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I'm so confused. I read the translation of Kubo's PASH March interview (specifically about the rings), but then I also have read in a few places that she said the rings were symbols of Yuuri and Viktor being soul mates. Which is it?!

Sorry for the very late reply, I was waiting until I posted the Febri interview to reply to some questions since she mentioned the rings again.

I think the interview published in Febri might be the one where she explained more in detail how/why she had the idea to use rings. Apparently her intentions where to add something that would further deepen their relationship but at the same time make sense within the story (in this case as some kind of protective/lucky item for the tournament).

Also, this is the reason she chose to use the rings, but she didn’t talk too much in detail about what was going through the characters’ mind (though she did suggest that Yuuri didn’t mean it as a marriage proposal), therefore I guess fans can make their own theories for that.

(I’ve seen some people disappointed because the rings weren’t meant as an engagement, but they definitely still have a deep meaning, and also, even if they aren’t engaged, I don’t think that makes their feelings for each other any more shallow)

Question on Puzzle Dungeons

//(This was a submitted as an anonymous question but it was split into two parts so I combined them into one post.)

“Do you, by any chance, have some tips, tricks or general thoughts on making non-puzzle puzzles? Let me elaborate on that question: I’m looking for a few ways to create what is essentially a puzzle that challenges the players rather than the characters in an environment where a traditional dungeon puzzle makes very little sense. For instance a mine that’s currently still in use but perhaps some passages are flooded or collapsed. Or maybe a secluded forest or a city district. In this context there’s no mad wizard or secretive cult to explain away the presence of an elaborate game of magical chess or a riddle-locked door. so how does one still provide their players with a plausible yet challenging and engaging puzzle to solve in such situations?”

//So it sounds like what you want is simply some complex obstacles to overcome more than puzzles. When the players come across certain difficult obstacles that naturally occur in an adventure, overcoming them often becomes puzzle-like. From my post on Puzzle Dungeons, the pieces that make up a puzzle are foreshadowing, backtracking, and then an A-ha moment. What you want to do in those cases is somehow put obstacles in the players’ way that they will have a hard time overcoming without magic. Through said obstacle, let them see someplace or something they need to get to (through bars, thick vines, a hole in a caved-in rock pile, etc). This will foreshadow where they want to go. Then provide something later in the adventure that will either help them reach that area, clear the obstacle, or circumnavigate the obstacle. Once they are able to reach that foreshadowed place or thing, they will have an albeit weaker A-ha moment but nonetheless an A-ha moment.

//“A-ha! With this mining cart filled with heavy rocks we can roll it down this slope at the caved-in passage! It might be enough force to break through it! That lever back there that controls the direction of the mine tracks will keep it heading straight if we adjust it correctly!”

//“A-ha! This path up through the trees is climbable, which can lead us up to that high ledge, which we can follow back to that area with the venomous plants and avoid them completely!”

//It’s less about the puzzle aspect and more about finding a safer path. They might solve the “puzzles” with spells or abilities, but hey that’s when you just have at least 2-3 such puzzles so they use up their spells on them! If each “puzzle” has a solution, it won’t be unfair to the players if they choose to use spells on some puzzles and wits on the others.


The strongest person I’ve ever known.

The beginnings of that old magical girl AU I keep drawing on and off… 

Yuzu was walking home and was attacked by… miscellaneous villainous creature, and was rescued by Serena, who is a rumored vigilante hero. Yuzu, stunned by what she was seeing didn’t get to say much to her savior, and Serena, unsure of how to handle the situation quickly ran off after making sure this girl was safe. After coming to her senses, Yuzu walked home regretting missing her one opportunity to talk to the mysterious hero.

(I drew this so long ago and tried to fix it up so I could actually post it but that proved to be kinda hard since I’ve changed around my tools…)

Alright, it is 1AM as I type up this post and I have converted my Minecraft blog into a shitposting blog 

From now on, I think it only makes sense if Sharkrocket stays an art blog since that’s what most people are following it for anyway, so I’m going to start moving my textposts and asks and replies and whatnot on to another blog

Find them at @hotmilky appropriately enough ahaha 

There I think I’ll ask for suggestions and ask all my hypothetical questions and get rude and lewd and what have you, so if that’s up your alley, that’s where you’ll find it 

Once again, @hotmilky

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OMG I have been having those same type of waking hallucinations for a few months now! GIANT spiders climbing walls. Tiny spiders on my pillows. Little spiky balls bouncing in the air. I saw this very creepy red and black vortex looking thing above my night stand one night. I haven’t seen any people. I think that would scare me more than the spiders, which would be A LOT.

