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I sent @lukemagnus shit abt Drunk!Luke letting it slip that he wants to date maryse and she wants a rebloggable version because apparently its worth it lmao

like before he walks away luke remembers that he has to ask jace something important and he makes a show out of remembering (because drunk!luke is also v forgetful and thinks out loud) so he’s like ‘jace… jace…. jace wayland-herondale-lightwood…. lightwood…. you’re a lightwood!!!….. i was gonna ask something about lightwoods…. lightwoods… like would maryse go out with me???? wait but i need to ask her ki- aha! That’s it! Can I date your mom?“

jace and clary are just watching this all unfold with varying looks of shock on their face (jace is shocked, clary is not) and luke just looks at jace. "you’re asking me permission to date my mom?” Luke nods a sloppy nod, because he’s a lil drunk and its pretty great. 

“Normally i’d ask her parents, but her kids will do the trick.” Luke stops, and his eyes widen. “Oh god, what if her kids hate me? What if I’m the last person they’d pick to date their mom!!??”

Jace laughs, and shakes his head. “Luke, you’re the best choice for maryse. You can date her." 

Luke fistpumps, a grin on his face. "I’m getting myself a girlfriend, hell yeah!” His 'hell yeah’ turns heads, and Jace waves his siblings over from their little discussion in the corner. 

Alec is relaxed, and his eyes only flicker to Magnus once while he walks over. Isabelle is bright and bouncy, lipstick a little smudged and eyes bright. "What’s up?“ 

"Luke has something he wants to ask.” Jace laughs, and Luke spins around. 

“More Lightwoods! Great! I want to date your mom!” He yells, and a few wolves look over in enjoyment.

Isabelle breaks out into a grin and, more surprisingly, Alec does the same. “Yes!” they yell in unison, and Luke laughs, before pulling them all into a sticky hug. 

“Oh man this is gonna be great.” Jace laughs as best as he can when pressed against a werewolf’s bicep, and Isabelle gives him a thumbs up from her place against Luke’s chest. Jace looks at Alec, and feels rather than sees the smile on his face. Yeah, this is gonna be great.

Questions I Won’t Answer 📜

I started this blog for personal reference, and it eventually evolved into a resource blog for beginner witches and experienced witches alike. That being said, some days I get up to 40 or 50 questions in my inbox from those seeking magickal advice. Over the past couple of years, I have answered hundreds of questions over various topics, but I think that it’s time I set some personal boundaries. With that being said, I really do try to answer most questions to the best of my ability, but frankly, there are some things I am not comfortable discussing, and some things I am just not experienced with. Please read my about me and FAQ before asking me anything - chances are, I’ve already answered it or have a guide about it somewhere. On both my web page and mobile page, there is a search function - if I don’t have a dedicated tag to a topic, please use the search feature before turning to my ask box. I have also compiled a list of tags that is available on my web page, and as a rebloggable post (here).

(thank you to @sylvaetria and @urbanspellcraft for giving me the idea to finally post one of these)

Questions I may not answer, or will try to redirect you to find the information you are looking for: 

