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His Girl

Summary: Bucky admires the girl of his dreams, aka the Reader, during a party. Her only problem?  The man holding her hand.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 2507

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (male receiving), love triangle, someone gets cheated on, a little bit of angst.

A/N: Here it is, my first attempt on posting something of my own. This might be read by no one ever, but still, I’ve had so much fun in the process and probably will do it again… Thank you so much @dretjie12  for being my beta and putting out with me. You have a special place in my heart.

English is not my first language, so you’ll find grammar mistakes and nonsenses. Sorry! Feedback always welcomed!

Bucky enters the party making a beeline for the bar. It was one of Tony’s big shindigs at the Avenger’s Tower. He had lost count of how many he had attended since he joined the team and could barely remember the reason for it, if there ever had been one to start with.

It has been a slow process of readaptation after he came back from Wakanda, where T’chala’s scientists had finally found a treatment for the trigger words and other horrors Hydra had seen fit to grace his mind with. He still struggled with social events, preferring, instead, to hide in a nondescript corner sipping on whatever drink he took fancy to.

Taking a discreet balcony seat,  he waits for the whisky he had ordered from the bartender. He searches the crowd, looking for the face he so longs to see.. Y/n

It had been like this from the moment he laid eyes on her. His gaze always searching, admiring her, his entire being longing for her presence. Bucky couldn’t understand why she had this effect on him, they had barely exchanged more than two words with her, shying away from her whenever she drew near.

But he was infatuated by Y/N, by how she had held his left hand when they were introduced, he was so entranced with her that he had held on longer than what was deemed socially acceptable, and yet she never let go before he did. The way her hair swung from side to side when she walked,  how she was always looking straight into the eyes of whomever she was talking to, the way her nose crinkled when she laughed, Oh her laugh! the most amazing sound Bucky had ever heard. And she was always laughing, with everyone…

Except with him. Why wouldn’t she speak to him?  Fear… That was the only possible explanation in Bucky’s mind. Of course an angelical person like her would be frightened by him…The winter soldier, the Fist of Hydra, the Assassin… 

With the whisky now in his hands, his lips touch the glass when he finally sees her..

OH, Y/n…

There she was, across the room, laughing while Sam talked to her. For a moment Bucky wishes he could be the lucky bastard who was able to make her laugh like that. He takes a minute to admire the woman of his dreams. She had her hair curled falling on her shoulders and was wearing a long strappy  black dress with a side slit that went high enough to make Bucky’s heart speed up. The deep V neckline wasn’t doing any good to his mental state either…

God, she’s perfect – Bucky momentarily worries that he had said that out loud,  But he genuinely can’t find a single flaw in her. Well, maybe the only problem is the man holding her hands. Steve Rogers, Captain America, Bucky’s best and only friend in the world, the man who started a fucking Civil War to defend him.

She was his girl. That’s why, besides the fact that he probably scares the shit out of her, he would never get to touch Y/N, feel her skin on his. Why he avoids any kind of direct contact and is happy to venerate her from a distance. He couldn’t , by any means, give in to his feelings or even approach her.  Wait, could it be the reason why she avoided him as well? No, it’s fear, for sure.

He’s dated girls, trying hard to get her out of his head.  He had slept with women that would probably be taken as more beautiful or sexier than Y/N by any other person. Not for Bucky though… All he accomplished was to compare her with every single woman he’s been with, and wonder how it would feel if she was the one he was holding, kissing, making love to.

“Jesus, you’re so screwed” Drowned in his thoughts Bucky’d missed the readhead approaching, martini in her hand, sitting on a bench next to him with a smirk on her lips.

“What are you talking about, Romanoff?” He tries to play the ignorance card, knowing damn well that it would be pointless. The stunning spy was able to read his mind like no other, Steve included. Maybe it was their shared past, the one they never speak of, but lingers in the air. The ex-assassins simply understood each other.

“Please Barnes, you’re offending me”  Natasha rolls her eyes and takes the drink to her mouth.  

Bucky leans down his head with a humorless laugh  “That obvious, huh?”

“To me, yes”.  She spends a moment observing him, who had got back to watch the woman across the room hand in hand with his best friend. With a sigh, she kindly places her empty hand on the soldier’s shoulder. “Just be careful, Bucky. Neither of you have been discreet lately” Bucky turns his head, looking with eyebrows knitted close together  at Natasha, who was showing a rare sympathetic smile.

“What do you mean? In what way she’s not being discreet?”  

The empathy on Natasha’s face was replaced by a familiar glare, before she  stands up and turns her back leaving Bucky behind, mumbling words that his enhanced hearing caught as “Stupid Super Soldiers.  No Serum in the brains, for sure”.  But that didn’t answer his doubts…

He watches as Natasha joins the rest of the gang who was now sitting by a round table close to the dance floor. As usual, she takes the chair next to Clint Barton. Bucky moves his eyes to Steve, who is sitting across from the Widow, leaning in to say something. She responds by pointing to the Bar where Bucky stood. The Captain turns his head to his best friend, grinning and making a gesture calling him toward the gathered group.