@love-in-nature replied to your post “More of Me

Uhm you just unintentionally told me what has been plaguing me for years and I had just assumed was some kind of messed up night terrors. The dream thing makes so much more sense! I’ve seen huge spiders, several oversized black cats or dogs, creepiest was some woman with really long dark hair standing in my bedroom door. Dude, you’re the first person I’ve met who has described exactly what I experience. That’s kinda amazing I mean haha

Okay, yeah. These for me started when I was in my mid twenties, probably peaked around 29 when I was pregnant, and have now fallen off significantly. My mom has them, too! Once, she said she saw a guy standing outside the window with a gun and like threw my dad and her both off the bed and yelled, “Get down!” like in the movies. Lol. The hallucinations are harmless, just terrifying and tend to increase with my stress levels (shock) and sleep deprivation, which is why I had them more when I was pregnant. According to my bro-in-law’s partner, they’re not as common as “hypnogogic” hallucinations, which happen before sleep, like hearing someone whisper in your ear, or a loud bang.

I have also seen some scary shit. I have also had the vortex thing. Huge spiders spinning webs in the corner of the room. And for whatever reason just these creepy ass people that always look like they’re from another era, like in Victorian style clothes? The worst is the Slender Man look-alike. But the main difference between these and night terrors (which I had occasionally as a college student but not anymore) are there’s no sleep paralysis, and there’s not that like “foreboding” feeling that someone is in the room, trying to kill me. They’re just scary effing images that for me are usually ethereal like Casper the effing ghost and that shit is unsettling lol.

In any case, you’re not alone! <3

Hard to predict Tumblr...

Like most of you I take care to choose images that I like and put them together in a way that makes sense (to me anyway).  Everyone once in a while an old post will get reblogged a couple times and always makes me smile that someone found it.  Over the weekend one of my posts from 3 years ago suddenly went viral, for no reason at all.  Over 1,000 reposts in 3 days… so fricking weird!   

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Did I completely miss the discussion of the different meanings of "Mother Mary" or did it simply not occur yet? Because I remember some talk about Mary in the biblical sense back when "Rock Never Dies" aired, but it could (and in most cases probably is) also be read as Mary just being a mother to her children (and Cas :D). "Mother Mary" is also a line in "Hey Jude", but I´m not sure how that fits in there..

Hi there! I think a lot of us have addressed it here and there, but I haven’t seen a post that solely focuses on just that one phrase, and the bazillion possible references it could be making.

Starting with the obvious, Mary is their Mother. She’s even collected Cas under the umbrella of things she feels maternally toward… He’s one of her boys now. :)

One of the episodes I felt 12.12 pulled most heavily from in past canon was 6.19, Mommy Dearest. Yes, it was about hunting down Eve, whom the monsters called “The Mother of All.” Not to mention that during her final showdown with Dean, she took on the form of Mary Winchester. (not to mention the diner scene from the beginning of 6.19 paralleling to 12.12).

Eve’s death was even visually referenced in the way Cas was dying in 12.12 (black goo galore), and the fact that once she was dead Cas’s powers were no longer blocked and he killed the rest of the monsters in the diner with a huge burst of angelic power/light (sort of the same way the Lance of Michael’s burst of light healed Cas from his wound in 12.12).

The scene at the end of the episode, still in the diner where Eve died, between Cas and Crowley that revealed that Cas had been working with Crowley all along (and prefaced 6.20′s heartbreaking discoveries), was also a direct parallel to us discovering Mary’s betrayal in stealing the Colt for the BMoL by her meeting in a diner with Ketch… secrets, lies, betrayal, and nearly getting loved ones killed trying to “protect them” by keeping them in the dark… It’s just Mary’s turn to learn this painful lesson now.

As for Beatles lyrics, “Mother Mary” is in Let It Be, not Hey Jude:

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

And though the night is cloudy,
There is still a light that shines on me,
Shine until tomorrow, let it be.
O, will I make up to the sound of music
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

Not sure if that’s an intended reference with the Mother Mary card, but it very well could be. I think SHE believes she’s working from a place of wisdom here… despite the fact we know she’s vulnerable to influence because of her inexperience with the modern world, and the fact she’s got a VERY sketchy and incomplete history of everything her sons have survived.

