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Ok first of all, I LOVE your work, okay? <3 Second, I have a request~! Ok, so post time skip, the chocobros are daemon hunting in the wilderness. I request them finding a small child (1-3?), just orphaned because of the daemons- and they take the kid home to their S/O who already falls in love with the child. How does everything play out? Thanks for listening to the long winded request ^^

THIS IS SO CUTE OMG THANK YOU FOR SENDING THIS IN! <3 I’m also turning this into a mini-series of one-shots Anon, because I cannot stop typing these scenarios up! They also have a life of their own so it may not strictly adhere to the request per se. This is what I hope comes across as a ‘gender neutral reader insert’ series- but if it seems like I’m making it too ‘female-biased’, it’s probably because I am female myself and I get too immersed in my own written day dreams! Feel free to send me an anonymous message in my ask box with tips on how to make things more gender neutral in my writing- I like receiving writing tips and feedback! :D Now, without further ado, here’s Part 1 to this four part series!

Until I See You Again (Noctis- Part One)

When you catch your ten year-long absent partner step out of Talcott’s delivery truck in Hammerhead, you immediately burst into an uncontrollable fit of tears. You immediately run out into the artificial lighting that wards the daemons off from Hammerhead HQ and make a beeline towards your prince- no… your king. You notice Noctis’ midnight blue eyes widen in mild surprise at your approach before a sad smile washed over his handsomely aged features. Additionally, you notice that he’s cradling a bundle of bloodied blankets in his arms. You slow your run into a jog immediately before you stop right in front of Noctis and reach out to cup his face. He’s grown facial hair during his time asleep in the Crystal- you can’t help by internally swoon at how handsomely he has aged.

“Noct, you’ve come back. About time,” you speak in a soft voice. You watch as Noctis’ Adam’s apple bobs up and down as he gulps nervously. He nods, affirming your words.

“I know. I’m ready to reclaim my throne.” You smile, your eyes making direct contact with Noctis’. You then let your gaze fall to the bundle of blankets in Noctis’ arms. You desperately want to kiss your boyfriend, as you have missed him terribly for the past ten years, but the sight of a slumbering infant in Noctis’ arms renders you still. Noctis’ sheepish laughter breaks the silence between the two of you. “Ah, yeah- the baby. I found her in a basket under a rocky alcove near the road before Talcott picked us up. Her parents’ bodies were… I couldn’t make out their faces so I can’t really describe them. She was crying the whole way here- she only just fell asleep.” Noctis explains, his gaze softening as he stared down at the baby. He ran a finger over the baby girl’s cheek and smiled fondly at the small, fragile life.

You step up beside Noctis and peer over at the baby, a fond yet sad smile forming on your lips at the sight of the slumbering infant girl. She looks absolutely precious- like a cherub. But there’s blood on the blankets… there’s so much blood! You shoot an alarmed look at Noctis, gesturing at the blankets in a hurry.

“Is she hurt? Where’s the blood from? Or are you the one bleeding? Do you need first aid?” You rattle off all these questions in one breath, chest rising and falling quickly as the panic you held in for the past ten years about Noctis’ safety overwhelms you into a mild panic attack. Noctis carefully adjusts his grip on the infant girl and wraps his now-free arm around you with a weak chuckle emanating from his dry lips. He presses those familiar lips against your temple and you can’t help but sigh as his familiar scent engulfs you in a much needed embrace. You really had missed Noctis. You hadn’t once looked at another man- you were devoted to your prince… your Noctis.

“She’s fine. The blood probably belongs to her mother. She… was the closest to her when I found her under the alcove.” Noctis squeezes you gently before letting go and tilting his head to his other side. He lets out a relieved laugh and you turn your head towards Prompto, Gladio and Ignis, who stood idly to the side while you and Noctis had your moment. You blush and move out of the way, allowing the boys to exchange words with their prince, and best friend, before you find yourself pinned by Noctis’ intense gaze.

“Noct? What’s wrong?” You ask, and Noctis immediately looks down at the baby who is still slumbering in his arms. Something inside you desperately wants to hold that child- she’s like a piece of the moon to Noctis, so precious and warm… you want to help him preserve the sanctity that is that little baby girl’s life.

