this post might be a BIG mistake

i literally didnt watch a single episode of ot between 16 and 65 but holy SHIT was 65 a way to jump back in

notes: i think everyone in the ih fandom supports big brother kazui

disclaimer: disclaimed

Ichigo comes home to the smell of dinner, baby powder and cleaning wipes. 

Oh, and a pouting eight year old. 

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A Perfect Solution

Studying doesn’t count as a proper date, even if it is called a “study date.”

Rating: T
Word Count: 562

I said I would write high school kuniango again, and here I am! I don’t really know what this is besides them being teenagers and dorks, and both realizing that, yes, his crush is reciprocated. Also I’m pretty sure this was inspired by a tumblr post I saw forever ago? Also, Kunikida’s a second-year and Ango’s a third-year. Also, what even is that summary.

Read on AO3.

Kunikida stares at the answer he’s worked out for the math problem, pencil poised to box it, but the tip unmoving from where it hovers a centimeter from the page. The answer seems off somehow. Should it really be that big? His eyes scan over his work, searching for any mistake he might have made, but—ah, there, in the second step: he forgot to drop the negative.

“Ah, fuck me,” he groans, reaching for his eraser. All his work, down the drain. It’s always the little things, isn’t it?

“I’m trying.”

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for making your posts concerning the mistakes people make with Korean and for expressing that you don't like to be called Korean terms in English! As a Korean myself, it bothers me when fans are using these terms thinking it's ok when in reality, it's appropriating. It's become a reason why I don't want K-Pop to get so big because it means more fans appropriating the culture and language :/ Anyways, this might seem useless, but I think it's important that you are thanked! <33

😭 why do ppl feel the need to use korean terms to call ppl when it’s absolutely not necessary? i feel the same towards anyone inserting unnecessary korean into fics. you don’t need to “eomma” to make the readers understand the character is talking to the mother. you don’t need to “annyeonghaseyo” to indicate the story is set in korea. it’s blatant disregard to the language when you just use it out of your liking without understanding the rules of grammars and vocabulary. i’d feel the same if someone uses my mother tongue incorrectly like that.


’Like many before him, the mystery killer known as ‘Son of Sam’ had made his one big mistake. After the last shooting he walked back to his yellow Ford Galaxie which he had parked blocking a fire hydrant, took a traffic violation ticket off the window and threw it in the gutter. This familiar scene was observed from her car by Cecilia Davis who might have thought no more of it has she not seen the young man later while she was out walking her dog; this time he was carrying something up his sleeve that Mrs Davis thought might be a gun.
When the police were informed, they ran a check on the car that the ticket had been issued to and came up with the name David Berkowitz, resident of the suburb of Yonkers. When the police found his car, there was a loaded .44 magnum on the seat…..

Excerpt from the Encyclopedia of Serial Killers by Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg.

uriellactaea replied to your post “I might have just thrown the first match on my relationship with my…”

o_o oh gosh

Yeah, well, there’s only so much stupid I can usually stand, which is why I usually avoid facebook, but I couldn’t fall asleep last night so I skimmed tumblr, and made the mistake of looking at my dash in FB. Huge mistake. Massive.

My family are just small minded is all, and they seem to be breeding and nurturing smaller minds in their spawn. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you think the dream sex/party mask means ?

Oh boy that is a good and tough question, innit?  :)

Hang on - this might get bumpy.  I’m gonna dream big darling.

Can we start with a basic principle?    Something that exists in the dream mind of someone AND their current reality:  well quite simply it must mean it’s a very real thing.  non?  Something personal that the dreamer (Zilpha) has brought into the dream landscape.  But why?

Yes of course we must consider the odds that it could be a mistake of the show.  Some props guy may end up fired if this post gets out of Tumblr.   Given how meticulous Mr Hardy has said he was during production, I think not likely???  I mean I am assuming a  Director is very, very conscious and aware of what is in each shot.

If you think it’s simply an error…. feel free to stop here.  If you feel like getting all trippy with this, stick around.   Remember, we’re just tossing around theories about a fictional show… no need to get all worked up.  This is supposed to be fun.   So let’s have some fun and see where this goes….

