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  • Non-kpop fan watching a BTS mv: Wow there are so many members!
  • me:
  • me: *snorts*

a Baku shoes masterpost 

because that’s exactly the kind of person i am

to start off with, little Bakugou doesn’t really seem to have a preference for shoes. on the left, it looks like he’s wearing sneakers, and the middle also seems to be some kinda sneakers. on the right he’s wearing sandals.

in the series proper, these are the first shoes we see Bakugou wear

however, they’re likely just school issued shoewear because Izuku is wearing the same kind of shoes 

this is further evidenced later on, where both are wearing completely different shoes.

these seem to be their own personal shoes, since Izuku is wearing his signature red shoes here. we can’t get a clear image of them but, Bakugou it seems, favors loafer type shoes

this is once more shown in his two character pages, where he’s shown wearing casual clothes and on his UA character page, where he’s wearing his own shoes and not UA’s school regulated shoes.

next are Bakugou’s hero outfit boots.

Now, Bakugou actually didn’t design them. They’re an interpretation of his initial designs  that the hero company came up with

however, he clearly seems to really like them because he specifically wore them during the Sports Festival. either that, or he wore them because they’re specifically designed for battle and work better than any of his regular shoes

(interestingly, he wears them two different ways during the festival. during the Cavalry Battle, he wears his pants over the boots, while later on he tucks the pant legs into the boots)

later on, while at the training camp and when he was kidnapped, he was wearing shoes that seemed like some sort of sneakers?

it’s hard to make out, but they don’t look exactly like loafers, and there seems to be laces on them

in one of the colorspreads, he’s wearing what looks to be combat shoes. this is the only time we’ve ever seen him wear these kinds of shoes, if you exclude his hero shoes.

return of The Loafers: red colored formal wear edition

and here we have some pretty cool lookin’ snow boots on the 2nd popularity poll colorspread (also why is he wearing snow boots while being shirtless. child. this makes no sense)

and finally

more loafers

long story short Baku really seems to like loafers

and boots, sometimes

but mostly loafers

Hey maybe we should go back to liking video games we want to like and maybe stop harassing people who like them or shaming people for liking certain games. It’s been pretty bad on on this website lately and I see a lot of people feeling bad for liking games or being excited for games that others keep bringing down. Be nice to each other. Let people be excited and happy if it isn’t harming anyone.

The OA Asks

Nina: Weirdest childhood memory?
Prairie: Would you say you’re mostly a leader or a follower?
Homer: What is the worst injury you’ve ever had? 
Rachel: What is your favourite song? 
Scott: Have you ever had an experience that changed your view on life?Renata: Do you play any instruments?
Buck: What is your gender and sexuality?
Steve: What do you do when you’re upset?
Jesse: What spiritual things (if any) do you believe in?
BBA: Are you the mum friend? 
French: How many siblings do you have?
Hap: How hardworking are you?

Chansaw As Pitch Perfect 2 Quotes

Veronica: You are physically flawless–

Heather: Thank you.

Veronica: But it doesn’t mean I like you.

Veronica: *to Heather* Okay, just because you are making me very sexually confused does not mean that you are intimidating!

Heather: So, have you abandoned your dumb plan to leave the Remington party?

Veronica: You wish you gorgeous… specimen…. *to Heather M.* She’s really in my head.

*playing croquet*

Heather: *touches Veronica’s face* Now don’t cry to hard when you lose, makes eyes puffy.

Veronica: *whispers* Your hands are so soft.

Heather: I’m sorry I don’t speak loser, what did you say?

Heather D.: She actually speaks 8 languages, but loser is not one of them.

Heather C. And Heather D.: *Walk off*

Veronica: HA! YOUR SWeat smells like cinnamon! …Damn it!

team 7 on tumblr
  • naruto: reblogs mostly pics of cute and fluffy animals. #positivity. regularly posts selfies. everyone and their dog has a crush on him. is often tagged in posts by his mutuals. #squadgoals.
  • sasuke: mostly random text posts he relates to. not too personal. woke af. v opinionated and vocal about it. does not give a single fuck. DO NOT get into argument with him, you will only embarass yourself. rants in (and out of) tags.
  • sakura: aesthetics. selfies. social justice. with side shitpost. queen of sarcasm. a true role model. also, her make up is on point and anons never fail to appreciate it.
  • sai: an art blog. has a decent fanbase, but ia just. so bad at interaction w/ his followers. the poor soul takes weeks to reply to his asks. easily flustered!! what a pure cinnamon roll.
  • kakashi: a fandom hoe. writes icha icha fanfiction. sin. it ends up on many fic rec lists. the type of person you go to when you first join a fandom. makes bad puns and loses followers because of it. lots of gay.
  • yamato: now THAT is what i call a shitpost factory. there isn't a meme he misses. expert on memes, memes of memes, and meme fusions. and don't get me started on his nihilism and existential humor text posts. what an inspiration.

I just want guys to be able to say I love you instead of this weird meaningful silence and then a hug with a back pat….like let boys say I love you casually. Let them say ‘love you’ when they hang up the phone. Let them say 'love you, be safe’ when saying goodbye to each other. Let them tease each other with 'you know you love me’. Let boys greet each other with real hugs instead of those one armed things. Just let boys show each other affection. Let boys be as soft and sweet as they want.

i’m a nice person until you insult sam winchester

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happy pokemon day everyone!! we’ve come a long way since generation 1, and i cant wait for future generations for even bigger adventures!! :3

to be honest

i can’t imagine bakugou and uraraka having kids at all