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His Girl

Summary: Bucky admires the girl of his dreams, aka the Reader, during a party. Her only problem?  The man holding her hand.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 2507

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (male receiving), love triangle, someone gets cheated on, a little bit of angst.

A/N: Here it is, my first attempt on posting something of my own. This might be read by no one ever, but still, I’ve had so much fun in the process and probably will do it again… Thank you so much @dretjie12  for being my beta and putting out with me. You have a special place in my heart.

English is not my first language, so you’ll find grammar mistakes and nonsenses. Sorry! Feedback always welcomed!

Bucky enters the party making a beeline for the bar. It was one of Tony’s big shindigs at the Avenger’s Tower. He had lost count of how many he had attended since he joined the team and could barely remember the reason for it, if there ever had been one to start with.

It has been a slow process of readaptation after he came back from Wakanda, where T’chala’s scientists had finally found a treatment for the trigger words and other horrors Hydra had seen fit to grace his mind with. He still struggled with social events, preferring, instead, to hide in a nondescript corner sipping on whatever drink he took fancy to.

Taking a discreet balcony seat,  he waits for the whisky he had ordered from the bartender. He searches the crowd, looking for the face he so longs to see.. Y/n

It had been like this from the moment he laid eyes on her. His gaze always searching, admiring her, his entire being longing for her presence. Bucky couldn’t understand why she had this effect on him, they had barely exchanged more than two words with her, shying away from her whenever she drew near.

But he was infatuated by Y/N, by how she had held his left hand when they were introduced, he was so entranced with her that he had held on longer than what was deemed socially acceptable, and yet she never let go before he did. The way her hair swung from side to side when she walked,  how she was always looking straight into the eyes of whomever she was talking to, the way her nose crinkled when she laughed, Oh her laugh! the most amazing sound Bucky had ever heard. And she was always laughing, with everyone…

Except with him. Why wouldn’t she speak to him?  Fear… That was the only possible explanation in Bucky’s mind. Of course an angelical person like her would be frightened by him…The winter soldier, the Fist of Hydra, the Assassin… 

With the whisky now in his hands, his lips touch the glass when he finally sees her..

OH, Y/n…

There she was, across the room, laughing while Sam talked to her. For a moment Bucky wishes he could be the lucky bastard who was able to make her laugh like that. He takes a minute to admire the woman of his dreams. She had her hair curled falling on her shoulders and was wearing a long strappy  black dress with a side slit that went high enough to make Bucky’s heart speed up. The deep V neckline wasn’t doing any good to his mental state either…

God, she’s perfect – Bucky momentarily worries that he had said that out loud,  But he genuinely can’t find a single flaw in her. Well, maybe the only problem is the man holding her hands. Steve Rogers, Captain America, Bucky’s best and only friend in the world, the man who started a fucking Civil War to defend him.

She was his girl. That’s why, besides the fact that he probably scares the shit out of her, he would never get to touch Y/N, feel her skin on his. Why he avoids any kind of direct contact and is happy to venerate her from a distance. He couldn’t , by any means, give in to his feelings or even approach her.  Wait, could it be the reason why she avoided him as well? No, it’s fear, for sure.

He’s dated girls, trying hard to get her out of his head.  He had slept with women that would probably be taken as more beautiful or sexier than Y/N by any other person. Not for Bucky though… All he accomplished was to compare her with every single woman he’s been with, and wonder how it would feel if she was the one he was holding, kissing, making love to.

“Jesus, you’re so screwed” Drowned in his thoughts Bucky’d missed the readhead approaching, martini in her hand, sitting on a bench next to him with a smirk on her lips.

“What are you talking about, Romanoff?” He tries to play the ignorance card, knowing damn well that it would be pointless. The stunning spy was able to read his mind like no other, Steve included. Maybe it was their shared past, the one they never speak of, but lingers in the air. The ex-assassins simply understood each other.

“Please Barnes, you’re offending me”  Natasha rolls her eyes and takes the drink to her mouth.  

Bucky leans down his head with a humorless laugh  “That obvious, huh?”

“To me, yes”.  She spends a moment observing him, who had got back to watch the woman across the room hand in hand with his best friend. With a sigh, she kindly places her empty hand on the soldier’s shoulder. “Just be careful, Bucky. Neither of you have been discreet lately” Bucky turns his head, looking with eyebrows knitted close together  at Natasha, who was showing a rare sympathetic smile.

“What do you mean? In what way she’s not being discreet?”  

The empathy on Natasha’s face was replaced by a familiar glare, before she  stands up and turns her back leaving Bucky behind, mumbling words that his enhanced hearing caught as “Stupid Super Soldiers.  No Serum in the brains, for sure”.  But that didn’t answer his doubts…

He watches as Natasha joins the rest of the gang who was now sitting by a round table close to the dance floor. As usual, she takes the chair next to Clint Barton. Bucky moves his eyes to Steve, who is sitting across from the Widow, leaning in to say something. She responds by pointing to the Bar where Bucky stood. The Captain turns his head to his best friend, grinning and making a gesture calling him toward the gathered group.

Finding no way to decline the offer, Bucky nods and heads to the table that was also accommodating Sam, Wanda and Maria Hill. Getting close, he notices that the only left seat was the one next to Y/N, who had her back turned to him.

“Hey Buck, Join us, the food is amazing” Steve said with a mouthful pointing to his plate with the fork.