Noctis offers you a sad smile, and you can’t help but feel a little uneasy. Still, you push the uneasiness from your consciousness and smile back at Noctis. He needs your strength right now, and that is exactly what you’re going to give him.

“I want you to take care of this baby. Raise her as our own. I thought about it on the way here, and I want her name to be Aeris Lucis Caelum. Is that okay? Will you do that for me, y/n?” You are shocked by the decisive intensity of your boyfriend’s words, but you nod immediately in agreement. In all your time spent together with Noctis, you never witnessed this side of your boyfriend. He has always been awkward and a little indecisive. Hell, Ignis was usually the one who did all of Noctis’ deep thinking and made most of his life-changing decisions for him. You find Noctis’ new found maturity very becoming of the future King of Lucis. You swell with pride on his behalf and nod quickly in agreement.

“Of course- anything for you love. Aeris is a beautiful name.” Noctis smiles at you and makes his way towards you, handing the baby over to your very carefully. The little girl stirs slightly in your arms, and then settles quietly, snuggling into the warmth of your chest. You’re filled with an unexplainable warmth in that very moment, and you gently press a soft kiss onto the baby girl’s forehead. She’s so precious. And she’s both yours and Noctis’ now- a miracle borne out of the darkness. You bring your gaze up to Noctis’ sad eyes, and you offer him another small smile in response. “We’re parents now Noct. So you better come back in one piece, alright?” Noctis’ eyes cloud up for a moment before he blinks and shakes his head slightly. You can’t help but frown at his strange behaviour. Still, you choose to remain quiet, holding onto the baby girl who is quickly claiming your heart.

“Promise you’ll take good care of her until I see you again?” Noctis asks suddenly, his voice unnaturally quiet. You gaze straight into Noctis’ dull eyes, and you know that something’s terribly wrong. You don’t have the guts to ask him what though, so you just nod once more in agreement.

“Of course, Noct. She’s safe with me. She’ll always be safe with me, I promise.” You’re relieved to see a smile form on Noctis’ face- relief reaching his eyes and lighting them up with a mixture of sorrow and elation. The look in his eyes bothers you, and you immediately look away- opting to gaze upon the warm bundle cuddling up to your chest.

The hours passed by quickly as the boys made haste in their preparations for battle. Garbed in their formal Kingsglaive attire, Noctis’ friends stand around you and Aeris, waiting for Noctis to emerge from the caravan. Ignis suddenly clears his throat and looks your way, despite not being able to see you.

“Y/n, we’ll be waiting at the gate. We’ll give you and Noct some private time to say goodbye before we leave.” Ignis says in a gentle voice. Prompto hums in agreement while Gladio grunts his assent. You smile at the three boys-turned-men… your friends, and nod gratefully.

“Thanks guys, you all take care out there too- okay? I want to see all of you back here on time for breakfast, or you’re all grounded!” You jest, trying to lighten the mood. Ignis chuckles at your attempt at humour.

“Getting immersed into the role of mother hen already? That’s a heartening development, truly.” Ignis says, humour in his tone. You nudge him gently with your head just in time for Noctis to exit the caravan. You turn towards your boyfriend and gasp at his visage. He looks the epitome of a king. His Royal Raiment fits perfectly and his handsomely aged features suit the look. You stare at this man… this person that looks and acts like a complete stranger, but you finally meet his midnight blue eyes after critically observing his appearance and realise that he’s the very same Noctis you met twelve years ago outside the arcade.

The very same man you fell head over heels in love with.

You start to walk forward, only to be stopped by Gladio. You shoot him a look and he just sighs before carefully collecting Aeris out of your arms. He then tilts his head towards Noctis and shrugs nonchalantly. “Figured you’d need both your arms to hug him… or whatever. Anyways, just make it quick. We’re wasting daylight- oh wait.” Gladio winks at you and you promptly roll your eyes at his terrible joke.

“You’re impossible Gladio,” you say, unable to help the amused grin that forms on your lips, “thanks.” Gladio smirks back at you and then turns towards Ignis and Prompto, Aeris in tow. You watch the big man leave before you feel arms encircle your waist. You sigh in contentment and press yourself back into Noctis’ chest.

