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Heeya! Since I'm starting college and all and I've got plenty of time on my way there (1-hour-travel SAVE ME) I've been wanting to fully read the Inferno AU, I'm always on my phone so I can only get to see some posts... Is there a section where I can find all the AU in order or tag maybe? Thank you, I'm in love with your art ❤️

Congrats on starting college and safe travels! This ask seemed a bit time sensitive so here’s my reply.

I try very, VERY hard to make my blog easy to navigate and my posts easy to find on both computer and mobile, and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve your accessibility to my posts. I feel on computer it’s very self explanatory, everything is very clearly labelled on my sidebar. But you can actually reach all those posts on mobile too!

A lot of long screenshots coming up, to skip this post hit the “J” key!

First you go to my blog through the Tumblr app, and it should look like this. And see where the summary fades out? That’s where you tap!

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It brings you to this handy post I created for mobile navigation! It has all the links on my sidebar, along with a list of my more commonly used tags which can be used to search them, or block them if they’re not your thing.

But for my YOI art, you want to click the YOI Masterpost! That’ll take you to my complete YOI art Masterpost, which is organized with major AUs at the top, and scrolls down through all of my other random YOI art. I keep this very updated.

Alternatively, this Masterpost is also linked at the bottom of pretty much all of my more recent art posts ^ ^;; Usually says something like:


Also, I’ve recently discovered that quite a few of my sfw posts are being blocked by Tumblr’s new sensitive content filter. If you find any posts that I haven’t caught yet, LET ME KNOW and tell me which ones, and I’ll have them unblocked ^ ^;

Hope this helped! ^ ^

I was tagged by the sweetheart @bleedinglove4h to do this challenge:
“Why, one direction?. What brought you, what kept you around, why did you choose to place affection towards these boys”
I love this, thank you! I actually did have an ask about this the other night so forgive me for copying and pasting my reply…but I did try to add a bit to it (with pics even!)

I’d been aware of 1D since WMYB and I had their music in my iTunes, but really only knew a handful of songs and I’m pretty sure the only member’s name I knew was Harry. I have a vivid memory of seeing them on TV and wondering why the heck that one kid always wore a bow tie.

Originally posted by fireproof-harry

I have two daughters and my oldest was in the 5th grade when 1D became the big thing. She’s autistic and although she likes music, she wasn’t really into much that other kids her age were into, so I was trying to help her along I guess by introducing her to different stuff. So she was aware of them, but not that much.

Fast forward to late 2014, right around the time Four came out. My youngest had just discovered youtube (she’d gotten an iPad) and would watch videos made by other little girls. One of her faves had Up All Night playing in it and she loved it. She would jump on her bed and sing it and I was like oh yeah One Direction, you should listen to more of their songs. Within just a few weeks, she’d decided she liked them and wanted all their CDs for Christmas and a poster (to which I happily obliged).

So in the process of playing their music for my daughter, I realized I really liked them as well. Four had just come out and I found myself listening to it almost incessantly. Which in turn had me on youtube watching videos and interviews. And like almost everyone who starts watching 1D interviews, I fell down the rabbit hole. I particularly recall a certain Chart Show Chat interview where Harry mentioned waking up to “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”, and I love Paul Simon, so I was like okay, this guy is cool. His looks are just a bonus.

So I’d already had a tumblr account. I’d started it in July of 2014, but for a different, much much smaller fandom. Around November/December, I started following a handful of 1D blogs, mostly centered around Harry (and a few Zayn ones I think). One moment that really sealed the deal for me that I was indeed falling for a certain curly boy was when a clip was posted of Harry at a Fleetwood Mac concert (you know the one…our boy is jamming out to Go Your Own Way). I flipped my lid.

Soon after that, I decided to create a side blog just for 1D, but I soon realized this fandom was so massive that a side blog was not really the way to go. So I created a new account and started this blog in February of 2015. Within two months I realized this fandom was way more fun to be a part of that my old one so I ended up deleting my old account and only kept this one.

