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Aperture Desserts

AU where Aperture is a bakery

GLaDOS is the mysterious owner/baker whom customers have never seen bc she never leaves the back to come up to the front

The cores are the employees who work the counter/register but they’ve been there so long that they know how to bake everything

Chell is a part of a program that sends baker interns/trainees to Aperture so they can gain experience but when she starts working the owner is? never? there?

And Chell is just like “wtf how am I supposed to learn” but luckily the owner left her some handy dandy instructions

in the form of voice recordings

(It’s a habit she picked up from her dad who she inherited the bakery from)

So Chell just works every day with nothing but voice recordings and whatever core is working that day to help her out

Meanwhile she spends time trying to figure out what kind of person the owner exactly is bc wtf? Who runs a program for training bakers and refuses to be there for the training? And everyone does their best to help her out but all the cores are afraid of the owner even after so many years of working for her and for some reason no one can really pinpoint what she looks like?

Bonus: Black Mesa Bakery is their rival down the street. Even though Black Mesa specializes in bread and Aperture specializes in desserts so no one really knows why but it leads to crazy antics like Black Mesa starting to sell cinnamon rolls even though Aperture JUST added cinnamon rolls to their menu a month ago

‘Mathis Akumatized’ - by whitebear-ofthe-watertribe

So I’ve been wanting to draw Mathis in his villain form ever since I started writing ‘A Brand New Dawn’ and I figured that now was finally the time! I’ve been pulling a lot of long hours at work so my brain has been a bit too fried to write much whenever I get home (don’t worry, I’m still making progress with the new chapter!!) but doing this at least worked as a relaxing outlet for all my Miraculous Ladybug fic needs haha


According to Greek mythology Hypnos lived in a cave, whose mansion does not see the rising, nor the setting sun, nor does it see the “lightsome noon.” At the entrance were a number of poppies and other hypnotic plants. His dwelling had no door or gate so that he might not be awakened by the creaking of hinges. The river Lethe, in the underworld, flowed through his cave. This river is known as the river of forgetfulness.


I haven’t drawn AT in forever and I haven’t been as caught up in it lately but I feel obligated to say how much it’s affected my life and how dear it is to me. It’s been six years and I fell in love with it at ten years old. It taught me to draw and brought me so many friends!

So here’s a quick doodle of my oldest oc, Sara with my main man Finn QwQ


asoiaf meme ❅ 2/2 minor characters: satin, steward to lord commander jon snow

The boy claimed to be eighteen, older than Jon, but he was green as summer grass for all that. Satin, they called him, even in the wool and mail and boiled leather of the Night’s Watch; the name he’d gotten in the brothel where he’d been born and raised. He was pretty as a girl with his dark eyes, soft skin, and raven’s ringlets.

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You guyz, why don’t we ever talk about this interview moment? can we just take a second to appreciate this please?

Interviewer: How’ve you got two books out? By the time I was sixteen, I would mostly watch porn, watch more porn and went to bed.

Harry: That’s what Niall does!

*Niall laughs agreeingly*

*Harry giggles at his stupid joke*

*Louis comes in out of nowhere with this question…

Louis: What is porn?

Interviewer: uhhhhh…

i just… idk man, i miss the days when they looked like little lesbians *siigggh*


now i’m holding on for dear life
jet black heart // 5 seconds of summer