“I missed you.” Noctis simply says. You lean your head back onto his shoulder and sigh happily as his lips descend onto your cheek. He leaves a trail of butterfly kisses from your cheek to the corner of your waiting lips before he quickly turns you around and crashes his lips down onto yours. You gasp at the sudden force of his kiss, but you’re not complaining. It had been much too long. Both of you needed this kiss. You let your hands cup Noctis’ bearded cheeks and you pull away. He’s panting, pressing his forehead against yours as his hands move to cup your face lovingly. “I love you. I wanted to have a family with you… and I know that Aeris isn’t really ours-” You quickly press your lips against his to get him to stop talking.

“Love, she’s perfect. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted. She needs us.” Noctis’ gaze falls to your shoulder, and again you’re hit with an anxious twisting in the pit of your stomach. You’re not brave enough to ask him what’s wrong. So you just press another gently kiss to your king’s lips. Noctis sighs against your lips as you retract again, his eyes boring down into your own, almost as if he’s searching for your very soul.

“Know that I love you, y/n. I’m so fucking scared, but it has to be done. I made my peace… but it’s just so hard.” Noctis stops speaking, tears forming his tired eyes. You don’t know what else to do but to pull his face down to the crook of your neck, and you let him cry silently until he’s got it all out of his system. What “it” is, you don’t know. But when he pulls away and offers you a final sad smile and tender kiss to the cheek, you can’t help but be haunted by his final parting words to you.

You hold onto the child Noctis brought to you, cradling her close, as you watch your best friends and your love head off to battle. All the while, Noctis’ last whispered words echo hauntingly in your ears.

“Walk tall, my love.”

U is for Ursula: Write a backstory for a minor character who you think deserves more


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For likely the twentieth time just that day, and the umpteenth-millionth since she had started in this position, she twist the little photograph so it wouldn’t be stuck in the glare coming in from the windows. A sweet, precious cherub of a baby being held by a smiling woman; both were donning blue-striped dresses and matching hair bows.

Carmen had gotten those flashy head pieces for them, from the ‘bonus’ Mr. Barba had gifted her last Christmas. She had seen pictures of Detective Rollins’ baby wearing a pink one, that seemingly-omnipresent Detective Carisi was showing them off. Immediately upon seeing the giant accessory, she knew her niece needed one, deserved one- so naturally, Carmen had ordered a custom-made pair… so both mother and daughter could match.

Her niece deserved the world, as did her sister.
It was Carmen’s job to deliver. As always.

A look at the clock. It was nearly seven o’ clock at this point. She had intended to be home earlier, to be able to make dinner and help her sister put the baby down by the eight-in-the-evening bedtime they had decided upon. 

Apparently, seeing as how she was still waiting for Mr. Barba to come back so he could assure her he wouldn’t need anything else for the evening (it was too close to the court date for her to assume), she might miss her self-imposed deadline.

Diligent Carmen, always there when he needed her, even when she needed to be elsewhere…


“Your office experience is impressive,” He had been late to the interview, and noticed how she had managed to arrive early. Of course. “Yet your education appears to have a gap-” The ADA lay out the resume he had been handed, pointed out the ‘end date’ she had listed alongside her college information. “Are you proficient in law at all?”

Initially, she bit the inside of her lip. Was there a ‘good’ answer for this? Very delicately, Carmen caught her prospective-employer’s stare. He was an honest man, a good man; she had read plenty about the illustrious ADA’s successes when the listing for an assistant went up. Lying to him wouldn’t only be unfruitful, but also cheap- she assumed he’d already discovered she had dropped out before bringing up the question.

“To be honest, Mr. Barba,” that was the only way she knew how to be, after all, “I had very briefly begun to work towards my paralegal degree when I dropped out to find full time employment.” Proudly, Carmen used her fingertips to spin the papers back towards him, pleased enough with her answer whether he found it sufficient or not. “I was in a position where I needed to search for financial solutions, and I found them. As you already pointed out, my experience and references speak wonders for my abilities.”

His brows knit together, and he nodded slowly to review the sheet that had been slid in front of him. “If you don’t mind my prying…” it was painful how carefully he was working to find the right words.

