this precious cherub

ficlet: your whisper stilled my heart

I haven’t written any fae stuff for this fandom and that’s a goddamn atrocity. I intend to fix this and properly live up to my legacy. 

This is just an idea for now but something I’m hoping to expand upon later. 

words: 940

summary: The fey must be careful what– and who– they steal. 

warnings: Kidnapping, hints of child grooming. 

If you believe the tales of changelings, you believe that the fey prey upon golden-haired cherubs, the precious human children coveted for their softness, their innocence, the blind trust they put in whoever holds them to care them, provide what they need to survive and thrive and flourish. 

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Ok but can we talk about Mama Karan for a sec? Because this lady is just so amazing.

  • Not only did she single-handedly raise Shion to be the precious perfect cherub from heaven that he is, but she also supports him so much. When he sacrifices everything they have to help Nezumi she stands by him fully and is so unconditionally loving.
  • She works day and night at her bakery to support her and Shion and manages to just tear it up and make the best food in the city. Single working moms are so important you guys.
  • Manages to keep her chin up and keep smiling despite the fact her only child is out on his own and might not even be alive. 
  • Even though she’s in the city, she still manages to help Nezumi and Shion by sending them notes about where to go. She also risks her own life to try and help Safu.
  • She was a serious high-up player in No. 6. She knew the founders, let’s not forget. Her name is practically a password. Everytime Shion brings her up in the series everyone is like “WHAT? Omg you’re Karan’s kid! Karan was awesome! Yeah sure! We’ll help you out.”
  • She’s an adorable lady botanist, and continues to be single and strong despite all of the guys who are madly in love with her.
  • Read a bunch of censored, illegal books to baby Shion. Raising her baby to be a revolutionary.
  • Saves Lili and her pregnant mom from killer bees. 
  • Practically adopts Nezumi and lets him live in her and Shion’s tiny little one-room apartment. Is super sweet and loving to him and bakes him a ton of sweets. 
  • Wears the anime mom side-ponytail and DOESN’T DIE. SHE AND SHION ARE HAIR TROPE REBELS.
  • Is basically a perfect human being.
I think about this guy a lot...

Not Harry Styles, but this precious little cherub who just wanted a picture with Harry and then had it ruined by some ignorant ass question from a pap (was Harry even 18 at this point?). He looks so like, “oh, sorry for inconveniencing you” at the end and it makes me so sad for him. At least he probably looks sassy AF in that photo though. 

I’m glad things have evolved to this:

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