Finding no way to decline the offer, Bucky nods and heads to the table that was also accommodating Sam, Wanda and Maria Hill. Getting close, he notices that the only left seat was the one next to Y/N, who had her back turned to him.

“Hey Buck, Join us, the food is amazing” Steve said with a mouthful pointing to his plate with the fork.

The fact that his fellow Super Soldier was the only one eating - an exorbitant amount of food- made him remember the skinny kid from Brooklyn that could barely finish a whole glass of milk. The memory brought a warm smile to Bucky’s face, which faded as soon as he spotted Y/N glancing nervously at the empty seat, avoiding his gaze.. 

“Uhmm, I don’t know pal, I’m not really that hungry” Bucky replies, attempting to  refrain from the situation..

“Oh come on Buck, grace us with your presence, It’s not like you have somewhere else to go.  Or do you already have a broad waiting?” Sam was now talking, emphasizing the word in an attempt to tease his 100 year old friend.

Missing Y/N taking a long sip from her own whisky, Bucky pretends to be amused by the conversation. He can’t find it in him to prolong the subject, so he pulls out a chair and takes his seat. 

The group of friends goes back to chatting, no one seems to notice Bucky flinching when his right thigh brushes against Y/N’s left one under the table. Goosebumps sprung unbidden across his skin. He was now expecting her to pull away and move the chair, but instead, she was leaning on his touch and the sensation was overwhelming…

All the noise surrounding them fades away, replaced by the sound of his beating heart.

He rests his hand on his leg and by the corner of his eyes he sees Y/N doing the same thing. Feeling a rush of boldness, he moves it closer to hers until their pinkies link between their laps. He feels dizzy when she softly caresses his finger with hers and all of a sudden, like it was the most natural thing to do, they have  all of their fingers tightly interlocked, holding hands, covered by the table cloth.

Bucky’s mind was running in full speed, and was hard to catch his breath, but yet, for that moment, time seemed to have frozen and everything was slow motion. No… It was not fear… She was touching him, he had her soft hand in his calloused one. And it felt so right…

Bucky’s stupor was interrupted by a familiar voice in the far distance.

“Are you ok, Barnes? Your face is white as sheet” It was Natasha, of fucking course.

With the unwanted attention, Y/N quickly removes her hand and backs away her leg, making Bucky feel empty.

“Ahm, Yeah  I..I guess I need another drink, I’ll be right back” Bucky leaves the table choosing to ignore Natasha’s suspicious look. To his relief the rest of their friends were apparently unfazed. 

In need of a place to calm his restless state, he heads to the rooftop. Getting out of the elevator he feels the breeze of the night and, watching the city lights, the puzzled events of the last couple of minutes keep running over in his mind.  She had touched him, he could still feel the burning where their skin met and he knows that she was as much affected by it as him… What the hell was happening?

The quietness provided by the place was interrupted by the elevator ding, his heart jumps when he sees the person coming out of it and, without giving it a second though, he takes two quick steps, closing the distance between Y/N and him, feverously pressing their lips together. She immediately kissed him back, one hand tangling in his chocolate locks, while the other snaked up his muscular chest. 

Without breaking the kiss, Bucky pins her against the nearest wall. He’s so drunk in her taste that he doesn’t want to let her go…Not again. He tastes the whisky she’s been drinking mixed with her chapstick and something sweet, that he knew was her, and only her. 

Both of her arms around his neck now, one hand still grabbing his hair in a grip. She gasps for air and Bucky attacks her collarbone with a trail of hot kisses, reaching the pulse point to lightly bite on it. She lets out a moan and tightens  the hold on his locks.

“I need you… Please” She speaks with a breathless voice, reaching to palm the bulge in his pants. If Bucky had a tiny bit of control until then, it was completely lost now. The avenger captures her mouth once again, travelling his hand up her exposed leg through the dress slit, burying his fingers under her panties to find her already damp, the sensation pulls a loud groan from him.  

He pushes the black lace material down to her knees and she works her legs to let it drop to the floor, stepping out of it. Bucky pulls the opening of Y/N’s long gown up to her waist while she quickly goes for his belt, releasing Bucky’s erection.  Not being able to lose any more time  he guides his pulsing cock to her wet entrance. It feels like a punch to a gut when he finally sheaths his length inside her, the air leaving him in a long, torturous exhale. 