In the beginning, I was afraid I was too old. I’ve had people mock me before for liking things and usually I just brush it off, but I wasn’t sure how to feel coming into this fandom. So I didn’t give too much info about myself at first. In fact, I went by an alias for the first couple months. But then I decided I wanted to share some fan fiction and I’d started being mutuals with people and I just felt like I couldn’t hide. I’m me. I’m not ashamed. So I revealed myself and I have no regrets. There’s been some nastiness, but I’ve gotten way more support than anything.

It’s been a really wild ride. I’ve made some really great, special friends (and lost some). Even through all the drama, it still amazes me how wonderful and thoughtful people can be, whether I’ve met them in person or not. I get overwhelmed just thinking about the love I’ve received. Like everyone here I have my moments where I think maybe I should just delete, this has gone too far. But I’m still here and I love Harry and I don’t see my love fading any time soon.

Over time I suppose my level of fandom has changed a bit. From the beginning of course Harry has been my favorite, and he’s what pulled me in. I do still love One Direction and listen to their music everyday. But more than anything I’m a Harrie. I’m all about this solo rockstar gone actor. I’m about him first, so I don’t always keep up with what the others are doing. But I will always adore this band. Always.

Almost forgot to tag people lol. @theharrystyleseffect // @loveyooumeanit // @aggresivelyfriendly // @the-well-rested-one // @dawniestyles // @harriestyles514 // @cheshirepuddin // @causeitsweird // @magic-view // @gemmadorrego // @adultfansofonedirection // @savage-styles // @harrystylesgotmefuckedup // @purplelunarmoth and anyone else who wants to do it!!

imagine bart having panic attacks and nightmares when he comes back after the whole “flash: fastest man alive” run (considering he was killed by the rogues led by inertia and then forcibly brought back to life magically and being de-aged to 15 again and having his entire psyche fucked with) and him and kon having long and serious late-night talks where they both talk about dying and being resurrected and how… displaced they feel? how out of touch they feel with everyone else because they missed about 1.5 years of fights and deaths and struggles and changes and each time they find something else different it just. they realize how much they missed?

so conner’s keeping his list of superman v. lex and who he’s more like and bart’s just panicking all the time because he remembers being genuinely beaten to death without any other heros nearby and all of his friends distant from him and he just feels so alone sometimes. and conner is so confused and out of place so they help each other

and whenever bart has a nightmare he’ll go to conner’s room and just. sit on his bed and kon will let him rest his head on kon’s shoulder and calm down because everything is just. too fast and too much and listening to conner’s heartbeat helps him calm down a lot.

some nights they talk about tim and cassie and greta and cissie and anita and suzie and young justice and how they were all so… young and inexperienced back then and how even though they dealt with some heavy shit it still felt more like a game like anything else. how it took the death of donna and lilith to actually make it more real.

some nights they don’t talk at all bart just leans against conner and breathes and conner will fall asleep with his head resting on top of bart’s and his back hurts in the morning but it’s okay

and they help each other through it all and no one else really notices because they’ve all got a metric shitton of other stuff going on and tim is distant and angrier all the time and cassie is leading the titans and all her focus is on that and they don’t really see anyone else from yj anymore and they were never close with any of the titans really

but that’s okay because they’re helping each other through it and after a year or so back bart’s breathing a little easier and he isn’t having nightmares as often and conner’s thrown out that /stupid/ list and he doesn’t care about being like clark or being like lex he cares about being himself and both of them aren’t 100% yet but they’re improving and they’re better and they’re actively working toward being okay again and if bart has a nightmare he knows conner will always wake up to talk him through it or just be a solid presence there, and if conner starts wondering how much of him is actually /him/ versus how much of him is programmed, is clark, or lex, or the scientists who force grew him, bart is there to calm him down and help him remember that this is all him and that he isn’t like them

and they’re getting better


I know i do this a lot, but I’m needing to save up to pay for a portion of a room and a ticket for a con im planning on going to !! I also need to save up for supplies and such for said con. it’s not urgent at the moment, but I need to save up a lot for the costumes i plan on making.



