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Imagine meeting Axl In a bar (smut)

“Do we have to go out tonight? I really don’t feel up for it.” You plead with your friend but know it’s pointless. When you’d made the plans it seemed like a good idea, now not so much.

She rolls her eyes at you, “Yes, we are going out and you’re going to have fun damn it.” She points, “Now go get dressed. And wear that tight leather skirt I got you for Christmas.”

You do as you’re told, struggling to get the tight leather over your legs but you manage. Yanking a white tank top from its hanger you pull it over your head. Looking in your floor length mirror you feel extremely out of place but have to admit the skirt flattered you.

“Oh my gosh you look great! Now just put some red lipstick on and we can go.” She grins at you knowing she’s won.

The bar she’s chosen to go to couldn’t be more out of your comfort zone. A small hole in the wall with the music is so loud you can hear the rock n roll pouring from inside as you walk from the car. You can feel your heart beating into your chest harder and harder as you get closer to the door. Both of you pay the cheap entrance fee and make your way into the crowded, black room.

“Come on.” Your friend motioning toward the bar where your other friends are. She orders all of you shots as everyone laughs about dragging you out. “I want you to take it straight like a big girl got it?” You nod, putting the tall shot up to your lips as you tip it back. Your throat burning as it goes down, and a rush coming to your head.

All your friends laugh, ordering another round as the band continues to sing. Though you question if that’s the right word to describe it, the singers hitting such high notes as they sing something about a jungle. It not being your kind of music you don’t pay much attention, not even noticing when a new band steps up.

“Oh my god Y/N, that guy is totally checking you out. Look.” You feel your friend nudge you, and you turn in the same direction. When you see him your breathe catches, thinking to your self you’d never seen a guy nearly as attractive as him. His long copper hair is tucked under a red bandana, aviator glasses on top. His pale skin practically shinning against his all black outfit. Your eyes meeting, a smirk coming to his face.

“I think he’s coming over. Holy shit, we’re all gonna go dance. Have fun.” All of them grabbing their drinks before leaving you. Feeling like a wounded animal as he gets closer, completely unprepared to talk to a random guy in a bar.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing without a man?” His voice deeper than you would ever have expected but something about it, maybe the roughness, instantly turned you on.

“Don’t have a man. What are you doing without a pretty girl?” Though you wouldn’t consider your self to be socially awkward, something about him made you feel like a twelve year old girl.

“I’m standing with you aren’t I? Let me buy you a drink.” A pale hand motions for the bar tender before ordering both of you a shot of vodka. “To new friends.” You tap your glass to his, lightning hitting the counter before shooting it back.

“Thank you, Mr?”

He flashes you a smile, “Axl Rose, and you?” He leans in closer to you, close enough to smell a mix of his cologne and cigarettes. You introduce yourself shaking hands playfully, “Y/N, what a pretty name. You smoke?”

“Every now and then.” He motions for you to follow him, walking through the crowd to the back before stepping into an alley way. He pulls a pack of cigarettes from his pants, handing you one. “Thank you.”

“I wanted to get to talk to you without your friends watching us like hawks. You come here a lot?” You laugh, thinking to yourself now typical of a question it was.

“No not really my thing.”

Axl smirks, “I bet I’m not really your type either?” Taking a long drag of his cigarette.

“I don’t really have a type I guess.” Not wanting to admit that you’d only dated two guys prior, knowing someone like him probably had years worth of experience.

“It’s my lucky night then,” You watch as he moves closer, “Do you normally kiss a guy you just met in a bar?” His eyes looking straight into yours, you see how bright green they are.

“No.” You’d never kissed anyone you weren’t dating but you wanted to kiss him, you find yourself staring at his lips as a smile touches them just before he licks them lightly.

“Good.” Before you say anything back he’s wrapped a hand around your waist, pulling you to him. Resting his lips against yours, starting out light and easy then shifting to a hard, rushed kiss. You hear his cigarette drop as he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his narrow hips.