Bucky holds her left leg up, keeping it locked around his waist, and uses his metal hand to support himself on the wall, while she maintains a firm grip on his shoulders.  He goes slow at first, allowing their bodies to get acquainted with each other. For what feels like the first time, they stare into each others eyes, and at the moment, Bucky feels a sense of calm, a sense of peace he had not known for a long time..

He watches her as she closes her eyes and parts her lips slightly, whimpering in pleasure. “Oh Bucky…” hearing his name on her mouth in such a sinful way made his heart melt and his cock twitch inside of her.

His thrusts grow faster and the two of them become a mess of heavy breaths and moans. Bodies glued together. The frenzy only increases when Bucky readjusts her leg on his waist and his flesh fingers meet Y/N’s clit.  He circles the nub of nerves in fast, harsh circles, The slight change in the angle and the extra stimulation make her let out a scream of pure ecstasy, signaling her climax. Bucky feels her clenching around him and he knows he isn’t going to last much longer.

It startles him for a second when she pushes at his chest, forcing him to pull out of her pulsing heat. His mind goes blank when she sinks to her knees and envelops his throbbing cock with her hot mouth. Her soft lips around his cock and a few bobs were too much for him to handle. “I.. I’m … gonna…. ”, Bucky warns, only making Y/N clutch his hips still, not letting him pull away from her. He groans loudly and she takes everything he has to offer, not missing a drop.

Struggling to breath, Bucky helps her get on her feet and keeps her in a tight embrace, forehead leaned against hers, both in a blissful state. When breathing wasn’t so hard anymore, she was the first one to speak.

“I love Steve… I really do” Bucky sighs at the mention of  his friend’s name.

“Yeah, I know, I love that punk too” he responds matter-of-factly in a sad smile.

“I don’t want to hurt him” she continues. “But you…” She  whispers.  “You’ve been on my mind ever since we’ve met, I’ve been going crazy” tears starts to form in her eyes.

Bucky’s ribcage was fighting against the strong beating of his heart. “Yeah, I know the feeling, Doll” he says in a low voice, brushing his thumb on her cheeks.

She tears herself from him and leans down to grab her panties on the floor allowing him to gather himself too. “This can’t … won’t happen again” She manages to make her words convincing, standing up in front of him again, holding the delicate material.

Bucky closes his eyes and nods. He had known this was coming, but it did nothing to ease the pain of hearing those words. Y/N grabs his chin, forcing him to look at her. They stare at each other for a long moment before she locks their lips together in a smooch.  Bucky feels her shoving one hand inside of his pocket before she breaks the kiss to leave.

He keeps looking at the city lights when he hears the elevator going down. He knows that it would all come eventually, the sorrow, the guilt, the heartache. But at that moment, all he could do was feel on cloud nine, turning his lips up in a grin, while his fingers played absent-mindedly with the piece of black lace inside his pocket.

You’re all incredible: @nenyakj   @mar-gega @imhereforbvcky @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes @soldatbarnes @agentmarvel13 @4theluvofall @eve1978

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I must ask this question... Have you ever felt like giving up on the comic?

Actually this is really funny because this is one of our inside jokes. Before we had Anna helping us with grammar/spelling, we usually spotted mistakes (and they were pretty big ones!) after posting a pageset. Which did cause some distress and a rush to fix it before it got too many reblogs with the mistakes on it. Our reactions were like this:

After the first two or so times, we started screaming “That’s it, we’re deleting the blog. I quit!” And it just became our joke for every time we made a big mistake.

We’ve had other inside jokes. But this one is probably my favorite just because of how stupidly dramatic we made it out to be.

((if you see a mistake on an old reblog, check the originals first. It might be one of those mistakes that weren’t found until it was far too late… but we fixed it anyway.))

But to answer your question, we never seriously considered quitting the comic. We want to see our stories through to the end. Or where ever we decide the end is!

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How do I write a good already established romance between to characters?

So, previously I did talk about the components of a good romance story. Though I did talk a lot about building the romance, there is still some good tips that we can work with. You’re still going to want the compatibility, the likability, etc. There are also a few more things we can look at too.

Because there isn’t going to be “the thrill of the chase” that comes with pursuing the romance, you need to make it exciting for the readers in other ways. 

1. Individually developed characters: There is little more anything than a couple that only seems to appear as a unit. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been together as couple or how much they love each other- they should not appear attached at the hip, so to speak. Each member should have their own arcs, that do not revolve around each other!

Also included- they should have relationships with other characters. Friends, family, enemies even. So long as their social sphere is bigger than just their lover.

2. Comfort: Couples that have been together for a while will know each other pretty well. Flaws, strengths, likes, dislikes, inside jokes and secrets between them. A lot of this will show in how they interact with one another- a strong romance shouldn’t just be love and kissing, they might also be friends and confidantes. They’ve probably learned how to read each other’s moods and body language, know where to draw the line on joking around, etc. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be new things to discover about one another, however! But a long-time couple will interact differently than a new one.

