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“Horror Fanatics.”

Warnings: N/A

Pairing: Noah Foster x Reader


could you do a fic where it’s like the reader is Emma’s sister and reader and Noah bond over really nerdy stuff and they fall in love or something like that ??? idk that just came to mind sorry if it’s awful. love you lots 😚😚

soul mate au with Noah (mtv scream)

Words: 1058

(I combined the requests, if that’s alright. Sorry if the grammar in this is absolute crap, but I wanted to post this as soon as possible! Requests are open!)

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The hallways of George Washington High were filled with students all pushing and shoving trying to get to their next class. You looked around cluelessly, Emma, had left you to grab your schedule leaving you alone in a sea of teenagers. You itched your soulmate tattoo anxiously and shifted from one foot to the other. Your soul mate tattoo had showed up after you turned 12; you were freaking out but your sister, Emma coaxed you down and explained what it was. Another person in the world, had the exact same triangle and thick line just like yours would be your soulmate. But, you were new to Lakewood; after experiencing some difficult things with your father, your mother decided it was best for you to take a break from familiarity and go to a boarding school in California for a while.

A harsh bump knocked you out of your clueless state, making you drop your books and binder on the ground. “Crap, I’m sorry. Ah.. Once again, Noah Foster here to ruin the day.” You laughed and moved a piece of hair behind your ear, kneeling down,“No no, really it’s okay.” Butterflies were swarming around in your stomach, his eyes reached yours and you turned and blushed. Noah handed you your binder but kept a hand on your book. “Carrie?” He held it up, sticky notes lined the book in colourful papers. “No I.. Yeah… I love Stephen King.” You grabbed it back from him, your hands slightly touching sending sparks up your arm “You’re kidding?” A blush grew across your face. Great, another person thought you were a freak for annotating a horror novel and he was extremely cute. “I love his books AND his movies. I’ve seen Carrie at least 7 times. He’s pretty much my all time favorite.” Noah turned around to scrounge around in his backpack before pulling out an old copy of The Shining. His plaid shirt was propped up a little bit, you could see the small soulmate tattoo on his body. A sickening thought dropped in your body as you began to think he already had a soulmate. “Wait. Let me see that.” Noah pulled your arm out so he could take a better look, “Holy sweet mother pearl.” You both laughed, Noah smiled a crooked grin. He rolled up his sleeves more so you could compare the two tattoos, already knowing they were the same. You were soulmates. “Well, I always thought it looked a bit like a knife, y’know for serial killer buisness?” You said and bit your lip, both of you were speechless. “So, I got your schedule but I have to also run to class, do you- Oh, hey Noah. You’ve met (Y/N), my little sister.” Emma came up to you guys and cocked her head to the side to see both of your arms against each other. He looked at you and grinned, “Sister? Oh yeah! Yeah. Well you see, horror fanatics just tend to gravitate towards each other. Almost like fate put two serial killers together.” Emma watched as her little sister giggled and Noah scratched his neck letting out a nervous laugh and raised her eyebrow. “Yeah, okay.” Noah tugged on his backpack and craned his neck to look at your schedule. “Math, room 2032. I’ll walk you, maybe we can talk more about your coolness.” “Wait- (Y/N)!” Emma’s mouth left open as you left with Noah barely even noticing her, chitchatting happily.

“No way. You’ve lived in California? Ever heard of the Hitchhiker’s killer?” Noah asked, absolutely intrigued. You two had spent basically the whole day together, talking and laughing. A crush developed almost instantly after he pulled out his Stephen King book. “Did I? I was obsessed about him! Not gonna lie after reading up on him, I almost peed when a car stopped next to me when I was walking to my dorm. Turns out, all they wanted was directions.” Noah tilted his head back and laughed making you laugh. “You’re amazing.” His arm fell around your shoulders as you both continued to talk.

