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MUN HERE!               Hi howdy everyone! I’m in London, safe and sound, and I’ve had a wonderful past couple of days! I finally found time and energy to pop on here on my free day before I go and make dinner to write this post and then after dinner I will queue replies and starters. 

I have a really fun story to tell everyone! So, one of my roommates, Hayley, and I went to a pub with some other people after we had dinner the first night. At the pub, Hayley noticed my tumblr app and was like ‘oh tumblr!’ and i was like ‘yeah, you can follow me, but i don’t have a personal blog. i write an rp blog.’ I was expecting her to ask me what it was or to explain how I do it but it turns out that she also has a blog. Turns out that I’ve been following @toughlittleguy for years on multiple of my blogs and never interacted with her. Small world, right? 

Well, that was all I wanted to say. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know I’m alright and then pop off and make some yummy pasta. Laters!

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For the drabble game, could I send you one of myself? "Did you think I would hit you?" or "why did you flinched" and "I'm not like him" w Bucky? Maybe reader flinches when Bucky makes a movement in an argument after a abusive relationship? Please

i dont want to glorify abuse in any way, im simply fulfilling this request. please, please, get help if youre in an abusive relationship, i love all of you and it would break my heart if i find out someone ever treated you like that.

“Did you just flinch?”

“I’m not like him.”

Trigger Warnings: mentions of abuse

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“Oh my fucking god,” Bucky breathed, tugging at the ends of his hair, ‘Can you please just listen to me for one fucking minute.”

“I have been Bucky,” You spit, “And I cant listen to your faulty reasoning for another second.”

You stormed into the kitchen and Bucky followed you, clearly not understanding when enough was enough.

“What is the matter with you?” He asked, a look of disbelief painted on his face, “You never act like this.”

“Can you just please leave me alone.” You huffed, gripping the edge of the counter.

“Whatever, I’m done.” Bucky relented, stomping over to the cabinet to grab a cup. Your reflexes kicked in, and as soon as he reached over to the cabinet next to you, you coward away, using your hands to shield your face.

“Did you just flinch?” Bucky asked, a quizzical look on his face. It took him a moment, but the gears finally shifted in is head and the look of realization flooded his head. “Oh my god (Y/N), I’m such a fucking idiot.”

You turned your head away from him, casting your eyes up to the ceiling so you wouldn’t have to face him.

“I’m not like him,” Bucky mumbled, gently cupping your face and turning it back towards him, “I would never hurt you, ever. You’re my queen and if he ever shows his face around here again I’ll kill him.”

“I’m sorry,” You mumbled, nuzzling into his warm hands, “I know you wouldn’t, I just can’t help it, its a force of habit.”

“I cant believe you had to go through that.” Bucky pulled you into his chest, “Can we stop fighting? I suddenly have the strong urge to feed you ice cream and snuggle with you for the rest of my life.”

“Yeah, that sounds nice.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around Bucky and holding him tightly.

I’m just going to take a minute here to talk about Safe and Sound and how purely beautiful and amazing this song is and how important it is to me
The first lyric that really gets to me is ‘When all those shadows almost killed your light’ because that, in my opinion, basically just describes all the bad people and experiences you could have had in your life that almost completely burn you down to the stage where you feel you’re fully broken and alone and there's only dark, sadness surrounding you, and barely any light or happiness (although in my situation, the light I did have was Taylor)
Then the next part which I love and relate to with my entire being is the chorus; ‘Just close your eyes, the sun is going down, you’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now, come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound’ and I love it so much because during the night is when all your darkest thoughts have the chance to come out, as you’re not kept busy and there are no distractions thus you have so much time to think and ponder about life, so basically it’s saying to close your eyes and sleep when the sun goes down and you’ll be alright because those dark thoughts and reminders of terrible things people have said to/about you can’t reach you while you’re asleep, they can’t hurt you when you’re in that state of unconsciousness. And then when the morning light comes and you wake up, you’ll be safe and sound because those thoughts haven’t had the chance to damage you you, as you were asleep.
Then you’ve got ‘Don’t you dare look out your window, darling everything’s on fire, the war outside our door keeps raging on’ and I’m not too sure on this one but it could be interpreted as just don’t let your thoughts fray from the peaceful part of your mind into the dark part because it will damage and hurt you, seeing something that was once so bright now being/already reduced to ashes
And finally, you have ‘Hold onto this lullaby even when the music’s gone’ and I believe that could mean you should hold on to all your happiest memories and moments throughout life, even when all hope and happiness seems to be lost and gone. Hold onto the one bright thing you have even when everything else bright is gone. Always have hope, even in the darkest of times
Honestly, I love this song with the entirety of my being