, but I’m inviting you. So you in?

You groaned as you flopped down on your bed, sliding halfway off the edge as your socked feet slide across the hardwood floor. You held your phone above your face for a moment as you considered your options. 

You could spend your entire night, and weekend, holed up in this stuffy dorm room, watching crap for tv. Or you could go to this party with Jenna, have everyone hate you, cry in the bathroom, and get completely shit faced when you found the alcohol. You decided on the latter. 

Rolling over, you propped yourself up on your elbows while your knees just barely touched the floor. You hung your head, sighing once again, and you sent a quick text off to Jenna saying yes. You deflated when you saw that it actually sent, and slid all the way down the side of your bed, sitting on the floor. 

Great see you in half an hour! <3
You barely had time to shower and fix your hair and make up before Jenna was knocking on you door. You secured a towel around your body as you opened the door for her. She grimaced at you as she walked in.

“You’re not ready yet?” She walked over to your bed and sat down, crossing her legs.

“You didn’t exactly give me much time. I was just barely able to get a shower.” You walked to your dresser, pulling out some clothes and started to head towards the bathroom. But Jenna stepped in front of you and she grabbed the clothes out of your hands, unfolding them.

“Seriously? You were gonna wear sweatpants?” She raised an eyebrow at you and you just shrugged your shoulders. You just really wanted to get this party done and over with. And if that meant that you would feel more secure wearing sweatpants to a party, then you would definitely do that. 

Jenna tossed your clothes on your bed and walked back to your dresser, rummaging through it till she found clothes that she was satisfied with. She handed you black skinny jeans, a black crop top, and your really good underwear and bra. She didn’t say anything as she turned you around towards the bathroom. Once inside she shut the door and you were forced to stare at your reflection as you changed into the clothes.
“Seriously, everything is going to be fine.”

Jenna grabbed your hand when you exited the car and she pulled you up to the front door. The house was definitely located on the very rich side of town, with its manicured front garden and evenly paved driveway. You both walked up the steps to the porch and just as Jenna was about ready to knock, the door flew open and a shirtless guy ran out, running past you with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He was screaming about someone trying to take his drink, waving the bottle in the air rapidly, spilling the alcohol out of the bottle and onto the grass. 

Jenna pulled you forward into the house and your eyes widened. It wasn’t even seven in the evening and everyone seemed to already be wasted. She guided you through the rooms, weaving in and out of people, until you both reached the kitchen. Surprisingly, there were way less people in the kitchen than in the rest of the house.

Instantly you found Tyler, on the opposite side of the island counter, talking to another guy. He didn’t see you two walk in and Jenna turned to you, holding a finger to her lips. She crept up to him and you slowly followed her example. Once you two were behind him she held up her fingers, counting to three. On the third finger up you both grabbed Tyler’s sides and tickled him. He shouted in shock, knocking his drink over as he attempted to turn around, laughing so hard you thought he might have a heart attack. 

You backed off as Jenna wrapped her arms around him from behind. You awkwardly stood there, leaning against the counter as you watch Tyler try to look at Jenna. But she kept hiding behind his back, giggling like a child. 

You moved your eyes around the room, noticing that some of the people who were in here previously had now left at the outburst. But the guy Tyler was talking to was still there watching the couple fool around like little kids. He suddenly looked up at you and you quickly looked away, starring down at your feet, a light blush rising to your face. My god he was hot. His red hair was slightly sticking up, like he had taken a shower and didn’t brush it, and he had the most beautiful brown eyes you had ever seen. You found yourself thinking that you wouldn’t mind looking into those eyes for the rest of your life, but you quickly shut that thought down. One step at a time.

“Josh, this is Jenna, my girlfriend, and this is y/n. She’s Jenna’s best friend.” Tyler wrapped an arm around your shoulder, bringing you around to face Josh. You gave him a half hearted wave, your face going completely red. He smiled at you and gave a tiny wave that almost mimicked the one you gave him. 

