this poster tho


voltron character posters 1/7 → lance




Wow! This is actually my first try on making something like this, so please, go easy on me :) Also… THE HIATUS IS KILLING GUYS! I might make some more of these because of that!

Check all the episode posters I might/have made here (x)

@aaronginsburg it’s you who inspired me to start this one. Thank you! Hope you like it if you see it?


I’d like to invite everyone to this event i do every year on Halloween. It’s my 5th year doing it. I really love Halloween, it’s one of my favorite holiday’s of them all! I’m sure many of you also enjoy it as well. ANY CONTENT OF ANY TYPE IS WELCOMED ON BANGTANWEEN!

Start: October 1st - End: October 31st.
Feel free to ask questions about it, you have 31 days to post anything and everything! I can’t wait to see what everyone makes!
Credit for Tae: @bangtan-sonyeon-scans