  • Deities: I have limited information on deities - I do not personally work with them in my craft, so I can’t give you a direct or precise answer regarding such (this includes offerings, how to find a deity, etc.). I will try my best to redirect you to a more reputable source, but there is no guarantee. 
  • Spirit Work: I have recently been compiling and reblogging resources for spirit work as it is something I’m interested in, but not experienced, especially when it comes to matters of conjuring spirits, spirit guides, etc. I have a tag for spirit work here
  • Dreamwork, past lives, and dream interpretation: Another thing I have little experience with, and not really something I use in my practice. 
  • Omens and signs, in general: It’s not up to me to decide whether or not a particular situation in your life is a “sign.”
  • Religion: Again, I’m not religious and therefore have no experience with various organized religions.
  • “Do you have any advice for beginner witches or baby witches?”: A question I get almost daily - I have a masterpost of all of my beginner content here, and a beginner tag. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, I’ll do my best to help.
  • “Do you have a spell or sigil for X?”: As I mentioned before, I have an extensive list of tags in which you can probably find what you’re looking for or something similar (Tags list made rebloggable for your convenience). Please check there before asking me to find something for you. Also, here is the best collection of spells and sigils, compiled by @sylvaetria.
  • “Do you know of any witches who practice or work with X?”: Please check @witch-yellowpages - I follow so many people from various paths and it would not be conducive to dig through them all. If I can think of some off the top of my head, I’ll direct you to their blog, or post your ask to boost it to my followers.
  • Anything about cosmic witchcraft: I am always more than happy to talk about cosmic witchcraft with others, but I have compiled over 150 posts of original content that can be found on my Cosmic Witchcraft Masterpost - please check there before asking me anything. Again, if you just want to talk about it with me or can’t find what you’re looking for, I’d be more than happy to talk with you or help you out.
  • Promotions for your blog, shop, GoFundMe, etc.: Unless it’s a cause I fully support, I do not feel comfortable doing so. 
  • Questions about myself or my beliefs: Anything about myself that I feel comfortable sharing can be found on my about me page. If your question is not answered there, then I am not obligated to share any further information with you.

Questions I absolutely will not answer - these will be ignored and deleted (some topics may be triggering, read at your own risk):

  • Free divination readings: I do offer paid readings, but have little time for free readings - sometimes I will offer free readings if I’ve purchased a new deck and want to try it out, but even that is rare. If you’re interested in a paid reading, here is my “readings” page. 
  • Birth/Natal chart interpretations: This is not something I have experience with nor have time for.
  • Spell casting: I will not cast a spell for you. Please do not ask. 
  • Spell writing: I do not have time to write spells for others. Please check my tags list. 
  • Love spells: I do not support the act of performing targeted love spells and will not provide advice on how to make X fall in love with you.
  • Medical problems or questions regarding spells for healing: As a healthcare professional, I firmly believe that you need to seek medical care before resorting to magick and will not offer advice on the matter.
  • Pregnancy and all matters related to such: This is just not something I am comfortable with.
  • Suicide or self-harm: Again, if you have thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please tell someone and seek medical care ASAP. 
  • Weight loss
  • Abuse
  • Legal matters: This includes divorce, among many other things. I am not a lawyer and have no authority offering advice on these matters.

These guidelines are always subject to change. Please remember that I am a real person, not Google. I am not obligated to answer anything, and do so as a courtesy to my followers. 

edited on 7-29-2017

@abominableobriens tagged me for an author self-rec ask meme (so many good ships, damn)

Since this is my check please blog, I’m only gonna do my check please fic here.  I’d include blue neighborhood ‘verse, but since it’s not all posted yet, I’m going to leave it off the five for now.

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

1) midnight whisperings. (AO3, rebloggable on tumblr), Bitty/Jack/Kent (Bitty/Jack and Jack/Kent polyamorous V)

Jack feels places in his bones. He always has, before he had a camera in his hands to crystallize moments, to try to capture some small measure of what a place means on film. He doesn’t know how else to process places than to remember them as layers of feelings and sensations built up over time.

But making sense of how Kent Parson feels is a complicated process.

For me, this was one of those kind of wring yourself dry fics that came out of nowhere.  I really, really am very fond of it, though.  It’s a pretty introspective fic, focused a lot on dealing with complex feelings and with the way time changes things, but I’m proud of the way the words flow together.

2) when the full moon turns white (that’s when i’ll come home). (AO3tumblr), Dex/Nursey

Nursey hasn’t been a werewolf for all that long, and while he knows he can keep most things under wraps, he doesn’t even always trust himself.

That’s what the rope is for, more than anything. For his own peace of mind.

Every fandom needs a Teen Wolf-style werewolf AU with full moon bondage adventures, right?  I’m pretty sure that’s definitely a thing.  Anyway, I really like the opening to this fic, and I think I achieved the vibe I was going for.

3) down by the water. (AO3, tumblr), Holster/Ransom

“It doesn’t even make sense,” Holster had protested on the drive over. It was an empty protest, and he didn’t pursue it. After all, the Niagara Falls trip is sacred. Sure, they may both be living in an apartment in Boston together, now, but it’s Canada’s turn.

