this pretty much sums up one direction for me

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imagine if one christmas stiles decided to make mix cds for everyone and put messages inside of them (on scott's he put all these cheesy best friend songs, allison's all of these songs about being a badass lady, lydia's songs about moving on) (he didn't make one for derek because he doesn't think the guy even has a cd player) and then he sees isaac and he has his cd in his back pocket, he's kind of nervous about giving it to him but eventually he just runs up to him, shoves it at him and then

runs away, and isaac opens it and reads the message (it says: i’m going to not try and make this too long and emotional, but pretty much i really like you and these songs pretty much sum up how i feel about you. warning: there’s one direction on there) and isaac listens to it and there’s songs on there like falling for you by the 1975 and i wanna be yours by the arctic monkeys (there’s a total of three 1D songs on there, and isaac loves stiles for it) and so isaac goes to stiles house and is like you better not be fucking with me you little shit bc i’m kind of in love with you and if i wasn’t already i definitely am now and then they make out and are really happy together yay (that cd is playing when they first have sex) (and at their wedding) (falling for you plays during their first dance together and everyone cries) (especially scott) (and so do stiles and isaac but they’ll deny it if anyone asks)


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I was in English and this girl had pictures of 1D on her binder. So this other girl next to her grabs her binder and looks at them and then goes they're not that hot. But then she looked at the picture of Zayn at the Brit awards and just whispered "damn" and she stared at him for like 3 min

i feel like a decent amount of people share that girl’s opinion when they first look at 1d !!! like..maybe it’s ‘cause of my age or whatever but even around younger people, they’ll see a picture and be like “i don’t think any of them are super hot or anything…”  and i feel like i was guilty of this too, like, before i entered the fandom i guess ?? (I THINK A BIG PART OF THIS HAS TO DO WITH ALL THEIR MERCHANDISE BEING FROM 2011 SO THEY SEEM YOUNG AND PPL JUST DON’T GET THAT THEY ARE GROWN NOW, THAT THEY’RE MEN !!!) a huge part of what makes one direction so great isn’t their looks, it’s just…who they are ?? individually but more importantly who they are TOGETHER

i got sucked in after i started watching interviews and stuff because honestly, how can you not lol ?? it all becomes sooo clear why people are drawn to them once you just pay attention to them as a whole. i think people assume that you like a boy band because they’re attractive or whatev so that’s the first thing they look at but IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT !!

i’m not really sure what the point of this is LOL it’s pretty much just my usual word vomit !! to sum it up: one direction may be ~”average”~ looking at first glance (cough excluding zayn cough) but once you’re drawn in you start to find them way more attractive and then you are IN TOO DEEP !! you fall in love with WHO THEY ARE and you find them attractive ALWAYS !! even if they look like they just got out of a garbage can !! OR AT LEAST THAT’S HOW IT IS WITH ME. 

and LOL i can’t blame her for her reaction to zayn at the brits ‘cause wow..