this post seemed funnier when i thought of it


amulets of power are stupid. what do they mean they just “disappear” from the inventory once you equip them. something funny is happening behind the scenes, i know it!

i was sent home for two days to rest :D i was so thrilled about the news i downed three beers while working, and… this happened. most certainly seemed funnier when i was tipsy. i was having second thoughts about posting it but fuck it, take this lame comic, world!

april fools angst, amiright?

considering yesterday’s date i just thought up a fun angst plotshell for someone eue

so i think we’ve generally established arthur as being one of the unpopular nerds/bullied in school. you might imagine he’d get asked out at least once as a prank (more twice since ‘its funnier because he still believed it lol!’)
(gee i wonder where this could possibly be leading…)
timeskip to a while post reunion. arthurs in his room in the apartment when vivi comes in to ask him something. she says she and lewis have been talking and they’ve noticed he seems to might have a crush on them both and that’s actually pretty rad bc they like him too and maybe hed like to join them? and arthur is frozen in shock, then .05 seconds of happiness before he remembers the date. meanwhile vivi is standing there nervously, she sees his expression go from blank shock to venomous, trying to hold back tears as he stands up and pushes her out of the way, storming out of the room.
shes thinking along the lines of 'oh no we fucked up he hates me he hates us god i was so stupid fuck fuck fuck’ and maybe heads to her room to have a cry (she’s the strongest of the three of them but her hopes were really riding on this she should have waited like lewis said god shes such an idiot why would they ever like her*)
cut to arthur, hes devastated that not only are his feelings not returned, his best friends are making fun of and playing with his emotions. after leaving the building he breaks into a sprint, heading for the (hollow tree/small clearing in the woods/under the abandoned bridge/wherever) he would go after the cave to be alone and think. vi doesn’t know where it is, lew was dead, and while mystery could probably track him hed never shown up before.
back to vivi, time’s gone by and arthur still hasn’t come back yet when lewis returns from wherever he goes during the day, mystery with him. he comes in to see the bae sitting listlessly on the couch, eyes still puffy despite the hours since. (’!!!!!!!!!’) and holy shit what happened
and the story comes out on how im sorry i know you wanted to wait but i couldn’t and i was too excited and i told him and he got angry and left and he hates us and i fucked up im sorry im sorry.
so lewis is holding her trying to process and figure out what happened and surely there must be a mistake they were so sure about this and- wait. isnt today…?
oh shiT.
and of course arthur would respond like that lew remembers the bullies from school and vivi wouldn’t know, she transferred in in junior year after it happened and they don’t exactly bring it up.
but now the question comes up, how are they going to fix this? it’s been a few hours and lance hasn’t called, the van’s still parked outside, and they all know artie cant handle being around lots of people, especially if he’s upset. so they turn to the pup, who’s way smarter than he has any right to be, to hopefully understand enough to sniff out the missing cheeto. he’s not a tracking dog but after some trial and error they discover (read: trip over) wherever he’d hidden himself. the poor guy wore himself out at some point, be it the running or the mental stress, and is hunched up unconscious in whatever tiny cavity he found there. so with lewis carefully picking him up they make their way back to the house.
i hate to just leave this as another 'they talk about it and get together and everything is happy the end’ but i seriously cant think of anything else to put after this. maybe vivi gibbs slaps him when he wakes up for thinking she’d do that to him but like… yeah. sO. they talk about it and get together and everything is happy the end.

*if it’s not explicitly clear here i derail into characters thoughts when i write i really love vi shes just beating herself up the whole throwing quotation marks in messes up the flow that’s why my rambles are so hard to read sorry