I think this is touching back on that point from 12.02 when Dean was on the phone with Cas:

DEAN: Cas, hey. So, here’s the thing. It’s been kind of weird here with, you know, Mom being back. It’s like we don’t know how to act around each other, so we just kind of make this small talk and act normal, but it’s – it’s so not normal.
CASTIEL: Um, I’m – I’m not sure. What – what has she said to you?
DEAN: Well, nothing. That – that – that’s the whole point.
CASTIEL: Okay, what have you said to her?
DEAN: Well, nothing. I’m – I don’t know what to say to her, you know? It – it’s – it’s like it’s all just too much, and…I don’t want to overwhelm her.

And Cas tells him not to make things needlessly complicated and just TALK to her… but… where the hell do you even start when your life story is as fucked up as Dean’s? So Mary’s still technically operating from an informational disadvantage here. Short of Dean just tossing the entire Supernatural book series at her and saying, “This covers about half of it. Pretend I’m not naked in any of these, and let me know when you get to the part where Sammy dragged a couple of archangels to hell. Then we’ll talk.”

It still bothers me PROFOUNDLY that she just took the journal with her. She’s theoretically been working from the info in there all this time, but what the hell kind of context does that give her? I mean, we know from 9.11 that Dean’s made most of his notes in the journal in a code/shorthand that only HE understands. So really, how much of what’s in that book makes sense to Mary?

I’m also guessing that Dean hasn’t made a habit of including PERSONAL details in the journal the way John did in the beginning, because if he had it would be ABSOLUTELY OVERFLOWING with information by now, you know? It may have gotten her as far as piecing together what happened in s1 or s2, and as far as their personal histories, I think that might be it for how relevant the journal is to her…

So rather than Mother Mary speaking words of wisdom in the darkness… I think SHE’S the one in the dark here, trying to find her way through it all with a half-assed road map and some really shady promises from the MoL.

As to the religious connotations of Mother Mary… yeah, motherhood’s been a strong underlying theme all season– via the Ladyheart symbolism, Mary finding her place in her family that’s nothing like the one she’d remembered, Rowena’s struggle to find her own place (which I think will be more apparent after 12.13 airs), the fact that Toni Bevell’s son was made into A Big Deal in the few episodes we saw her in, and now Kelly Kline’s motherhood of a nephilim and Lily Sunder’s betrayal by an angel who falsely accused her of mothering a nephilim… and now the introduction of the other Prince of Hell, Dagon, and her interest in Lucifer’s baby as well… There’s a lot of love/betrayal/motherhood themes at play that we don’t really know where everything is headed yet.

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You are so amazing!! And just so cute! I was wondering what are some of your favorite headcanons for HP and what is your favorite HP game (if you played any)?

Hey, eh thanks!

I’m not that great at creating headcanons myself, but like, I love both bisexual!Harry and bisexual!Ginny. Also Remus is bisexual. Everyone could be bisexual. Like, it would make sense to me (and my ships).

OH! And that really long post about Dudley having a magical child, loved that one.

By game I’m assuming you mean like, video game? (I played plenty of HP themed school yard games back in ~2001 tho, great times)
I’ve only played the really old PC games that were based on the books and not the films, but I guess all of them were amazing to me at the time (book 1-3 + quidditch world cup). The gameplay might have been slightly better in Prisoner of Azkaban, so I would probably pick that one.

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Hi there! You mentioned the possibility of Nobuyuki and Shigezane being in the next BE, does that mean they released (or will release) a main route for Nobuyuki? Also, does this mean Shigezane hasn't participated in any Tenka BE since his route release? I guess that makes sense because there is an uneven number of samurais now. I'm sorry if you already answered these, I haven't been on Tumblr for awhile and need to catch up on all your posts lol.

They haven’t officially announced Nobuyuki’s route, but they’ve been teasing it since Yukimura’s sequel, LOL. Let’s just say I’m 99% sure he’s going to get one in the future. Dunno when. Maybe they even had it made already, just waiting for the right time to spring it on us.

And no, Shige still hasn’t joined Battle yet all this time. Poor Shige’s been kinda sad about it too XD

I’m excited! The reading campaign ends today, so the battle should start either right after the reading campaign ends or tomorrow. 

I think we can all agree that Yuuri’s speech was a central scene this episode, and although I’ve seen a lot of people giving great explanations about Yuuri’s use of 「愛」 in his speech and the difference between 「愛」(ai) and 「恋」(koi) there aren’t many people who go further into his speech than that.