The fact that his fellow Super Soldier was the only one eating - an exorbitant amount of food- made him remember the skinny kid from Brooklyn that could barely finish a whole glass of milk. The memory brought a warm smile to Bucky’s face, which faded as soon as he spotted Y/N glancing nervously at the empty seat, avoiding his gaze.. 

“Uhmm, I don’t know pal, I’m not really that hungry” Bucky replies, attempting to  refrain from the situation..

“Oh come on Buck, grace us with your presence, It’s not like you have somewhere else to go.  Or do you already have a broad waiting?” Sam was now talking, emphasizing the word in an attempt to tease his 100 year old friend.

Missing Y/N taking a long sip from her own whisky, Bucky pretends to be amused by the conversation. He can’t find it in him to prolong the subject, so he pulls out a chair and takes his seat. 

The group of friends goes back to chatting, no one seems to notice Bucky flinching when his right thigh brushes against Y/N’s left one under the table. Goosebumps sprung unbidden across his skin. He was now expecting her to pull away and move the chair, but instead, she was leaning on his touch and the sensation was overwhelming…

All the noise surrounding them fades away, replaced by the sound of his beating heart.

He rests his hand on his leg and by the corner of his eyes he sees Y/N doing the same thing. Feeling a rush of boldness, he moves it closer to hers until their pinkies link between their laps. He feels dizzy when she softly caresses his finger with hers and all of a sudden, like it was the most natural thing to do, they have  all of their fingers tightly interlocked, holding hands, covered by the table cloth.

Bucky’s mind was running in full speed, and was hard to catch his breath, but yet, for that moment, time seemed to have frozen and everything was slow motion. No… It was not fear… She was touching him, he had her soft hand in his calloused one. And it felt so right…

Bucky’s stupor was interrupted by a familiar voice in the far distance.

“Are you ok, Barnes? Your face is white as sheet” It was Natasha, of fucking course.

With the unwanted attention, Y/N quickly removes her hand and backs away her leg, making Bucky feel empty.

“Ahm, Yeah  I..I guess I need another drink, I’ll be right back” Bucky leaves the table choosing to ignore Natasha’s suspicious look. To his relief the rest of their friends were apparently unfazed. 

In need of a place to calm his restless state, he heads to the rooftop. Getting out of the elevator he feels the breeze of the night and, watching the city lights, the puzzled events of the last couple of minutes keep running over in his mind.  She had touched him, he could still feel the burning where their skin met and he knows that she was as much affected by it as him… What the hell was happening?

The quietness provided by the place was interrupted by the elevator ding, his heart jumps when he sees the person coming out of it and, without giving it a second though, he takes two quick steps, closing the distance between Y/N and him, feverously pressing their lips together. She immediately kissed him back, one hand tangling in his chocolate locks, while the other snaked up his muscular chest. 

Without breaking the kiss, Bucky pins her against the nearest wall. He’s so drunk in her taste that he doesn’t want to let her go…Not again. He tastes the whisky she’s been drinking mixed with her chapstick and something sweet, that he knew was her, and only her. 

Both of her arms around his neck now, one hand still grabbing his hair in a grip. She gasps for air and Bucky attacks her collarbone with a trail of hot kisses, reaching the pulse point to lightly bite on it. She lets out a moan and tightens  the hold on his locks.

“I need you… Please” She speaks with a breathless voice, reaching to palm the bulge in his pants. If Bucky had a tiny bit of control until then, it was completely lost now. The avenger captures her mouth once again, travelling his hand up her exposed leg through the dress slit, burying his fingers under her panties to find her already damp, the sensation pulls a loud groan from him.  

He pushes the black lace material down to her knees and she works her legs to let it drop to the floor, stepping out of it. Bucky pulls the opening of Y/N’s long gown up to her waist while she quickly goes for his belt, releasing Bucky’s erection.  Not being able to lose any more time  he guides his pulsing cock to her wet entrance. It feels like a punch to a gut when he finally sheaths his length inside her, the air leaving him in a long, torturous exhale. 

Bucky holds her left leg up, keeping it locked around his waist, and uses his metal hand to support himself on the wall, while she maintains a firm grip on his shoulders.  He goes slow at first, allowing their bodies to get acquainted with each other. For what feels like the first time, they stare into each others eyes, and at the moment, Bucky feels a sense of calm, a sense of peace he had not known for a long time..

He watches her as she closes her eyes and parts her lips slightly, whimpering in pleasure. “Oh Bucky…” hearing his name on her mouth in such a sinful way made his heart melt and his cock twitch inside of her.

His thrusts grow faster and the two of them become a mess of heavy breaths and moans. Bodies glued together. The frenzy only increases when Bucky readjusts her leg on his waist and his flesh fingers meet Y/N’s clit.  He circles the nub of nerves in fast, harsh circles, The slight change in the angle and the extra stimulation make her let out a scream of pure ecstasy, signaling her climax. Bucky feels her clenching around him and he knows he isn’t going to last much longer.

It startles him for a second when she pushes at his chest, forcing him to pull out of her pulsing heat. His mind goes blank when she sinks to her knees and envelops his throbbing cock with her hot mouth. Her soft lips around his cock and a few bobs were too much for him to handle. “I.. I’m … gonna…. ”, Bucky warns, only making Y/N clutch his hips still, not letting him pull away from her. He groans loudly and she takes everything he has to offer, not missing a drop.