Yes I just realized I CAN in fact add images to Asks.   Yes, in fact I don’t believe that is a framing mistake of our camera man/director.   That’s Mr Tom Hardy’s - our very big Star - shoulder and profile in the foreground.  You think the inclusion of that mask in the background In His Direct Line of Vision is an error?   I am pretty sure they check Mr Hardy’s camera angles and such very carefully.   I am sure they would know what is in a shot containing their lead star, who is also Creator/Producer.

So I will also have to conclude the mask was very purposefully included so that you got a real good look in the dream too.   That is some wild hair. 

This is our sexy “dream maker’s” face upon coming upon that scene:

I’m gonna take a stab and assume that is not only NOT a very aroused face (otherwise why are you creating sexy dreams??!) - but it’s not a very pleased one either.   I do believe that is a WTF face??   Consider also James behaviour within the dream landscape…. because he’s in the #$%#% landscape. Not in the bed.  Not in the light where sex is happening.  He’s clearly in a searching mode. Very cautious it seems.  Like he’s sneaking up….trying to catch someone in the act perhaps??

Now the Countess party scene where the mask appears several times included within the frame IS VERY fast.  Blink and you will miss it - which many clearly have.  Is this a sly move on the show – something they are holding back?  As per their statements that when you see the end and go back, you will see how things were not what they looked like?  Otherwise, why include the mask in both these particular scenes?  If you just think it’s a funky cool mask, you can use it anywhere.  But I am pretty sure if you put it in the one scene that is SURE to be watched over and over because millions of fans think Tom Hardy is getting his sexy on…..  then you can be sure it’s existence most certainly means something plot wise.   Does that make sense?

And yes, I recognize also it could be used to send us on a merry goose chase.  of course.   Seems a bit unnecessary if the average fan completely missed it anyway.

For fun, let’s say it’s completely intentional and plot worthy…..

The fact that the mask is on a real live walking man at that party (that is not James or Thorne) suggests to me that James is not the wearer of the mask in the dream.   Sorry shippers but James is not having sex with his sister.  Rather calls a lot into question now doesn’t it?   Therefore, it must be someone else in Zilpha’s life.    It cannot be a memory because the mask does exist in real time – so this is not a flashback.  So if James was not there for sex — what was he doing breaking in to Zilpha’s mind?   Spying perhaps?  Are they just her fantasies (about a real person) he is watching?   Worst case scenario, is she having an affair?   That would seem most likely to me since the mask must be associated with a very particular person. Someone owns that mask.   A person she doesn’t want James to see.   Yet there really isn’t enough else to suggest she has a lover.  An affair might explain her husband’s crazy possessiveness and jealousy… and that he has to hear about her via gossip.   She clearly doesn’t love Thorne (honestly, who could tho. ass.) and her brother is supposed to be dead… so is it inconceivable to think that she might have a lover?  It does happen.  She’s unhappy in her marriage. Because you know….he’s a dick!!   Would we even blame the girl?  Hell no.   But… it can suggest that she’s playing some dangerous games.  

Not such a big leap?  If you consider the possibility of an affair, a duel that might potentially get rid of your abusive arse husband AND your obsessed brother who (appears) cannot take No for an answer; looks mighty convenient.  I’d probably just stay home and clean the fireplace too; since all my troubles are about to be solved.  

Well how can we test the theory…. be sure?   Another stab:   the only genuine smile I’ve seen on that girls’ face is when she received the diamond.  In an unmarked piece of paper.   She doesn’t know James has diamonds.   She doesn’t know she’s cut out of the will yet.   Is it a big assumption to wonder if she thinks the diamond is from a lover?   Yeah - that one might just be a big big leap.  But James doesn’t just spread the knowledge of the diamonds around.  He personally offered diamonds to the others – because recall how Lorna refused hers.  Yeah, she wasn’t smiling about it.   But he’s said nothing to his sister about it.

