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  • there’s apparently black billboard-like setups around metropolis with superman’s symbol in white, exactly like his costume was after he returned from the dead in the comics
  • “and where is the gotham bat? the masked vigilante has been a no-show” this either implies bruce took some time off after superman’s funeral, or more likely, he was so busy getting the justice league together, he actually had to stop his patrol duties for the greater good (gotham rogues being little bitches vs total global alien annihilation, i guess)
  • the amazons have a motherbox and that’s how steppenwolf manages to open a boom tube straight into themyscira. he says, “no protectors here. no lanterns. no kryptonians. this world will fall, like all the others” and it’s interesting to note that the moment he mentions the lanterns, the footage shows the different members of the justice league amidst debris (implying they have already been fighting) looking up. they seem too far apart to be looking at one single person, which makes me think the green lantern corps appears at that exact moment to help them out
  • basically hal jordan 15 minutes late with starbucks: what did i miss lol
  • alfred throwing shade about penguin looking pretty unimportant now in comparison is a nice little fun way to bring batman’s universe into the fold in a very nonchalant way
  • alfred has to babysit everyone and he’s so in over his head but he tries to go along with every alien, magic, superpowered, multidimensional shit because his son finally has friends and isn’t trying to kill others so that’s good
  • that scene on the roof with commissioner gordon and bruce doing his disappearing act with the rest of the league except for barry following along is hilarious because we all know he does this in the comics all the damn time but now he convinced the others to do it too. like his litter of kittens have to take after their father for maximum friendship points
  • everyone looks amazing, bruce looks straight out of the comics to a terrifying degree, but arthur is so majestic, it’s mesmerizing
  • the choice of music especially towards the end reminds me of the animated shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, i’m pretty sure alfred’s talking to hal at the end implying bruce knows about the green lanterns and has probably contacted hal before, but it could be clark too. anyway i can’t feel my face from the excitement, whatup

I used to be so uncomfortable in my own skin, terrified to show anything deemed “inappropriate” for a fat girl to wear while everyone else could wear clothes I loved but “couldn’t” wear. But nah feck that, if my fat rolls and stretch marks makes you uncomfortable then that’s your problem boo😍 because I love my body and I’m unashamed☺️✨ it took me a long time but I’m finally at the stage where people calling me names doesn’t hurt me anymore, yeah I’m fat? And? 🙄 is that all?🙄 fat and faBULOUS 👏🏻

Rancher!McCree AU - Chapter 1 - Jesse McCree x Fem!Reader

A/N: I received this request a while ago and it took me some time to get up the courage to write and post it. This became sort of self-indulgent. The reader is a woman of color (mixed race) but I still want everyone to be able to enjoy it. This is my first time trying something like this…

This first chapter is just an introduction to the characters and their personalities. I’m expecting this fic to be quite long with lots of pining, stolen glances, etc… Its set in the late 1800s, some time after the Civil War.

No title yet but maybe I’ll think of something or one of you will be able to help me lol.

Words: 2,702
Warnings: racist terms, mention of prostitution

Before your mother died, you had promised her that you would never let anyone own you. You told her that you would never be someone’s slave. She wanted you to be strong, but you could never be as strong as her.

Opportunities for a woman around here were few and far between, especially for a woman of your color. The worst part was, you were hardly accepted by the people you most resembled. See, you are what the people here consider a mulatto, a mutt, or what some people called a house negro. You didn’t ask to be born this way, you just were. You blamed the white man that had his way with your mother for all your hardships. You swore you would never work for a white man and you wouldn’t let one take advantage of you.

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RFA+Saeran Doing Their Lover's Makeup For The First Time

I’m so sorry it took me this long to write this. I explained my writing hiatus in a previous post, but I still don’t think it’s any excuse *sweatdrops* please forgive me, and enjoy!

