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It sucks that “feminism” and “misandry” are so often confused and their definitions have to be explained over and over and over again. If you are a misandrist, that means you hate men (likewise, if you are a misogynist, that means you hate women). If you are a feminist, that means you believe that men and women should be treated equally. That’s the definition. It’s about bringing women to power without taking it away from men. If anything, it’s giving men more power, because feminism is also about making sure that men stop being socially stigmatized for what is conventionally considered “feminine,” like being a stay at home parent or openly expressing emotion. Feminism is not about hating men. Feminism is about loving everyone"
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This shows why it fucking bothers me so much when female role models out there proudly proclaim that they aren’t feminist and go about espousing misinformed bullshit about what feminism really is.  The young women who look up to them see that and absorb it, and thus learn that feminism = hating men and being pointlessly bitchy towards other women, which is so, so wrong and even dangerous in the way it dismisses and derails the message of feminine empowerment.


Girls don’t have to be feminists. Being a girl doesn’t equal believing in feminism. A girl who doesn’t believe in feminism isn’t betraying her sex, neither is she against gender equality. Why be defined and confined by a word when you can explore and formulate your own ideas? Feminism has flaws. Feminism only tackles one area of inequality and is criticised for ignoring the racism, class bias and homophobia in their own ranks. A lot of the ‘feminist’ posts I see on tumblr are either about hating men or hating women who aren’t feminists. They blur the lines between feminism and matriarchy. Honestly, this superiority complex that everyone seems to have developed is getting kind of old. So before you all start ranting about how ignorant other people are, look at yourselves, look at the negativity you spread, look at how you misuse the term ‘feminism’ and get yourselves educated.