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The lyrical theme of “when you’re falling in a forest, and there’s nobody around…” sounds so deep until you remember that Evan physically fell out of a tree in the middle of the forest when nobody was around

pynch fluff !!

I am writing a 5+1 things fic for my ao3 account, and I finished one of the parts so I supposed I would upload it to here as a little… sneak peak. Enjoy!

After everything had settled down with the Glendower scheme, Adam and Ronan were absolutely and grossly in love. They were officially in the “honeymoon phase”, as Blue called it. It was toothpaste kisses and whispered sweet nothings, long gazes and meaningful touches. They were in every way, infatuated with one another—but, they were… low-key about it (at least around the group).

If there was ever PDA, it was subtle, small gestures. In Ronan’s opinion, there was no reason to be overly showy. For these reasons, their relationship was never really in the spotlight. It was never the topic of the group’s conversations. It was just background music to whatever was taking place. It wasn’t hidden, they weren’t hiding it, there were just better things to talk about. If the group was a little… behind on all things Ronan and Adam, that was why.

However, while they were alone, affection wasn’t hidden—it was on display. They had said their I love you’s fairly quickly, as the both of them had been sure in their feelings for long enough that there was no point in putting it off. Ronan was relieved when Adam said it first, that way the phrase would stop coming up as word vomit—and he would be able to stop choking it down. He was free to tell Adam he loved him whenever he wanted—and he did. They said I love you all through the day, when they went to bed, when they woke up, over text, and even on the phone.

Looking back, it was bound to slip sometime.

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Drew everyone’s favorite villain, Lucienosaurus from @drawfee.
Would send to drawfee but sending stuff overseas is hella expensive.

Gouache on paper, ~2 hours

So A Conjuring of Light comes out in 35 (thirty! five!) days…
All I want is for my babies to be happy and healthy and alive :/
Petition for @veschwab to spare my children?



I am so sorry i kinda disappeared but (like always) work and stuff kinda drained me so i only did very basic doodles until recently where i am warming up into watercolors and bigger pieces.:) (I really missed posting and making stuff again!:D)

So to start have some Fantasy Creek because me and @p0ck3tf0x where talking AUs.:D (and i really felt like drawing horns.:))


Seungri in Girls Fighting - Let’s all agree that everyone should answer as she did whenever he asks that question.


1:15 in. People keep asking where I got the “A ROUNDABOUT” sound clip from in the Doogal Review

Howard Cneal was this old shit posting lets player from 2008 who disappeared. He’s kinda like an early Cr1tical.


Yesh, a lucky thirteen year old just got his show renewed for a second season ;) so yeah, I haven’t been in Canada for a few weeks now :D

EDIT: since it seems like my post for an ad for MML disappeared (might have accidentally deleted it), just letting people know that New Milo episodes start on Monday!