Ransom conceded a Tim Horton’s trip and agreed to an IHOP one in exchange for the longer drive, because he’s a good boyfriend.

This was just some nice fluffy Holsom going on their annual Niagra Falls date.  If I ever wrote sequels I’d write the proposal that’s inevitably gonna happen there in the future, but I am terrible and rarely write follow-up fics.

4) i don’t know you (but i want you so bad). (AO3, tumblr) Bitty/Kent

Bitty knows better than to think that everyone is what they seem. Bitty’s used to taking people with a grain of salt. He’s from the South, where there isn’t a soul without a passive-aggressive bone in their body. Everyone keeps their skeletons in the closet, and family business stays family business unless someone goes and runs their mouth. Or until the neighbors come snooping, which they always do.

Bitty isn’t naive enough to think that Kent Parson is all quiet smiles and shiny sharpie signatures.

This fic is what happens when you listen to Songs About Jane (specifically, Secret) by Maroon 5 too many times in a row.  This fic is important to me because Bitty wrestles with something that I think a lot of fic doesn’t have the space to capture.  He’s a semi-closeted southern boy who was bullied back in Georgia for being small and not traditionally masculine-coded, aka probably largely for being a Suspected Gay.  He’s probably never felt wanted in his entire life, not in a way that is blatant and open and something he can process.  And that’s a very overwhelming thing.  Feeling wanted for the first time.  Especially by someone he finds objectively attractive.  Especially by someone he has very mixed and muddled impressions of.  It’s hard to sort through.

5) naked sunday. (AO3, tumblr) Lardo/Shitty

“You’re gonna get naked aren’t you,” Lardo said. Her eyes weren’t so sharp as they usually were after smoking a joint down to the roach, but she’d heard the rumors about Shitty’s penchant for nudity. Probably from Jack, honestly.

“Ch’yeah,” Shitty said. “Once I can feel my fingers enough to deal with buttons.”

Trans man Shitty and Lardo getting a soft naked morning together is important to me.

I’m tagging @yoursummerfrost , @queerlyalex , @rushingsnowy , @dexsnursey , @mighty-alphalpha, and whoever else wants to do it.

things i’m gonna have to ask myself before joining another religion

i’ve been thinking about joining another religion that ISN’T christianity, and these are some questions i’ve come up with before i start following a certain faith. anyone can add their thoughts to this post. please don’t ask me about my history with christianity or why i left it, though.

you can reblog/like this list if you want, if find it useful.

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RunningManNet is open!

RunningManNet is a network created for all the people here on Tumblr that love Running Man! This will also be a place for our members to get to know each other (LINE chat etc.) and to showcase their Running Man creations. Rebloggers, editors, gif makers and basically anyone who loves Running Man can join. You don’t have to be a Running Man blog, you just have to be a fan of them!


1. Love Running Man!

2. Reblog this post to spread the word!

3. Follow the network

4. Fill out the application form

5. Read the rules before applying!

6. Make sure your ask box is open so we can message you!

Click here to fill out the application form


A roleplayer has rules written down for a reason. They give you insight to things they will/will not do, things that they are comfortable/uncomfortable with, things they will unfollow you for etc. Those rules are something you should read when following, or before you plan to interact with them. It gives you a clear insight in things people.

For example:

-If the roleplayer says that they do not roleplay via rebloggable asks, and you still do it, they have the right to ignore that and you don’t have the right to be rude about it.

-If the roleplayer says they do not roleplay smut, and you throw smut on them, they have the right to ignore that, and you don’t have the right to be a jerk about it.

-If the roleplayers says they will unfollow people who post certain things or don’t cut their posts, they have the right and will do it, yet you don’t get to cause a scene over it.

In conclusion, rules are made for a reason. Read them- respect them. It’s that simple.

Post version of how to ask permission to post art from Pixiv

This probably should have been done a long time ago, whoops! But here’s a rebloggable version of my permission guide that so many of you have been wanting. Let’s make asking artists for permission before posting their art on tumblr a common thing this year! Thanks for reading this ridiculously long post!