Struggling to breath, Bucky helps her get on her feet and keeps her in a tight embrace, forehead leaned against hers, both in a blissful state. When breathing wasn’t so hard anymore, she was the first one to speak.

“I love Steve… I really do” Bucky sighs at the mention of  his friend’s name.

“Yeah, I know, I love that punk too” he responds matter-of-factly in a sad smile.

“I don’t want to hurt him” she continues. “But you…” She  whispers.  “You’ve been on my mind ever since we’ve met, I’ve been going crazy” tears starts to form in her eyes.

Bucky’s ribcage was fighting against the strong beating of his heart. “Yeah, I know the feeling, Doll” he says in a low voice, brushing his thumb on her cheeks.

She tears herself from him and leans down to grab her panties on the floor allowing him to gather himself too. “This can’t … won’t happen again” She manages to make her words convincing, standing up in front of him again, holding the delicate material.

Bucky closes his eyes and nods. He had known this was coming, but it did nothing to ease the pain of hearing those words. Y/N grabs his chin, forcing him to look at her. They stare at each other for a long moment before she locks their lips together in a smooch.  Bucky feels her shoving one hand inside of his pocket before she breaks the kiss to leave.

He keeps looking at the city lights when he hears the elevator going down. He knows that it would all come eventually, the sorrow, the guilt, the heartache. But at that moment, all he could do was feel on cloud nine, turning his lips up in a grin, while his fingers played absent-mindedly with the piece of black lace inside his pocket.

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I must ask this question... Have you ever felt like giving up on the comic?

Actually this is really funny because this is one of our inside jokes. Before we had Anna helping us with grammar/spelling, we usually spotted mistakes (and they were pretty big ones!) after posting a pageset. Which did cause some distress and a rush to fix it before it got too many reblogs with the mistakes on it. Our reactions were like this:

After the first two or so times, we started screaming “That’s it, we’re deleting the blog. I quit!” And it just became our joke for every time we made a big mistake.

We’ve had other inside jokes. But this one is probably my favorite just because of how stupidly dramatic we made it out to be.

((if you see a mistake on an old reblog, check the originals first. It might be one of those mistakes that weren’t found until it was far too late… but we fixed it anyway.))

But to answer your question, we never seriously considered quitting the comic. We want to see our stories through to the end. Or where ever we decide the end is!

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How do I write a good already established romance between to characters?

So, previously I did talk about the components of a good romance story. Though I did talk a lot about building the romance, there is still some good tips that we can work with. You’re still going to want the compatibility, the likability, etc. There are also a few more things we can look at too.

Because there isn’t going to be “the thrill of the chase” that comes with pursuing the romance, you need to make it exciting for the readers in other ways. 

1. Individually developed characters: There is little more anything than a couple that only seems to appear as a unit. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been together as couple or how much they love each other- they should not appear attached at the hip, so to speak. Each member should have their own arcs, that do not revolve around each other!

Also included- they should have relationships with other characters. Friends, family, enemies even. So long as their social sphere is bigger than just their lover.

2. Comfort: Couples that have been together for a while will know each other pretty well. Flaws, strengths, likes, dislikes, inside jokes and secrets between them. A lot of this will show in how they interact with one another- a strong romance shouldn’t just be love and kissing, they might also be friends and confidantes. They’ve probably learned how to read each other’s moods and body language, know where to draw the line on joking around, etc. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be new things to discover about one another, however! But a long-time couple will interact differently than a new one.

3. And conflict: Being together for a while doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing, however! Remember that in romances, like in anything else, conflict is what creates the drama. They might fight sometimes. They might have really big fights, sometimes. There can also be outside conflicts that put their relationship to the test. Miscommunication, keeping secrets, telling lies, here’s my general conflict post again. Again, conflict is what keeps readers turning pages, and keeps the interest going.

Growth: Almost a separate point, but I’ll just include it under conflict. Take a look at Growth and Influence on the other post. Often times conflict will determine how a couple grows and influences each other. When you make a mistake, it is often your partner that holds you accountable,as part of loving and supporting someone is helping and inspiring them to become the best person they can be.

Of course, if a romance has too much conflict, particularly in the way they interact or conflict generated by the couple themselves, you risk losing their sense of compatibility.

4. Compatibility: I know I talked about it on that other post already, but it’s pretty important. This couple has to work together in order for readers to root for it. If they are constantly fighting or stirring up drama with one another, they may not be so perfect a fit. Romance is a big part of the story, and if it isn’t something that the readers can cheer for, then it almost immediately becomes something tedious or annoying.

And the last thing I am going to mention for today,

5. Memorability: This is going to be the jokes, the secrets, the sweet moments that stand out. Think of any relationship that is strong in your life. More than likely- and especially if you’ve known each other for a while- there are certain things that you share between you, that can even include everyday objects or phrases that remind you of memories you made with your loved ones. These are the little jokes, habits, hobbies, and practices that define their relationship as something real and unique, like a character of it’s own. You know, the moments that are GIFed or drawn or quoted or ranted about all over tumblr like “omg I’m still not over it,” or the “Okay? Okay” that makes teens cry for a solid year. 

Okay, time to wrap up, but I hope this helps, thanks for the message!