She knew what was on his mind, though, even if he couldn’t figure out how to express it. “My sister moved in with me. She was with child, so I became the bread-winner.” Subtly vague and fully honest; good enough for Carmen. “All things considered, I’m confident I made the right choice. As for legal experience, you can see I’ve worked at two law firms prior to this interview-”

“As a file clerk.” Rafael spoke slowly, took a peek at his watch and sighed. “So you don’t actually have any experience in criminal law.”

Actually? Actually; Carmen knew quite a bit about criminal law, and what she didn’t know- she knew how to find it. She had scoured little legal books and statutes when her sister came to her in tears, discovered legalities and key words to bring up with the public defender who could barely manage to walk and speak at the same time (let alone craft a case that would end favorably for her). It was Carmen who had proven how her sister’s old landlord illegally evicted her; it was Carmen who figured out how to get a restraining order without wasting money on a lawyer; it was Carmen, and always Carmen.

“I’m a quick learner, and whatever I don’t know, I manage to discover;” she advised simply, with a soft, complementary smile. “And I do intend on going back to school eventually, I just need to wait until I have the funds to do so.” Noting how he was continuously looking back to his watch, Carmen decided to voice a question of her own; “Your assistant only gave you fifteen minutes, didn’t she?”

Bewildered, Rafael bolted his gaze back to hers, and nodded hopelessly. “And she didn’t let me know until five or ten minutes before you arrived.”

“No wonder you were late, not your fault.” She tisked her tongue, and rolled eyes to the ceiling before leaning back in her chair. “Anyone who makes schedules knows communication is key.” Her shoulders bobbed when he perked a brow. “The role of an assistant is to do just that, assist, not instruct or complicate.”

“I need more of a… dictator-esque vibe from my assistants than this one can… provide,” his face was hidden behind his fingers, as he hid tired eyes with his hands. “I’m great in a court room, but I’m awful at these little things…”

“Well, Mr. Barba, I can lead you to water and hope you’ll drink, but I can definitely do much better than whoever put me in for an interview,” she chuckled, “I’d have at least checked to make sure someone’s education and upbringing would be to your standards before wasting your time.” Thoughtfully, Carmen started gathering her purse and jacket- this interview didn’t seem to be going all too well, and she had others to attend. “And if I believed in telekinesis, I’d raise your hand, but all I can do is-”

Before she could even finish her surely-prolific comparison, Rafael dropped palms to the counter top. “Did you just belittle my current assistant,” fingers splayed out over the paperwork as he rose to his feet, to match her apparent exit attempt, “and quote Vonnegut?”

She blinked, and was taken aback just so slightly. “I suppose so…” Obviously unconcerned with how he may feel about it, she shrugged, and proceeded to rock up to her toes so she could take a look at his watch for herself. “Now, it was a pleasure to meet with you Mr. Barba, but I’m not a fan of inefficiency or mincing words, and you appear to have made your decision already-”

“I sure have,” he grabbed for her free hand, before she even had a chance to offer it out for polite adieus. Better to take a shot than deal with the mess he was currently dealing with; “You start Monday, please…” 

Mr. Barba came sauntering in, a large bag in hand. “Sorry, Carmen,” without really thinking, he rest the sack atop her desk. Before he could even consider asking, she was holding out messages that had been taken from callers who rang while he was away. “Ech, Calhoun, again?”

“You know how much she loves harassing you, Counselor-” honestly, Rita Calhoun was surprisingly kind to her. Well, most attorneys were; if you couldn’t get along with Carmen, you likely couldn’t convince ADA Barba to give you a good deal. “This time, though, she was asking for a consultation.”

“When?” while pulling his meal from the bag, hee knowingly peered over her shoulder, down at the desk calendar she kept on her desk. Giant squares, filled with times and shorthand notes; her personal, consistently-updated version of his calendar. “She could only do Wednesday?”

Carmen was too busy being nosy, stood up to peer into the sack he had left near her purse. The universal sign of trying to get out of the office- her bag and jacket laid out for easy retrieval. “You know she’s picky, and she is never available on Thursdays, which was the only other free day you had.” The scent of Chinese food came from the secret shopping sack, she sighed out loud upon recognizing her own favorite plate from the restaurant he had gotten them from. “You’re making me even more anxious for dinner, is there anything else you need before I go?”