“Gosh you two are already so cute together!” You turned and glared at Jenna, who was just grinning, looking from you to Josh. She shrugged her shoulders as Tyler dropped his arm from your shoulders to grab her in a bear hug, kissing her lips. She sighed into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. You looked away, not wanting to see what you knew they were going to do. They just loved each other so much. 

Suddenly there was a hand on your shoulder and you looked up at Josh. He was holding a glass towards you and you grabbed it, silently nodding your head in a thanks. You sniffed it and realized it was just beer, so you took a sip. You wrinkled your nose as you realized that it was definitely not your favorite kind but you figured that that was all they had in this house. 

“You wanna go take a walk with me?” Josh held his own cup in one hand, offering the other hand to you. You took another glance at Jenna and Tyler and almost gagged. Jenna was sitting on the counter, Tyler in between her legs as they made out. That was way more than you ever needed to see so you nodded to Josh and took his outstretched hand. 

You weaved in and out of people, hand still clasped in Josh’s, as he led you outside. The fresh air hit your face and you breathed in, momentarily closing your eyes. You could actually hear your thoughts now, the house was way too loud with drunk people screaming over the already booming music. 

Josh led you over to a bench that sat in the front garden and he sat on it, letting go of you hand. He patted the seat next to him and you sat down. You looked towards the house as you both sat there in an awkward silence. You quietly sipped at your drink, fidgeting with the hem of you crop top, pulling it down over your stomach. 

“You’re Jenna’s best friend.” You turned and looked at Josh. He was hunched over, arms leaning on his knees, his head turned towards you. 


“I’ve heard a lot about you." 

You laughed, leaning back so you rested against the back of the bench. "I hope it wasn’t all bad.” Josh smiled at that, eyes crinkling at the corners. He took a sip of his beer.

“No, it was all good stuff. I promise.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.”

You both fell into comfortable chit chat, talking about your past and how you met Jenna and Tyler. It felt like you could talk to Josh about anything and everything. He was always smiling at you as you told embarrassing stories of Tyler and Jenna. He told some stories of his own that had you laughing so hard you doubled over, clutching your stomach and trying not to spill your drink. It honestly felt like you knew Josh for forever and hadn’t just met him an hour ago. 

Josh’s arm was on the back of the bench now, resting just behind your back, as you recounted a story that happened in high school. He was giggling as you told him about how one of the cafeteria tables had snapped up suddenly as people were just about ready to sit down on it. It had thrown peoples food, trays, and forks through the air. Two of the forks got stuck in the ceiling and they were still there when you graduated high school three years later. 

You quietly trailed off, looking at Josh and then averted your eyes to the door of the house. The party was still in full swing and everyone in there was going to have a massive hang over the next day. 

Cold fingers were suddenly on your chin, moving your head to look at Josh. He was just inches from your face and you instantly turned red, heart jumping to your throat. You tried to swallow and it probably looked like your eyes were bugging out of your head. It certainly felt like they were. 

“I’d like to hang out with you more.” You didn’t have time to respond before Josh moved forward and pressed his lips against yours. You didn’t know what to do. You just sat there, frozen in shock, and he pulled away, concern written all over his face. “Maybe I got the wrong idea. I’m so sorry.”

You snapped out of your shock and shook your head, almost violently. “N…no. I like you, a lot. It just…it just surprised me.” You looked at Josh and he smiled, leaning in again. This time you responded, moving your lips against his slightly chapped ones. You tilted you head slightly, closing your eyes, and opening your mouth to touch his lips with your tongue, asking for entrance. He granted it by opening his mouth and your tongues touched as you explored each others mouths. He tasted like beer, mint, and chocolate. All of those flavors you didn’t mind. 

You scooted closer to him on the bench, knees touching, and Josh wrapped an arm around your shoulder, bringing you even closer. He broke the kiss, moving down to kiss along your jaw, biting your ear lobe slightly. You gasped and closed your eyes, tilting your head back as you dropped your drink to the ground. Josh kissed slowly down your neck till he found a spot he liked and began nibbling and sucking on it. It made you groan and fist your hands in his hair, ruffling it even more than it already was. 

