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Debuting at TCAF 2017 - The Academic Hour by Keren Katz

Published by Secret Acres

Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $11.00
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-0-9962739-5-4

The Academic Hour is the debut graphic novel from internationally acclaimed artist, Keren Katz.

The Academic Hour charts the romance between Pothel, a disgraced architecture professor, and his student, Liana. Told in a series of surreal, vibrant vignettes, and set in a fantastic, logic-defying college of shifting rooms and secret performance spaces, The Academic Hour affirms how an intense, fledgling relationship can ignite the impulse for storytelling with unbridled, ferocious creative energy.

“Katz’s style stands out immensely amidst a sea of computer-generated artistry. Her penchant for leaving things not perfectly colored, her exaggerated human proportions and the overall whimsy of the scenes she depicts are things that make her work endlessly interesting to examine.” – Trendhunter

Keren Katz has been racking up accolades in recent years, including the Sequential Artists Workshop’s 2014 Micro-Grant, the Society of Illustrators’ 2015 Silver Medal and the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art’s 2015 Award of Excellence. Her beautifully textured illustrations dance across the page. Her drawings have appeared in the Brooklyn Rail, Time Out, Seven Stories Press and the New York Times. The Academic Hour, her first graphic novel, is long overdue.

“Keren Katz’s comics transcend the medium, the text is poetry, the drawings are dance, the stories are not like anyone else, she is a true original.” – Richard McGuire, author of Here.



To avoid posts about it: Blacklist the tag “NRS Auction”

Here’s the deal: I’m going to auction these as a set here on Tumblr; I’ll take bids as Asks.  First person to send in a bid sets the flat price (anything from ten dollars to a hundred, whatever you are comfortable paying), and we’ll go from there.  I’ll publish the highest bids as they come in (with the name/icon censored if preferred).  Anonymous bids will be invalid.  The tag will be “NRS Auction”, so that’s where you ought to go to check the status of the bidding.

If you win, I’ll notify you, talk to you about what else you will be getting (see below), and get your address for shipping.  Shipping and handling is $6.

Here’s the deadline: 1/1/2016, 12 (noon) EST (Pretty easy to remember, right?)

What you’ll be getting: These sketchbooks contain all of the comic No Red Sweaters, a Homestuck AU story I freehanded in blue pen from…2014 to 2015, I think.  Though I’d prefer they go to someone who really enjoyed the comic, they do contain other things!

Other things: To-do lists, thumbnails (for single images, lyricstucks in a variety of fandoms, and comic pages), sketches for various non-Homestuck fandoms (ATLA, Discworld, Sinbad, Harry Potter, TMNT), original work (Snow in Summer, Dead Metal), sketches for some of my Homestuck stories (It Burns Beyond the Grave, The Devil’s Golf Course, Hellgod Girl, Before I Sleep), random characters without stories to go with them, art advice, life drawing and other exercises, and a little poetry.

Things I will remove before sending if you prefer: Vent art, visual notes from the Bible study I attended for a little while at college.  That’s it, though.  I want to give these to someone who’s okay with the content in the comics included and won’t tear out pages.  That would be upsetting for everyone concerned.

What else you’ll be getting: Seven to fifteen pages of sketchbook three dedicated to sketchdumps/comics on the topic of your choice (preferably something I’m familiar with!).  

You don’t have to buy the sketchbooks to see NRS, the AU comics, or most of the things listed above.  They’re all on my blog.


The COMBINER HUNTERS! A San Diego Comic-Com 2015 exclusive 3-pack of Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade. Chromia and Windblade’s weaponry come from Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015 figures, while Arcee’s is taken from the Beast Hunters version of Optimus Prime.

Their press release blurb reads as follows:


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $74.99/Available through or Booth #3213 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)

Your favorite female Autobots from the COMBINER WARS take up arms and become COMBINER HUNTERS in pursuit of the ultimate DECEPTICON COMBINER — DEVASTATOR! This special edition set includes Deluxe scale figures of WINDBLADE, ARCEE, and CHROMIA figures, each featuring exclusive decos and COMBINER HUNTER weapons. Fans will also receive a Hasbro SDCC exclusive cover edition of IDW Publishing’s TRANSFORMERS: COMBINER HUNTERS #1 as a free gift with each Hasbro Toy Shop purchase at Comic-Con International that includes TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS: COMBINER WARS items. Following the convention, a limited number of action figure sets will be available on

anonymous asked:

Would the industry benefit from charging $70/$80 for mainstream games?