Pixel Art-$5


Full Body-$10

Extra Characters are +$5 for each one!

send me a PM if you’re interested! thank u for ur time!

Writing to announce a hiatus for unexpected (and rather unpleasant) reasons: I had an accident (a car hit me when I was crossing the road) and I had to be taken to the hospital.

Fortunately it wasn’t as serious as it could have been, the car projected me but I didn’t get unconscious when I hit the ground or at any point (I do have a big cut in my forehead that bled a lot and apparently looked supper scary for the people around me, but it’s not deep and it’s healing well) And I don’’t have any broken bones or something, the most concerning part is my knee which right now looks like a watermelon and hurts a lot, so I can’t exacty walk. But that is also healing well and looking better today in comparison with the day of the accident.

I’ll probably stay online for a while since I’m basically stuck in bed, but I don’t know how much energy I’ll have for finishing webcomic pages or other projects, so that will suffer a small delay. The doctors(that were super kind and careful, by the way!) are quite optimistic about my recovery, they even said that I’ll probably still be able to travel if I keep on recovering at this rate, I’ll just have to use a cane for a while. And I’m already home, so hopefully everything will go back to normal soon!

Okay so Ive been thinking a lot on the Joseph True ending and the Escape Margarita Zone achievement.

Like why would they have that as an achievement if they scrapped it?

So Im testing out of few things with the dates with all the dads. So heres the things I know so far that we could all look into a bit more:

1. Theres certain things that connect in all the storylines with the cult ending for Joseph. Robs Tattoo, the wives all being absent, the fact that you can get the Walk Mary Home true end as long as you dont play any of Josephs route (play all first dates except joseph and 2/3 second dates except joseph and youll get the scene where you can walk Mary home ferreal)

So assuming that to get this True End, you have to play through all second dates of the Dads. There might be certain things in your choices that will unlock specific interactions that trigger a component of Josephs story.

Like saying you date rob twice before going full joseph route, youll have an altercation with Rob before meeting up with Joseph where he will tell you he doesnt trust Joseph.

Knowing this, you have to now understand that dating the other dads in the playthrough has now become extremely important because it changes interactions entirely

Another thing that can affect it is whether or not you mention the tattoo to Rob. Or tell him he deserves to be eaten by the Dover ghost during his second date. Maybe You have to complete Robs dates instead of Josephs to get Joseph true end? Or cult end? Maybe theres other things in the other dates thatll trigger responses on or related to joseph thatll unlock parts to Joe true end?

2. Why the fuck do you have a choice of options with Dadbook?? Whats the point?

Maybe those choices are important when considering Josephs true end? The question is do you appeal to the dark side of yourself in it (ie the answers which are emotionally vulnerable) or the Joseph answers that you would expect him to like

Looking at the choices more, you notice that there ISNT really a choice that specifically caters to Joseph. Sure some of them are close but can always apply to likely Brian. Which leads me to believe that Joes true end could come from the emo answers. Or at least influenced by them.

3. Will the grades you get on other dads affect Joseph true end?

Ive been trying to put together a list of possible routes you can take. Like one where you ruin every date but for rob and joseph. Or ruin every date except joseph? Because in the cult ending its said to thrive off despair(?i believe?).

But does this also mean you have to be a shitty dad to Amanda too? After the first second date you confront amanda crying in bed and can neglect her for this scene too. But ALSO you can neglect her feelings when playing Robs playthrough. When she first approaches you after she looks like shes been crying theres a choice to call her out on lying and it will result in a negative reaction from Amanda.

Does this ultimately affect whether you can get Joseph true ending as well?

All in all, I think we should make an effort as a community to look into these things

True, it could all be a humongous bug, but I am honestly surprised that the team behind ddadds hasnt responded to it yet??? Its a huge thing and???? Its really weird that they would just ignore this unless theres SOMETHING to be unlocked with the choices you make in the game as a whole.