“I so called it!” You snapped your head up, eyes flying open as you saw Tyler and Jenna striding over to you and Josh. Josh looked up at them, leaning back against the bench, arm resting around your shoulders. You moved so you cuddled yourself into his side and felt his hand squeeze your shoulder. Tyler and Jenna stopped just in front of you and Josh, holding hands. They had big grins on their faces and you just wanted to wipe them off as your face turned even redder. 

“I guess you two didn’t really need help getting together after all. Jenna and I had this whole elaborate plan that may or may not have involved  a scavenger hunt and pushing Josh in a lake.” You scowled in confusion as Josh chuckled, his body vibrating next you. Jenna knocked her shoulder into Tyler’s in a kidding manner, turning to you.

“Um, I was going to go back to Tyler’s place so technically you don’t have a ride home.” You squinted your eyes at her, sighing. How were you even going to get back to your dorm now? Tyler’s house was in the opposite direction from college. About thirty minutes to be exact. And it’s not like you could exactly walk home. It was too far. 

“I’ll take her home.” You looked over at Josh as he smiled down at you, eyes doing that crinkling thing again. “I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to be stranded here. I like her too much.”

Okay, whoa, did he seriously just say ‘girlfriend’? You stared at him in shock and Tyler just giggled a little as Jenna huffed out a laugh. Yup, he definitely did say girlfriend. But you didn’t protest. You liked the word 'girlfriend’ rolling off Josh’s tongue, especially when it was said about you. 

You’re heart fluttered and laid your head on Josh’s shoulder, smiling. “I’d like that very much.” Josh squeezed your shoulder again and rested his head on top of yours, chuckling. Jenna and Tyler said their goodbyes and left, Tyler pinching Jenna’s butt and she turned around, playfully slapping his shoulder. You and Josh both laughed at them and Josh untangled himself from you, standing up and offering his hand to you for the second time that night. 

“Your ride awaits sweetheart.” It was official, you were falling hard and fast for Josh. He would definitely be a constant in your life now.


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I cannot be held responsible for the ridiculousness under the cut ;)

[on ao3]

Stiles doesn’t take a date to Scott’s wedding.

Jackson takes Lydia, Boyd takes Erica, and Isaac takes Cora, leaving Stiles all alone. Which, fine. He’s the best man, so in the hierarchy of wedding awesomeness, single best man probably trumps regular, dating guest.  

There was always the option to take a third cousin twice removed or something, but eh, he’d passed on the idea. As far as Stiles is concerned, taking his family members to any sort of event is a serious no-no. Allison had even offered one of her cousins, but as nice as Allison is, the rest of the Argents still spook him a little. So he goes alone—stag, he calls it, if only because it sounds cooler.

The ceremony had been nice, with Scott tearing up, the big softie, and then Allison joining him. It’d also been nice because no one had been looking out for dates there. Now, unfortunately, all the couples dancing around him make Stiles feel very noticeably alone. As far as he can see, the only other dateless guy here is Derek. Which, naturally, is not a big problem. He gives off a certain air of mystique, with his hair spiked just so and his suit that manages to show off his build without looking tight and his fancy tie, and honestly, it’s probably kind of rude to show up looking better than the groom. Or maybe that’s just Stiles’ crush talking. 

Lydia had been in charge of 99% of the wedding plans, and why she had seated Derek all the way off in a corner was beyond him, because didn’t she know he would gravitate there anyway without her help? At least they could try to make him have some social interaction. That thought process somehow leads to Stiles walking over to him, and really, legs, ask permission first next time, and half-yelling over the music a, “Hey, Sourwolf.”

Derek glances up at him from where he’d been staring at what just looks like a fixed point on a wall to Stiles, but is apparently the most interesting thing in the world based on Derek’s reluctance to pull his eyes from it.

“Whatcha doing?” Stiles continues loudly. He begins tapping one foot in time with the music, and Derek pulls a face.