3. And conflict: Being together for a while doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing, however! Remember that in romances, like in anything else, conflict is what creates the drama. They might fight sometimes. They might have really big fights, sometimes. There can also be outside conflicts that put their relationship to the test. Miscommunication, keeping secrets, telling lies, here’s my general conflict post again. Again, conflict is what keeps readers turning pages, and keeps the interest going.

Growth: Almost a separate point, but I’ll just include it under conflict. Take a look at Growth and Influence on the other post. Often times conflict will determine how a couple grows and influences each other. When you make a mistake, it is often your partner that holds you accountable,as part of loving and supporting someone is helping and inspiring them to become the best person they can be.

Of course, if a romance has too much conflict, particularly in the way they interact or conflict generated by the couple themselves, you risk losing their sense of compatibility.

4. Compatibility: I know I talked about it on that other post already, but it’s pretty important. This couple has to work together in order for readers to root for it. If they are constantly fighting or stirring up drama with one another, they may not be so perfect a fit. Romance is a big part of the story, and if it isn’t something that the readers can cheer for, then it almost immediately becomes something tedious or annoying.

And the last thing I am going to mention for today,

5. Memorability: This is going to be the jokes, the secrets, the sweet moments that stand out. Think of any relationship that is strong in your life. More than likely- and especially if you’ve known each other for a while- there are certain things that you share between you, that can even include everyday objects or phrases that remind you of memories you made with your loved ones. These are the little jokes, habits, hobbies, and practices that define their relationship as something real and unique, like a character of it’s own. You know, the moments that are GIFed or drawn or quoted or ranted about all over tumblr like “omg I’m still not over it,” or the “Okay? Okay” that makes teens cry for a solid year. 

Okay, time to wrap up, but I hope this helps, thanks for the message!


At the Edge of the Ocean (Olicity AU fic Part 1)

Hey guys, I’d been toying for weeks with the idea of doing a unique Olicity AU one-shot. I very rarely write fics with mystical elements but once this idea popped into my head, I couldn’t get it out. I also blame @agentsassydirewolf​ for letting me rant about it and adding fuel to the fire in my creative brain! Thank you, and I hate you (just kidding…kinda sorta)! ;)

Anyway, I’ve always loved mermaids. They are by far my favorite mythical creature. I recently re-watched Splash (a big, glorious mistake) and felt compelled to finally bring my Olicity mermaid AU obsession to life. This was originally going to be a one-shot but while writing yesterday, I realized there was too much to cram into a single post. I also wanted to have this posted in time for Valentine’s Day, so I’m splitting it up into two parts (I’m still working on the second one right now).  

I haven’t yet decided if this might turn into a short, mutli-chapter ficlet. But let me know if you guys want to read more, and I might add it to my list of future fics to work on. I’m not sure how the visual aspects and edits will format on AO3, so I’m posting strictly to Tumblr for now.

Thanks in advance for reading, everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Originally posted by beautyisworthagif

Pairing: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Rating: T

Summary: AU. Oliver almost drowns when the Queen’s Gambit sinks and is saved by a mysterious creature. When he learns that his savior is actually a beautiful mermaid named Felicity, Oliver can’t decided if he’s more shocked by her existence or the fact that he feels such a strong connection to her. Coming from two different worlds, Oliver and Felicity must decided if their love is true and what they’re willing to sacrifice to make it work.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow or any of its characters. Except for the Olicity edits, the rest of the images and gifs aren’t mine.

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Like and Subscribe

Prompts are open. I watch way too many of these kind of videos so I was all over this. In my brain John is like a less sweet-as-sugar Markiplier, and Dirk is almost certainly a Ray-style fan-fave Twitch gamer. (John playing horror games with the Ghostbusters music as his outro is my new aesthetic.)

For whatever it’s worth, you were very drunk during the stream.

Honestly, you aren’t even sure how you remembered to upload it, but there it is, with a much larger number of views than you expected, and twice as many comments as normal.

Okay, well. At least the traces of your inebriation are all over the title, and the description, if you can even call the jumble of words down there descriptive.

You squint, sipping your coffee, dreading what you did wrong, other than your abuse of the English language. Bad things are what usually what gets the comments- your mistakes, the moments you slip up and say something offensive in the wrong ways, the times you mention something you didn’t know was as big a deal as it is.

You glance at the comments with trepidation.

Oh no.

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The End?!!!

I have not posted about the cancellation of Outsiders because I just cannot emotionally handle the end of #Sasil.  

The writers of this show made some big mistakes. The death of Asa and the overhaul of Big Foster really ruined the narrative. The show was not yet strong enough to take out the main character. 

I hate that tonight might be our last Sasil ever and their story deserves continuation. Fanfic writers know what to do.