Firstly I’ll just briefly gloss over 「愛」 and 「恋」because what they each connotate in the Japanese language is important to the Yuri!!! on Ice plot

「恋」is kind of like a physical love. It describes one’s longing for someone, but lacks a deeper emotional bond. Used for boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.

「愛」 is a deep love, it encompasses 恋 but also describes emotional love. While it does mean you long for someone, it kind of implies that you’re willing to do, give, or change something to be with them. Used for family/spouse.

***note: on the contrary, while「恋」does imply a physical romance/love, 「恋人」refers to you’re true love, you’d call your fiancé or spouse that, and「愛人」implies someone you’ve had an affair with. So when Victor uses the word 「恋人」…. ;)))

So when Yuuri says
He’s saying his「愛」is not just the physical and emotional love he has for others, his love is literally his relationship with Victor, it is literally his family, and that it is the complicated/abstract feelings he has for others around him (aka Yuuko, Minako, Nishigori). It is a tangible THING such as actions and words as implied by Yuuri’s use of 「物」 instead of 「事」which would describe an idea or a concept.

Another interesting thing to note is when Yuuri says he has “no name for this emotion”
At first I thought Yuuri might have been downplaying his emotions but then I realised it wasn’t that, it was that Yuuri really just doesn’t know exactly what 「愛」is just yet despite describing it briefly before because he’s still exploring what it truly means for him.
Before Victor, we all know Yuuri had a big crush on Yuuko, hell, he was going to confess in the first episode. But that’s all it was, a crush, which would take neither 「愛」nor「恋」, but 「好き」(suki).

Now I’m sure you know the difference between 「愛する」and「好きです」but just in case
「好きです」refers to a wide range of types of “like”. You use it for objects, hobbies, and topics, or people-wise, friends and crushes.

Through Yuuri’s speech, we are witnessing his growth and exploration of what 「愛」is, what it means to him, and who the word applies to. Most prominent are his developing feelings of 「愛」towards Victor. The phrase
Does mean “to hold on to”, but it also means “to fasten” or “to tie”, and this implies that while Yuuri does not want to let go of Victor, neither does he want Victor to let go of him. Yuuri wants to create a mutual bond with Victor, and he has decided to call this bond 「愛」.

As a side note, here’s further meta on Yuuri and Victor’s developing relationship, shown through the episode preview. It’s very short but 
I do think it’s a cute example of them becoming closer to each other.

// okay. story time.

once upon a time, i was sitting around, browsing ebay for more Lupin the Third merch to add to my ever-growing collection. as i looked amongst the many listings, i came across a one-of-a-kind auction for some strange, weird-looking toy…

i wasn’t sure what it was. the title was “#C349 PRIZE Anime Character figure gun Lupin The 3rd” and that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, so i checked the description to see what it was, but there was nothing about the item, only information about shipping.

the pictures from the listing showed this strange toy, as such:

i thought to myself, what harm can this do? it’s only $4.99, i can afford that.

so i placed a bid, and won the auction. this was about a month ago.

today the item arrived. i picked it up from the post office, because the postal worker couldn’t bother to ring the damn doorbell to see if anyone was home, which–yes–we were home to receive the item. once home, i opened the box and pulled it out.

and i examined it.

looked at it from all angles.

“what the fuck is this thing supposed to do?”

then i pulled the trigger.

this toy.

with this friggin’ face…

when you pull the goddamn trigger…



He Tian: How much do you love me?

Mo Guan Shan: Look outside and count the stars. That’s how much I love you.

He Tian: But it’s morning… there are no stars

Mo Guan Shan: *blushing* T-the sun is a star… t-the biggest star we can see from earth…

He Tian: *blushes furiosly* B-babe…

when the leader of the bad guys sang, something soft and soaked in pain, i heard the echo from his secret hideaway.

i’ve always been intrigued by the leader of the bad guys. he spends his time hiding in a secret place turning pain into music, knowing that his four lonely walls are the only witness to his madness. it can be scary to show other people the inside of your mind, so we let go only when we’re alone, and we scream to our four walls because we know they will protect our screams and echo them back to us. we break down only when no one is there to see it, but sometimes we forget to close the door and the whole world hears our tortured symphony. sometimes other people hear the dismal chords we strum when we think we’re alone, though we try so hard to hide it. when it’s only your four walls that declare you insane, it’s much easier to crank out those dismal chords. it’s harder to do so outside of your house, and in front of an audience. it’s like we become entirely different people when we’re alone in our four walls, and sometimes the only person we have to keep us company is the leader of the bad guys. he’s built his house in our shadows, and he grows stronger in the dark.

