this poster makes absolutely no sense

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*Curtsies* Hi, Duke! I would like to know your thoughts on this. Why is Benvolio's death always cut out? I know the first quarto is not that reliable, but I think it makes so much sense that Benvolio died, too, though it absolutely breaks my heart, because that way all the young characters are dead and so the old generation is left with no hope for posterity?

*Curtsies* The basic reason is that nobody uses Q1, because Q1 is a disaster, but I think the other reason people don’t add that specific part back in is that’s it’s just one line. There’s no explanation of how or why it happens and if you add it back in you risk confusing heck out of an audience who instead of feeling the proper impact of the end of the play are going to sit there going, “Benvolio is deceased? Wait what? When did that happen? How? Why? Wait what–??” And that’s really not the note you want to end on. 

Asami’s name, and my feeble attempt to explain it =D

Okay so I’ve gotten a few messages from Korrasami shippers (I assume, lol) asking if I could maybe elaborate a bit on Asami’s name, and why it’s not a good idea to shorten it to “Sami”… 

It’s a bit difficult, but I’ll try my best.  =D

Before the want poster came out in B3, we all assumed that Asami’s name is:

佐  藤  麻    美

Sa to  Asa  Mi

Asa = hemp, Mi = beautiful/beauty

Sato = common Japanese last name

Asami = common Japanese female first name

But everything changed when the B3 want poster attacked…

As you can see there, her name is listed as 佐藤麻尾, which makes absolutely no sense.

Why?  Because:

1) 尾 = tail (no parents in their right mind would name their daughter this)

2)  While 麻尾 is a legitimate surname, it’s read as Asa-o, not as Asa-mi.  尾 can’t be read as “mi” in any way - it doesn’t matter if you apply the on-reading or the kun-reading.  It’s either “bi” or “o”.

So… why is the name incorrect on the poster?

Nobody really knows - but here’s my guess and feeble attempt of an explanation: =D

It could certainly be an in-joke.

The “mi” in Asami is pronounced “mei” in Chinese.  The character shown on this poster is “wei” in Chinese.  They certainly sound awfully similar.  

麻美 (Asami) is pronounced Ma-Mei in Chinese

麻尾 (the one shown in the poster, Asao) is pronounced Ma-Wei in Chinese

Again, they sound awfully similar. 

So… either it’s an in-joke, or it’s a screw-up by the clueless Earth Kingdom people who had no idea how to write Asami’s name correctly, so they settled for something they thought was right phonetically.  In other words, they were just assigning characters to the names as they see (hear) fit, going by the phonetics randomly. 

Going back to the original question, why is it a bad idea to shorten Asami to Sami?

Because we know that “Asa” is one character, 麻.  Even though the second character on the poster is most likely wrong, the first character is confirmed to be correct. 

Since there’s no hiragana or katakana in this universe, there is no way to write Asami as three characters, so it really makes no sense to break up “Asa”.

OK that went longer than I thought… hopefully it was coherent enough. =D