21.06.17 (1/100 days of productivity) 

Since I made this blog last year I’ve always wanted to join in this challenge but I’ve never had the courage to do so but yesterday I’ve decided to do it because I have 2 big exams that will decide the university I’ll go to and I need to study more than I’ve ever did. This is my first ever post on this blog. I hope you like it. I also started bullet journaling and I enjoy it very much. I’ll always post a day later because I study till late hours and after studying I don’t have the energy to edit pictures and uploading it. (As I’m not a native English speaker I might have some mistakes if you want to you can correct me I wouldn’t mind).

Okay, So Like...

Doing another Pacifist Run and there was no way I was not going to call Pap in every room, but then…

Uhh, “jump”?

How dafuq could he possibly-



If Sans can call his weird physics-breaking abilities “Shortcuts” then I’m calling Pap’s “Jumps”, I don’t care if not all of them technically involve jumping!

…I need to go to bed, I’m looking WAY too much into this

But, hey, headcanons!

I mean, I’m pretty sure Undyne says something similar for one of the seed bridge puzzles, but I’m also preeety sure the jump wouldn’t be as big? I dunno if anyone has a screenshot of that call?

Edit: Okay, so I am a dingus who should not be allowed to post at 3am and apparently missed the fact that, as some people have pointed out, Papyrus says the gap is what he jumps over, which…

Okay, yeah, an adult would totally be able to make that jump, heck, a kid might be able to, okay fair enough…

But I still think my headcanon could hold some water-

Wait, hear me out!!

When I realised I made a mistake, I was like “Whoops, okay, fair enough”, but because I’m annoyingly obsessive, I thought about it a little and something occurred to me…

Okay, so there’s a couple of things that can be inferred from Pap’s speech in this screenshot.

Now obviously in the game you don’t have to redo the puzzles when backtracking since it would be annoying af to have to redo them every time you want to go back somewhere. So when playing, I kinda considered this a bit of a Story-Gameplay Segregation as I don’t think an explanation is given as to why the puzzles remain solved (not counting Geno Runs as there is an in-universe explanation for the puzzles being done there in the form of Your Best Friend), although please correct me if I’m wrong.

However, Papyrus makes it clear here that the puzzles DO reset after some time and that the Monsters themselves have to solve them to get past, he also specifies that he jumps instead of solving it. So maybe they reset after a certain amount of time (though that would kinda render them pointless since they’re supposed to stop humans, but well, Monsters don’t exactly seem to know much about humans anyway)?

And obviously, Pap clearly states that he has to jump over the gap, that there is no hidden switch for solving this puzzle.

However consider this; this only really works if we assume he is coming FROM Snowdin TOWARDS the Ruins. If he jumps the gap then, he doesn’t need to solve the puzzle as it would be redundant (although he’d still most likely fall down onto the bottom platform as you can only slide across the middle and hit the button, but I’m about to get to that).

So what if we assume Papyrus is coming FROM the Ruins TOWARDS Snowdin?

Well, obviously if you haven’t solved this puzzle and you hit the switch or try to go around the sides, you’ll fall onto the platform below. As the screenshot above shows, the only way to get to the ledge that Papyrus jumps across is to go through the middle, you can’t reach it by going around the sides. And if you go through the middle, you’ll hit the button and it’ll just be a vicious cycle from there…

So to get to the point of my inane rambling; if Papyrus is coming from the direction of the Ruins, there is no way he could even reach the gap without first solving the puzzle as he would keep falling onto the platform below (and probs destroy his Snow-Papyrus in the process, God forbid!) but his phonecall makes it clear that he does NOT solve the puzzle.

Therefore, one could still argue that he could give the laws of physics a big ol’ “Fuck You” and jump across the whole thing!

Haha, yeah, I‘m totally not thinking too much about something that’s probably in reality nothing more than a Willing-Suspension-of-Disbelief moment.

I hope I’m being at least somewhat coherent here, I have a tendency to ramble.

But, hey, it’s possible I’ve just misinterpreted something again.

Probable even.

But, meh, I like my little headcanon.

Also, there’s soo many kids and teens in Snowdin and there’s a freakin’ ledge they could fall down right near the town, like Jesus Christ! I know there are other dangerous puzzles in the Underground, but at most those ones will just knock off a couple of HP, not sure the same can be said if you fall down a cliff! And it’s not like Papyrus just painted this one if he needs to jump over it.

Edit Numero Duo: I originally reblogged from myself to add my second argument and amendments to this, but since the original ended up getting more notes than I expected, I decided I should do what I should have done originally and just edit the original since I’d rather people see the whole thing.

There is a reason my blog’s title is “Lily has no idea what she’s doing”.

Also will my freakin’ grammar app stop flagging up the way I spell “realised”? I’m British, that’s how I spell it dammit!