“I don’t know why he just doesn’t ask her out.” Brooke tipped her beer back and sat down next to Emma. “I mean, can’t you see they are just eye screwing the hell out of each other?” It’s true. The whole party you both have barely spoken to anybody but each other. He’d say something, you’d laugh; you’d say something, he’d laugh. Emma turned to face her friend, laughing “I don’t want to picture my baby sister and Noah doing it. Ever.” Audrey sat down in a huff, “That’s fricking it, if I have to watch psychopath One and Two laugh at another messed up joke, I’m gonna pass out. He keeps saying ‘She’s so pretty but I’m not sure if she likes me’ all that crap. They are obviously soul mates I mean look at them!” Both of you were huddled in the corner, Noah’s arm over your shoulder and you almost wrapped around him. Emma patted her knee and scooched over so all three girls were sitting. After such a rough experience with your father leaving and all the trauma you went through, Emma was glad to see you finally smiling and laughing. Catching her eye, you saw Emma wave you down in the midst of the party. You excused yourself and walked over  “Hey! I’ve barely spoken to you since we got here. How was your first day of school? Did you like your classes?” She asked, eager to talk to you. “Well, I.. I only came over to grab a beer for me and Noah.” Brooke snickered and hid behind her bottle when Emma shot her a look, “Don’t you want to sit down? You’ve been standing for like an hour.” Audrey asked you, beginning to get up from her seat. “No! No, really it’s alright. Noah was just telling me about his podcasts, and that’s just a story I can’t miss.” You walked back and handed Noah his beer with a content look on your face. Then once again, you resumed flirting and laughing. Emma sighed, “I mean you’d think they’d be a little more shy towards each other right? They like just met each other. Most soulmates are shy. Why aren’t they shy?” Brooke and Audrey both laughed and leaned closer to Emma. “Maybe they are in love.” Brooke made a kissy noise and winked. “Brooke, you’re so annoying!” “Maybe she’s right, its like there’s a god of serial killer fanatics up there just playing puppet.” Audrey shrugged teasingly. The three turned to look back at the pair before watching Noah dip down and give you a small kiss. Your sister’s mouth was drawn open and Brooke laughed so hard she almost fell off of the lawn couch. “I knew it!” Audrey pointed at Noah.

Prompt #9 “We’re friends, real friends,and that means no matter how long it takes, when you finally decide to look back, I’ll still be here.”

Written by Christina

Category: Angst with a bit of fluff

Word Count: 1,883 (I know, this is a long one)

A/N: This week, Danielle was supposed to post, but life has been super hectic for her, so this is my writing again. But never fear, Danielle will post next week. This is my first ever angst, so I’m sorry if this is crap. Also, thank you so much for 100+ notes on last weeks imagine!! 

This week’s prompt is from this list

You felt your heart crumble at the sight, your feet refusing to move you further than the doorway of your best friends room. Peter was sitting on his bed, his normally groomed hair a curly mess, his eyes swollen, and his shoulders hunched forward. His bed was messier than normal, and there were textbooks thrown all over the room. He just stared at the ground in front of him, anger and heartbreak radiating off of him. You tried to hold back your tears as you moved from the doorway. You half shuffled, half crept to the bedside. Peter didn’t even glance in your direction. A tear fell down your cheek and you quickly wiped it away. Peter did not need to see you crying. That was the last thing he needed.

“He died in my arms,” Peter mumbled, taking in a shallow breath. “I was walking and I saw the crowd and I heard the screaming and saw the sirens and I ran and I saw him and then he…” Peter started talking at a high speed, but at the end, his voice cracked and he broke into a sob. He didn’t even bother to bring his hands to his face to hid the tears or snot. Tears fell more freely down your face and you threw your arms around his shoulders, pulling him as close as you possibly could, despite the fact that sitting right next to each other and trying to hug made it awkward and uncomfortable. Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your neck. He sobbed freely. You rested a hand on the back of his head, gently stroking the curls. Peter slid a hand up to the middle of your shoulder blades and hugged you tighter. You felt pain in your ribs and you suddenly couldn’t breathe.

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“*deep sigh* not my kind of day, i guess.”


Been feeling like crap these days, so have a Dans feeling the same and looking badass, idk.

Also last post for the next three days, going to visit the graveyard and clean some stuff.

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This is so inaccurate. I really hope you don’t mind some mediocre fanart

Inspired by @trelldraws ‘s and

I’m so sorry

Heya! Party medic Here.. I’m sooo sorry I haven’t been on to check out your amazing posts, but I’m back! I’ve just been makin’ alot of Gmod posters and crap like that.. but now I return with something for you! Welp.. I’ll cya around, Mate!~

((hey thanks!! and don’t worry about it lmao, i haven’t been around too much myself either, so you haven’t missed a whole lot

but it looks good! i wanna get into making sfm posters some day (not gmod tho) and i’ve played around in it a little but it takes me a long time to do anything because i don’t understand it yet haha, just another thing on my list i need to learn))

Me: wow I really should leave Tumblr and start having actual life irl
Actual life: hey look I just gave you tons of anxiety and made you feel super depressed, enjoy!
Me: um,
*scrolls 5739492 miles on my dashboard here and reblogs million pics/posts*

Anyway shit happens and I’m sorry I’m like this so here we go have a lovely Greg Lake’s photo it’s a positive thingy
I love you guys ❤


Process Sketch breakdown

This is a tutorial of sorts for students or beginning artists. It’s something that I wish someone had told me when I was starting out. When I was a kid browsing the internet looking at artists’ work I would get so overwhelmed. Their sketches were so clean and polished. i had no idea that there were probably 10 sketches that they didn’t post leading up to that drawing. Figuring that out and being okay with some stages of a drawing looking like crap helped me immensely.