sometimes he plays music.

his music comes from somewhere within us, from the place in all of us that’s become his home. he plays the dismal chords that we hear echoing off of his four walls, the same chords that become our catharsis. the leader of the bad guys is a dark part of us, but he’s the reason that we make art and the reason we play music. he’s our motivation. we know that we have to move our demons somewhere outside of our heads if we want to survive, and the way we do that is by creating. but if he’s driving us to create art that lessens our pain, is the leader of the bad guys really all that bad?

is this the reason why even though he’s the embodiment of my pain and everything i fear, it’s still so hard to let him go?


The Most Beautiful Boy in the World Pt. 1 (Read Right to Left)

I decided I wanted to create a little comic series based on this post. So, featuring Oikawa’s terrible fashion sense, here’s part one to something that I might make into a little series? Who knows~ ♡

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Am I the only one who didn't buy Victor's seemingly insta-love for Yuri? I was really struggling with that aspect at first; until we get some background in episode 10. I mean, Victor already seemed to be in LOVE with Yuri when he came to Japan and I always found it too far fetched that simply seeing the viral video would have brought that about. But with episode 10 and the video it finally started to make sense to me. Just wondering what others thought about this part of the story.

Personally, I think Victor fell in love mid-season 1. Not immediately after the banquet scene from the GPF. There was romantic interest - most likely a crush - but not actual love. That came later. (And how.)

My in-depth Victor meta covers what I believe he was thinking about while he was watching Yuuri’s viral video, but I’ll recap parts of it here.

To me, Victor looks kinda ticked off in this screencap. He doesn’t look like he’s having romantic thoughts.

My interpretation of this look is: “Why wasn’t Yuuri at the World Championship? He’s talented. He can skate. He’s skating my gold medal routine, and he should have been on that podium with me. So what’s the problem here? Does he have a bad coach? Does he not have enough support at competitions? He wouldn’t have asked me to coach him if he was getting what he needed. I hate this. I want to fix it. Fine, I’ll do it.”

When Victor arrives in Hasetsu, he is extremely flirtatious with Yuuri. And rightly so because at the GPF banquet, Yuuri was extremely flirtatious first. He likely thinks Yuuri will not only be okay with his forwardness but that he’ll reciprocate.

This is not full-blown love. This is Victor saying, “Hey, I’m into you, and I think you’re into me. Tell me more about yourself. That will also help me better understand how to help you as a coach.”

When Yuuri rejects him more than once, Victor gets confused with the mixed signals, and he ultimately backs off.

This moment at the beach was a major turning point for both of them. It marked the start of something that wasn’t a romantic relationship but a willingness to open up on a deeper level.

If you want to read more about why I think Victor fell in love with Yuuri in the first place, you’ll find that in my in-depth character analysis. It has a lot to do with what Yuuri says in that screencap above.

When Victor poses the question to Yuuri - What do you want me to be to you? A father figure, brother, friend, boyfriend? - understand that he doesn’t know his full place in Yuuri’s life. Victor is told to just be himself - and for someone who has constantly reinvented himself for other people and burned himself out in the process, that has to be wonderful to hear. 

The ending credit pictures show us the deepening of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship off the ice. We see them laughing and having fun together during the summer.

Some of the falling-in-love likely happened here.

But this is the moment. Right here.

This was when I first sat up straight in my chair and thought, Oh, shit. Victor is in love.”

Victor takes far more joy in seeing Yuuri succeed than he does in his own success. Let’s compare the smile above to the smile of the Five-Time World Championship Gold Medalist.

Look how miserable he is and how FAKE that smile looks. Now scroll back up and compare Victor’s joy over his own success to his joy over Yuuri’s.

YEAH. Victor is in love in Episode 6. Sure enough, he kisses Yuuri in the next episode, which takes place the following night.

So to answer your question, I think Victor fell in love with Yuuri somewhere in between Episodes 4 - 5.

By Episode 6, the boy is head over heels.

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Hey, where I can find your effect stars (gif) with your edit here => /post/153925981468/defenders-smoke-bomb-photography

@cpn-america also asked me something similar, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a tutorial! 

how to make something like this:

or this:

you will need:

  • photoshop cs6 (or cs5)
  • a basic knowledge of said program
  • the top gif from this post (this is where you get the sparkly effect, so just drag it onto your desktop)

Keep reading