At the Edge of the Ocean (Olicity AU fic Part 1)

Hey guys, I’d been toying for weeks with the idea of doing a unique Olicity AU one-shot. I very rarely write fics with mystical elements but once this idea popped into my head, I couldn’t get it out. I also blame @agentsassydirewolf​ for letting me rant about it and adding fuel to the fire in my creative brain! Thank you, and I hate you (just kidding…kinda sorta)! ;)

Anyway, I’ve always loved mermaids. They are by far my favorite mythical creature. I recently re-watched Splash (a big, glorious mistake) and felt compelled to finally bring my Olicity mermaid AU obsession to life. This was originally going to be a one-shot but while writing yesterday, I realized there was too much to cram into a single post. I also wanted to have this posted in time for Valentine’s Day, so I’m splitting it up into two parts (I’m still working on the second one right now).  

I haven’t yet decided if this might turn into a short, mutli-chapter ficlet. But let me know if you guys want to read more, and I might add it to my list of future fics to work on. I’m not sure how the visual aspects and edits will format on AO3, so I’m posting strictly to Tumblr for now.

Thanks in advance for reading, everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Pairing: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Rating: T

Summary: AU. Oliver almost drowns when the Queen’s Gambit sinks and is saved by a mysterious creature. When he learns that his savior is actually a beautiful mermaid named Felicity, Oliver can’t decided if he’s more shocked by her existence or the fact that he feels such a strong connection to her. Coming from two different worlds, Oliver and Felicity must decided if their love is true and what they’re willing to sacrifice to make it work.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow or any of its characters. Except for the Olicity edits, the rest of the images and gifs aren’t mine.

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Don’t look for me.

For I am buried under the sand that you deposited in the bottomless sea,

I suffocate everyday but I can’t scream whilst you’re not listening,

I’m trapped in the time that you created and when I think I can breathe, the air is forced out of me.

I could reach out my withering hand and have you pull me from the dark,

But I’d rather claw my way through the hot pit to which I have been cursed,

I’ll choke, blinded as I fight my way upward, forcing your prison away,

Instead of accepting your hand, as you planned me to do, tying me to your eternal winter,

When I could be greeted by Spring if I only rely on me.

So, don’t look for me.

For I’ll be gone by the time your boredom forces you to wonder,

All that will be left is a whisper by the shore,

But when you realise the mistakes you made, saturated with your unquenchable hate

I’ll be floating with the clouds on the warm Spring air,

And I’ll be so big and so far away that I’m untouchable,

And when you look at me from the sand below, all you might receive from me is a brief hello.

So please, don’t look for me.

I’ll make it on my own.

Eric Coulter fan fiction

Hey everyone. You’re about to read my first ever fanfiction which is about Eric Coulter from Divergent. I absolutely love him and after reading tons of Eric fan fictions and imagines I decided to write my own. This is my first story I wrote so it might be a little bit shit in the beginning (I’m trying my best). I’m sorry in advance for any grammar or spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.

Chapter 1 of ?

Chapter 2

A cold breeze wakes me up. I pull the blanket over my head and close my eyes again. Wait where am I? I throw the blanket away because I realize I’m not at the infirmary where I fell asleep last night. I look around. The bed I slept in is huge, twice as big as my own and even comfier. Wherever I currently am, it’s nice. The view outside of these big windows is insane. I stand up and grab my blanket and pillow. Leaving the bedroom leads me to the living room I guess. 

“Where am I? How did I fucking end up here” I ask myself. I slept outside the infirmary yesterday with my blanket and pillow because my roommate Lynn had a visitor and they were fucking way too loud and now I’m here in some kind of apartment or hotel room.

I head towards the door. I keep looking at the floor to make sure my stuff won’t touch the floor. I open the door which happens to be the bathroom door. I hear footsteps coming closer and stopping.

“You’re in my apartment.” a deep voice got closer to my ear. “I brought you here because I saw you sleeping on the floor yesterday which didn’t really look comfy and safe at all.” Where 

I slowly turn around and perceive that Eric stands in front of me with a smirk on his face. Eric Coulter, one of the Dauntless leader, the Dauntless leader I am most afraid of because he his intimidating character frightens the hell out of me.

He’s short hair, piercings above his eyebrow and tattoos on his neck and arms. Somehow I’m attracted to him but also terrified.

“Thank you for that, but you didn’t have to do that. I’ll just quickly go. I don’t want to bother you.” I say stutteringly. Before I can leave his hand finds his own way to my shoulder. It slides down from my back to your waist. My whole body is numb. He pulls me closer to him. “Tell me your name and position first ” he whispers in my ear. I can feel his breath on my skin. “My name is y/n and I work in the infirmary” I say while staring at the door. “Mmh the dauntless nurse” he gazes me from head to toe.

“Well, y/n I’ll meet you soon again. You’re free to go” he says pointing his hand to the door. Thanks for the permission Sir. I don’t say that, I just nod at him and leave. 

This was the weirdest thing that happened to me so far. Why did he pick me up and brought me to his apartment? He treats everyone so bad especially the initiates, how comes that the cold but buff leader cared for someone like me? Was he sleeping next to me? Why will he meet me again?  There are thousand questions I ask myself.