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I don't really think Anti is gonna come on Halloween. I mean, of course he's trying to make us play the waiting game, but 100 days seems like a too long amount of time. But idk, I already got a timer of when Anti MIGHT come so, I'm prepared-ish.

If there was a drinking game for every time I said “I feel like something big is going to happen soonwe would all be dead.

But… Dammit, I have to keep saying it. Could we really wait another 3 months for whatever is planned? (I mean yes, we have no choice in the matter and Jack/ Robin can do whatever they want however is best for them, and I respect that).

However, with all the HUGE and recent and constant hints/ foreshadowing ever since his appearance in Epidemic (over a MONTH ago- in real time), how can something not happen “soon”.

Realistically, let’s be a little more patient… Let Robin return home from his trip and have time to relax. Let the hints continue. Let the sense of dread build. Let us (possibly?) see Chase and/ or Dr. Schneeple once again before anything… Permanent, happens to them.

Or who knows. Anti could have his biggest performance tomorrow. He’s not very predictable to guess his next move- or when it’ll happen.

Munday Post!

First off, I would like to say a… I dunno, an extra thank you to all of you guys… Not just the people who sent these asks, either, just… All of you. Whenever I’m down, your comments and tags and asks and projects and… Everything, you always make me feel so happy… Thank you so much…

Anyway, I know that’s boring but… so are the rest of my responses! XDD So let’s get on with it! :D

AH thank you?!!! Haha, I don’t understand how at all but this is really swee- no… No puns for now… This is really kind and lovely! TTwTT I am doughy like a cinnamon roll… TT-TT C…Cinna…cinnaMUN…roll… Ghhhh I’m sorry… I’m not one anyway just gggghhhaaaahsorry… X’D This is so lovely…

Oh my goodness, this means so much to me!!! There are so many EXCELLENT England blogs, I’m surprised you found mine, haha! Thank you so, so much! I hope I can make posts worthy of such praise!! ^w^

          !!!!!! Oh my, this’ll be a big list!!!! Well, there is one blog that is sort of… Well, let’s just say before I had a working phone and a tumblr account, I would steal my friend’s phone every day to look at her updates… ask-aph-fruk and therefore heyhellohowdy, as well as her artblog heyheyartman and another is ask-miss-sardonyx (To scared to tag them at all haha… XDD.. Also all of her friends are also really good at art?!!?) but… Really, she’s the reason I really got into Hetalia and had any courage at all to make a blog… hahaha… X’D She’s my idol for pretty much everything… I may have em…wept and printed out the photos when she answered my asks…and wept again when she talked to me haaaa… This is really embarrassing actually… X’DDD I’m so sorry for my weirdness oh goodness…
          The cosplayer farorez (used to be aph-england I believe, once again, not tagging haaa) is just… Wow, his cosplay is like… Oh my god if you go to his blog you understand why, he is a god of Hetalia cosplay and his England and France and EVERYONE just are so good looking… AH!
          The artblog ask2p-fruk (aka akusheepdraws and amelval) is also… Wow, both of them are so talented, like… Same as ask-aph-fruk, I’m surprised they aren’t all working in professional publishing studios writing series and manga and stuff, ahaha… They’re awesome! And also so kind wow, when they responded to my post so long ago I just curled up and died… XD
          All my cosplayer/art/other peeps who I was just…terrified of at first, I just… Holy shit, they are all my rolemodels when it comes to this blog, actually! :) In no particular order, they are @ask-aph-francis @ask-aph-franceypants @askcosplayaphcanada @ask-the-german-commander @ask-aph-ameridork @askagrumpyfemnation @ask-ollie-bloody-kirkland @askitaliaromano @fruk-de-lys​(but you know XD) I feel like I am forgetting someone, I’m so sorry… TT~TT

And some assorted other senpai (sorry for that word but it fits!) blogs that I adore! Like… bears-again (ask-aph-witches), askcosplayfrance, t-stray, ask-the-boldcourageoususofa, ask-aph-russia, manabombs, all of the people at ask-a-nation (especially their England who was absolutely lovely to me and has bloody fucking BRILLIANT England cosplay GGGH! TTwTT…. Yeah! XD