“I’m celebrating,” he says dryly, and Stiles feels that if they were in a movie Derek would knock back a shot right about now. Unfortunately, his werewolf healing prohibits it, and though Stiles could actually probably go for one himself after being forced—by his own traitorous body, no less—to stand here and look at the single hotness that is Derek Hale, while he’s also single but… well… not so hot, there’s no alcohol in sight for him either.

“Why the long face?” he asks, and really, Derek should be grateful he hadn’t made some sort of werewolf snout joke.

“There are a million people here.”

Stiles has to stifle a laugh, because that’s the kind of thing he would act like Derek would say and would tease him for, but sounds even more ridiculous actually coming out of Derek’s mouth.

“Yeah, well. They do tend to invite people to weddings. Stupid, in my opinion. They should really be sacred ceremonies held in the dead of night out on-”

“That’s not what I meant,” Derek interrupts, eyebrows furrowing impossibly harder. “Half the women here are staring at me.”

“Oh, no,” Stiles says, throwing a hand on his forehead and pretending to faint. Derek grabs at his bicep and rights him in annoyance, and Stiles adamantly pretends the touch hadn’t sent a shiver through his whole body. 

“Their dates are staring at me, too,” Derek grumbles. “Like I’m going to walk over to every single one of their girlfriends and start making out with them. It’s ridiculous.”

“When’d you get so high and mighty?” Stiles asks. “Maybe it’s just some of the Argent’s gauging if they could take out a werewolf from this distance.”

“I’ve had three different guys come up to me and demand I stop looking at their dates,” Derek says, and okay, Stiles could see how that would start to piss a guy off after a while. Especially because oh. Argent women. Derek definitely has the right to be uncomfortable with that.

“Why don’t you just let them know you’re not interested?”

“I’m sitting alone in a corner at one of my best friends’ wedding. What else am I supposed to do?”

The question is probably rhetorical, but that’s apparently yet another thing on the list of Stuff Stiles’ Subconscious Doesn’t Care about Even Though It Really Should, because suddenly he finds himself saying, “You could dance with me.”

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April Fools Bodyswap Writing

As far as Grillby was concerned, today might as well been a glimpse into hell. When everyone found out that a human had fallen into the underground, they had been ecstatic. A chance to finally see the surface. Then, it became clear many of them would not. The human was ruthless and killed all who they ran into. Then they started seeking monsters out. He didn’t understand, but by the time the last of the dogs had died, Sans had appeared in town, telling everyone to hide in a place where they could not be found easily. He listened, and though he hide just behind the fire escape, he was not found. He heard the human when they came in though. And he heard them check the door before leaving.

He was not sure of how long he sat there, a few hours for sure but he didn’t come out. He was afraid to. What if they came back? He’d rather not think about it but his thoughts wandered anyway. He had not seen Sans since he dropped by and said he had to follow the human. Grillby was far past worry at this point. What if Sans was in danger? Or was dying? Or dead already? Sans may be lazy and have a really large tab, but he didn’t care. He was a close friend.

His thoughts were cut off by a loud noise that sounded like something falling in the bar. Grillby tensed and listened for anything else. His panic eased when he heard a familiar voice call his name. Sans. He was okay. Everything would be fine. Oh, how wrong he was.

The moment he walked through the door, he knew it was over. There were several chairs out of place and one of them was knocked over entirely. Most likely from Sans entering wrong. Sans was barely managing to stand, using a table to steady himself. But the part that terrified Grillby to his core was the large red slash across Sans’s chest. His shirt was in tatters, revealing bloodied ribs from where he had been cut all the way to the marrow.  Sans’s normal smile resembled more of a grimace but he visibly tried to look happier.