At the seemingly-normal comment, Rafael froze in his steps. His face changed, grew jocular instead of the fallen exhaustion he had been displaying upon his initial entrance. “That is your dinner,” Cockily, he sashayed his shoulders, and actually smiled while holding up his phone, “and your sister’s, I sent her a text to see what she wanted before I stopped.”

Her jaw fell, and she hastily went to snatch for her pocketbook. Him having her sister’s number wasn’t a shock, she had called him from it many times before to alert him of her absence or tardiness when they could only afford one phone line. “Mr. Barba, you didn’t have to do that-” oh, but she was so glad he did. If she didn’t have to cook, or go retrieve groceries from the store, maybe she would be able to slip into the apartment before her niece was laid down. A goodnight kiss from the most precious baby, Carmen’s favorite moment of the day. “How much do I owe you?”

He held up a palm, shook his head to deny the offer, then proceeded to gather all the files from her ‘outbox’ (which she had affectionately renamed, The Barba Box). “Don’t worry about it, I appreciate your staying so late, I was surprised you were still here-” that was a lie, he knew she’d be there, but she didn’t bother calling him out on it. Rafael then motioned elbows towards the door, taking a quick look at the clock hanging from the wall. “Now get home, Amelia will be going to bed soon, or you’re going to need coffee more than I do tomorrow.”

No need to tell her twice, Carmen gratefully gathered up the dinner in both arms and sauntered happily towards the hallway. “Thank you, Mr. Barba, I appreciate it; I’ll see you after your barber appointment in the morning…”

Rafael flinched, looked up from the files to catch her waiting; waiting for him to acknowledge the subtle reminder. “Y-yea, the barber… seven am, right?”

“Thirty,” pleased enough, she turned her back to him, and continued through the door. “But keep telling yourself it’s at seven, maybe you’ll be on time then…”

Feral X Wix!Reader - Shelter

Trying to find a gender-neutral term for a witch/wizard was a bit tricky, but I managed it. Hope you all like this <3

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Elementals of the Zodiac

Fire: The Salamander - Not to be mistaken with the amphibian, Fire Salamanders are small, dragon-like beings that usually appear a foot long but can alter their size as they see fit, sometimes appearing as great beasts or the smallest spark of light. Their skin is slick and ephemeral like a flame, dark yet glimmering like a brilliant ember. Without Salamanders, there would be no fire in this world, they are the beings which make flame come to life, lying in wait for matches to come out.

Earth: The Gnome - Gnomes are rarely seen by humans as they move through the earth with as much ease as we move through the air and stay there. They seek out humans very rarely but when they do it is often in order to help them. They guard mines full of gold and jewels or forests in which animals take refuge. These elementals take on many forms from elves to satyrs but in their natural state their skin shines dully like gold and crystals sprout from their shoulders.

Air: The Sylph - These beings are Air itself. They are drawn to humans who are artists or philosophers as Sylphs seek to whisper inspiration in their ears. Sylphs rarely take on physical form, if anything they may appear as a whisp of smoke, but when they do appear as humans their form varies wildly. Sylphs may appear as gorgeous adults or precious cherubs, as angels with broad white wings or fairies with gossamer, gauzy wings of cloud; their eyes glow a bright white and their being is translucent.

Water: The Undine - Beautiful, humanoid beings that reside in lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Their songs are often heard by humans but simply written off as the call of birds or babble of water. At first glance, Undines are easily mistaken for humans but when you look closer you can see the nictitating membrane that flickers across their eyes like a crocodile’s and the unearthly sheen to their skin. Their laugh may be as sweet as a bird’s song but their smile reveals vicious fangs.

The Signs as Mermaids : The Signs as Fairies : The Signs as Nymphs

holy meta, batman! nightmare/memory analysis and damian’s childhood instructors

this is gonna include some discussion of violence and unsettling imagery, so i’m sticking it under a cut, but this is probably all material that people who follow damian’s storyline are familiar with by now. 

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Go have fun, Prince Takumi.

Camilla, forever by his ear telling him he was young, with those “precious cherub cheeks”, telling him he should enjoy his time, while he was still a boy, not yet a man. 

I want you to love somebody as ferociously as you loose those arrows of yours. I want you to laugh so hard your sides hurt and tears come out of your eyes. I want you to take naps in the afternoon sun and roll down hills and come home covered in dirt and grass.