After what feels like forever roughly making out against the wall he pulls away, “You wanna fuck?” His voice broken up by the sound of his panting, your red lipstick smudged on both your faces. You nod causing him to smile and bite his lip, “Perfect.”

With you still wrapped around his hips he carries you to what you assume is his car. Letting you down to open the door and push the seat up. Motioning with his hand for you to climb in.

Once you’re both in Axl gets on top of you. Kissing you while his hand makes its way up your thigh. “Are you sure?” He asks, leaving a trail of kisses on your neck. You nod, “Perfect baby.” He pulls away from you, grabbing his wallet where he pulls out a condom. You watch him move his leather pants down, revealing himself in front of you as his slides the condom over himself.

He arranges your legs where he fits between them, then moves your thong over. With one hand holding himself and the other on your hip he slides into you. Both of you moaning as you adjust to the feeling. He leans down, his mouth meeting yours while he thrust harder into you.

“Does that feel good baby?” His voice deeper, and rougher in your ear. You moan in response, fueling him to go harder. The car being filled with both your moans and various cuss words as you both reach your peak.

You feel his hands grip tighter on your hips, pulling your body down as far as he can before telling you he’s going to finish. “Fuck, oh my fucking God.” You watch him climax, sweat pooling on both of you.

He slides out, disposing of the condom while you adjust yourself. Though no matter what you do your hair and makeup give away what you’ve been doing. Axl smiles at you, “That was amazing but you might wanna fix this.” Before raising his hand to wipe away a smudge of red.

You laugh, “You’re wearing some too.” His forearm jerking across his mouth.

“I gotta sing now, but in about 15 you wanna get another drink, dance a little bit, and maybe go back to the car for round two?”

“Maybe.” You bite your lip, feeling odd but happy you’d done something so out of character.

When you walk back into the bar Axl kisses you before walking to the stage, and your friends all laugh. Clearly aware of what happened based of the various jokes they make. “Glad someone got laid, and you got to fuck a singer. You can check that off your bucket list, now here’s a shot.”

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Kagami having angry sex with his girlfriend?

i feel like i’ve been on a spiritual journey

Kagami was angry. He was really, really angry. You knew this because it wasn’t very often that he actually growled, and it was even less often that you saw his eyes burn with rage - knowing this was direct at you made it all the more exciting.

Getting Kagami riled up wasn’t hard to do, but with you, he was always gentle, loving, easily flustered… Far too much so for your liking. You knew that you were being unreasonable just now, and you knew he was going to get angry when you argued with him, but this… Oh, this was just perfect.

His crimson eyes were alight with fury, his body towering above yours as he pinned you against the wall. You weren’t even all that sure what is was you had done that had made him so utterly enraged, but whatever it was, you were grateful. This was a side of Kagami Taiga that not many people saw, and, by the looks of it, a side that would utterly wreck you.


You were still letting him believe you were innocent, of course. Blinking owlishly up at him, his eye visibly twitched and his hand came down to tangle in your hair, tugging your head off of the wall painfully, bringing you even closer to his face, his hot breath fanning over you. You had to resist the urge to lick your lips - he looked so utterly delicious like this, and you could only imagine how brutal he would be when he pounded into you…

“Don’t.” he spat, lips curling upwards. “‘Kagami-kun’ me.” His grip in your hair was getting painful, tugging at your scalp. You couldn’t help but let out a choked whimper when his other hand clutched your jaw, an ache already forming there.

It was almost as though he was a different person, the usual delicacy of his touches utterly changed - you had only ever seen him like this when he was playing basketball, and it was exhilarating, to say the least. Not just exhilarating, though; this was fucking hot. You knew it was so indecent, getting so aroused by your boyfriend being pissed off, but the aching between your legs was growing almost unbearable, and you rubbed them together, desperate for some sort of stimulation.