“heya grillbz. good to see that you’re,” he winced, as if talking was causing him pain, “that you’re still alive. you’re-”

“Sans,” Grillby interrupted, swiftly walking over to him, “you’re hurt. You need to eat now or-”

“nah. it’s fine. just let things play out. Okay? it’s okay and soon it’s all going to be reset. then everything will go back to normal you just gotta… just gotta… w-wait and….” Sans’s eyes went dark and he collapsed, chest heaving for breath he did not even know the skeleton needed. He ran over to him though, trying to pick him up. To get him someplace safe and make him eat something. He could feel the skeletons HP draining one decimal at a time. He had so little to begin with and he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Sans? Stay with me… alright? Just… hang on and you’ll-”

“grillby STOP. just… stop. i’ve done this so many times already….. i’m not gonna make it, alright? just… i… i want to go peacefully. can i have that at least? a peaceful death?”

“But I don’t…. I don’t want you to, Sans… I don’t want to lose you…” The skeleton merely chuckled, though it was hollow, sounding almost sad.

“i know, grillby…. i know,” he paused before smiling up at him, looking oh so tired. Did he always look that way? Grillby did not know and it pained him how little he actually noticed about the skeleton who spent so much time in his bar, making bad jokes, “hey grillbz…. can you promise me something? take care of yourself, alright? Cause someone out there cares about you more than life itself.”

Grillby could not respond. He didn’t have the words. And even if he did, he might not have had the will to say them anyway.

“heh. hey grillby. how about one last joke? knock knock.”


“Who’s there?”

“a broken pencil.”

Sans please…..

“A broken pencil who?”

“heh heh. nevermind…. it was pointless…. see you later…. grillby…” Grillby watched in horror as the skeleton dissolved before him, leaving only a jacket and a pile of dust behind.


This wasn’t right.


This wasn’t fair.

“No. No no no no no NO!”

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way!

Grillby didn’t know what came over him as he desperately clung to the old jacket, crying out at some cruel deity. He yelled and cried and screamed until his throat felt raw and overused. Until all he could do was hold the jacket and sob. He had lost everyone close to him in Snowdin. He didn’t even know who out of his old friends in Hotland were dead. He couldn’t bear it anymore. He had to wake up from this horrid nightmare.

His attention shifted as he noticed an envelope slipping out of a pocket of the jacket. Looking at it in confusion, Grillby wiped his eyes and pulled the envelope out, careful not to damage the paper. He turned it over and was faintly surprised to see it addressed to him. He blinked away the few molten tears that threatened to spill as he carefully opened the letter.

The writing was sloppy and hard to read, as if written in a hurry. But nonetheless, Grillby managed.

“dear grillby,

if you’re reading this. i probably just died. went and tried to stop the human. doesn’t end well. sorry about that. probably the last thing you wanted to see but i guess i wanted the chance to say goodbye. or something along those lines. i don’t know why i still do it. anyway. last words i suppose.

i’m sorry. for everything. for falling asleep at dumb times and telling awful jokes that probably just got on your nerves and that damn tab. geez i’m kinda a fuck up. and this probably sounds stupid anyway. so yeah. the human is gonna show up soon. i’m going to stall them until they reset and if that doesn’t work, at least i gave asgore time to absorb the souls.

and if you still want the money for my tab, just break into my house or something. no one will stop you. paps is gone too. probably doesn’t matter, the human’s most likely going to reset soon anyway. but just in case, take care of yourself grillby.

With love,

sans the skeleton”


The tears were back, threatening to burn the paper held in his shaking hands as they fell.

“Come back…. please…..”

Hank and His Supernatural Mafia, 8/?

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“I’m pregnant.”

Hank, who had confidently taken a slurp from his soda not anticipating any world shaking news, spat it across the table.

Reina sniffed and raised an eyebrow at her brother-in-law.

“Hank, I know you weren’t raised in a barn,” she said, and tossed him a rag to wipe off the table.

Acacia was not helping, shaking with laughter.

“Dude, you should see your face, it is excellent!” she cackled.

Hank looked around the Love Shack (as Acacia and Reina called their small trailer), and tried to imagine a niece or nephew running around. He couldn’t help but see Acacia’s sword collection hanging up on the walls, tubes of oil paint lying around uncapped, Reina’s tiny glass figurines which were the perfect size for swallowing, the three inch drop between the kitchen door and the living room….