Chapter 2 is here

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The next round of media will include Karlie as a possible subject of Gorgeous. It is already starting in Europe and with Jezebel and Vanity Fair yesterday should be fun! Her compulsory Toe-the-line has not worked because the song can’t possibly fit with him. I’m living for this and so pleased she released it so it didn’t get lost in the others! This could be a very effective way of opening the closet door and questioning her sexuality right off the bat. Coming out will happen there is no doubt.

Yep, like i already posted a month ago, explaining things : it’s like a chess game: every single step has been thought of and prepared, with detail, for a couple of years…

There can be a few bumps on the road, yes, meaning they must ajust a few things (bc nothing always happens at a 100% according to the original plan), but the End Game remains the same: Checkmate ;) 

I must admit i was perplex yesterday about her releasing that song just three weeks before the album is released, i thought it was a mistake bc it would start a big buzz (and i thought it might be too soon & maybe bigger than she/they expected (esp bc of Kar’s current situation being still problematic), but after giving it more thought, i agree with you Anon…

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21.06.17 (1/100 days of productivity challenge

Since I made this blog last year I’ve always wanted to join in this challenge but I’ve never had the courage to do so but yesterday I’ve decided to do it because I have 2 big exams that will decide the university I’ll go to and I need to study more than I’ve ever did. This is my first ever post on this blog. I hope you like it. I also started bullet journaling and I enjoy it very much. I’ll always post a day later because I study till late hours and after studying I don’t have the energy to edit pictures and uploading it. (As I’m not a native English speaker I might have some mistakes if you want to you can correct me I wouldn’t mind).

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oh man thanks so much for that post that (sort of?) defended kid/ teenager characters. i am so sick of people bagging on teenager characters for being teenagers like guys do any of yall even remember being teenagers... anyway i just saw your post about that au where vlad wants jack and i'm kinda curious? if you have any more headcanons or ideas for that au? just wondering! : )

No problem. I’m always here to defend kid characters, especially ones that act like actual kids. DP has a lot of issues, but I’ve always appreciated how the kids felt real, whether it was intentional or not. Sam reminds me of so many girls around that time who wanted to reject everything popular and felt they needed to stand out as individuals. Tucker’s a laid back flirt and a slacker, but overall a nice kid. Danny reminds me of myself a lot of the time. I was an awkward nerd at that age, too, and I made my fair share of mistakes, though I meant well.

Even the other kids make me think of real kids. There are definitely those kids who think they’re way more mature than they really are and try to be the boss of everything, like Jazz. There are girls who can be harsh and a bit shallow like Paulina. There are plenty of bullies out there like Dash that take out their own insecurities on their peers. Even Danielle’s big whammy line when she turned on Vlad was “you are not the boss of me!”

I won’t act like the show was perfect. It was far from it. But so many shows make the mistake of writing teenagers to be too innocent or too mature. It’s actually rare to find those shows that make kids who really feel like kids, stupid mistakes and all. I love that about DP, and I’ll always defend them.

Ahem, now for your actual question, I noticed that post was going around again. I suppose I should’ve expected that someone might ask about it.

It’s not an au I think about a whole lot. It’s mostly just me looking at different scenes and episodes and wondering how they would’ve gone differently.

Maternal Instinct is one of my favorites to think about.

Assuming everything else in this au is the same, the episode would still open with Maddie reminiscing about when Danny was younger. The difference would be that, instead of her getting the invite for a mother/son science exhibit, it’d be Jack getting a father/son invite. Ouch. Talk about harsh irony for an already gloomy Maddie.

Trying to imagine where the episode would go from the time they get to Vlad’s manor is pretty wild, though. Jack is so oblivious to Vlad’s malicious side, and he’d be even more oblivious to his flirting. Of course, any ghosts attempting to kill Maddie for Vlad wouldn’t stand a chance. Everyone would be fine in the long run, but it might take a bit longer for Danny and Jack to get home since Jack would be having too much fun with his favorite college buddy.

The Million Dollar Ghost might not happen, or at least nowhere near the same way. Most of that plan was geared specifically toward Jack’s obsession with ghost hunting. In this AU, he wouldn’t be so eager to make Jack look like an idiot. All he’d need is to get them out of the house, so hey, maybe hire someone to interview the leading ghost experts. Force them to take a trip out of town for a day. An episode like that would end quite differently, but eh. They’re not all gonna be winners.

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head, but I’ll be glad to post more about this au if people are interested. It’s a fun but sad idea to think about. Vlad’s suffering brings me joy, but you can’t help but pity him in this.

One thing about social justice I think that gets lost a lot is the fact is that the point- ultimately- is justice. It’s for people to be able to live out first and foremost safe, and then hopefully prosperous lives regardless of race, class, body type, ability, gender, sexuality, etc.

How we picture that happening can vary somewhat of course and the exact scenario our ideal result is can too, but that’s not my point.

My point is our goal, at least for most of us, isn’t actually to be a perfect unproblematic holier than thou flower child. It’s to deconstruct and try to avoid bias, and to try and tangibly make the world a better an safer place (even beyond our lifetimes), and also for many of us, to survive.

But it’s really, really easy to lose that perspective if we don’t consciously remind ourselves, just because it’s such a massive, and not as quickly tangible goal as “never fucking up” and “making callout posts”.