We already do, it’s called the “Collector’s Edition”.

Maybe you meant a base price of $70/80, instead of the current base price of $60. I’m honestly not too sure why the industry has kept the price at $60, when we’ve had a reasonably steady inflation rate over the past thirty years. To put that into perspective, we’ll look at the cost of things in 1985 with then-cutting-edge technology, and then use the Consumer Price Index inflation calculator to see what the equivalent would be in 2015.

The NES launched in 1984, and each set sold for approximately $99 USD. A new game would typically sell for $49 USD. Using the CPI inflation calculator, this was the equivalent purchasing power of $219.27 for the NES console, and $108.53 per game today. What this means is that each game purchased today earns relatively less for the publisher than it did back in 1985. The way that the publishers have worked to cope with this is by drastically increasing the number of game sales. However, we can’t keep doing that - many games are just about hitting their saturation point, and growth isn’t unlimited.

When it comes to buying things, I think most game-buyers have a high-end price threshold they are far less willing to cross without a perceived increase in value. If publishers started raising prices to match inflation without changing the contents of the game package, especially after selling them at $60 for so long, players would probably riot. Instead, the publishers are raising prices by packaging in small extras that actually cost very little to develop and can be mass-produced, but can be used to (mentally) justify pushing the price up. A cloth map, a soundtrack CD, some alternate art, and a cheap plastic statue might only cost a couple of quarters to manufacture in Asia somewhere, and their inclusion can provide enough perceived additional value that some players are willing to pay an additional $10-20 for the game.

Table of Contents

Someone asked for a table of contents for the book, Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder: Scholars and Creators on 75 Years of Robin, Nightwing and Batman.

Here you go. I wasn’t sure if the authors wanted their real names splashed across the internet, so this is the ToC without author names. Some of the authors are not on Tumblr, but I encourage those who are to claim their work using their Tumblr names.

I know that the book is, sadly, a bit expensive ($40). My apologies, but we do not set the price. The publisher did that. And while the book does not cover every important aspect of Dick’s history and character (something one book could never do anyway), it is a fairly hefty tome. The book contains extensive endnotes and bibliography, as well as an index. I also like to think you are getting your money’s worth: the book clocks in at a little over 110,000 words (not including the bibliography and index!) - well over 400 pages of content in MS Word.

Table of Contents

Introducing the Sensational Character Find of 1940

Robin The Boy Wonder

-Success in Stasis: Dick Grayson’s Thirty Years as a Boy Wonder
-Outlining the Future Robin: the Seventies in the Batman Family
-Fashioning Himself a Hero:  Robin’s Costume and Its Role in Shaping His Identity
-The Gray(son) Area: Performing Robin The Right Way

The Original Dynamic Duo: Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne

-The Child is Father to the (Bat)Man: The Inverted Parent-Child Dynamic of DC Comics’ Dynamic Duo
-Dick Grayson and the Literary Tradition of Heroic Friendship
-“The Loyal Heart”: Homosocial Bonding and Homoerotic Subtext Between Batman and Robin, 1939-1943

Nightwing and Beyond: Dick Grayson Grows Up

-Boy Wonder to Man Wonder: Dick Grayson’s Transition to Nightwing and the Bildungsroman
-Building Character: The Writers Who Shaped Dick Grayson’s Personality
-The Heart and Soul: Dick Grayson as the Center of the DC Universe
-The New 52 (2011-present)
-Grayson, Sex, and Feminism

Ties that Bind: Relationships with Family and Friends

-Mother Alfred: The Influence of Dick Grayson’s “Other Parent”
-Big Brother Dick
-Dick and Damian: The Second Batman and His Robin
-Titans Together
-Darkly Deconstructing the Dynamic Duo: Dick Grayson in Frank Miller

Interviews and Closing

-Interview with Dennis O’Neil
-Interview with Marv Wolfman
-Interview with Chuck Dixon
-Grayson on Grayson
-Interview with Kyle Higgins
-Dick Grayson: Becoming a Man


Dear Readers and Friends, 

Thank you all for being so patient with my fickle, fluttery self as I rant and rave and tease about one of my many beautiful projects of 2016: a magical little anthology titled Paper and Bones. This collection of my work has been a long time coming, encouraged by all of your beautiful words and notes of support. Now, at the final stages of the book’s draft ( and after finally having a grasp on the tricky timelines and process of self-publishing on CreateSpace ), I’m very happy to share some concrete information on the book out this month - including an official release date and synopsis. 