*****I am on mobile so I had a LOT of technical difficulties, this was originally a request but Tumblr decided to fuck me and ahdbdbdndnd this took hours but here you guys go*****

- It was just another lazy day, with MC laying across Yoosung’s lap on the couch watching some kdrama

- Yoosung’s fingers would be tangled in MC’s hair as he played with their locks.

- Neither of them were paying attention to the TV. MC was staring at the ceiling and Yoosung was just calmly watching MC’s chest rise and fall as they breathed

- “Jagiya, is there anything you want to do? I’ve seen this entire show several times, I’m boooored” Yoosung would whine

- MC closed their eyes, thinking

- “Do you want to do my makeup?”

- Yoosung would be a bit taken aback. Hair, he had experience with, but makeup?

- “ A-are you sure? You’re not worried I’ll mess up your face or hurt you?”

- “Yoosung, you’re putting makeup on me, not performing surgery”

- MC ran to their shared bedroom and came back with a box full of makeup and a grin on their face

- This poor boy had no clue what he was doing

- “This is lipstick, r-right?”

- “….. Yoosung that’s mascara”

- Yoosung tried his best, gently caressing MC’s face the whole time, trying not to poke them or smear anything

- “S-stop giggling so much! You’re gonna make me get it on your nose!”

- When he was done, MC didn’t look too bad.

- (MC thought they looked like a raccoon on LSD but Yoosung didn’t need to know that)

- “I think I’d like to try this again, so I can get better!”

- Yoosung looked so proud and excited MC agreed

- MC eventually got her revenge though

- MC was sitting on their bed, scrolling through Tumblr on their laptop

- They had found a Zen fanpage, filled with gifs from interviews and movies

- MC came across an image of Zen getting his makeup done. Naturally, he looked flawless while doing so.

- Zen, who was sitting across the bed, received a pillow smacked directly to his face

- “MC what was that for?!” As he scrambled to get back on the bed after being knocked off

- “For being extremely rude, who gave you the right to look so good?” MC huffed

- Zen looked over at the image, laughing “I can’t help it, I was just born with good looks”

- Staring at the image, he suddenly had an idea

- “MC would you let me do your makeup?”

- Zen didn’t have much in the way Of makeup because he rarely used it, but he definitely knew how to apply it

- Like Yoosung, he would be extra careful, his skilled hands dancing across MC’s face

- Zen would go for a glamorous look, with champagne tones and ombre lips

- “MC you have such good skin, you barely need anything at all”

- He would praise and compliment MC the whole time

- As often as they were intimate, this was the first time he really noticed the soft curve of MC’s lips

- Or the shape of their eyes

- Once or twice MC would have to get Zen’s attention as he spaced out

- When he was done, both Zen and MC would be impressed by his work

- “You look nothing short of an idol, Jagiya” he grinned

- He reminded himself to get MC to do a photoshoot with him sometime

Jaehee (gayhee amirite)
- It was one of Jaehee’s rare days off, thanks to Jumin leaving the country on vacation

- She relaxed with MC in their kitchen early in the morning, making coffee for the both of them

- Neither of them had anything planned, they were just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company

- Jaehee handed MC their coffee, giggling at the smeared makeup around their eyes from the day before

- “If you keep leaving your makeup on like this you’ll get breakouts” as she wiped a stray streak of eyeliner away

- “I was too tired to wipe it off” MC grumbled

- MC watched Jaehee’s eyes move across their face as she tried to fix MC’s mess of a face

- “Jaehee, would you like to do my makeup?” MC hummed

- “M-me? You would trust me to do that?”

