this post will restore your faith in humanity

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Hey! ( btw you look AMAZING with short hair!!! Bless tbh)

1. First impression: “omg this person is so supportive and all their posts put me on the verge of tears or have me clapping until my hands hurt while screaming ‘P R E A C H’ aaa I love them” 
2. Truth is: I’m gonna stalk your blog until the day I die because it constantly restores my faith in humanity when I’m feeling sad
3. How old do you look: you’ll have to show me a pic for this one
4. Have you ever made me laugh: YES
5. Have you ever made me mad: hell yeah actually I’m beyond mad…ly in love with you *dabs*
6. Best feature: Does this stay limited to physical? Who cares. I like that you have a heart big enough to spread love to different minority groups 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: I have a crush on all my mutuals tbh
8. You’re my: cure for depression and lack of faith
9. Name in my phone: I would probably be “princess of warriors” or something because you’re always bringing justice onto my dash
10. Should you post this too? If you feel like it!

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She was one of the rare people that you come across in life, the people who always were filled with genuine love. The people that could make you love them because they loved everyone, and somehow that was always just what you needed. She was one of the people that are in those posts, "10 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity." She was someone that you would want to be the first contact that aliens had with humans because you knew that she would make the aliens would love humans.

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Oh my goodness this is so nice and sweet??? And written so well?? Like oh geez you make me blush, thank you so much!!! I’m gonna think about this for like, ever it makes me so happy ;;

I really hate propaganda post like this there is nothing here that should be praised. They always circulate pictures like this after an officer kills an innocent person to soften the blow of the reality behind it. The crying boy during the Mike Brown situation, the street basketball game during the Eric Garner situation now this.

Okay an officer didn’t unfairly punish some children and decided to throw a football around and now people are slapping it with “Faith in Humanity Restored”. It’s sad because now doing your job as a cop and not being an asshole is being praised because so many of em are killing us? Stop praising stuff like this and continue to hold them accountable for doing their job. I’m not saying hate but don’t let propaganda distract the mind yo.

My faith in humanity was just restored. I was getting the bus and I asked for a return which is £4 and the driver asked how old I was and I said 21 and then he said “you know there’s teen tickets for 19 and under so if you say you’re 19 it’s only £2. He then gave me this significant look which I was really slow to interpret and finally I was like “…… I’m nineteen?” And he just went “that’ll be £2 please” and winked at me. Legend.

Alhumdulillah. I have no words. I thought we’d end up with around 20 or so cards from close friends. But we had an overwhelming flow of cards, packages, post cards and letters from all around the United States AND all around the globe. Just in this picture are 350 items, with still have more that we haven’t gotten the chance to open up yet. I would always see posts and other news stories about amazing things happening to other people, or what others will do for complete strangers. Today I can say, that I am witness to such a beautiful side of people. Some complete strangers have sent there most best wishes and love to my brother. There are those, whom I haven’t spoken to in years, whom have sent him something. Not to mention my beloved friends whom sent something without even telling me! I can truly say my faith in humanity is restored, yours should be too! He has had the best birthday, and this will probably the best for a lifetime! We will try together to get back to each one of you individually and thank you for giving us so much love!

some fun new things 2 try

1. stop exploiting disabled people for feel-good stories that “restore your faith in humanity.” we are not your props and we are not your crutches for when you’re feeling down. we’re human beings and we are not here to entertain you or lift you up.

2. stop taking pictures of disabled people and posting them without consent literally what the fuck is wrong with you

3. just leave us alone holy shit

HONY allows well off people (Americans lol) with lots of “I’m rich” guilt who are too lazy to actually help ppl still feel good about themselves by commenting things like “Faith in Humanity = Restored” and “This is beautiful. I love this page. Give it a Pulitzer Prize! Humanity is beautiful!” on pictures of homeless people saying memorable catchy quotes like “Keep your head up!” because all they have to invest is 5 minutes of their time clicking Like and thinking of an empty comment to post and the FB page has a whole community of people like this, like hundreds of thousands of them and its so lame which is why i would like to destroy it, also i hate positivity


He’s hosted the Oscars, read children’s books, answered some burning questions, signed and sent some tweets to fans (including yours truly), demonstrated his love for Thomas the Tank Engine, hosted his very own variety show, reunited with the cast of Dr. Horrible, read the Christmas story at Disneyworld, and continued to elicit awws from us by showing pics and videos of his amazing, talented, and ADORABLE family. Neil Patrick Harris is a true triple threat alright, and 2015 has certainly been his year. Here’s to another year of Neil, as well as his wonderful family, who continue to show us that life doesn’t always suck and restore our faith in humanity.