To me it is truly about working incrementally step by step until you’re happy with the whole drawing. and using as many layers as i need to get there. I remember some folks being all about using as few layers as possible. I don’t care about how many layers or how long it takes me, I just keep working and building up until I’m happy.

Sorry if it’s too wordy and please send me an ask if you have questions or if this is unclear. 

I love myself because...

I’m awesome. Okay let’s do this.

I was tagged by fellow weird person @madman-with-a-snogbox 

Rules: Post a selfie and list 5 to 10 reasons you love yourself. Then tag 10 others who need to know how much they love themselves. Because we all need a reminder of how amazing we are!

I am so sorry but this was last minute and I look like crap but good news is look at that hair <3

  1. I love my eyes, they are hazel (you can’t tell in that picture) anyway they change shade depending on the shade of color I wear and they are similar to my uncle’s who is my favorite uncle
  2. I love my sense of humor. I don’t like seeing my family sad or anything so I always come up with bad jokes to make them smile or laugh
  3. I like my hair, i guess. I mean it’s naturally straight but I like it cause I don’t generally do anything to it, it just…is
  4. I like that I don’t care what people say. Like I’ll totally agree with you or be indifferent to is cause ha I don’t care, I like who I am and you saying this bs isn’t gonna change that
  5. I am bisexual and I’m totally cool with that cause there’s nothing wrong with it and I have my families support on being who I am
  6. I love that I’m introverted. I’m not sure why but I do
  7. I have a somewhat care free personality sometimes, well my personality in general is all over the place, like I think I’m bipolar but aren’t we all?
  8. I love being me! A weirdo who is usually always quiet and has a natural bitch face and give no craps about what people say about me. But say something about someone I care about and all hell breaks loose. 

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Look at this. These were the nominees of 2016 Kid’s Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon. Since 2003, SpongeBob ALWAYS wins, expect that one year when Avatar: The Last Airbender won. I don’t know why that show is still on. It’s rigged. It gives the other cartoons (expect Alvin and the Chipmunks) less of an advantage of winning since Spongebob is a NICKELODEON cartoon. I swear, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are WAY BETTER than that yellow sponge. No disrespect on SpongeBob, that show was everything to me. Band Geeks, best SpongeBob episode ever. It’s just the stupidity of the episodes and lose of original humor is why I stop watching it. Nick doesn’t give a crap about the other nominees. Look at the Amazing World of Gumball, IT’S SPELLED WRONG. Like, why do they have this category if SpongeBob is going to win it EVERY YEAR!

Sorry if this post is long. The point is I hate Nickelodeon and the Kid’s Choice Awards.

thebrookeofdragons  asked:

1 because reasons and I'm picking random numbers: 12, 20, 13 and 33

1. Selfie

Confession: I take like 0 selfies, I’m sorry. I pretty much only take selfies with dogs tbh. But I dug this one up from the deep bowels of my phone. I know it’s kind of a cop out because it’s not a clear pic at all and Snapchat edits the crap out of it. But it’s cute, I’ll post this here. We look mysterious.  

12. What is something you want right now?

I’m craving ice cream so much but I won’t let myself buy it. I’d eat so much, and that’s something I don’t want. I’m really trying to get in shape and I know my weaknesses XD 

13. How do you feel right now?

Stressed, because this next month is all group projects. If I can get all this work done and pass these classes then I’ve completed all my classroom work for my program, and I go on to six months of clinicals. I’m so close to my masters but yet so far? Yes, I am stressed. But it’s expected, I’ll be ok. 

20. What is your favorite song at the moment?

I just discovered Flame by Tinashe and it’s giving me OTP feels. Also Swalla by Jason Derulo, because it’s dirty but brings out my inner hip hop dancer that I haven’t released in what feels like years. I miss it. I want to know if I’ve still got it, it’s been a while. 

33. Something you want to learn

Music editing, video editing, or digital art? I love creative things but I’ve never made the time to actually learn how to do them. Maybe once I have a moment to breathe I can learn at least one of these things :)

tfw you spend hours on an edit and it looks like crap and you decide to post it anyway but then every time it gets a note you cringe because you don’t understand how people can like such a crappy edit so you end up deleting but now you kinda regret or maybe you don’t and idk what’s the point of this post just that i’m very unsatisfied with my skills or maybe my version of the movie is not as hq as i thought and i feel sad cuz i really wanted to gif that scene