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anonymous asked:

any pointers for new pjo blogs???

Wow I’ve never gotten an ask like this before thank you so much! I would say, in terms of general guidelines:

  • Be as nice as humanly possible. No one likes a sassy-pants unless they’re funny enough to pull it off. Literally I’ve seen people in the fandom go from zero to hero just based on the fact that they’re a good reblogger and are insanely kind to fellow fandom-members.
  • Reblog, NEVER repost. Quick definition: Reblogging is when you hit the little button in the bottom right corner of a post that says “reblog” and looks like a square version of the recycle symbol you see on disposal bins nowadays. Reposting is when you save the image to your computer, and then post it as your own art without giving the artist who spent hours creating the piece any credit. It invalidates their work to repost it, so don’t. Most likely, you won’t get as many notes as you thought you would and people in the fandom are getting better at calling people out on their schist.
  • Tag your posts by character. If you’re looking to be in this fandom, I find the people with the most organized blogs generally run the best blogs. You can tag them by first-name basis, full-name basis, or pun-name basis. For example, my bestie @teamperseus tags the ship percabeth as “my babies” and percico as “the broken couple.” Some other people like to do that, and it’s based on personal preference. But it shows that you are on top of your stuff if you tag your posts. That way, when people scroll through your blog, they can search by character or ship and look at exactly the posts they want to.
  • Allow, encourage and accept asks. People in this fandom are dying to share their opinions with other fandom members, so incite some of the conversation yourself! Don’t be afraid to go in-depth on some of the opinions I’m sure you have! Hell, you could write your own headcanons and/or fic. I sure do, and it’s a lot of fun.
  • Follow whoever you want to. Don’t just follow the big blogs (although they appreciate it). Follow whoever you think reblogs content you love or makes art/headcanons/fic that you enjoy. I could give you a list, but I think all you need are a few blogs to get started, and then you should go off on your own. 
  • Spread positivity. Whether it’s a compliment on a drawing/fic or just a nice little “your blog is awesome!”, spread positivity. It’s just the right thing to do, and it will brighten people’s days.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Have fun. This fandom is currently in the middle of an insane few months, with multiple new book series coming out, and everyone is really active. This could be one of the best times to join the fandom. Welcome to Camp. 

Okay so, I’m making a new faves page because my current faves are really inactive and some of them have even deleted so I’m just going to start over. If you were in my faves before you can of course “apply” again! 


  • All you have to do is reblog this post and follow me.
  • I will pick about 10-15 blogs to be featured on this page. 
  • The ones I pick can ask me for promos (any kind) once a day.
  • Whenever I do first 5’s or first 10’s or things like that, I’ll pick a random fave that the rebloggers have to be following to “win”.
  • If there's anything else you want then we can talk about it!
  • I’ll be picking my faves on november 27th.
  • I’ll be checking out every single blog that reblog this post and then choose my favorites.


  • Must be following me.
  • Must reblog this post at least once.
  • Feel free to message me or tag #louiserennelov in a post and tell me a bit about yourself. I’d love to get to know you all a bit more!
  • It can be any type of blog.

If you have any questions, just go ahead and ask them HERE.

So little time for all the things i would like to do… I really like my job, but 12 hours a day are slowly taking away all my energy from me. 

I want to draw! gosh!!, when will i be able to draw again?(which i couldn’t do for like… 2 weeks now). Sometimes I wonder why this artblock, and I get to the conclusion that I’m tired, just too tired to draw or to talk or to do anything fun that i love doing. So i come to tumblr, I reblogg a pair of posts and go away for …2 days or more…

And that doesn’t feels quite right…in fact, it’s not fair for me!, when tumblr was my way to relaxing and having fun, a corner to stay away from real life problems but due to the lack of free time I don’t have it anymore (not like before at least and I feel this empty space inside of me where the things i enjoy doing should be…blogging, drawing, studying languages for example),  it’s not fair even for you guys!!, because every message i get waits on my ask box for days unil i manage to reply. Oh well, I had to say this because it might seem that I come here at night like a passer by, …but the trutht is that i miss you a lot! Hope all of you are doing well.