- Jaehee never had anyone to practice makeup on before. Sure, she does her own, but she just never had that kind of bonding experience with another person

- MC nodded, and Jaehee smiled excitedly as she dragged MC to their bedroom

- Jaehee wasn’t a makeup expert, but we still knew what she was doing

- She went for a more natural look, wanting to accentuate MC’s features rather than weighing them down with dark colors

- Jaehee admired MC’s eyes as she applied slightly shimmery shadow with not-too-dark eyeliner

- She also got distracted while applying nude lipstick

- MC took the opportunity to kiss Jaehee on the lips, transferring the lipstick onto her mouth as well

- “M-MC!” Jaehee exclaimed, surprised

- Jaehee would blush furiously as MC smirked triumphantly

- The rest of the makeover would compose of MC continuously teasing Jaehee

- Nevertheless Jaehee loved the entire experience, and always asked MC to let her do their makeup from then on

- Jumin never really cared for women who wore a lot of makeup

- Scantily-clad women with caked on faces were his father’s type

- Of course, he didn’t mind MC wearing makeup. He always bought the best brands, making sure nothing would irritate her skin or give her any bad reactions

- One day in their livingroom, the topic came up

- “I sincerely do not understand why women feel the need to paint their faces in order to look presentable. In fact, it typically contradicts the whole purpose.”

- “Well, sometimes women just want to look nice. True, some girls overdo it but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spruce up once in a while.” MC shrugged, petting Elizabeth

- Jumin genuinely didn’t see the appeal, if a woman wanted to apear attractive shouldn’t her actions speak louder than her looks?

- “I think that’s more objective.”

- MC understood where he was coming from, but they still tried to think of how to change his mind about makeup

- MC shot up, running to their room leaving a slightly startled Jumin behind

- As MC brought back their makeup case, Jumin held a perplexed expression

- MC placed the box in Jumin’s hands. “I want you to do my makeup.”

- “Why? I see no need for you to wear it.”

- “That’s nice of you and all, but I want to show you how makeup can be a positive thing.”

- Jumin wanted to refuse, but he couldn’t resist MC’s puppy-eyed look

- He didn’t know what he was doing, but he had seen some of his father’s dates apply makeup before so he tried to copy what they were doing

- He picked out the tones that he thought complimented MC’s eyes best, and carefully applied it

- Jumin was a bit hesitant to apply eyeliner in fear of poking MC, but MC guided him through it just fine

- “I rather like this tone, it suits your eye color well.” he admitted

- He looked down at MC when he was done, their glistening eyes and plump lips catching his eyes

- “I think I am beginning to understand the appeal” he muttered, admiring the shimmering color of MC’s lips, the slight rosy tint on their cheeks

- Although that could have just been MC blushing

*hehe oops this is where I accidentally posted without finishing it but I edited it so it is now finished. I am a bad author lol*

- MC was casually watching their favorite anime on their laptop while Seven slaved away at his desk

- Well, actually Seven had quit working about an hour ago after being distracted by some YouTube videos of cats, but MC didn’t have to know that

-MC was too invested in anime to scold him anyways

- Seven distractedly clicked video after video, and he eventually ended up watching some Harley Quinn makeup tutorial

- He didn’t particularly care about makeup, but he was so bored he’d watch anything

- After the tutorial was over, he suddenly had an idea

- Seven stood up, walking over to the stretched-out MC and proceeded to lay across their body, blocking MC’s view of the laptop

- “MC I need attention.”

- “Saeyoung if this is about getting a pet tiger I already told you-”

- “Not this time.” He sat up, leaning in towards MC. “ I want to do your makeup.”

- MC was surprised. “Where did that request come from?”

- “Boredom and about half of a case of Phd.Pepper”

- MC cautiously handed Seven their box of makeup, a bit worried of what was about to ensue

- Seven immediately took out MC’s eyeshadows, deciding to follow the tutorial he had watched earlier

- The whole time, he insisted on MC keeping their eyes closed, much to MC’s worry

- “You’re making me look like a tiger aren’t you, I knew this was your form of payback-”

- “Just relax, Jagi, I’ll be done in a bit”

- Seven had skilled, steady hands as he delicately worked on MC’s face as if he were making a piece of artwork

- After he had finished skillfully smudging one side of MC’s lipstick, he handed them a mirror

- “Wow. Have you ever considered cosplay?” MC was impressed while Seven grinned like a idiot

- “I told you you can trust me Jagi.”

