this post is so useless tho

If you ever feel useless, just remember that Kirk Hammett has been doing back vocals for the past 36 years. Do you know what his singing voice sounds like? Neither do I. No one does.


actual useless lesbian vampire thought process pt. 1/?

Hey guys I just wanted to say that I´m sorry I haven’t been posting as regularly or answering any of your chats or annons, I´m just kind of sad and feeling useless lately… between what happened in Mexico and my family and mental issues I´m just a bit of a mess right now. I´m ok tho don´t worry, I just need more time to be myself again, hopefully November will bring that… I mean its my birthday month and my therapist will be back from her medical leave. So yeah, if you’re feeling shity too, we got this.


Me: I’m only doing the AU prompts, I have to change this
Brain: Yeah I know, but hey, listen up about this….

Arslan Senki Week, day 4, Modern AU

Heeeelp… I can’t take Zott Gang out of my head now asdfghjklkjhgf

Look if sasha had won this challenge people would be complaining shea was robbed and having the same reaction, there’s like no winning for us, someone’s always gonna be mad. TL;DR let’s all calm down and be super proud of both of them and so excited cuz this is the BEST TOP 4 EVER!!!

Random team voltron language headcanons
  • Hunk doesn’t speak Hawaiian bc he’s like 10th gen but he doES speak hawaii pidgin sometimes.
  • But not too often because he picked up a “proper” dialect after joining at the garrison. But talking to himself or calling home, it just comes out
  • Lance picks up on Hawaiian pidgin right away bc roommates, except the hawaiian/japanese words
  • Hunk taught Pidge some phrases in hawaiian pidgin ((Because they’re called piDGE it was only sensible)) and it’s so fucking hilarious seeing this tiny haole kid speak like they grew up in Hawaii.
  • Besides Lance, everyone else eventually can understand 90% of Hunk’s dialect, except Keith. For some reason this boy never gets it. He’s just. Baffled. 
  • Lance is 2nd gen but he speaks baRELY any Spanish and he’s sO SHAME. EVERY One of his cousins and siblings are fluent buT NOT HIM!! 
  • He can understand it fairly well and was fluent until he was like 10. But once he started studying English, he worked on getting into the garrison and losing his accent so nobody could tease him about it.
  • Lance remembers randoms shit in Spanish, though, and uses it to hit. On. Everyone. Sometimes it’s song lines?? Usually it’s food names.
  • Shiro knows some textbook Spanish, not enough for it to be useful really but enough to catch Lance attempting to seduce Keith with a grocery list. It’s working and Shiro doesn’t have the heart to call him on it.
  • Pidge however, also knows some textbook spanish, and it takes them a while to figure it out but they call Lance on it imMEDIATELY. ALSO TELLS THEM TO GET A ROOM.
  • Keith picked up some Korean from his mother but his Japanese/Mixed father was like 5th gen and had no language to pass on. He’s not exactly fluent but CAN speak to Korean children up to about 7-10 years old.
  • Keith just can’t grasp other languages besides Korean, though. Shiro tries to teach him the kanji for “Kogane” and he just can’t remember it. Shiro makes him a stamp.
  • Shiro is first generation, but immigrated so young he barely remembers Japan. His fluent parents insisted he learn Japanese, though, so he continued to study it alongside English. It’s been a completely useless skill, but he’s happy he kept it regardless.
  • Pidge’s family is all english speaking, but they made an effort to learn how to swear in like 10 languages.
  • They ask Shiro for a grammar lesson in Japanese, which Shiro is excited to share until he realizes Pidge just wants context for their swears. 

why’s it so hard to find a non-hypersexualized reference photo of a woman holding a chainsaw!!!!!!!!! i shouldnt need to compromise and use pics of men.. ( i will tho bc the women hold it in like ridiculous sexual poses that are completely useless as reference…. ugh)

lightdragonite  asked:

So I love your Mustang's coat post! I must add something, tho. In one of the official FMA artbooks there's an artist's note on a picture of Mustang with his coat that says, "There's no deep meaning to the colonel's cape [coat]. It just improved the composition and made him look more dignified. That's all."

This is excellent. This is literally a fancier way of saying “Coat’s useless and unnecessary. But Mustang looks way cool wearing it.”

Arakawa has confirmed it.