Of course, we should always strive to improve ourselves, but that’s a lot easier to do when we acknowledge that the goal in doing so isn’t to never fuck up. If we remind ourselves of our long term, powerful goals, it’s a lot easier to forgive ourselves for reasonable mistakes, and work to better ourselves. (Whereas if our goal is unproblematicness, rather than reducing harm, fucking up even in a small way can feel like we sabotaged our own goal and therefore lead into defensiveness and doing more problematic behavior)

Likewise, it allows us to be compassionate to others and differenciate small mistakes from big ones, and look at the tangible effect our callouts have. That means we can communicate in the most effective way to protect people in danger and make sure we don’t support harmful behaviors.

This might be badly typed because it’s late at night. But I thought this was an important post because it was something I need to remind myself of a lot, and I find it allows me to reflect and give myself constructive criticism a lot easier, as well as improve my interactions and call-ins with other people.

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Prompts are open. I watch way too many of these kind of videos so I was all over this. In my brain John is like a less sweet-as-sugar Markiplier, and Dirk is almost certainly a Ray-style fan-fave Twitch gamer. (John playing horror games with the Ghostbusters music as his outro is my new aesthetic.)

For whatever it’s worth, you were very drunk during the stream.

Honestly, you aren’t even sure how you remembered to upload it, but there it is, with a much larger number of views than you expected, and twice as many comments as normal.

Okay, well. At least the traces of your inebriation are all over the title, and the description, if you can even call the jumble of words down there descriptive.

You squint, sipping your coffee, dreading what you did wrong, other than your abuse of the English language. Bad things are what usually what gets the comments- your mistakes, the moments you slip up and say something offensive in the wrong ways, the times you mention something you didn’t know was as big a deal as it is.

You glance at the comments with trepidation.

Oh no.

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anonymous asked:

I saw your post about Code Realize Bouquet of Rainbows! Are we not getting Code Realize Future Blessings on PS Vita? Only on PS4?!


The Code Realize - Bouquet of Rainbows is a combined version of Code Realize + the FD, and it’s for PS4. However Code: Realize – Future Blessings for PS Vita will come in 2018, like they said before. 

I know many people kept saying it would be released in 2017 (I might have made the mistake to put the picture of it on my big collection picture of games to come 2017 for PS Vita and PC), but they never really confirmed that. 

I’ve struggled a lot with my own artistic voice and style and it’s really odd when I post something and notice the mistakes but I can’t really take it back because so many people have already seen it but anyway this goes into something more personal where I’m trying to establish growth and I’m very unhappy with my art from a personal and professional standpoint so uhh I might abandon some things I’ve had in the works and try to reestablish myself and what I personally want out of my own art so idk if this means a hiatus or something but just be aware that I might not pump out some big pieces as soon as I wanted to

It’s been quite some time hasn’t it?

My post have kinda all but come to a halt(outside of my random reblogs) I’ve just been suffering from a creative drought, then again today was probably the first day I sat down and collectively just tried to have fun with some of my scribbles as opposed to trying to correct a million and one mistakes to form some sort of masterpiece(or what I would consider one at my current level) and stressing myself out in the process. 

Either way, I just wanted to apologize to those who may have followed me for the art, my post are all but sporadic now(they might stay this way for some time) and I’m just finding it hard to pump out ideas. I know I’m nothing really big nor special but I do appreciate you guys, just felt I should say something.

10 Tips when fucking a girl for the first time

In a previous post I pondered some few tips for how to hook up with a woman online, and now I am going to move on to the details of the actual first meet and how you curious gay guys or homoflexible should go about it to make it as enjoyable as possible.

1. Go slow. This will be sort of the overall theme here. If you rush it you might make mistakes, though many of them are small, you only need one big one to ruin the whole thing. Be patient, do not rush yourself or her. Things usually play out naturally at their due course. Of course this does not mean to go at a snail’s pace, just make sure you take one step at a time. Also taking your time makes you look at ease and cool and not desperate. The last thing you want is for a woman to think that you are desperate. Desperate men are simply not attractive to women or even gay men, remember that one dude that wouldn’t leave you alone at the bar? Remember, as a gay man you have experience with men. Try not to do the same things that other men did to annoy you to the girl as well. In this situation the roles are kind of reversed.

2. Find the right girl. For details on how to meet a girl online read my previous post. Even if you don’t plan to shop online I have laid out some tips that can help you either way. However you can always find women without going to the interwebs. In that case you might have a friend or a friend of a friend, a neighbor, an old high school buddy, a former co-worker that might be willing to have sex with you. Check around and you will be surprised. Maybe you will get to find out that your neighbor or friend has had a crush on you and you just had not realize it yet. The right girl is NOT your: client, a close relative or “bestie” of your current or recent boyfriend (even if he’s up for it, just don’t, trust me), current boss or co-worker, fag hag who has been hagging with you for more than six months, or any woman you have financial or familial ties with; you will save yourself a headache afterwards if things get out of hand or emotions get too deep, or if something else goes wary. If the girl is bisexual or a pretty lesbian who has some experience with men that would be great because she would understand, but it is not necessary. If you go with the lesbian make sure she isn’t too butch. For your first experience you want to have a woman who is feminine, that way you can have a better and more complete understanding of female sexuality and be able to test your arousal levels for women in general. This shouldn’t be just about fucking a pussy, its about fucking a woman, and she should have the same normal standard traits of a woman. In the end the ideal woman would understand your situation and she will help you. She will be willing to go all the way with you, finds having sex with a gay guy (or you specifically you) to be somewhat arousing, and that things may go wrong and that mistakes are likely to occur but she is able and patient. She will understand that this is a privilege given to no other woman but her and that she is mature and open minded enough to do this right as she will be the one to introduce you to heterosexual sex.  