Okay -  Is this a completely wild theory about Zilpha?  YES.  God Yes!   Of course it is.  Because this is all we have to suggest it.   And maybe it’s not even very solid - there are assumptions.   Except.. the mask does exist, and thus you absolutely have to ask yourself why she was hiding the identity of the man she was having sex with in the dream…. and perhaps that is why the Lord’s Prayers was needed to kick James out.   It also makes me think it was in fact not James at the end of episode 5 coming back for more sexy dream time, since based on this… why the hell would he?  He didn’t even get laid the first time!!   He’s pondering leaky ceilings and kissing chemist love letters to Lorna.  Plus, he didn’t kill that pesky husband after all.  What’s a girl going to do now?  Say his name, at very well timed moment, and see what happens. I think it’s significant the show did not actually show James breaking in to “visit” that night.   See, they’ve already got you assuming he just also does.  But given this new look at the one time they did show it  …. hhhmmmm.  Besides IF he did break in… again, probably spying to get the identity of the masked man???

(also please please – even if girl is a cheat and manipulative, beating and forced exorcism is a very very very definite shitty arshole pyscho fuck thing to do. full stop.  no excuses.)

His line “I could come more often but I spare you” looks entirely different now.  It’s not a sexual context, but still an invasive one — IF he is there to spy on her.  Perhaps he was confronting her on what he saw… I know you know what I saw!!!   “spare me then.”    Remember, James is in all their minds!!    He is always going to be “this close” *raise hand to her head* to her.   And we know how she can’t stand that - because perhaps Zilpha has some things she doesn’t want known.  Alas, who’s going to believe that poor Zilpha could have such duplicity? 

OMG - I think I would love it if she was.  I mean – it’s a personality at least!!  How awesome would that be to play?  That’s she’s just perhaps batshit crazy calculating?  But also smart, so she beats them all at their own game.  AND has a great lover on the side?  Come on.  What’s James offering – sailing to a world she doesn’t know or likely want.   And let’s face it - he’s a little cray cray too.   LOL

That “sex” dream seemed strange didn’t it?   Perhaps it’s because it was designed to distract you from something very real that was going on.  It planted an idea in your head.   We know how contagious and resilient ideas are right? :)

Hey, it all might just be overthinking.  But one little masked idea let loose….

See. How. Things. Look. Different. 

Daphne: “We’re trapped!”

…uh… guys… I know it’s a 2D cartoon and all, but… you’re in the middle of a big, empty field. 

I mean, sure, left and right are blocked, but there’s still forward and backward to try, clearly available. Might want to give those a go before you give up? Maybe? No?

Ok, sorry I asked.

Home (future CS drabble)

As I said in an earlier post, I wrote something. This is actually the first time I write anything, the nearest thing I’ve ever wrote being essays. So bear with me, because this might be absolute garbage.

But I still wanted to post this because we are in need of some fluff after last night’s episode and next week’s promo. At least I am lol.

So here it goes, pointless fluffy future cs drabble. It’s not edited and English isn’t my first language, so I apologize if something doesn’t make sense or there are mistakes along the way.

The little boy was looking up at him with his big blue eyes wide open. Killian extended his right arm and the boy started playing with his wedding band, absolutely marveled by its golden shine.

A little girl came into the room looking for her favorite toy, which was laying on the floor at Killian’s feet, in a pile of random games and toys and stuffed animals. It was obvious there were kids living in the house.

“Daddy, when is mommy coming home?” The little girl looked up at his father, a small pout on her porcelain-like face.

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A -how to have Satoshi/Ash be Rude or Heck-Up w/o seeming like a idiot that is randomly mean for no reason -Guide

I feel like the best way to write Satoshi’s flaws is to try to have some solid reasons-consistent with the rest of his character- for his behavior any time you might want him to make mistakes or act in a way that seems funny/dumb/rude. So here’s some sources in his personality to draw those from? (mostly head-canon-ry and for my own reference)

POV bias- (the BIG one that arguably half the rest of this list can stem from)

-Using one’s own experiences as the metric for what’s “normal” (if you put him in a room of people that are all considerably taller than him his takeaway would be - “this room is full of Tall-People”- instead of -“I am short”- because He’s always the “normal” in his world even despite evidence to the contrary).