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I don´t think you were wrong Mod Todo on getting offended by that previous anon. I mean, I also got into the Japanese version of the game and we had to deal with not having flying units, barely a Shounosuke and Osomatsu who was anti-air. And man, I think, people wants to have something "exactly" or "easy" to help them with their games. I had to do strategies and test and error. So, I for sure will get offended too if they say my Oso is useless. And don´t worry, your saltiness makes me live lol

     🌠 Mod Todo

Judgemental ??  Yeah, I thought the previous Anon was being a bit judgemental over Osomatsu (all the Matsus have their good traits and their bad traits but Oso seems to always get the ‘useless’ label on him, RIP), but in my case I wasn’t offended whatsoever (I still wonder if Mod Oso would have actually shook his head over this subject, tho’.png).

Tbh if you have played for long enough you have come into realization and told to yourself – ‘holy moly, I need freakin’ Nii-chan saving my ass in this game’, but I guess some us are just super unlucky in terms of getting certain flying units (curse you for always avoiding me, Magical!Kara, curse you.png), which is why we have learned to work our way with BlueSuit!Oso during most Strategy Stages (to give an example).

Heckles, I write strategies that are “low on characters” for the blog myself because of this kind of things, after a while you just go numb when people demand for something “easy” without having attempted to play by themselves#NotAllPlayersThatNeedOurHelp, but I have been a Mod in this blog for too long like to not know this is an actual thing that happens™.

Also, glad you like my saltiness ♥ the opinions over it have always been very divided.png



had a great time, and it was awesome meeting so many of you! wish there was more time to hang around! HERE’S MY LITTLE BABY OBLIGATORY WRITE-UP:

alright so! rob benedict’s band louden swain totally made my whole weekend, really. the r2m panel had me in tears (which is what my EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTES are about), and everyone signing the fanart (thanks again kari!!) was precious and their faces are something i’m going to think about during rough days for sure oh gosh. i didn’t even think i’d be able to do it!

AND i got a little pop!cas from winjennster!! (thanks so much hon!!  he’s going to be so at home on my desk ;u;) and my copy of RADAK got signed by misha! (i think it definitely has a future to do some good in other hands as well!)

AND OF COURSE, jared and jensen. i. you guys. jensen grabbed my hand, pulled me to his chest, and gave me the longest, most awkward handshake. this handshake was so close it had to be sideways between us. he stared at me for a few seconds and said, “hey. hey how are ya. i’m good” with this ginormous toothy grin so i just stared at the eyelashes and kept shaking his hand and nodded and muttered “g-good how’re you” and he repeated “yep i’m good” and just kept shaking my hand and smiling and all i could think was why are you DOING THIS TO ME but i kept the smooth facade of an old brick wall during an earth quake

jared then turned me and stared at my shirt and said “WHICH ONE AM I. WHICH ONE. ON YOUR SHIRT WHERE AM I” i replied, “I– UM, [BLANKS] ALL OF THEM. what am i even wearing” and jensen turned me and said “what are you–OH AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” all i could do was nod and say “OK ARE HUGS COOL” and they shouted “YEAH!!” and then picture

i basically stumbled out of this con like i was on a roller coaster

i also met A TON OF CUTE LITTLE KIDS (there were some kickin rad parents there too who you could tell were just lettin their kids live the dream. you guys rock). i have never seen so many cute little kids around SO PUMPED about jared and jensen and i think that that sort of light in their eyes is what keeps me and everyone else going–SORRY I’M SAPPIN

–SO, HAD A GREAT TIME, and if we talked feel free to stop by and tell me!! i didn’t catch many urls but a lot of you guys started stopping me!

I keep seeing that one post about plague doctors making “the first hazmat suit” and it makes me mad because plague doctors were a bunch of idiot bird men. They aided in the spread of the plague so much they were known as bringers of death and were mainly there to go in and count the infected and dead after all the real doctors left for the sake of their own lives.

Any doctoring that went on at the time was usually, in short, either ineffective or horrific and useless medical experimentation based on theories that wern’t true in the first place (yknow the 4 corners shit, yellow n black bile, ect). I guess I shouldn’t blame them for believing what was pretty much the norm for medical science but I can and I will. Even the claim of it being a hazmat suit is flimsy at best because they carried fleas off of rats to and from infected areas on their ankles (which were generally left exposed) and on their unwashed equipment (big long plague poking stick) and believed their lenses in their masks helped protect from evil spirits.