3. Don’t go pro, yet. Once you start looking for a girl you might be tempted to maybe hire a prostitute and go the easy route. For your first hetero experience I suggest that you stay away from prostitutes. They are more transactional than anything else and will most likely lack the genuine interest in turning a gay guy straight. They simply want your money, and will not care about anything else. Their abilities are limited to men who know what they want and how they want it. If you have no clue exactly yet what you want from the experience then most likely the experience will not be that enjoyable and may fall flat. In other words, you will be paying for something that you didn’t enjoy and in the world of prostitution not paying for the service, even if it was horrible, will land you into some trouble with the whore and her coke head pimp. However an exception may be made to very professional girls, especially porn stars or models, or those who are independent (have no pimp) and are more customer service orientated since they may deal with men who have more complex needs they may be able to set aside time before they meet you to develop some rapport and for her to get to know you. These girl hang out at backpages and you can tell if they are really professional by their ad’s seriousness or tone. However these pros will likely have steeper rates than the prostitute down the street, but it may be worth it. Just make sure that she knows you are gay and this is your first time and that she is behaving very professionally, sweet and kind with you and has a complete understanding of your situation. 

4. Be prepared. Before you even start, realize that hetero sex is different from gay sex. The experience might be a bit overwhelming for some but still doable. This is true for gay bottoms who might not have any experience at all using their penis to penetrate a man, let alone a woman. For the bottoms I suggest that you can start to play with gay men, start with something you already know. But this time try to top him. Find a twink that is fem and willing to be topped by you. Get the hang of you being the penetrator. You may go as far as fucking some cross dresses too but I would, for now, stay away from trans. Trans are fucked by straight men, and you are not there yet. Fucking a trans woman is another world itself. Later on once you are sure of your hetero capabilities adding trans to your resume would be a given for some of you. For versatiles and tops keep topping (and only top) them fem twinks for a few weeks.  Then stop having any gay sexual contact for at least a month before you plan on pounding that first pussy, if you need more time that is okay. During the off period you will stop looking at gay porn, go to gay bars, and do anything gay. During this down time you will try to excite that inner hetero side of yours, and yes most gay men have it (just like most straight men who have some little gay side to them as well). Start by watching straight porn. Enjoy the close ups of the vagina fucking. Look at the straight porn that have hot straight guys you like and enjoy that. Then looking at these straight guys imagining that you are them. Imagine that you are the one fucking these girls. Take it in. Enjoy the sights then start to look at the woman being fucked. Enjoy her. Next move on to some POV porn and really get to notice the girls. Imagine that the girls are doing that to you. If you have a pocket pussy right now is a good time to use it. Watch also some lesbian porn or a solo female masturbating. Masturbate with her. If by now you noticed some arousal and hardness without the guy there (because now you are the guy) then you can be fully aroused for a woman. Which means that pussy won’t scare you and that the likelihood of you enjoying the pussy has just increased. Don’t bust a nut. For at least five days straight before you plan on taking on your first pussy it is a good idea to abstain from ejaculating. You can continue to look at the straight porn but do not ejaculate. By reserving your ejaculate you will become naturally more aroused and motivated to insert your penis in that juicy vagina. I know for some of you this sounds silly but many straight men do this and are more likely to score with a chick if they have not ejaculated in the last few days then if they did. 

5. Let her know. Make sure you have a final conversation before you have sex with her. Let her know what you expect from this experience and what you expect from her. Here you can set clear boundaries against any emotional attachment. If she is a pro, this is not necessary but you will still have to sit down with her and clear up any issues. 

6. The first move. Technically, as a gay guy, you already made the first move by setting this whole thing up. But still you may have to make a move on her to let her know that you are ready. A rub, a hug, a caress should be sufficient. If she kisses, kiss back. But you must let her touch you first. Have her touch your sexy body all over. Take off your clothes for her, piece by piece. You may hold out a bit if you are in your underwear and let her tease you. She will touch you all the the right places and then the groin. Let her massage your cock. Let her know that even though this was your idea she got you hard. Get all naked show her your hard cock. Show her, and yourself, how aroused you are and that so far this is going in the right direction. 

7. Its her turn. In unpaid hetero sex the woman is almost always wanting attention and seeks to be satisfied by her partner. That means you will have to do to her what you have done to many guys before. You will begin to softly cup and caress her breasts. Have in your mind that these might be the breasts that will feed your offspring that you will breed with this female. You will caress her body and her legs. Starting gently and then progressively getting more rough. Spank her. You will get aroused by the sight of her submitting to you. Open her legs and appreciate her pussy. Start by massaging her mound, slowly working your fingers around her labia. Feel her clit. Massage it with your fingers. Watch as she gets some pleasure. Be attentive to her needs and directions. Each woman’s vagina is different and may require different movements and stimuli. Ask how you are doing. And like a good teacher she will tell you how to finger her. While you insert your digits into her keep looking at her. Watch as she is overwhelmed with pleasure. Then when you are ready eat her out. Sink your mouth into her pussy. Lick all around her pussy lips. Listen for more directions and follow. Move your tongue all around her pussy. Lick her clit. Lick her pussy while you finger her clit. You can apply a bit of pressure with your fingers. Make her wet. If you get a bit flaccid that’s okay. You will get hard once again when she starts to blow you.

