this prequel was so adorable i cried

ok what if Tensei always smooches his baby bro before going out like some sort of lucky charm?? 

Am I the oldest Reylo shipper? I don’t know, but maybe now I’ll find out.

I was 25 when I saw Star Wars (it was only “Star Wars” back then) with my husband in a small neighborhood cinema. When we walked out, I was in a daze. What had I just seen? Truly, it was groundbreaking… a whole new genre with incredible effects and awesome heroes. Of course we had to go back and see it again. And then, ESB! Whoa.

Unlike some SW fans, I loved the prequels – well, not so much Phantom Menace (too much Gungan), but I had to watch it several times because my young son was mesmerized by it. AOTC is still one of my favorites of the whole series. Adored Hayden and Ewan in their roles in that and in ROTS. At the end of ROTS, I cried all the way home. Not only was the Mustafar duel epic and tragic, I believed I’d seen the very last Star Wars movie ever to be made. (Because George said so.)

Before ROTS came out, I traveled from New England to Celebration III in Indianapolis to meet a bunch of women I’d gotten to know in a Yahoo fan group. We came literally from all over the country and from Canada. It was one of the best weeks of my life. I saw some of my idols up close and got to ask Jake Lloyd a question. We all stood outside at 5 am in freezing rain just to hear Hayden call in from Italy. We all watched AOTC together the night before the celebration ended, and it was a raucous, religious experience! I made lifelong friends and flirted with stormtroopers. (see pic)

I was totally unspoiled for TFA. To be honest, I didn’t think I could possibly like it. We went to see it the day before our older son’s wedding in December, the weekend it opened. We were even late for the rehearsal dinner! (LOL)  I loved the new characters but thought Adam was odd looking. (I’d never seen him before.)  Naturally I had to go back and see it several more times. I became obsessed by the interrogation scene. I realized how handsome Adam was as Kylo Ren. I could not ignore the crackling intensity between him and Rey. And here I am, following you all on Tumblr. Thank you all so much for welcoming fans of all ages, ships, orientations, nationalities, genders, sexualities to the Reylo fandom. I have now seen TFA at least 15 times on Blu-Ray at home and it never gets old. I cannot wait for Episode VIII and pray we will see the development of a Reylo plot.

Today, my license plate reads:  MTFBWY  How old is this ardent fan? I am 65 next month - mother of three and grandmother of one. I feel as young (at heart) as I did when the OT came out. Star Wars forever!

(Pics: Celebration III in 2005. My light-up Star Wars mug in 2016.)

EDIT: To everyone who wondered who this awesome lady is, you can find her as @jedimistress on Tumblr :)

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i got really sad after i finished the movies and fell in love w/ anakin that i found out hayden got so much hate for the role (which he did his best w/ the script he got, great acting, eh script at times) just seeing him build up the turmoil in anakin was amazing and the last fight, wow. then i found out that he quit acting for awhile? like hes so lowkey he doesnt even have social media. sucks for me, hes my new fave. is he still close to ewan or natalie?

IF!!! THIS!!! AINT!!! ME!!! quick rundown of my star wars experience: saw the prequels, adored them and anakin, saw the originals, liked them a lot but not as much as the prequels, cried when hayden showed up in rotj as anakin’s force ghost, dipped my toe into the star wars internet fandom the next day, discovered that the prequels and hayden are so widely hated, was legitimately astonished bc i thought his performance was incredible and heartbreaking

ur fav is problematic: hayden christensen

  • doesn’t allow me to stalk him via social media
  • has not informed me whether or not he’s still friends with ewan and natalie
  • for real that question keeps me up at night I HOPE THEY’RE ALL STILL FRIENDS!!!!