- MC’s smile halted as they looked at Seven suspiciously. “…. Saeyoung you haven’t done any work, have you?”

- Saeran had done his fair share of makeup

- He had always managed to skillfully smudge eyeliner around his eyes while still appearing masculine. He was fine if he had to go without it, but he still preferred just a little bit

- One day he was rummaging around in MC’s makeup, looking at the wide array of colors and hues that they had collected

- He didn’t even know what half of those brushes were for

- MC walked in on Saeran looking at the back of one of their pallets. “Whatcha doing?”

- Saeran jumped a bit, startled. He sighed upon realizing it was MC.

- “Just looking. Why do you have so many colors when you don’t use half of them?”

- MC shrugged. “I have them just to have them, I guess. I’ve never had the occasion to use most of them.”

- Saeran nodded, going back to looking at the pallet.

- MC leaned in. “Do you… want to do my makeup?” They asked.

- Saeran looked a little surprised, but was happy to do so nonetheless. “Of course.”

- Once he actually had the makeup in his hand, he became a nervous wreck.

- He was constantly apologising at every small bit of eyeshadow dust or pigment that fell onto her cheeks

- The poor guy was so worried about messing up that he became shakier than he originally was, making a bigger mess

- He flinched when MC blinked, getting eyeliner on their cheek and becoming extremely flustered

- “MC I-I’m so sorry let me fix it-”

- MC put their hand on his shaking one, smiling tenderly. “It’s just makeup, Saeran. It’ll wipe off.”

- MC let Saeran use a makeup wipe to clean their face. He softly wiped their cheek, taking extra care as if MC would break otherwise.

- MC looks in his eyes. “Just pretend you’re putting makeup on yourself. If you mess up, its not the end of the world.”

- After that, Saeran was less shaky and became more confident in what he was doing. He perfectly outlined MC’s eyes, smudging dark eyeshadow while giving them blood red ombre lips

- MC and Saeran both were heavily impressed. After that, MC started lett left Saeran put makeup on them more often, both of them thoroughly enjoying the experience.

(I realize that V sadly wasn’t included in this one, but seeing how V is basically blind I felt it would be too short and unfair compared to the other headcanons. If you guys liked these, I’ll consider giving it another shot with V!)

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I absolutely loved the feral Tom fic you wrote for me! It really cheered me up and made my day a lot better. Since you mentioned Tom scratching up Marco's furniture, could you do a fic on that? (Maybe Marco decides to get him a scratching post so his furniture doesn't get torn to shreds lol) I also loved the part where Tom clung on to his arm, that was really cute and I could totally see him doing that. :3

Awww, thank you so much! I’m so happy you liked the story, I worked really hard on that one! I’m sorry this took so long, but I was dealing with some stuff in my family. I’m trying to get back into writing, thinking it’ll cheer me up. I know it will, but it might take some time. So be patient, but don’t be discouraged! Your requests mean the world to me and I love getting them, but I just need a little more time than normally.

“MARCO GET THIS CAT OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Angie screamed. She was holding Tom by the shoulders, and the demon looked very guilty. Marco could hardly stifle a laugh as his mother le his boyfriend down and the demon scampered to peer out from behind the kitchen table.

“What did he do this time?” Marco asked.

“That little creature of your clawed up the new couch cushion.” Angie seethed at the demon who ran to be behind Marco. Marco laughed and gave Tom a hug.

“Aw, mom. He didn’t mean to.” Marco gushed. “He just has claws and sometimes they scratch things.” He defended. Tom purred and moved closer to Marco, nuzzling his hair. Marco giggled and Angie rolled her eyes. She then marched back into the the living room and tossed the cushion at Tom.

“Fix it!” She demanded.

“I don’t know how to sew.” Tom told her.

“Figure it out.” She told the demon. Tom nodded.