“Um, have you told Mom and Dad yet?” Hank asked.

“We were waiting for you to get here, and then we were going to go to the Shack together and then we were going to tell all of you at once but I got really excited and um….Reina, help me out here?”

Reina only laughed, and kissed Acacia on the forehead. Hank noticed that her eyepatch had an appliqué of a baby bottle on it; how had he missed that?

“So…I’m the first to know?”

Acacia grinned, and pulled Reina onto her lap, causing her wife to laugh and boff her on the head.

“Well, second to know but yeah,” Reina confirmed.

“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Hank asked.

“Hank, I just peed on a stick and found out yesterday-“Acacia stopped to laugh a minute at the face Hank pulled, but went on. “I was going to ask Grunkle Dipper when we get to the house.”

Hank thought about the sounds that his mom and uncle were probably about to make when Acacia told them the news.

“Do either of you have earplugs?”

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hide and seek

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I picked masquerade, but you guys know me and ill probably show up on AU day because fuck me and my stupid ass AUs

Warning: the story only loosely follows the propt. Idk what I was even doing.


She ran from him.

And she was damn good at running, he’d learned that well enough.

He thought it’d be easy to find her, little shrimp, but it turned out she was much faster (and not to mention cleverer) than he ever would’ve guessed.

When Fairy Tail disbanded, it was a lot to take in.

He was hurt, sure, those assholes had been his family and he was just beginning to like those guys.

But, too little, too late.

He’d stayed in contact with a few of them, he made sure to visit Wendy the most, poor kid had lost two guilds that she cared about.

He’d seen Juvia a few weeks ago, asking him if he could find ice-bastard for her.

Lately, he’d been playing a lot of hide-and-seek.

But the thing that most puzzled him, was the disappearance of the bookworm.

He wouldn’t lie, at first, he thought she’d been taken, all of her stuff was still in her room and she hadn’t told anyone that she was going anywhere.

But as her scent drew closer, he began to think otherwise.

He had been chasing her for two months now, and he was damn near impressed by her hiding ability.

He’d come within inches of her, and he knew it because he’d smell her peachy smell on the edge of a train station and curse the sky as the train would take off, leaving an irate him in its dust.

Although, he couldn’t say he hadn’t been enjoying the chase. In fact, there were definitely a few times where he’d let her escape, just to keep up the thrill and euphoria of the chase.

But he had been growing tired of the chase, and now what he really wanted to see was her surprised face when he finally caught her.

And here it came to, a holiday party at an overly large mansion.

A strange place for her to hide at, but he took it with a grain of salt and snuck past the lazy guards at the front in the blink of an eye.

The party had been going on for a while, he could tell because of the abundance of drunk guests draping over the balconies and singing haughty tunes at the top of their lungs.

Weird bookworm had the weirdest taste.

He slunk through the crowd, knowing well that his menacing look drew some indecent attention.

Then again, a cheery holiday party didn’t really scream six foot burly guy with piercings and a trench coat, now did it?

Ooh, she was close. He could smell it. It was left and right and all around him. Dizzying.

He sometimes wondered if she knew he was following her, most of him knew that she did, but a small part of him wanted her to be in the dark and completely taken aback when he found her. He’d love to see her shocked face, impressed face.

He longed to impress her. It was stupid, and silly, but he loved to do it.

He made a sharp turn around a large lady when he felt the scent change. She was behind a door.

His eyes found the nearest door and he made a b line for it, excitement twitching in his fingers. The chase was drawing to a close. He knew it. She probably knew it too.

He opened the door slowly, not wanting to let her know that he was close, and her scent became overwhelmingly strong.

Then he saw her.

Her hair was longer. It kissed the tip of her shoulders, when before it flew just below her chin. She was everything else that he remembered though, little, mysterious, and her back faced towards him.

Good. He could sneak up on her then.