Kagami’s eyes flicked downwards to where you were squirming, and suddenly, it clicked in his mind.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Oh yes. Now he’s even more angry. 

“You’re getting turned on, right? Me handling you like this fucking turns you on?!” His voice was getting louder, grip growing tighter, and all you could do was moan as his leg drove up between yours. His knee was grinding against your cunt, the fury in his eyes mixing with lust when he heard your shameful moans.

“Did you do this on purpose?” You couldn’t nod, his hands still controlling your head, and your lack of response only enraged Kagami further. “Answer!” he growled, knee driving up harder into your crotch.

“Y-yes!! Yes, I di– Ah, shit!” The hand that was on your jaw now shoved you against the wall as your head was yanked back, exposing your neck to Kagami’s hungry mouth, letting him latch onto your skin with his teeth. Painful bites and harsh sucking made you purr with delight, hand threading through Kagami’s hair in an attempt to pull him closer to you.

You had barely had your hands in his hair a few moments before you felt him pull away from you entirely, his larger hand grasping yours and tugging it away from him. Suddenly, both of your hands were in his, and he was snarling down at you again.

“You’re not touching me. Not this time.” His voice was perfectly even, wrath dripping from each word. He almost sounded disgusted, and you were sure that he was beyond the point of simply being ‘angry’ now. When he turned you around and shoved your front against the wall, you knew this was true - his muscled body was pressing up against your own smaller figure, hands contorted behind you, still in his grasp… It felt like everything he was doing was tainted by his anger, and it was delicious.

“I never took you for the sort of slut who gets turned on by things like this.” You nearly collapsed when he spoke those words - dirty talk from Kagami Taiga was a thing to be treasured, it was so rare, and dear fucking god, it turned you on. You could feel every part of him hard against you - his dick already stiffening in his jeans as he ground up against your ass, moan bubbling up from inside you at the sensation. 

His free hand was working under the skirt you were wearing, bunching the fabric at your waist so that he could press his fingers up against your slit through the fabric of your panties. He was almost pressing too hard, fingers roughly circling over your clit, friction from the fabric only serving to create an even more pleasurable sensation; all you could do was squirm against him, body entirely crushed against the wall, rendering you unable to move freely.

“Fucking hell, you’re wet already? I can even feel it through your underwear…” His voice seemed to drop the tone it had earlier, speaking more in wonder as his hips rocked a little harder into yours, breath hitching as he dipped his fingers underneath the flimsy fabric of your panties, stroking across your wetness and gathering your fluids on his fingers, teasing around your sensitive hole. You whimpered in dismay when he pulled away from you, soaked cunt exposed to the cool air, Kagami’s slick fingers coming up to push at your lips. 

“Go on then. If you’re so turned on by me being pissed, then you’re gonna do whatever I ask you to.”

You happily took his fingers into your mouth, tongue swirling around them, sucking your juices off, strangely aroused by the taste of your own wetness. Kagami’s presence behind you disappeared for a moment, leaving you free to move, but the instant you started to turn around to look at him he was behind you once more, pressing into you, twisting your arms so he could pin your hands up against the wall, growling in your ear as he bent down to nip at your skin.

“You’re more than ready for me to fuck you, aren’t you?” It wasn’t even really a question - he was just reaffirming his control over you, his voice lower than normal, husky with lust. He had stripped himself of his jeans and underwear, his rock hard dick pressing up against your backside, sticky precum leaking out onto your back, smudging against your skin when he rubbed against you.

S-shit…” Your voice was weak - one of his hands was crushing your head against the wall, wrapped around the nape of your neck, the other had now let go of your hands and was worming its way back down to your womanhood, fingers ghosting over your skin. He didn’t even bother going easy, thrusting three thick fingers into your dripping hole, stretching you almost painfully as he hissed next to your ear.

“Shit, you’re stretching wide open… Maybe I should just…” he withdrew his fingers from you without warning, a choked moan escaping you at the sudden emptiness. You barely had time to complain, though, as seconds later, Kagami was entirely sheathed within you, thick cock pulsing deep within you as he filled you completely. “Fuck… You practically sucked me in.”

