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so life can get ROUGH sometimes—- && well, I know I’m just a simple, random girl but i really want to do a POSITIVITY spree. i’m working on a surprise for you guys currently, but it’s not ready yet !!

   so a positivity SPREE will have to do.

so, if you’re feeling like you need some SUNSHINE, can you please give this post L I K E ??  ( then, I’ll surprise you with a little something. )

10 Podcasts I Love Described In One Sentance

1. My Favorite Murder - Two hilarious women talk about murder, among (a lot of) other things. (Non-Fiction, weekly ongoing)
2. The Strange Case Of The Starship Isis - What if Firefly, but everyone was queer? (Fiction, ongoing?)
3. Can I Pet Your Dog - A Dog Haver and A Dog Wanter talk about dogs, often to really cool people. (Non-Fiction, Weekly ongoing)
4. The Bright Sessions - Therapy for people with superpowers; what could go wrong? (Fiction, currently in the second season)
5. The Dollop - A dude who did research tells a dude who didn’t about history. (Non-Fiction, weekly)
6. Limetown - The best/creepiest/most amazing podcast about an entire town that disappeared. (Fiction, only 1 season, likely dead, but so well done it is worth a listen)
7. My Brother, My Brother, And Me - Good, good, goof boys give bad, bad, hilarious advice (Non-Fiction, weekly ongoing)(be warned the early stuff can be problematic, but honestly who wasn’t shittier 7 years ago?)
8. Welcome To Night Vale/Alice Isn’t Dead - Beautiful Gay Protagonist talks about the creepy shit that happens to them. (Fiction, WTNV weekly ongoing, AID in its second season)
9. How Did This Get Made - The best Bad Movie Podcast with amazing guests and Jason Mantzoukas who I’m not sure if I love or hate. (Non-Fiction, bi-weekly with minis in between) (It’s love)
10. The Adventure Zone - The most talented DM I have ever heard wrangles three family members while creating some of my fave gay characters. (Fiction-ish, bi-weekly)


“Cousins forever.”

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in the corner, drowning in feels.


Liz Phair

every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste


so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break

actual canon heights of the first order crew:

fandom’s perception of the heights of the first order crew:

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What's your fav Solaire

art by peppytonic (though they appear to have deleted the original post, hence why I’m linking to it on my blog!)

I like this one because he’s really soft and adorable. I could probably pick him up. He looks like he’s full of hugs. This art fills me with Joy and I reblog it every time it comes around to my dash. 

art by joederartist

This one is really good too!! (and sort of the opposite end of the spectrum build and proportions-wise?) I love how noodley and expressive he is in all of joederartist’s art! He’s just brimming with life and I find how fluid and animated he is to be very inspiring artistically!


for Day 3 of @thulazweek (Marmora / Galra)

link to ao3 | beta’d by @voxiferous

Thace sometimes snuck down to the archives in the middle of the night—and he was praised for his work ethic if he was ever caught doing so by anybody besides the medical staff. He still tried to make the trips infrequent, though. In doing so, he kept suspicion off of himself, and it made transferring information back to the Blade go much more smoothly. He hadn’t expected anyone aside from the odd sentry to be in the archives tonight… but the person he did find was the last person he had been expecting to see there.

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request meme || anonymous asked: zero escape + favorite character

akane kurashiki

tagged by @queenbean03 (kind of, I just wanted to do this, really)

Rules: List ten of your favorite female characters from ten different fandoms and tag ten people

In no particular order:

Moon Butterfly

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Mabel Pines

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Hollyleaf (I remember so little about Warriors but I loved her…)

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Luna Lovegood

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I couldn’t decide if I like Yaoyorozu Momo or Asui Tsuyu better from My Hero Academia so I’m gonna say both fit into this slot (or should I order their “first”/”last” names differently to be like the others on this list??)

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Jade Harley

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Joey Claire

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Olivier Armstrong

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Katie Holt aka Pidge Gunderson

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Toph (ngl I’m too lazy to look up what her last name is)

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I tag whoever wants to do this. If you do, feel free to tag me it it, I’m happy to see female characters!