The chance to be silly and frivolous is short. Life won’t be as forgiving when you’re all grown.

Darling, you’ll never get this time back, even if you wished for it. I know.”

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Ok but can we talk about Mama Karan for a sec? Because this lady is just so amazing.

  • Not only did she single-handedly raise Shion to be the precious perfect cherub from heaven that he is, but she also supports him so much. When he sacrifices everything they have to help Nezumi she stands by him fully and is so unconditionally loving.
  • She works day and night at her bakery to support her and Shion and manages to just tear it up and make the best food in the city. Single working moms are so important you guys.
  • Manages to keep her chin up and keep smiling despite the fact her only child is out on his own and might not even be alive. 
  • Even though she’s in the city, she still manages to help Nezumi and Shion by sending them notes about where to go. She also risks her own life to try and help Safu.
  • She was a serious high-up player in No. 6. She knew the founders, let’s not forget. Her name is practically a password. Everytime Shion brings her up in the series everyone is like “WHAT? Omg you’re Karan’s kid! Karan was awesome! Yeah sure! We’ll help you out.”
  • She’s an adorable lady botanist, and continues to be single and strong despite all of the guys who are madly in love with her.
  • Read a bunch of censored, illegal books to baby Shion. Raising her baby to be a revolutionary.
  • Saves Lili and her pregnant mom from killer bees. 
  • Practically adopts Nezumi and lets him live in her and Shion’s tiny little one-room apartment. Is super sweet and loving to him and bakes him a ton of sweets. 
  • Wears the anime mom side-ponytail and DOESN’T DIE. SHE AND SHION ARE HAIR TROPE REBELS.
  • Is basically a perfect human being.
The Royals 3x07: The Counterfeit Presentment of Two Brothers

Len and us Jaspenor fans are left to pick up the pieces this week. It’s been a while since we’ve seen sad Len :( 
But you know what, she looked fabulous. I loved all her dresses. 


  • I’m sure the writers were expecting this episode to be such a ~huge~ event with the boxing match. NO. It was just a filler episode for me. Jasper was MIA and new people were introduced. I hate change.
  • Willow is back! I missed her moxie! Queen Helena asks her to write up a list of suitors for Robert, so she plays 20 questions with him…to find out which Hogwarts house he fits into. He got Gryffindor. But I think he’s Slytherin -_-
  • Len’s been through 5 bodyguards since Jasper left and her latest ex-bodyguard tries to crash her gala. But hello! Brunette vixen tackles him to the floor and downs a cocktail like nbd. Meet Rosie in all her badassery, Len’s new bodyguard! I dig her and I love that it’s a female bodyguard.
  • Each of the royal members auctioned off little dates. Queen Helena gets matched with a mucho suave American entrepreneur Jack Parker. Here’s what I think: Jack is actually Jasper’s con man of a father who wants to cash in on his son’s royal ticket. We see Spencer catching feelings, too. I hope he sheds light on what Jack’s true intentions are with the Queen.
  • Len got to play crochet with Prince Sebastian, mystery fellow royal who is suspiciously positive (and just bought an island). He’s all “take it one day at a time” and “hey lemme be your fran” yet he carries around a flask. WHO R U AND STAY AWAY FROM LEN!!!
  • Robert rigs the auction to pick Kathryn. Like, I’m 95% sure he made it work to his favor. Took a nice picture for the paps, had a romantic table for 2. I’m okay with Robert and Kathryn and I like that he is trying to make room for her in his chaotic life.
  • And Liam. Oh, dear precious sweet cherub Liam who never catches a break. Robert takes his charity, the girl, AND ends up knocking him out after letting him win the match. It was gut-wrenching for me to see Liam get all bloodied and bruised and witness big bro and Kathryn leaving arm in arm. 
  • In the end, we see Len texting Jasper. I think Jasper might have taken some time off to figure out who is trying to expose Len. I’m sure he will be back next week with answers.

Can you believe there are 3 episodes left in this season?! I feel like it just started!! The new characters really threw me off. It was like a screeching halt to an otherwise amazing season. Definitely lovin’ Rosie, I think Len is always lacking in the friends department, so surely this would be good for her. Here’s to hoping things fall into place soon!