this post might be a BIG mistake

so i found more of irl Holster

I found it while watching this video. Now, it took me a while to figure out who I thought that was. But I quickly recognized it as the viner 80Fitz, who was in this video

which Ngozi herself said sounded like Holster. Since his vine and other social media are all under the username 80Fitz, I had to do some sleuthing, where I came across this article which states: 

“You may recognize him as the crazy good beatboxer from Das Sound Machine in Pitch Perfect 2, but make no mistake; 80Fitz has been killing it for a while now. When he’s not making feature lengths films, 80Fitz (whose real name is actually Andrew Fitzpatrick) is making six-second videos on the app Vine — and with a pretty big following, I might add.”

A quick IMDB page search confirms that yes, Andrew Fitzpatrick is indeed in the movie Pitch Perfect 2, in the group Das Sound Machine, who are performing in the first photo posted above. 

Now, this dude is fucking talented. His Youtube channel  proves that, and he even has a video uploaded that is an extended scene from Pitch Perfect 2 showcasing his talents:

TL;DR: The man who Ngozi said sounds like Holster is prime material for a Samwell Mens Acapella Team AU

Please for the love of all things good and pure in the world do NOT ship the shadowhunters actors SERIOUSLY together, like joking around , it’s fun. But just don’t actually be serious especially if they are all pretty much in serious relationships. Don’t tag them in weird posts that might make them uncomfortable because right now I actually think everyone in this fandom is actually pretty sane about the actors personal lives which I LOVE. And I don’t want that to change or things to start getting weird,yanno? They can joke around and become more comfortable the more we respect their personal lives as we should anyways. Never get too serious about ships outside of the show because that will be a big mistake trust me I’ve been in a Fandom where they didn’t and things just got weird and bad for everyone especially the actors. This cast is a family and I want it to stay like that. So just be respectful.


’Like many before him, the mystery killer known as ‘Son of Sam’ had made his one big mistake. After the last shooting he walked back to his yellow Ford Galaxie which he had parked blocking a fire hydrant, took a traffic violation ticket off the window and threw it in the gutter. This familiar scene was observed from her car by Cecilia Davis who might have thought no more of it has she not seen the young man later while she was out walking her dog; this time he was carrying something up his sleeve that Mrs Davis thought might be a gun.
When the police were informed, they ran a check on the car that the ticket had been issued to and came up with the name David Berkowitz, resident of the suburb of Yonkers. When the police found his car, there was a loaded .44 magnum on the seat…..

Excerpt from the Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg.

Magi 284 Chinese to English Translations

I’m not sure if any translations have been done yet, but I had already translated the chapter’s raws for my trash friends over Skype and thought I just might post them here.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert translator, and will try to stick as closely to the original Chinese translation as possible. Since the raws are in traditional Chinese, please forgive me for any mistakes in translation. These translations are not official, so Please wait for the official release of the scanlated chapter.

I do not plan on making translation a big thing on this blog, and this post was made merely for fun. Please see @bubblesymphony​ for most Chinese to English Magi Translations, which I’m sure are a lot, LOT better than mine :DD

Raws here

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A -how to have Satoshi/Ash be Rude or Heck-Up w/o seeming like a idiot that is randomly mean for no reason -Guide

I feel like the best way to write Satoshi’s flaws is to try to have some solid reasons-consistent with the rest of his character- for his behavior any time you might want him to make mistakes or act in a way that seems funny/dumb/rude. So here’s some sources in his personality to draw those from? (mostly head-canon-ry and for my own reference)

POV bias- (the BIG one that arguably half the rest of this list can stem from)

-Using one’s own experiences as the metric for what’s “normal” (if you put him in a room of people that are all considerably taller than him his takeaway would be - “this room is full of Tall-People”- instead of -“I am short”- because He’s always the “normal” in his world even despite evidence to the contrary).

-Relatedly: Not stopping to consider that others can even Have different opinions than him until they voice it. He’s much improved w/ his reaction to this though- in OS if someone say, liked something he didn’t, he’d react w/ an attitude of “really? but why would anyone like something so stupid/bad??”(being genuinely curious as to how that could happen? and not realizing/intending the statement to be an insult, if anything he’s “helping” people realize their “mistakes” because remember, his experience-that something is lame-is the “right/normal” way to feel about it :’D) but! along the way he’s become not as quick to cast judgment, and far more understanding that things can have value to others and make them happy even if he doesn’t exactly see the appeal for himself. Still, he can fall into the bad habit of (wrongly) assuming people he’s with share the same amount of urgency/excitement he has for things, or that they can do everything he can physically w/ the same amount of ease, etc and when he’s reminded of people being different he can still tend to react w/ a  bit of surprise/curiosity, just more in a gentler “Really? huh the world sure is an interesting strange place” sort of way, rather than rudely claiming that the disagreeing person is automatically “wrong” XD

Prone to Pride/Hubris/Overconfidence- another thing he’s made a lot of progress on, but he honestly does best under pressure. Allowing himself to feel like something will be easy usually means he’ll get careless n make mistakes he wouldn’t have if he was expecting more of a challenge. Feeling like the underdog pushes him to do his absolute best. At his current progress lack of pressure doesn’t guarantee he’ll ruin things for himself, but it’s one of those things he always has had to be constantly watching for in himself or he’ll start slippin backwards.

