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Hi, I’m Julie! I’m 18 and I’m from the northwest U.S. All my favorite things start with P… pizza, pasta, Pentatonix, pcolorguard.
I’ve been a Pentatonix fan for over a year but I’ve only been in the fandom for about 3 months.

I love them all but I’m especially obsessed with Scott whoops

Someday when I’m not broke af I’m going to get a Light in the Hallway tattoo

I like talking to people so feel free to send me a message or something


from Unremarkable Things by @poulerslashes

“I wonder if we ever played against each other.”

“Where did you go to school?”

“Eh…” Nishinoya chuckled awkwardly. “Can’t answer that one.”

“Oh… yeah.” Asahi scratched his arm. “Maybe, though.” He thought about it briefly. “But I feel like I would’ve remembered you.”

Nishinoya laughed. “Maybe! Maybe not.”

“No,” Asahi said quietly. “I would’ve remembered you.”

I love this fic so much ;__; pls read it

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So we had to put down my hedgehog today.

He had cancer, and it was obvious he was dying. I didn’t get to go to the vet with him ‘cause I had rehearsal, and I was napping when my parents left with him. I didn’t get to say good-bye :(

My Dad just came in here and said he was sorry and then I asked if he needed a hug. He said after are hug that he couldn’t clean out Coco’s cage. He was crying. Ever see a grown man cry? it’s not easy. I’m going to miss my little hedgehog. :’( </3

R.I.P. Coco <3

This is the day I brought him home, I was 12 at the time.

Things I have encountered while playing pokemon go

- 3 guys who were defeating a gym, i yelled at them which team they were and they started laughing, telling me this game was awesome and bringing ppl together
- found a flower i didnt even know existed and i lost it
- a 25 ish old dude who put up 2 pokegears at 2 pokestops, and we both walked around cstching pokemon, laughing bc it probably looked stupid
- hatched an egg: sandshrew
- found berries at a pokestop???
- discovered that u can get pokecoins by clicking the little shield
- tried to catch a zubat for 5 minutes but when i finally got him my game crashed
- tried to catch a psyduck which messed with my game cuz i couldnt click on it
- almost drove my bike in water bc of a doduo
- almost came home late bc i was catching an eevee

What I learned tonight is

Playing mmorpgs is fun I guess

Playing mmorpgs w friends is actually fun

Playing mmorpgs w a friend who basically has only the vaguest notion of what they’re doing while also in voice chat w them is quite possibly the most fun I’ve had in an mmorpg ever what a time


I’m honor of all the theories that were bring down and for the reveal for his last name, i give you Nino Lahiffe!

he’s probably looking at us that way because he thinks we’re stupid for making a big deal out of his name

Request by anon~

Art Requests?

kinda hoping i dont wake up tomorrow lol


Me: Well…. I’d probably look up a recipe for it because I’ve never really used avocado for anything? I’d like to know how to prepare it properly? I live somewhere where avocado has only become a ‘thing’ in recent years and never ate it when I was growing up?

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This probably sounds stupid, but you look very cute in your pictures.

this isn’t stupid at all! thank u sm my frnd 💗

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It has stopped raining, but the heavy clouds clearly say that it'll start again soon enough. Nnoitra leans his back against a tree. His fingers are trailing through Grimmjow's hair - seems like that's become a habit. "Let's just stay here." He doesn't know why he says that, and it's probably stupid. But he likes the way Grimmjow looks in the rain, and he's thinking that he might just want things to stay exactly like this for a little longer.

           – Grimmjow wasn’t really expecting the rain to let up. But, then again–with that impeccable hearing capability of his, the smaller male could hear rolling thunder resume in the distance. Yeah, this rain shower was far from over. It was just paused, per say; almost like the two of them now. They were both on break, just for an entirely different reason than what nature had to offer. Grimmjow needed a break from Las Noches. After everything that the former Sexta’s put up with for the past couple of weeks, he figured that he fucking deserved it. Honestly, they BOTH fucking deserved a break.

          A hand soon found it’s way into his damp, messy hair–like it usually had a habit of doing. Grimmjow didn’t mind in the slightest. In fact, his head ever so slightly moved into the touch; almost akin to that of what a cat would do. It’s just… he felt at peace as of right now. He couldn’t fucking help it. Grimmjow ALWAYS felt good in the rain. It was always as if it just washed everything away as it pelted down onto his worn hierro. Yeah, on the flip side, it didn’t fix the fact of what had happened to him. It didn’t wash away the fact that the organs in his body weren’t even his. It wouldn’t erase the fear that stung his mentality at the mere thought of the Octava. It didn’t rid him of that exhausted feeling. It wouldn’t wipe ANY of that away. ( Wait. ) But–as for the temporary things; it worked wonders. ( But what about despair? ) Whenever Grimmjow would happen to feel pissed off, or upset in any way, it’d always clean that shit right up. ( Could it wash THAT away? ) It was fucking dumb, honestly–being that rain wasn’t magical by any means. But, that didn’t mean that it still didn’t make Grimmjow happy. 

                                        ( –because I fucking hope so. )

           –N’aww, an’ here I thought ya’d get bored as fuck sittin’ out here in the rain with me.  A small smile was accompanied by a snort. It was a light-hearted little jab, as the mood was attempted to be lifted a bit. Well, his mood was lifted alright. Of course, Nnoitra could probably tell–being that he, for once, didn’t look like someone who was once brutally ripped in two. Grimmjow looked to be alright–and damn did he FEEL alright. Wet and dripping with rain water, but in the end; he was alright. Just as he, also, sat up on his knees to lean up and press his lips to the other’s forehead. Why? Because he fucking WANTED to.  Guess I was wrong, yeah? “

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Thanks for brightening up my lunch-break with your nudist!Peeta drabble lol. Although I probably looked pretty stupid laughing with my mouth full....

you’re very welcome! thank you for reading!