8. Your turn again. Stand up and have her suck you off. You paid her good with your pussy licking skills and so she is all into you by this point. Let her lick your balls. Shove your cock down her throat. Make her gag. Grab her by the hair (not too rough) and guide her down your manhood. Let her know that your repressed masculinity is now fully on. Put your cock on her face. She is now eye to eye to the supposedly gay penis that will be penetrating her. Enjoy the site. Know that in just a few you will spear her with that thing. You will soon get to feel what it is to be a man fucking a woman. 

9. Fuck with pleasure. Start by doing missionary. It is the most basic and easy position to start with. Insert your hard cock inside her. Feel the warmth. Feel the pleasure. Enjoy it. The first thrust is the one you will never forget. Start off slow then speed up with each thrust. If you get the urge to come try to hold it by pausing for a few seconds then slowly restarting. The sex should last at least 15 minutes. No lube is necessary unless you are fucking a mature lady that is over 55 years old. If she lacks wetness apply lube as necessary. Make a mental list of all the positions you want to try and start with the least complicated ones, but don’t over do it with too many positions or positions that are too complex or require gymnastic moves. I would recommend to only do 3 or 4 max. And doggie is a must. Don’t forget to spank her, and when you start a new position always start off slow before speeding up making sure you and your converter are comfortable. Make sure to keep and eye on her face and see if she is getting pleased. You may try to make her cum but do not worry if she doesn’t. Both of you know that this is your first time, so its okay. In fact most men who have sex with women at times cannot help the woman reach orgasm. Just make sure that what you are doing is giving her pleasure. However if you wish to make her cum you can ask her how. There might be some special move or rhythm or move that you may have to do in order to achieve orgasm. You may also up the ante by manually stimulating her clit as her you fuck her. If her pussy gets really wet it means that she is in heaven, however wetness may not always happen even if she’s having the time of her life. Again, check her face. Once you are ready to cum let her know. If you have decided with her where to cum during your conversation in Tip#5 then cum there as planned. If you get really aroused by the site of ejaculating on her face or tits then do that if she lets you. But I would suggest that since this is your first time it is best to enjoy the entire hetero experience and just do natural and release your babies into her pussy. Watch as you fill her up and breed her. Cumming inside her is actually a better way to finish psychologically, being your first time and all, the “come down effect” after cumming might make you feel different and maybe even a bit of regret may set in (this happens to straight guys when they fuck gay guys too, so its okay to feel that way). If you see your ejaculate on her body that might not be helpful if you are having trouble adjusting during the coming down effect. At least cumming inside her will make you feel a natural sense of completion.

10. Relax. During the coming down effect it is essential to relax regardless of where your cum ended up. Enjoy your breathing, and just relax. In a few the coming down effect will subside and then you can start to think about what you just did. You fucked a girl! And get pleasure in knowing that you bred her. Your sperm is swimming all around her vagina. Let her caress you, start talking. Cuddle for a while and you can even start to do something else if you are up for it. Maybe some extra credit? A do-over of a certain technique that you need to work on? Okay, go ahead. Maybe she wants you to cum again. Maybe on her tits? Maybe on her face? Do it again. If you can cum again, that would be nice. The second cum has a shorter and sometimes non-existing “coming down effect.” During this time there is little or no psychological unease because you are just being you. The girl knows you are gay and the pressure is off. Both of you are doing quite fine. Enjoy. Put on your clothes. Do this together so that you can remain at ease. Leave the room together.

Any questions? Talk to me.

The End?!!!

I have not posted about the cancellation of Outsiders because I just cannot emotionally handle the end of #Sasil.  

The writers of this show made some big mistakes. The death of Asa and the overhaul of Big Foster really ruined the narrative. The show was not yet strong enough to take out the main character. 

I hate that tonight might be our last Sasil ever and their story deserves continuation. Fanfic writers know what to do.


replied to your



DT ep7 (Spoilers)

((Yeah I’m pretty disappointed that Scrooge doesn’t have more to do in this show. Maybe in next week’s episode though we’ll get to some of Scrooge in action. I guess Disney just thinks to focus on younger characters for a younger audience. Speaking of the kids I think this could be the first story featuring only 2 nephews. It might’ve been interesting to see Louie as the peacemaker between Huey and Dewey’s rivalry.))

If so, they’re making a big mistake, because Scrooge in action never failed to entertain kids and adults alike. As for Louie, I guess they just wanted to write this conflict between Dewey and Huey and then make them sort it out by themselves, which worked well. I wonder why he didn’t go to billionaire’s club with the others though.



In order to celebrate my favorite ship of all the ships I have, I’m going to make another post of fanfictions recommendation. It’s been a long time since the last time I made them, so this one is going to be verryy veryy loooong? XD XD 

There are some warnings tho hehe:

  2. There might be a high possibilities that I post the fic that I already post before
  3. I’m being lazy ass to remind you guys which one is rated PG-17, PG-13, etc etc XD XD (but I guess mostly are rated, or at least have mild smut hehe)
  4. Probably will make a rec post about author, soon, hopefully tho hehe. 
  5. Remind me if there’s any mistake.



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