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@alynna5 since I’m suffering on mobile and can’t post a picture to your ask, here is a picture of your ask and a picture of some written stuff from this evening. Since it was taken on mobile I have no idea how that is going to look, so I am sorry in advance if it’s really squished and small.

The chapter is 10k as of now and I’m in a weird position because I’ve written the beginning, stopped because I got stuck, and then skipped to the start of the ending scene (which has proved up be a lot longer than anticipated but is looking like it’s about to wrap up soon). I’ll have to go back and write the middle afterward. I’m anticipating 20k but I don’t know if that’s a good estimate or not. I’m being very slow with this and it’s frustrating, but I’m still progressing bit by bit, and I’ve written a lot that I’m proud of, so I think that will make up for it.

This chapter will also earn its M rating. :)

[UPDATED] xxKPopFanxx/samee-jjang /all-day-every-day-samee is NOT a Trainee, DON’T BE FOOLED

[Please don’t send her any hate. That’s low. Reblog this post to make everyone aware of it instead!]

[Update 10.05.2015] She changed her name again: all-day-every-day-samee

!!!![UPDATE 09.05.2016] She changed her username to samee-jjang!!!!

Hey guys, this needs to be talked about since more and more people start to follow this person who pretends to be a trainee at BigHit. So many people take her advice and believe in her lies and it has to stop. She seems to be a nice person, but she really is not. Also that she pretends to be fluent in Korean is ridiculous and will be proved as wrong through this post.

1. Language

First of all let’s look at her Korean. I am not Korean and therefore can only read some of it but I double-checked this both with Google Translator (because it is what she uses lol) and a Korean speaking person.

She doesn’t answer the questions, well why would she? She translated them wrong! Also her way of phrasing sentences is weird (so I was told), sometimes she is really formal but then words appear which don’t fit how formal she was a few words before.

Another weird one:

In here she once again translates the ask wrong. The person asks her: “You are a student? Right? When will you graduate?” But she translates it as “I’m a student?” Why would some ask her that? Doesn’t make sense. Because it was once again translated with Google translator.

Then she answers with saying “ 안녕하세요” two times. And while it can mean both Hello and Good Morning depending on the context it is completely uncommon to use it like this. 

Well, one hello would have been enough. 

Furthermore, in her cover of BTS - House of Cards she has really bad pronunciation. It can be found here /watch?v=UzBTlp1yX7k.

Also it is obious that she has a British accent.

2. Training Period

Another interesting fact is that she claims to have been training at Bighit for 2-3 weeks as you can see below.

It was answered on May 7th, so 2 or 3 weeks back would be April 25, or April 18. Let’s assume it’s around that time she started. But then, if you look at her Twitter Account she posted something about a concert by “Office Girls” at Loxford which is obviously in the UK if you Google it. She even got a signature, so she was there. At April 25 2016. I am pretty sure trainees don’t have time to quickly fly to the UK from SK to see a band there and then come back right away. Also she say the last time she has been to the UK was 4 years ago and she lived there for 2 years (it will be mentioned later again)

3. How she got scouted / Where she lived before

So apparently xxKpopfanxx lived in Jeju (she said Cheju…) before coming to Seoul to train under Bighit. She lived in England for 2 years. And that was 4 years ago. So it must have been 2012. It’s either from 2010 to 2012 or from 2012 to 2014. But that’s not so important. Fact is that she lived in Jeju before moving to Seoul.

But in another ask she talks about how she got casted. And she is contradicting herself here. She says she lived nearby the audition centre and just went there. But she also tells the anon that some trainees get casted on the streets. She doesn’t mention that she herself got casted on the streets, she only says that in the second ask about casting.

So what now? Casted on the streets or auditioned at the audition centre by herself because she lived nearby? But as she said, she lived in Jeju before. So that doesn’t make sense.