“Yes ma’am.” He obeyed and the woman patted him on the head before leaving. Marco laughed and Tom sat on the bar stool, trying to find a way to fix it. The human shook his head and got up, he got Tom a needle and thread and the demon began to try and sew up the pillow.

“You’re so cute.” Marco giggled. Tom stopped fiddling with the pillow and blushed deeply. He then looked down at his work and tried to hide his face, that was rapidly reddening. Marco giggled and took Tom by the hands. “Here, you’ll never sew it up like that. Let me help.” He offered. Tom coughed nervously and nodded.

“Th-thanks.” He mumbled. Marco smiled and showed Tom how to sew up the slashes from his claws.

“Do you get it?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and Marco took his hands away, letting Tom continue to sew on his own. He did so for a while before smiling proudly and holding up the pillow. Marco looked up and felt a big smile form on his face. The pillow looked awful, and it was sewn in all the wrong places.

“How’s it going in here?” Angie asked, stepping in the room. She was finishing up some work on her phone, so she didn’t see the pillow at once. Tom scrambled off the couch and ran up to her, holding the pillow out with a big smile on his face.

“Angie look! I fixed it!” He exclaimed proudly. Angie looked up and saw the disaster of a pillow in the demon’s hands. As soon as she was silent, Tom’s smile faded away. “Oh… It’s… it’s not too good, is it? I-I’m not so good at this I can… if I try again I’ll just mess up again so I’ll just buy a new pillow.” He offered.

“No!” Angie took it from him. “No, no, sweetie this is perfect!” She smiled. Tom’s ears perked up and he then got the most excited look on his face. “You did a great job, and thank you for trying your best.” She made sure to tell him. Tom looked like he was just given the world. He looked back and forth between Angie and Marco before running over to the couch and tackling Marco in a hug.

Angie smiled softly as she saw her son hold the demon and how happy they made each other. Tom looked so thrilled about the positive attention he was given. The poor demon was always starved for some sort of affection and acknowledgement. It made Angie feel sorry for him. She walked over and scooped him up in a hug.

“Marco, you made an excellent choice.” She spoke. Marco blushed violently as his mother hugged his boyfriend. “And Tom, you’re going to take good care of our Marco, right?” She asked. Marco groaned and shoved his face in the pillow, blushing furiously. Tom nodded and crawled over to cuddle against Marco.

“Uh-huh.” He promised. “Marco’s a real keeper.” Tom winked at the human, who tackled him down in a hug as soon as his mother left the room. The two continued to playfully push each other over and laugh together. Until Marco jumped on Tom.

The demon  looked up and Marco gave him a kiss on the nose. Tom blushed so deep and Marco lept off of him, right before Tom ignited in embarrassed fire. He looked away, flustered, before jumping off the couch. “I-I burnt up the couch again.” Tom coughed. Marco nodded and rushed some of the ash off the couch.

“Sorry about that.” Marco rubbed the back of his head. Tom shook his head.

“No, no. You should be able to kiss me without me freaking out.” Tom agreed. “I just… you know. I just freak out… you won’t tell anyone, right?” He asked, very shy and nervous. Marco laughed lightly and pulled Tom into a hug.

“Of course not, sweetie.” He assured. Tom smiled and latched himself onto Marco, enjoying the warm hug. “Uh… Tom?” Marco spoke a little nervous.

“Hmm?” Tom hummed.

“Your um… your claws are digging into my hoodie.” Marco spoke. Tom looked up and retracted his claws as to not scratch hic boyfriend.

“Right… sorry.”

I like to think that after XMA Erik kept dropping in for visits and he and Charles would pretend they were sleeping together but really they weren’t because Erik was still healing and Charles was still angry at him and eventually Charles forgave him and let him sleep in Charles’ bed with him instead of sending him away and they woke up cuddled together, arms wrapped around each other.