Ridiculously Goal Oriented/Motivated- can often be a good thing! can sometimes lead to tunnel-vision

Impatience/Over-Excitement- skips steps he’d otherwise show he has full knowledge of if he was less agitated and thinking more clearly.

Open and Trusting Person- again often a good trait, but can lead to him not questioning things most people would realize right away are suspicious/strange or, accepting something said by someone who’s exaggerating/joking/lying at face value.

Language Problems- can often take things too literally/misunderstand phrases with double meanings, confuses the definitions of similar sounding words, might understand a concept well enough but can’t find the words to effectively demonstrate that understanding or teach others/struggles to relate past experiences clearly(uses a lot of sound effects and hand gestures instead of real words), Learns best when he can have a direct hands on experience with a concept rather than being told or trying to read about it.

Unusual/Creative/Imaginative Responses to Stimuli- the same unique way he processes and responds to what’s happening around him that can serve him so well in a battles (in making unorthodox strategies on the fly) and really impress people, never turns off? and having equally imaginative/unorthodox reactions to things in social situations, can just make him seem goofy or weird.

Home (future CS drabble)

As I said in an earlier post, I wrote something. This is actually the first time I write anything, the nearest thing I’ve ever wrote being essays. So bear with me, because this might be absolute garbage.

But I still wanted to post this because we are in need of some fluff after last night’s episode and next week’s promo. At least I am lol.

So here it goes, pointless fluffy future cs drabble. It’s not edited and English isn’t my first language, so I apologize if something doesn’t make sense or there are mistakes along the way.

The little boy was looking up at him with his big blue eyes wide open. Killian extended his right arm and the boy started playing with his wedding band, absolutely marveled by its golden shine.

A little girl came into the room looking for her favorite toy, which was laying on the floor at Killian’s feet, in a pile of random games and toys and stuffed animals. It was obvious there were kids living in the house.

“Daddy, when is mommy coming home?” The little girl looked up at his father, a small pout on her porcelain-like face.

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Ok. I don’t like it.. At aaallll !
That interview with Shelley .. All those things she told about Malia and Stiles.. How Malia is going to hang around Stilinski’s house all the time.

Jeff.. Are you alright in your head? Because I don’t think you are.
Like I said in an earlier post.. I think Jeff made a big mistake with Stalia.

And no, it’s not Shelley nor Malia. It’s the two of them. (Malia + Stiles)
The whole fandom is shipping Stiles with Lydia and Derek. We like the closeness of Lydia + Stiles. They’re great as detective partners.
But pleaseee.. Why on this freakin Earth does Jeff put Stalia in. Nobody voted for them, only a few are fan of them.. And maybe I’m overreacting.. But this is absolutely shit.
Stiles might haven’t recovered yet over the Nogitsune stuff. They (officially) met in a mental hospital. They kissed there (that’s just stupid). It made no sense at all, for the story that episode.

They were teasing (or foreshadowing) with Stiles liking guys too, or not. We wouldn’t mind that ..

But just.. Let Stiles stay single. He’s been through a lot, and there’s shit coming. There should be no room for a girlfriend.
Let him first deal with his problems.
You can’t forget all the Nogitsune shit in a few months.

Just.. Stop.

But it’s just mine opinion.. I just wanted to make it clear.

Rant on the Art Police

So, I posted a piece in another forum, one that appears on this blog too I started with a photo, a phone camera shot taken by my niece (with permission) used a section of it with minor enhancements and photo manipulations, and then painted the rest. All in Procreate. When I posted, I wrote that I used a photo reference rather than used the photo as a starting point. Whoops!!!! Big mistake!!! Another member of the group, with whom I have had NO prior contact, messaged me that she is an MFA and sometimes college professor and did I REALLY just use the photo as a reference or did I bring it into the app, because people might be misled to believe that I freehandedly painted the entire thing. And that would be wrong. Seriously. She did.
Now, it was never my intention to mislead anyone about the level of my skill, and so I corrected my text to read that I used the photo as a base, rather than a reference. But fer cryin out loud, had she nothing better to do than throw her MFA weight around my self-taught self and call me on this? Or maybe it IS a big deal. Mea friggin’ culpa. I’ll be ever so careful with my words in the future. Or maybe I won’t even explain how I do what I do. Anyway, it ticked me off. Have a nice day, y’all.

  • No, We Have No Doubles Available
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  • The Girl Who Never Was

This is the end of Charley’s adventures with Eight, but the moment has been prepared for.

Apparently there are some people out there who *ahem* made the mistake of returning their borrowed CDs to their friends before listening to the Epilogue to The Girl that Never Was, so I thought I would help them out by posting this little clip from the episode.

Now’s the perfect time for this as well, since Charlotte Pollard Series 1 comes out next month.

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