About Klance Week 2016 And The Dirty Laundry Discourse

I am no longer participating in Klance week this year. I’m seriously disappointed in the Voltron fandom as a whole. Personally, I don’t even want to be involved in the discourse surrounding Dirty Laundry but it made its way to my dashboard and i feel the need to address it.

As a white person, I cannot speak on behalf of the latinx community, nor voice their opinions on which part of the fic were racist or not, and thusly i will not say anything in relation to that.

However, I can and will address the controversy surrounding Alexi and her autism. I have a younger brother and a close friend who are autistic. My brother’s autism and my friend’s autism are very different, with my brother being noticeably less autistic than my friend. I cannot believe that people think that all autism is the same and have the audacity to tell someone that they “aren’t autistic enough”. Also, Alexi was introduced very recently, and her character hasn’t been fleshed out yet, so i don’t want to hear a single fucking word about how she “isn’t an accurate representation of autism”.

And lastly, I want to talk about the fact that the Voltron fandom, a fandom that hasn’t even been around for 4 months, has bullied a fucking minor into shutting down their ask box, and deciding to finish their fanfiction that they previously enjoyed writing in one big update because they have received so much hate that the fic is more of a burden than a fun thing to write. As a minor myself, it genuinely makes me worried. I’m scared to post my own content because I know that there’s a whole group of SJWs waiting to tear me down for the slightest mistakes. This might be the most infuriating thing about this whole situation to me, honestly. Gibslythe fucking apologized. They admitted to their mistakes, addressed that some parts of their work could be offensive, and made moves to fix it. But you stupid jerks just couldn’t be satisfied, and now something that was fun and interesting for a whole lot of people is being ended too quick just because you were offended. I am so fucking disappointed in this fandom.

TD;DR: I’m pissed about how people treated Gibslythe and am not going to be participating in Klance Week this year because I’m worried about getting backlash from the Voltron fandom for small mistakes.

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do you know any chaptered fics?


Summary: It’s 1924. Dallon Weekes is a part of Chicago’s Flaming Youth: rich, trendy, bored young men who thrive on jazz, illegal liquor, and the most sexually liberated women (and men) in American history. But when a young man in a bookstore catches his attention, Dallon’s carefree little world gets thrown off its axis, and he’s not sure if he’ll ever be able to go back to the way things once were. Or if he’ll want to.

15 Chapters. NC-17 overall.

  • Winter is another great Brallon AU written by someoneworthfinding which has 4 chapters and is another period piece, this time the 1980′s.

Summary: Dallon Weekes is lost, and doesn’t know it. He’s a college drop-out getting by on warehouse wages and overly optimistic dreams. He wants to break out of the dreary little town he lives in, find success the way everyone else in the Reagan era has, but in the back of his mind he knows: that lovely bass guitar he’s been saving up for won’t be enough, especially when he’s pushing thirty. After a drunken encounter with Brendon, his naive, cheery new boss, Dallon starts to look at things a little differently. Brendon is not what he seems to be on the surface, and Dallon is the only one who can see that. This will be the long winter that changes Dallon’s life. For better, or worse.

4 Chapters. Rated NC-17 overall.

  • Hold Onto Your Heart by p4vl0ve is another great multi-chap AU Brallon fic. (These are all AUs, haha.) This one is set in England with Dallon as a former pro golfer.

Summary: Dallon J. Weekes is one of the most successful golf players of all time, and his life is practically perfect. That is, untill the day he is badly injured in a car accident, and it all falls apart. He retracts to the UK to start over, and someone very special stumbles into the mess he barely calls a life. But maybe that’s just what he needs..

8 Chapters. NC-17 overall.

  • Jungle Cats and Cartoon Mice is an older Brallon fic and it’s a highschool teacher/student AU with teachers Mr. Weekes and Mr. Walker, and students Brendon and Spencer. So there’s some Jon/Spencer in the mix but it’s mostly Brallon. Awwwwesome fic.

Summary: Not being allowed to have what he wanted wasn’t something Dallon was used to…

8 Chapters. NC-17 overall.

Then there’s the new fic constcllate has been writing which currently has 3 chapters.

  • Violin Strings which is set in present-day and in our universe, with Brendon and Dallon working on the new album with Spencer officially out of the band etc. It’s sexy!

Summary: While pulling an all-nighter to finish a song, emotions run high for brendon and old feelings are aroused as he makes a very big mistake that might leave him without a body to warm him at night.

3 Chapters so far (WIP.) Rated R so far. (I think? It’s not quite NC-17.)

Those are all I can recommend right now, unfortunately! There are lots more on Wattpad in particular so I’ll post links to more multi-chaptered fics as I read and enjoy them!

Hope this helps!