I like to think that it took him a long, long time, but eventually–eventually–Erik’s fear and grief lessened. And he and Charles fell in love all over again, but they were older, knew themselves and each other better, and the love was softer and yet stronger than the blinding, sharp, butterfly-frail love of their youth.

I like to think that they came together again in the end.


**originally posted November 16th, 2015 as part of the Long Way Down Tour**

As a free-solo climber, Ryke Meadows spends most of his time outdoors. He loves traveling to new places and finding challenging rock faces to climb. Here are Ryke’s top 5 favorite places he’s visited as of the end of Fuel the Fire.  


Ryke and Daisy took a trip to Costa Rica in the early stages of their relationship. It was one of the bigger romantic vacations they took together. It’s very memorable for Ryke since most of his trips prior to this were done alone. Not to mention—standing under a waterfall with Daisy ranks high for him.


Ryke rock climbed Mount Kinabalu in Borneo when he was a little kid. It was such a significant moment for him that he even named his childhood dog “Kina” after the mountain.


One of the most arduous climbs for Ryke was the Triple Crown—three rock faces at Yosemite that he climbed in under 24-hours. Ryke trained years for this and when he finally completed it, he considers it the most monumental moment of his entire rock climbing career.


The first trip Ryke ever took with his half-brother, Loren Hale, was to Cancun, Mexico during college Spring Break. It was one of the more drama-filled trips (as seen in Addicted for Now) but it was also a trip Ryke never forgot. He not only grew closer to his brother, but it was when he became friends with Daisy Calloway.


Ryke ran a desert race in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It was one of the most difficult tasks he’s ever completed, but he found the experience ultimately fulfilling and remarkable.

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Hi! I absolutely love your chibi art ^-^ But how often do you draw? And how long does it take you to draw one chibi? 😍😍😍

Thank ya very much☆
Usually every night with more or less success, most of the time I angrily shove my things away by the end :^D
When school is on I always draw during class so that’s the time when I posted more often than on vacations ‘til my phone smashed to the road, lol

One chibi takes…I’ve never checked so I drew one small, semi-complicated now to check how long the whole thing takes
Though on this one I didn’t have pressure for it to look good for requesters lol
I spent 10-20-ish minutes on the sketch changing and planning and resketching, 7min lining the thing, and 11 coloring and shading☆ So the whole thing took 20, 30mins?
The ones with more than two charas take always fuckin forever on all categories btw

I think one curious little thing is that we, at first sight, never get shown Viktor’s expression in this moment when Yuuri suddenly pushes him way, leaving many wondering how he actually responded to it


they did add his reflection in Yuuri’s eyes and it makes me cry because he’s SO CONFUSED AND HURT BY THE SUDDEN REJECTION

it just ties in so well with Viktor’s fear of rejection (I wrote about it here) where he desires emotional and physical closeness but fears being pushed away at the same time AND I JUST



I’m so in love with the thought of Viktor guarding the depth of his heart and at the same time he wants nothing else but to have someone take care of it for him with all the love and care they can muster so he can give them all his love in return 

it just makes me remember this line 

I think Viktor’s heart is just as fragile as Yuuri’s but in a completely different way, instead fueled by Viktor’s loneliness and longing for someone to stay close to that would never leave him



Huh? Your Chikorita is evolving! Straight up to a Meganium!??

Hey guys! Apologies for the recent inactivity, I’ve been working hard on getting my pokemon crossbreed zine ready for this year AX. It will include these, my chikorita and riolu crossbreeds and 7 more pokemon! It’s almost done and I will post more about it soon, so stay tuned!

Also last but not least:


“My baby shot me down.”

Super late submission for @klangst-week: Unrequited Pining/Unrequited Love (Day 1) & Hurt/Comfort (Day 3). Click for better quality.


clace or sizzy (asked by @alec-magnvs) and jimon or sizzy (asked by @bane-magnus)

“i’m getting seriously tired of saving your life.” “i am not.