He took a brief moment to admire the way she looked in white before creeping towards her, silent as possible because he wanted to savour his victory when he finally caught her.

Just before he could tap her shoulder,, or say her name or do whatever he planned to do to alert her that he had won, he felt an primal urge to chuck her over his shoulder and hoard her to a cave where he’d ever have to find her again, she’d stay with him, forever.

He shook the thought away. Weird. Probably been listening to Bunny Girl’s sonnets too much. She had recently gone through a poetry phase in her attempt to forget Salamander, it wasn’t going too well.

“Le-vy,” he made sure to memorize the taste of her name in that moment, he never wanted to forget the way she turned around in surprise.

“Gajeel,” she whispered, her face unreadable in either excitement or sadness. Why would she be sad?

“I found you.” He said teasingly.

She smiled then, a faint pinkness dusting her cheeks.

“It appears you have,” she noted. So she had known he was following her.

“I win.” He added, like this was a game they had planned and not some by-and-by journey.

“Did you really?” She asked, teasing him right back because she knew very well that she was the only one who could get away with it.

“Why ya gotta make everything so intellectual,” he mocked her by using a large word. She shook her head and sighed.

“I don’t know,” she admitted, this time she really did look sad.

“Levy,” he said, his voice turning serious, “why’d you run?”

She played with the neckline of her dress, which was new. She really did look stunning in white.

“Fairy Tail was my home.” She started, “and now it’s gone.”

“We’re not gone.” He reminded, and she nodded.

“That’s what I wanted to test,” she explained, her frown disappearing.

Gajeel blanked. “I’m not following you.”

She laughed, the same wind chime laughter that sent a shiver through his bones.

“I wanted to see if Fairy Tail would follow me.” She said simply.

“I hate metaphors shrimp.” He reiterated.

She laughed again.

“Thank you Gajeel.” She said, and all in a fraction of a second she took a step towards him, stood on her tip toes and planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

He said something smart, like huuuuhhh?

“You’ve proven to me that Fairy Tail isn’t gone.” She said softly, smiling and lighting up the entire room.

Gajeel didn’t say anything, still kind of shocked that she had pulled a stunt like that.

“No matter what happens, Fairy Tail will always live,” she lectured, almost jokingly as she grabbed his arm and pulled him  back towards the party.

“Now take me home, dragon. I’m hungry!” she demanded with a lovely laugh.

“Alright, alright.” He grumbled, but deep down, past the layers of iron and steal, he was glad to have his shrimp back.

ew gross katie cant write

i kind of want a fic where nick never makes it onto radio like he’d always dreamed of and maybe he works in an office or something but he djs part-time and he happens to be djing an event that louis tomlinson of one direction happens to be attending and maybe he chats louis up a bit and louis’ like “do you want an autograph” and nick laughs like “no, darling, not at all” and basically louis is really drawn to him because nick doesn’t treat him like a celebrity and they end up shagging.

and at one point when louis is at nick’s flat while nick’s at work, he does a little snooping around and he finds a thick stack of rejection letters from bbc that nick had kept for some vaguely masochistic reason and louis offers to put in a good word for him since he’s stupid famous and nick is like “fuck off” and gets pissed off and probably mentions how all louis did was show up at a stupid reality tv show audition and got handed everything he never even wanted that badly and nick has been working his ass off his whole life and still hasn’t gotten what he’s always dreamed of and it’s a big fight and they probably don’t speak for a while but then there are apologies and stuff and they’re happy that’s all ok thank you

Lean On Me || Ella & Wyatt

Wyatt left Liana’s house as quietly as he could, leaving a note on his pillow saying that he’d went to see Ella in case she noticed he was gone. He knew it was probably stupid to show up at her house so late - or early - but it wasn’t like he was going to go to sleep anytime soon anyway.

He drove slowly, taking his time to get to her house. He assumed her mom was out of town, so instead of knocking, he gently pushed open the unlocked door and stepped inside, shutting it quietly behind him. “Dimples?” He called, not wanting to bother her if she’d fallen asleep before he got there.