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Has Harry met scorpius: I want him/Draco to see how cute their sons boyfriend is, part 1. Al says early on he knows Harry doesn't like scorp implying Harrys met scorp though it might be JUST bc he's Dracos son. 2, scorp and Harry don't acknowledge each other when scorp runs up in 1st alternate reality. Bc they already met or bc of the current circumstances? 3, Harry later says to al that he can nowsee scorp is not the black cloud implying he's never properly interacted with his fluffiness before

Has Harry met scorpius: I want him/Draco to see how cute their sons boyfriend is, part 1.

Oh they’re definitely cute, but I think Harry and Draco are mostly going to see how happy they are together. Harry will notice how the smile never leaves Albus’s eyes and how he doesn’t curl his hands up into his sleeves when he’s with Scorpius. Draco will notice how Scorpius lights up around Albus the way he’s only ever seen him do in bookshops…. and sweet shops. Oh and that one time he took him to a muggle zoo- ok. Bad example. But he sees, they both see, how completely comfortable their sons are with each other. It’s like they belong together, you know? But Draco would only mock Harry for using the word ‘cute’. (Even if he secretly uses it himself when he’s telling the photograph of Astoria about them in his office later on.) And anyway, Harry should have seen three year old Scorpius on his first toy broomstick wearing full Quidditch gear, goggles and all. Now that was cute.

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I know your busy but I'll ask about leel and the USS serendipity sure

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LEEL. So much. Thank you for asking; I will never pass up a chance to talk about this.

Okay, so. Story time.

The year is 2008-9? I go to visit my then-girlfriend, now-wife ( @thewaltzrio / @blue-halabaloo ) in Georgia where she lived at the time. We decide to drive to the beach, a four-hour drive, and spend the entire four hours creating a Star Trek fanship called the U.S.S. Serendipity.

Now, the Serendipity is comprised entirely of Starfleet’s rejects. Like, these are the officers who barely graduated the Academy and would cause chaos on any ship with any semblance of responsibility, so Starfleet shoved them all together so they could assign this reject crew very easy missions and basically just keep them out of the way.

And, somehow, they still fuck everything up.

The cast: 

Leel: An Andorian, the helmsman, who just doesn’t…. get it. She’s an incredible helmsman (because when she was a kid she thought flight simulators were games and so got really good at this one thing), but she cannot grasp the simplest concepts in literally any other area of study/life. The CMO jokingly tells her Andorians’ brains are in their feet? She takes off her shoes to help herself think. Celeste tells her that she would prefer never to speak to anyone on the ship ever again? Leel makes them friendship bracelets and starts calling Celeste her ‘sister.’ Leel is my perfect angel and I love her. (Fun Fact: She made an appearance as the waitress in this fic, because I could.)

Celeste: The grumpiest Chief Engineer. She’s a Catullan, but is the exact opposite of all other Catullans. She’s all about the rules, about keeping the ship in working order, and she’s probably the only capable one on the entire Serendipity. BUT because she’s got a bit of a temper, Starfleet decided to put her here. She secretly loves Leel at least a little bit, in the way that people begrudgingly feed stray cats and sometimes get a little affectionate about them. But when she says she hates everyone else on the ship, she means it.

Frederick: The Captain, French, flirty, pencil mustache, fancies himself a 1930s adventurer, always drinking wine on the bridge, constantly telling Celeste to get a sense of whimsy. He does not take his job seriously. On one landing party he ends up entering into some contract he doesn’t understand and therefore accidentally marrying….

….Unnamed Communications Officer! Or, rather, she has a name but no one can figure out what it is: An alien princess who doesn’t speak Standard, and the universal translators don’t seem to work on her, but when she marries Frederick she’s determined to be a part of the crew. And since none of them are qualified for their jobs, she might as well be the one handling all incoming and outgoing communications.