4. Interpals Account

Please have a look at this screenshot:

Not only does her account state that her real name is Samina, but she is also 14 years old here. But she always says something about being born in the year 2000.

Also on the page you can see the time zone of a person. On her account it always says “It’s xxxx (BST) ind SamiLovesKPop’s time zone.” - which is British Summer Time. I am from Germany so my time at the bottom on the right is always +1 hour to her time. This all makes sense because before she claimed to be a trainee, her Tumblr said that she is a British girl. Sadly I don’t have a screenshot of that, but it’s true.

Just go on her interpals account and see yourself.

5. Being allowed to reveal information about Bighit/BTS, etc…

I mean, come on guys, Bighit got so popular with BTS, why would they risk having a trainee who writes smut on tumblr and stuff? And the manager monitors her? 24/7? Because she stayed up last night until around 2 AM Korean time. She is also quick with answering the asks. I don’t think her “manager” can monitor it all, especially this quickly.

6. Confronting her

Of course, if you confront someone who is lying, they will block you. She is really nice to her followers, but can’t answer in a normal way to a confrontation like this.

7. Practice room picture

Just now she posted this picture. And I waited for this to happen. You can find ALL websites where this picture is on via Google. You drag the picture in “Google Picture search” and search for it…

What I found:

As you can see, this picture is from 2015. And it’s so blurry, you can’t even see anyone! 

This is the real picture: I think you can probably make out BTS if you look hard enough….

Pretending to be someone who you are NOT is not only childish but also insulting to some people. Due to it all starting on @exobtsimagination, I want to include them to let them and their followers know (since many of them believe her).

If you don’t believe me that this is a scam, then don’t and let yourself be fooled. Otherwise, please stop this person! Don’t send hate just stop following them….

Please @xxkpopfanxx just stop pretending. If you have any evidence that you are indeed in Seoul right now and training at Bighit, then show us and prove me wrong.



If the fact that I post imagines about you and Harry’s fake kid, that basically resembles your imaginary friend, doesn’t prove to you how weird I am, then you might need to visit my therapist.


anonymous asked:

In their quest to prove everything is weird and shady, larries have reached a level of such absolute absurdity it's hard to believe. happy1days*tumblr*com/post/142737039623/not-that-anyone-cares-but-they-went-to-the. "I am officially confused about where everyone was yesterday and how the baby was there and then somewhere else" what??? You're confused about the existence of CARS? Do you not understand the concept of transportation? People can go multiple places in one day. This is not hard.


I literally cannot believe that you quoted the post in your ask and those were actual words from the actual post said in any sort of seriousness. I actually can’t believe that. 137 notes and I can’t see any reblogs with a correction like “uh, a 30-40 minute drive is… only 30-40 minutes and FRANKLY, a routine jaunt for southern California,” so am I to assume 136 people were like “yeah, that’s weird!” without any examination? I don’t want to think the worst of people, but WHAT?

Like, okay, are they just asking questions to ask questions again, or what, because I don’t see any attempt at follow through. Are they trying to suggest there are two separate babies at two separate locations on-call for stunting purposes (so, what, Anne-Marie has one twin shipped to Briana and one to Louis? This is where we are now?)? Are we saying that Simon or the NT has invented transporter technology?

Are they suggesting that if this was actually an elaborate baby-renting stunt, that it would be SIMPLER or EASIER or MORE COST EFFECTIVE for NT to have two separate babies rather than to have one travel an insignificant amount of time from one location to another location within the same day just to give the impression of two parents who abide in different residences co-parenting their child in the same day? This is where we are now?

I mean, I guess if you wanted to argue that Simon wants to spare NO EXPENSE in his crusade to drive “doting dad Louis who’s posting cute pics of his son and involving his family in the child-caring process, such a smear campaign, etc. etc.” into the ground, okay, I guess, but why NT? Why would NT just splurge and splurge and splurge in this wasteful way to make it look– you know what, whatever. My tolerance for this train of thought just came to an end, lol.