-Relatedly: Not stopping to consider that others can even Have different opinions than him until they voice it. He’s much improved w/ his reaction to this though- in OS if someone say, liked something he didn’t, he’d react w/ an attitude of “really? but why would anyone like something so stupid/bad??”(being genuinely curious as to how that could happen? and not realizing/intending the statement to be an insult, if anything he’s “helping” people realize their “mistakes” because remember, his experience-that something is lame-is the “right/normal” way to feel about it :’D) but! along the way he’s become not as quick to cast judgment, and far more understanding that things can have value to others and make them happy even if he doesn’t exactly see the appeal for himself. Still, he can fall into the bad habit of (wrongly) assuming people he’s with share the same amount of urgency/excitement he has for things, or that they can do everything he can physically w/ the same amount of ease, etc and when he’s reminded of people being different he can still tend to react w/ a  bit of surprise/curiosity, just more in a gentler “Really? huh the world sure is an interesting strange place” sort of way, rather than rudely claiming that the disagreeing person is automatically “wrong” XD

Prone to Pride/Hubris/Overconfidence- another thing he’s made a lot of progress on, but he honestly does best under pressure. Allowing himself to feel like something will be easy usually means he’ll get careless n make mistakes he wouldn’t have if he was expecting more of a challenge. Feeling like the underdog pushes him to do his absolute best. At his current progress lack of pressure doesn’t guarantee he’ll ruin things for himself, but it’s one of those things he always has had to be constantly watching for in himself or he’ll start slippin backwards.

Ridiculously Goal Oriented/Motivated- can often be a good thing! can sometimes lead to tunnel-vision

Impatience/Over-Excitement- skips steps he’d otherwise show he has full knowledge of if he was less agitated and thinking more clearly.

Open and Trusting Person- again often a good trait, but can lead to him not questioning things most people would realize right away are suspicious/strange or, accepting something said by someone who’s exaggerating/joking/lying at face value.

Language Problems- can often take things too literally/misunderstand phrases with double meanings, confuses the definitions of similar sounding words, might understand a concept well enough but can’t find the words to effectively demonstrate that understanding or teach others/struggles to relate past experiences clearly(uses a lot of sound effects and hand gestures instead of real words), Learns best when he can have a direct hands on experience with a concept rather than being told or trying to read about it.

Unusual/Creative/Imaginative Responses to Stimuli- the same unique way he processes and responds to what’s happening around him that can serve him so well in a battles (in making unorthodox strategies on the fly) and really impress people, never turns off? and having equally imaginative/unorthodox reactions to things in social situations, can just make him seem goofy or weird.

Please for the love of all things good and pure in the world do NOT ship the shadowhunters actors SERIOUSLY together, like joking around , it’s fun. But just don’t actually be serious especially if they are all pretty much in serious relationships. Don’t tag them in weird posts that might make them uncomfortable because right now I actually think everyone in this fandom is actually pretty sane about the actors personal lives which I LOVE. And I don’t want that to change or things to start getting weird,yanno? They can joke around and become more comfortable the more we respect their personal lives as we should anyways. Never get too serious about ships outside of the show because that will be a big mistake trust me I’ve been in a Fandom where they didn’t and things just got weird and bad for everyone especially the actors. This cast is a family and I want it to stay like that. So just be respectful.

i was gonna try to stay quiet about this but can i please stop seeing those cookie cutter sympathetic “everybody makes mistakes” posts about justin bieber. yes, everyone does make mistakes and celebrities are not perfect and they fuck up from time to time but stop pulling that shit now. what he said was beyond insensitive and was ridiculously racist. not only has he gotten cornrows in the past, but he’s also opened his big mouth about kylie jenner doing the same thing; this is quite literally the second time justin bieber has explicitly referred to a part of BLACK culture as “just a hairstyle.” and might i remind you that in his full statement, he said “people wanna call me black or whatever” – he KNOWS about this, he KNOWS what people are saying, he can see that people are telling him that it’s wrong and he went on to say it’s “whatever” and still “just a hairstyle.” if justin bieber ever got discriminated against for his culture would it be “just a hairstyle” to him? if justin bieber every got called dirty or people said he probably smells like/sells weed would it be “just a hairstyle” to him? if justin bieber ever got fired from his job would it be “just a hairstyle” to him? when are y'all going to see that this white boy does not CARE about what he’s doing or saying and y'all need to fucking quit coming with these posts about how he’s still learning and it’s his purpose in life and boo hoo this and boo hoo that just fucking QUIT it – this is not some ignorant celebrity fuck up this is grade A appropriation and racism, so fucking call it that.