Add onto this cast a Vulcan ship’s counselor (who is about 5 feet tall and has no patience left for this fucking crew, let alone for their petty problems), a CMO who just consistently messes with his patients (especially Leel), and basically a bunch more people entirely ill-suited to be among other sentient beings, let alone manning a starship.

That is the U.S.S. Serendipity, and we have so many adventures we’ve talked about and so many comics we’ve doodled over the years and it’s just……. the best. According to the deep, dark vortex that is my troubled past on the internet, I drew this in 2009:

some little modern!byeler headcanons

These are mostly adult!Byeler headcanons!

  • They were first in line to see The Force Awakens, and also were some of the first to buy advance tickets.
  • They are AVID World of Warcraft fans.
  • Both would own iPhones, but Mike is a bit more phobic of technology than Will. He believes that one day, technology is gonna turn on us and the result won’t be a pretty one, and Will always has to tell him that he’s being delusional.
  • On the iPhone note: Will’s phone background is of Mike holding one of their dogs, and Mike’s is one of Will on their wedding day.
  • Both have Tumblrs. Will’s is very aesthetically-pleasing, with photography, art, musicals, floral, etc. Mike’s is more of a fandom blog, primarily Star Wars and Doctor Who.
  • On the Doctor Who note, both of them are HUGE fans of the show. Will’s favorite new Doctor is Eleven and favorite old Doctor is Five, while Mike’s favorite new Doctor is Ten and old Doctor is Four. Their favorite companions are Rose, Amy, Sarah Jane, and Rory.
  • Both were big Pokemon fans as kids, and totally had the trading cards, Nintendo games (they always competed to see who could take the better pictures on Pokemon Snap), the Pokemon Gameboy, the merchandise, and both watched the show constantly. If you think that they didn’t get on the Pokemon Go bandwagon when it came out, you are DEAD WRONG.
  • Both are huge Game of Thrones fans. Mike is totally in love with Daenerys and how badass she is, and Will loves Tyrion and Jon.
  • Will uses Instagram RELIGIOUSLY. He will take pictures of pretty much ANYTHING and post them to his account with (what he thinks are) witty captions. Most of the time, those captions are nothing but emojis.
  • Both use Snapchat. Will uses it mostly to annoy Mike by sending him snaps of his own various selfies with captions like “Do you still love me, Mike?” and then following up five minutes later with, “How about now?” and another, two minutes after that: “How about NOOOW?” Mike has to finally tell him to stop, and then Will begins sending him snaps of their dogs—while both men are in the same house, in different rooms.
  • Mike rarely uses his Snapchat, and only uses it for the cool filters. Will uses every single filter more than once, but Mike only uses filters if he likes them.
  • Will watches cooking shows all the time, most specifically Cake Boss and Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Mike watches and loves true crime shows, and watches the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel a lot.
  • They both try to go to San Diego Comicon every year, and they cosplay every single time they attend. Their cosplays range from Star Wars to Doctor Who to Marvel or DC characters.
  • They both love the Marvel and DC films, but both have a huge preference for Marvel comics and films.
  • Both are massive Harry Potter fans. Mike has read all seven books at least twenty times, and Will has read them all at least forty. It’s their obsession, and sometimes they’ll even read the books to each other. Later on, when they adopt a couple of children, they introduce them to Harry Potter and read the books to them every night.
  • They both marveled over The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. They were totally in awe of the special effects and how beautifully it came to life on screen.
  • Will uses Uber so much, but Mike is totally paranoid about him doing that. He’s always afraid that they’re unsafe, and that “they could be a serial killer, Will!” Will just assures Mike that he’s being paranoid and watches too many true crime shows.
  • They Skype and FaceTime all the time when they have to be apart. It’s mostly just Will holding their dogs and telling Mike all about what they did that day (“Toto took a dump in the house today, Mikey! ALL OVER MY BRAND NEW RUG!!!!!!” “Hermione went to the vet today and got her teeth cleaned! Her breath smells fresh!” “Hagrid had to go get spayed today. I don’t think he’s ever gonna trust me AGAIN!” and the list just goes on and on and ON). Will Byers is a total Dog Dad and no one is ever gonna convince me otherwise.
  • Mike’s username on pretty much all of his social media is thecoolestwheeler90, while Will’s is thecutestwheeler91 (after he marries Mike; before marrying Mike, it’s hufflepuffcutie2010, because he was pretty sure he was a Hufflepuff and wouldn’t accept anything or anyone telling him otherwise).

