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Hey there! I wanted to ask something that's probably weird but I'll ask anyway. Don't you think that Derek is so much more beautiful than Tyler? I know that (phisically) they are the same person, and I like Tyler a whole lot, but Derek is SO beautiful! And as attractive as Tyler is, he can't compare. I'm probably not making sense but I think when Tyler is Derek he is so much more beautiful than when he is Tyler...Okay that made more sense in my head, idk if any other Derek lovers feel the same?

I understand perfectly well what you’re saying and I agree 100%! I’ve actually commented on that many times. Hoechlin is gorgeous no matter what (although I draw the line at that awful EWS look lol) but he was especially beautiful as Derek, particularly in the later seasons. Derek is like a mirage, he’s fucking ethereal. For real. That boy is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen (and not just because he’s my everything). 

I mean…

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His physical beauty reflects so well his beautiful soul, it makes me happy. <3

i’ve been getting a lot notes on my art journal pages and it makes me so happy / i get the most excited when i see that in my notifications / honestly, thank you to more ‘popular’ art journal blogs that use their page to give attention to people’s stuff (even tho that sounds a little pretentious to write lol) bc it means a lot that people like or reblog these things that for some reason made sense in my head at the time and made their way onto a journal page lol

it’s also nice bc it’s become a legitimate coping skill so now i actually turn to it when i need to calm down and i like knowing i can post them and it might resonate w other people

also even though some are ed/recovery/mental health focused, it’s something outside of that that i’ve found to channel my energy into which is nice (bc that’s something i desperately need lol)

so there’s that!!!

Gather round, children, and I will tell you what’s up with this!

It would make sense that their other clothes changed to child sizes because they were wearing them when they turned into kids like the rest of the students

So it would make sense that the clothes they change into would be their usual size, right?

Except they’re magical clothes, which you’d think would have magical properties. Io says 

But in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s keeping perfectly consistent with the fact that this is a reality show created 100% for the ratings. They are giving the fans what they want.

But it does, Atsushi, because, as much as the fans want to see naked preschoolers chibi battle lovers, they know that once the enemy is defeated, the effects of the enemy’s power will end. And since they are the heros, they undoubtedly will defeat the enemy, so after they defeat the enemy 

TLDR: The producers made the clothes so they wouldn’t shrink so that the Battle Lovers would be able to crawl out of them and be naked babies and then once they win they’d turn into naked not-babies (although they’re all our babies, I know). The producers of CIDER were very smart, and the writers of Boueibu are fucking geniuses. 



So I’ve been posting a lot about the new logo and reblogging a lot of different opinions that people have been giving, but none of these opinions are mine specifically. Now that I’ve given myself time to see the new LP logo and intro and sort of get a feel for it, this is my two cents.

Sure, it’s different. It’s a lot different from the original logo. But Rooster Teeth is different as well. Let’s Play has changed and isn’t just Achievement Hunter anymore. There’s Funhaus and ScrewAttack and AH is playing with guests all the time now and that’s super great! So it only makes sense that they would change their logo to reflect the change to the channel.

Now there are a few different explanations to decode the new logo. The one AH and Rooster Teeth provides is this

And my reaction to it was definitely 

Because it still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I don’t see the “Play” button in it unless it’s supposed to be the entire logo resembling a play button. And the weird half triangle in the center throws me off as well. As many have stated, it looks like a deformed Tetris block. HOWEVER, someone posted this explanation on reddit from Instagram (I believe it’s a fan made one)

This is much more aesthetically pleasing and I really like this explanation of the logo. 

Now let’s talk about the intro.

That’s the only thing I can’t seem to wrap my head around. It looks cool, absolutely, but it seems overly complicated now. Unlike the old intro when it was just the written words in wire with the guys shouting “Llllllet’s play!” or something of that nature, it has no human audio. It’s got like, lightning and some slime that falls on the logo. I don’t understand that at all. I think it would have been fine with a slow reveal or a turn around like the AH logo. In the end, I’m pretty neutral on the intro for the new logo, even though it confuses me immensely.

TL;DR: I like the new logo, but I’m impartial to the new intro.