Bird doctors looked cool as shit and I love them with all my heart but they were really so fucking dumb


Hey, hey! Two birds with one stone, even tho it’s a day late. For Trope Week, I’ve done ‘Canadian Shack’ AND filled yesterday’s daily prompt! Whee!

Contents: 00q, Canadian Shack, hurt/comfort, preslash, fluff

Warnings: injured!Q, 

(This is a quick one, and I barely had time to read it over before posting so I could get to today’s, so apologies in advance if it’s incoherent!)

Long story short, it had been an avalanche. Of course, avalanches tended to happen when you crashed cars into the side of a mountain.

“For once, just for once, could you, I don’t know, not make things explode in dramatic and useless ways?” Q’s diatribe lacks its usual vitriol seeing as it’s delivered between chattering teeth. James shrugs and keeps walking, Q trudging along at his side, shivering. At least he’s still shivering, James observes. If he quits shivering, they’ll really be up a creek.

“Where is this cabin?” James asks, trying to divert Q’s attention.

“Four klicks west, so said the GPS. But the battery ran out about an hour ago, so what do I know?”

“We should be close, then.”

“How the hell do you know where you’re at? Everything looks the same!”

“I really, really don’t want to be condescending right now, but,” James pauses for a moment. “Do you see the glowing disc up there behind the clouds?” James points. “That would be the sun. It’s setting. In the west. We’ve been making good time, considering the terrain and the weather and your arm,” he nods at the broken arm Q is cradling against his stomach, “we should be coming up on the cabin in the next twenty minutes or so.”

“Oh ha-bloody-ha. Very amusing.”

“You think you could do better?” James spits back.

“I don’t have much of a choice but to follow. Since you blew up the car.”

James bites back on a retort. It would do no good, and just invite more useless invectives from Q. He settles for rolling his eyes and moving off over the undulating landscape, Q trailing him, biting out disparaging comments all the way.


It is almost exactly twenty minutes later when the roof of a tiny cabin comes into view.

“Oh thank god,” James murmurs to himself. He turns, making sure that Q is still behind him. He’d been flagging the past five minutes, falling farther and farther out of step and one heart-stopping moment when he seemed about to collapse. But he’d angrily waved off James’ offer of a shoulder to lean on and stubbornly trudged on. His nose is bright red and dripping and his teeth have stopped chattering, and James wants to pick him up and carry him the rest of the way to the cabin, but he can already hear Q’s indignant squawk and settles for slowing his pace to Q’s, staying by his side.

It wouldn’t do to go losing his Quartermaster now.

The mission, if he could even really call it that, had been simple. Escort the Quartermaster across Europe to a meeting with his counterpart in Germany. Simple.

Well, it should have been simple.

Like most things James sets out to do, complications arose rather quickly, culminating in his, albeit inadvertent, crashing of their car into the side of a mountain. The resulting avalanche was hardly his fault, but had stopped their pursuers cold, so to speak.

The two of them only just managed to squeak out without traumatic injuries. James has shrapnel cuts across his face (Again. At least one of these is likely to scar) but is otherwise unhurt, but Q’s arm is broken, James doesn’t know how badly, and it’s put a damper on both his mood and his speed. And there’s the snow.

The cabin is a welcome sight, indeed: not a safe-house precisely, but close enough, and secluded enough, that the pair of them should be safe until their distress beacon calls in the cavalry.


There’s only one bed.

Of course there would only be one bed, it’s not like this cabin was meant for multiple occupancy. It’s one-room construction, with a wood-burning stove at one end, flanked by cabinets, and a bed at the other. James is relieved to see the first-aid kit is still well-stocked, and that there are half a dozen tins of beans and a small pot to cook them in. The cabin hasn’t been as neglected as he’d feared. A basket of kindling and a stack of firewood just outside the door complete the amenities. If there is a water pump, it’s outside and buried under the snow. No matter, they can use snowmelt.

Q sits heavily on the bed, and grimaces in pain as he fumbles his broken arm. James immediately pulls the first-aid kit down and kneels at Q’s feet, frowning at the arm that’s swelled to twice its normal size and is an ugly blue-purple just above the wrist. He prods at the injury tentatively, and is not pleased by what he finds.