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Hi, Aunt Reyna!! Do you have any tips for a super beginner for eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, and eyeliner?? I have my colors and everything! I just don't know what to do!!

Uhm well i kinda want 2 open w like makeup is…. a scheme to make money off insecurity but honestly that’s a pretty hypocritical statement coming from me and also it has little practical value in the Real World of like.. life so i’m not gonna do that. 

SO here are some helpful tips? under the cut bc it got long. Hopefully this helps?

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Do the SHL teams tho have any relations to the Allsvenskan teams or is everything just related to their own U20/U18 teams? Since in Finland, even when there are no farm teams, some Liiga teams have collaboration team in Mestis. Which basically means there are few contract players playing in the Mestis team and getting called up for covering injuries if necessary.

How the SHL (Swedish Hockey League/Svenska hockeyligan) works without farm teams/compared to the NHL!:

The SHL is the highest Swedish men’s hockey league and the second highest league is Hockeyallsvenskan, every season teams from HA has a chance to move up to the SHL and SHL teams are at risk of being sent down to HA. The worst teams in the SHL face off VS the best teams in Hockeyallsvenskan. So the leagues are partnered as they switch teams every season. (This same model applies to Hockeyallsvenskan -> Hockeyettan/Division 1 and so on with the lower tier leagues)
(Both the SHL and HA are owned byt the teams who make up the leagues, when a team leaves their league they hand over their shares/investments to the league who takes their place.)

SO there’s obviously connections between the leagues but Hockeyallsvenskan is NOT the SHL’s farm league! 

Instead the SHL relies heavily on the own club’s U20 and U18 teams when players on the senior teams are injured etc. There’s a big pride in acquiring and developing players from an early age and “raising” them, via the club’s junior teams and hockey schools, to become pro hockey players playing for the senior team. 
SHL teams trust and use young players more than the NHL does, which is why the players when NHL draft-ready have often played at least 10+ games of professional/high level hockey, and often an entire season. (Also a big reason why European teams are looked at as farm leagues for the NHL but that’s a different discussion lol)

But of course you can’t build a team on junior players alone and clubs tend to have more players in the organisation than needed with the U20, U18 and Senior team. So there’s a lot of loans just like in Liiga. The SHL teams can loan players to (and from) teams in HA (or even Hockeyettan) and they even loan them to leagues in different countries (Liiga and Mestis for example).
There used to be more semi-official two-way partnerships between clubs, and some clubs still have loan deals with Hockeyallsvenskan clubs. But since the goal for the secondary and third league clubs is always to move up a league, and teams get sent down leagues there’s no way to keep the deals permanent.

A good example of this is John Klingberg (trust me to bring him up every chance I get). He played with Lerum BK until he was 14, but after that he was with the Frölunda organisation until the Dallas Stars signed him. He played on the Frölunda U16, U18 and U20 teams, and eventually with the senior/pro team Frölunda HC.
But before he got a permanent roster spot he was loaned to 4 different organisations. (Borås HC, Hockeyallsvenskan. Jokerit, Liiga. Kiekko-Vantaa, Mestis. Skellefteå AIK, SHL).
These loans happened during the 2010/11/12 seasons and today you would probably not see Frölunda loaning to Borås because Borås has been sent down to Hockeyettan, vs being with HA back then.

TLDR: The SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan loan players to each other and to other leagues. But the most common way to fill up roster spots caused by injury/illness is using the club’s own U20 and U18 players!

(I’m sorry this got so long but I wanted to cover the basics of Swedish hockey leagues for anyone interested in how our highest league works compared to the NHL! And I get really excited when people ask about the SHL)