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March CAS Challenge Day 24 - Bookworm

This lovely lady is Muriel Ingham. She is the Head Librarian at Willow Creek Public Library and when she isn’t leading toddler storytime, she sneaks romance novels out to read behind the counter! Muriel is also working on her third children’s book and would like to move into writing novels for young adults. 


This is entirely too perfect.

Well I mean ordinarily someone would kick the shit out of the guy in question and balls would be redeemed and honor restored, but I don’t even have to do that.  Andrei is autonomously being the best and worst troll ever.  xD

I don’t know how to break it to Robert.  The woman he’s flirting with is a right whore - card-carrying, what with No Jealousy tacked onto her.  I haven’t even looked at how many men she’s got.  I really don’t have the heart to do so.  xD  (Though, note from the future, off the top of my head I think she was hovering around eight including Andrei and, weirdly, Thornton.  … but not?  Story Progression keeps saying they’re flirting, but Thornton only lists his wife as a flirt.  It is a mystery.)

Even now, at this very moment, Artyom’s dastardly father is about to desecrate Robert’s parents’ shower with Robert’s love interest.

theadultwitchling  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if I could ask if you know of any spells that can prevent a person from speaking of slander against you? My ex-mother and abuser - ex in the sense that I refuse to see her as anything remotely resembling a mother - is out of my life by law, but she still has the power to ruin my reputation due to the twisted ideas she has of me and I know full well that she would not hesitate to spread them into the community and ruin my life with them.

I know the perfect binding spell!

You could also adapt and personalise pretty much any binding spell to suit your situation - use the symbolism of cutting out tongues or sewing lips together as part of your spell.

anonymous asked:

I think it was a very smart move from that MTV article, it "confirmed" laucy but at the same time it killed it, but it also left a door open cause it's said that they had an off and on relationship for years and that they're still good friends. I don't think they dates honestly, I still very much believe it's PR with this "perfect timing", laucy just to have to post a picture on ig for people to think they're daiting, in this way they're still doing pr without actually having to pretend to date.

another smart person. I like you, also.


Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, guys. This week has not been the best. Still, it’s the weekend and hopefully I can just relax and get back on track. This is just a little bonus edit for the winter series I did, since this picture he posted was perfect for it.

Suho Appreciation Post

Dorky Dad

Handsome Beau

Alluring Model

Perfect Angel

Sweetest, Cutest, Silliest Man

In the last few years, Suho carried the burden of being Exo’s leader through the tough times of members leaving and antis being hateful. He’s an extremely caring person whose dorky jokes and amazing manners warm the hearts of the members and countless fans. When Exo won #1 for the first time, Suho cried his heart out because he knew that the Exo’s years of hardwork has finally paid off. Please give more love and appreciation to the dorky, charismatic, and well-mannered leader of Exo.

*just Suho being extra*

Hi @rckey, I saw your reblog of the post for Eddsworld, and I thought I would share the process for this series, and to respond about Joshua Palmer not being on the list.

The Get To Know Your Animator series was originated for tumblr users (my original post/pitch for the series), such as yourself, to find the same animators on tumblr, so you can see more of their works, and follow their blog if you desire. 

It is a difficult process, as I come to find that not all animators have a tumblr blog, and it becomes difficult to try informing of their tumblr blog for people to follow (as I too want to show their works, celebrate their skills, and follow them for future posts). 

Now, this is no means saying I am perfect. If I have missed an animator, and they do have a tumblr site, I would be happy to add the animator(s) to the list of that project, so others can follow and see their works. If you send me their name, and the name of their tumblr site using the Ask Feature, I will be able to update as soon as I can. 

I again understand your disappointment, and my intent was not to be disrespectful. I was not able to find Joshua Palmer’s tumblr page (and if he does have one, please let me know, and I will update right away). Also, if you or others know of animators I forgot to mention, or missed, for the previous and future Get To Know Your Animator showcases, let me know of their name and the name of their tumblr blog. I will update with their info. 

I hope this clears things up. Thank you for your time. 


So I just got home from Starbucks (yea I know how cliche), and my dog comes and jumps on me. So now I’m looking out the window and he’s standing right next to me. So you’d probably think ‘aw that’s so cute!’ ‘So perfect!!’ Ha no. I turn around and my dog speeds away. So I’m like ‘okay bye kid’ until.. he’s running right past this old antique lamp. He literally runs right past the wire of this old antique lamp of mine, and me being the dumbass that I am, didn’t think to ever move it away from the edge of this small round table. So he’s running away and trips over the wire and brings the lamp down with him :) And now there’s glass all over my floor and my dogs scared out of his mind.. Perfect. lmao I should post a pic of this poor kid

Things I’ll never get over

One thing I’ll never get over is

How infatuated 








I don’t know who my future partner is going to be but if they look at me everyday the way Victor look at Yuri, I know I made the right choice. 

The little things I love about episode 10

Narrated by Victor

Yuri (and his cat) sharing a mountain of katsudon pirozhki with Yakov and Lilia (LOOK AT HOW CONFUSED THEY ARE AND HOW HAPPY YURI IS)

Yuri defending Yuri’s Angels

The standoff between JJ Girls and Yuri’s Angels in the background

Phichit taking random selfies with Yuuri, while Celestino is like ’whatever’ in the background

Yuuri’s butt in this shot (foreshadowing?)

Victor shopping for his boyfriend husband

Yuri’s slightly scary fans

Everything Otabek/Yurio

Keeping it real with Russia not really celebrating Christmas

Yeah, these two

And this

Phichit for being Yuuri’s #1 wingman

How everyone accepted the engagement/marriage announcement

Yes, this happened

How JJ is on a completely different wavelength from everyone else

Victor waking up early to go to the beach to admire his ring because it reminds him of HASETSU’S OCEAN

Yuri getting over his hero worship of Victor and treating him as a normal person, perhaps even as a friend

Emil still following Mickey around (one day, Mickey, you’ll realize Sara’s not the one that needs protecting)

Guang Hong speaking for all of us on Wednesday nights

Georgi on a date (Anya didn’t deserve you anyway)


Victor noticing Yuuri at the banquet

And watching him throughout the night from afar

All great frenemies start with a dance-off

Those goddamn legs. Those goddamn muscles.

Chris remembering to work that ass even when under supporting Yuuri


Rewriting the entire anime in five seconds

Showing us what love at first sight looks like

I was rewatching “Escape from Beta Traz” and like this fucking scene

Pidge is just like “Lance, you’re gonna need to get a scan of his face” like it’s the easiest thing in the world and if it were any other idk SANE person they would’ve at least been like “wtf pidge have you seen this guy like he’s terrifying and also how the fuck am I gonna scan HIS FACE from this distance hidden away without him fucking noticing me”

But Lance, CLASS CLOWN LANCE, just says “Copy that” and gets down to business




But Lance used his fast leggys and hid himself like wtf I’m so proud of him. He is so smart and good and has amazing reflexes and is a quick thinker and doesn’t hesitate when people need him.

And he is like so relieved that he actually did the thing but doesn’t gloat or bask in his moment he just sends Pidge the face like NO PROBLEM “Face on the way Pidge” THAT WASNT RISKY AT ALL. WHATEVER. ALL IN A DAYS WORK.