You were sobbing in pleasure, nails clawing at the wall beneath your palms, desperately trying to adjust to his size, but he didn’t give you long to do so, withdrawing and slamming back in within moments. From this angle, he was filling you even more than he usually did, each thrust scraping against a spot within you that made you cry out - his thrusts were merciless, hand that was previously around your neck now tangled in your hair, tugging your head back so that your lips could meet his.

Moans spilled from your mouth into his, his teeth knocking against yours when he bit at your lip, painful tug against your scalp only serving to heighten your pleasure as the lewd sound of your dripping sex being pounded by his thick cock filling the room. Tears of pleasure gathered in your eyes, threatening to spill over as Kagami pulled away from you, still holding you so you were facing him. Pupils blown with lust, lips swollen from your kiss, and rage still burning in his eyes - you couldn’t bring yourself to look away from him, even in your current state.

“Are you happy, ____?” he grunted, voice gruff from exertion, “Is this what you wanted? For me to fucking–” he thrust particularly hard, pelvis driving into yours and jerking you up against the wall, your back arching into his touch. “–pound into you like this…”

“Y-yes… T-taiga, please, ha-harder!!” He smirked at your words, gazing down briefly at where his cock was pounding into you.

“Harder? You want me to break you in half or something?” You honestly didn’t think he could go any rougher than he was already, but when he slammed into you, crushing your hips and torso against the wall, you could only scream out, fisting your hands in an attempt to gain some control of yourself. “Good thing you really pissed me off, then.” His voice was dark, and you felt yourself shiver, the sensation of him almost growing too much.

You couldn’t control your voice any longer, guttural moans and cries escaping you - your mind was blank, all you could think of was Kagami; his cock, his voice, his hand still tangled painfully in your hair even as he looked away from you, veins in his neck bulging as he groaned. This was exactly what you had planned when you started the argument - you could barely feel your legs anymore, his dick filling you again and again in the best way possible…

Your orgasm tore through you with a force that made your whole body tremble, walls constricting and pulsing around Kagami’s cock as you screamed out his name until your voice went hoarse, wave after wave of pleasure hitting you, emptying your mind of anything that wasn’t him.

“Fuck, ____… You’re so– Agh!” Kagami thrust into you one final time, burying his dick as deep inside you as he could, throbbing inside of you with each rope of cum that spurted out from his dick, roaring with bliss as his own release took him. His essence filled you, and you could only let out a few sobbing breaths before collapsing against the wall, muscles utterly useless.

“Shit…” Kagami was the first to come to his senses, cursing between panted breaths as he pulled out of you, an obscene squelching sound masking your sigh of disappointment at feeling so empty all of a sudden. “That’s hot…” Kagami was knelt behind you, gaze on your cunt - his seed was dripping from your hole, and the opening itself was red and raw from his abuse. He was utterly mesmerised, pressing a gentle kiss against your thigh before realising the situation.

“Crap, ____… Are you alright?”

The Kagami from before was gone, now, as your boyfriend gathered your limp figure in his arms, showering you with worries and concerns, offering to cook for you, bathe you, apologising for what he did to you. All you could do was gaze into his crimson eyes, smile, and tell him it was alright, that it was your fault he got so angry anyway, and describe how utterly fantastic the sex had been. He nearly dropped you when you said this, blushing and stuttering about how you shouldn’t say stuff like that, and you laughed at his change in behaviour.

Sex with Kagami when he was angry was fun, yes, but having this Kagami afterwards was nice, too.

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Anyway because @applejee​ gave me the excuse I was looking for to do this, ten fave headcanons for each Voltron character. I tried to keep these ones light hearted and general. I have more complicated ones that deserve their own posts like the Galra Keith ones.

Im going to go in alphabetical order okay so here we go

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