TITLE: Paper and Bones by Naiche Lizzette Parker

RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2016

PRICE: 8.99 - 9.99 USD ( estimate, price not set ); international and kindle prices to come

SYNOPSIS: “What a shame. Somehow we became godless and unafraid of a sky where there are no stars left to tell our stories.”

Paper and Bones is an anthology of poems and tales surrounding magic, romance, and the gothic written and illustrated by Tumblr writer and fantasy aficionado Naiche Lizzette Parker. A collection of both her old and new work, the poems weave the heartbreak of love and loss with the thrumming song of enchantment.

The anthology is ribbon-tied by three short stories. In “Ghost Towns,” a group of misfit youth board a yellow bus across America to find themselves in the places that time forgot. In “Battle Strung” emerges the flip-side of New York City, an underground battle of the bands run by bloodthirsty, rockstar fae. And in “Paper and Bones,” the title story, a girl finds a boy’s journal on an airplane home from Paris, returns it, and begins a relationship struck by intense love, loss, and plain madness over the course of ten years when they are continuously forced apart.


gimbleguerado  asked:

How does one apply to be a writer for paizo? I've been playing the pathfinder and (before pathfinder became a thing) DnD for over fifteen years and started at the age of ten. Writing for the company (be it wizards as a kid and now Paizo) has been a dream of mine since I started drafting my own campaign setting. I was just curious if there was some insight that could be provided to me.

In order to write for Paizo…one must write.

Originally posted by totally-a-wizard

We typically don’t hire writers without previously established writing credits (and our Project Manager Jessica Price recently wrote an extensive list of the kinds of things that we’re looking for in our freelancers as well as how to get published), and Editor-in-Chief Wes Schneider also has a few words of advice on that topic.

Learn how to write a story, develop believable character, but also don’t skip technical writing. Writing game mechanics often have more characteristics with that style of writing than simple prose, and the best adventure writers can switch between the two styles easily.

Above all, don’t give up! Keep writing, something, anything, every day.

Reasons why Shspesh could be set in 1895

  • Feb 1895 - Mintonette, later known as volleyball, is created by William G. Morgan at Holyoke, Massachusetts.
  • March 1895 - In Munich, bicyclists have to pass a test and display license plates.
  • September 1895 - The first game of what will become known as rugby league football is played in England, starting the 1895–96 Northern Rugby Football Union season.
  • October 1895 - Rudyard Kipling publishes the story “Mowgli Leaves the Jungle Forever” in The Cosmopolitan illustrated magazine (price 10 cents).

There’s something about a guy named Oscar Wilde too but I don’t see how that is at all relevant. ⊙_ʘ   ⊙_ʘ
Canada to Introduce National Carbon Price in 2016, Minister Says
A carbon price is generally considered either a tax or a cap-and-trade program. Four Canadian provinces, making up more than 80 percent of the country’s population, already have or are introducing a carbon price.

Canada will have a national price on carbon emissions by the end of this year, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says.

The federal government will publish an emissions reduction planthis fall that could include expanded, standardized emissions disclosure requirements for companies, McKenna said in an interview with Danielle Bochove on Bloomberg TV Canada.

McKenna spoke after appearing with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney in Toronto on Friday. Her comments come as provinces work to reach a deal on whether to set a mandatory cross-Canada carbon price, a plan not all provinces support.

“What we want to see is uniformity in terms of a national price, also that we’re doing it in a thoughtful way, and provinces and territories need to decide what they’re doing with the revenues,” McKenna said.

Asked whether she’d force a carbon price on provinces that have resisted a new measure. “I don’t like the word forced. I think this is really an opportunity,” McKenna said. “We need a national price on carbon. So that’s what we’re going to have in the fall.”

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