  • Pairing: Klaine
  • Word count: 15k
  • [Link to the original art]
  • Read on [AO3]
  • SummaryBlaine wants to meet his soulmate more than anything - until he realizes how fragile love can be. From that moment on he refuses to go out there and open himself up for the thing he’s always longed for. If he doesn’t meet his soulmate, there’s nothing to fear, right? Only life has different plans for him and every road not taken leads him straight to the man he’s never wanted to meet. A soulmate story.
  • Author’s note: Written for the Blaine Anderson Big Bang 2015. Warnings first: There’s the necessary evil of homophobia and violence in this story. Other than that I think it’s pretty safe to read, but if it bothers you, then maybe this story might be triggering for you.Now to the more pleasant part: I want to thank @greninjaaaa for her gorgeous art for this post and if you’re on tumblr, you should definitely give it some love. ♥
    A special thanks as well to the mods of the Big Bang who showed way more patience with me than I deserved. Thank you for organizing this amazing event that gives us the chance to get in touch with more people.And last but not least, the person who was forced to read this entire thing with all its glorious mistakes. Thanks to @frumiousme for being my beta. I wasn’t the easiest candidate for this job, but you helped tremendously.Thanks to everyone who’s reading, especially those who might leave me a comment. I hope you enjoy the ride. ♥

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anonymous asked:

Moi! I'm studying Finnish but sometimes I feel like I can't do this, I tried it hard but I don't know how to memorize all the words or GRAMMAR, also my phone is in Finnish. I feel so stupid or unable to express myself and it makes me really upset because I want it so bad but I can't. How can I do to be able to focus more? (sorry of something is wrong, I speak Spanish🙄)


Firstly, I believe in you. You can absolutely do this.

Also I squealed a bit cause I get so happy when someone wants to learn Finnish.

I’ve heard a lot of talking about Finnish being the hardest thing ever, which might be discouraging. So to start here are some reasons why Finnish is easy to learn.

How long have you been studying? Remember it takes a while to learn a language, even with good motivation. Do it in your own time, no need to hurry. I know the feeling, I’ve been learning Russian for two years and it feels like I can’t say anything.

For vocabulary I recommend using a fun way to learn, even if it might be slower than just reading lists up and down. Some things you can try:

-translate songs, and listen to songs. You can understand one word or phrase somewhere? Great job, give yourself a high-five.

-follow “suomitumblr” aka finnish tumblr blogs and others who post in finnish, they’re sometimes written quickly in slang though so you might be confused. (And be aware that inappropriate stuff isnt uncommon in suomitumpleri…). Some:

@saakelinsuolasirotin @ulkomaa @ristiinrastiinnaulittu @perus-suomalainen

-talk to me wait im boring tho… or someone else in Finnish!! We can chat like me and my real life friends do, multilingually. If we cant remember a word we just say it in another language. And I can correct big mistakes (nobody cares about small ones).

- stick post-its with the words written on all around your living spaces, so that you see them often even if you’re not actually studying.

-the last one is using Memrise if you don’t already, which isn’t “fun” in that way, but I find learning words using it is easy.

For grammar I’m really not helpful at all, since I’m lost when it comes to that in Russian, and in Finnish I only learn some mostly unnecessary shit at school.

What I do though, is I have example sentences and learn in what type of sentences it’s used by heart.

Try reading these articles, they seem good

Learning grammar

In this they talk about english, but it can be applied to any language

you dont need to study grammar to learn a language

You’re not stupid for not being able to express yourself, in fact you’re smart for wanting and working on expressing yourself in another language.

The best tip I have is don’t worry. no one cares if you make mistakes. except the trolls but ignore them they are the stupid ones and are only here to make you feel bad. We others only want to help. im such a hypocrite here tho

I’ll gladly help you some more, just send in a ask/message me. I hope this was helpful in some way.



In order to celebrate my favorite ship of all the ships I have, I’m going to make another post of fanfictions recommendation. It’s been a long time since the last time I made them, so this one is going to be verryy veryy loooong? XD XD 

There are some warnings tho hehe:

  2. There might be a high possibilities that I post the fic that I already post before
  3. I’m being lazy ass to remind you guys which one is rated PG-17, PG-13, etc etc XD XD (but I guess mostly are rated, or at least have mild smut hehe)
  4. Probably will make a rec post about author, soon, hopefully tho hehe. 
  5. Remind me if there’s any mistake.



Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

Hey everyone! So it’s been a year since I started this blog, and I have to say, out of the almost 6 years I’ve spent on tumblr by now and the many, many blogs I’ve run so far, this blog is the one that means the most to me! 

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pkmn-trainer-touko-tajiri  asked:

are you still taking rvb prompts? Because I have a MIGHTY need for carwash sibs. Specifically carwash in project freelancer days, but no one on the team knows they're siblings. Except Maine. Prompt would be: One of the other freelancer figuring it out.