“I’ve got to set the bone,” James says. “This is going to hurt.”

Q grits his teeth and nods once, then screws his eyes shut.

James takes a deep breath and slips the bone back into place in a swift, sure move, lashing two pieces of kindling on either side of the break with gauze from the first-aid kit.

Q doesn’t even flinch.

James would be impressed if he didn’t know it was from the shock. Q’s face is ashen and beads of sweat stand out on his forehead. He’s stopped shivering, but at this point it’s impossible to tell if that’s good or bad. They’re out of the wind, but the cabin is still freezing and their breaths cloud in front of their mouths.

“Good,” he says pointlessly, and rummages in the kit for some painkillers, coming up with some high-dose paracetamol, but nothing else. Well, it will have to do.

He offers them to Q who swallows them dry.

“Here.” James pulls the musty quilt down, and Q doesn’t resist when James helps him lay down. Which he should be doing. Q should be complaining at him, chastising him for wrecking yet another car, complaining about his arm. Strange how he misses the annoyance when it’s expected.

“I’m going to go bring in some firewood,” James says, and Q stares at him impassively for several moments too long before nodding.

He’s got to get his feet elevated. The recovery team should be here within six hours, but Q’s not used to dealing with this level of injury without treatment. He’s beginning to slip, and James would be damned if he’d let that happen. Not again.

He brings in an armload of firewood and dumps it next to the stove, pulling out several pieces and wrapping them in a sheet before gently sliding them under Q’s feet.

Q groans, the first noise he’s made since all but collapsing on the bed.

“I’m going to start a fire.”

“Mm. ‘M cold,” Q mumbles and shifts uncomfortably under the quilt.

“Okay,” James replies, nodding. “We’ll get you warm.”


It’s just a word. One syllable, commonly thrown out without even thinking. But something about that barely voiced gratitude cracks James like an egg, and he frowns at Q for a moment before putting it in the back of his mind to focus on what needs to be done.

The kindling is dry and catches immediately, but the wood’s damp from the snow and takes a while to light. By the time the fire’s large enough for James to shut the door of the stove, Q’s eyes are closed. His breathing is even, though, and when James lifts his wrist to check his pulse, Q stirs. His eyes are soft and out-of-focus, and maybe it’s the last vestiges of shock or the onset of the painkillers, but James could swear they’re full of a fondness he never would have imagined.

“Still cold?” James asks, because he has to say something, he can’t just keep staring at Q like this, and it seems the most logical thing in the moment.

Q nods.

“Warm me up?” he says, with enough cheek that it pulls a laugh from James.

He pulls off his coat and lays it on the floor, followed by his jacket.

“You know, this isn’t exactly how I envisioned getting into your bed,” James says.

“But you had envisioned it,” Q says, and James can see the information process through his drug-muddled brain, culminating in a wide smile.

James sighs. Now is not the time for a conversation like that. Instead, he just smiles back and says, “Budge up, then.”

Oh, boy, this is gonna be a long post x’DDD yes, I do have a counter!


1 - Flowey was already done with Frisk when he saw them trip

2 - Mercy? Oh my god

3 - THE FROG. So done already.

4 - Why is this kid so dumb??

5 -This really grinded his gears too

6 - Does this kid have any kind of problem with running away or are they just braindead?

7 - This, too. He even thinks that tho xD

8 - Yep, useless and dumb. Perfect.

9 - And he also talks with the murder goat…. great, just great

10 - This in general made him feel SO done with the entire world

11 - THIS WAS A TRIGGER, RIGHT HERE. He couldn’t take it anymore!! But thank god he chilled a bit after this xD

12 - The whole boot thing was also a super done

13 - Every time Frisk cries, a Flowey is really annoyed.

14 - This thing, too. THIS THING RIGHT HERE.

15 - And this, too. The desire for cake was too strong. So done with this crap

16 - Also, even more done for the worst idea of the year!

17 - He almost slaps Frisk in the face right here xD

18- And this? You can’t just fight alone against a murder goat! Oh, well, it was a minor so-done, but still a so-done

19 - And this is the last so-done moment. I dont even need to explain why.

That makes a total of 19 “I am so done with this kid” oments! lol if you read all of this you deserve a cookie. But people ask, I answer xD


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