I really like the idea of Wash and Lina looking a lot alike, and then acting like they have no idea what people are talking about when they mention it.

“So, Maine might know we’re siblings,” Wash started out tentatively, swinging his feet back and forth. He was perched on Carolina’s bed, watching her get ready for the day, and trying to find a good time to break the news. He figured sooner was better than later.

To his surprise, Carolina barely reacted, continuing to brush her hair. “Of course he does.”

“Wait, what?” Wash asked, eyes narrowed. “Did you tell him?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Carolina replied. “He’s smart. And he hangs out with both of us so often he was bound to notice.”

“Oh. Right.” Wash fell silent for a moment. “And yet York still doesn’t know.”

“York is… York,” Carolina finished with a sigh. She moved to pull her hair back, wincing slightly as she moved her injured shoulder.

“Here, let me.” Wash hopped off the bed, striding over. He’d had a lot of practice growing up, and was arguably better at styling hair than Carolina was. “Give me the brush, you know how your hair is.”

“I blame the years of hair dye,” Carolina said, handing over her brush. “And the shitty shampoo of military school.”

“Excuses, excuses.”

They fell silent as Wash brushed her hair, humming quietly. Carolina relaxed, letting out a soft sigh and leaning back in her chair.

The door behind them slid open. Wash ignored it, assuming it was just Maine.

“…what’s going on here?” Yorks voice asked. Wash jumped, looking over his shoulder to find York eying them suspiciously.

“Wash is doing my hair,” Carolina said with a shrug. “Hard to do with a busted shoulder.”

“I could do your hair,” York offered, sounding more than a little jealous.

Wash tried to hide the snort that escaped him. He finished with Carolina’s hair, turning to face York. “Are you really jealous right now?”

York pouted. “I am not!”

Carolina turned around, raising an eyebrow. “I think he might be jealous, Wash.”

“No, I’m,” York paused, looking back and forth between them and their matching smirks. “You two look really similar, has anyone ever told you that? Like, really similar.”

“Really, we look similar,” Carolina deadpanned, glancing at Wash. “Have you ever heard that before, Wash?”

“No, never,” Wash replied. “ Well there might have been that one time-”

“-or two-”

“-or eight.”


Realization dawned on York’s face. “Please tell me you two aren’t-”

“Brother and sister?” Wash asked. “Okay then.”

“We won’t tell you,” Carolina finished.

York groaned. “And suddenly everything makes sense.”

“It’s okay, York,” Wash said, patting him on the shoulder as he walked by. “It’s an honest mistake.”

“Shut up.”

Daphne: “We’re trapped!”

…uh… guys… I know it’s a 2D cartoon and all, but… you’re in the middle of a big, empty field. 

I mean, sure, left and right are blocked, but there’s still forward and backward to try, clearly available. Might want to give those a go before you give up? Maybe? No?

Ok, sorry I asked.

Please for the love of all things good and pure in the world do NOT ship the shadowhunters actors SERIOUSLY together, like joking around , it’s fun. But just don’t actually be serious especially if they are all pretty much in serious relationships. Don’t tag them in weird posts that might make them uncomfortable because right now I actually think everyone in this fandom is actually pretty sane about the actors personal lives which I LOVE. And I don’t want that to change or things to start getting weird,yanno? They can joke around and become more comfortable the more we respect their personal lives as we should anyways. Never get too serious about ships outside of the show because that will be a big mistake trust me I’ve been in a Fandom where they didn’t and things just got weird and bad for everyone especially the actors. This cast is a family and I want it to stay like that. So just be respectful.

Advice: Improving Description and Style

Anonymous asked: okay, so i really hate my writing style? i want to be able to write really poetically and descriptively. do you have any tips? (i love your blog btw)

The three best things you can do if you want to improve your description and style:

1) Read a lot - read a variety of books, read short stories and poems, read song lyrics and essays–really, read anything you can get your hands on.

2) Observe the world around you - good description, and even writing poetically, is all about transforming a scene into something the reader can imagine. In order to do that, you need to be able to imagine it, too–as if you were there. This means that you need to constantly pay attention to the world around you so you can begin to store life’s little important details. For example, the sound of wind rushing through a corn field, the smell of rain falling on hot pavement, or the taste of food that has been overcooked. When you write, you can call up these little details and work them into your descriptions to help bring a scene alive for your reader. Try keeping a writing journal and write interesting observations down for safe keeping.

3) Write a lot - practice makes perfect, and one of the best ways you can improve your description and style is to keep pushing the envelope when you write. Try out new words, play with metaphor and simile, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Sometimes you’ll fall flat or make big mistakes, but that’s all part of the learning process.

Here are some other posts that might help you:

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