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Saturn: 12th house ✨🌊🗝🌊✨

-A strong feeling of loneliness comes with this placement

-This may sound odd but you could personally benefit from serving others(mainly with constructive jobs and tangible work)

-Often work behind the scenes in large organizations and facilities

-Works best in solitude and quiet surroundings

-These people may find it extremely hard to get recognition for their efforts or to receive credit where it may be due

-Despite the loneliness that can come with this placement, these people often feel best in solitude and having time to themselves

-Sometimes this placement can manifest as difficulties of some kind with the father figure (maybe you’re not close, he could’ve left your life early, maybe problems with addiction)

-Possible interest in psychology and how the mind functions

-You may think you have secret enemies but its likely that these enemies are in your head

-Saturn represents limitations and restrictions and the 12th house represents isolation and so this can represent things like prisons, hospitals, etc.

Remember that interview of Matt at WonderCon when asked about what was it like meeting the fans he said that everyone has been so lovely that he’s started to believe that everyone in the world is a kind person? and then y'all post stuff like this about Esther hm🙂🙂🙂🙂

Blog Closing!

Hello friends!

Mod Pharah here, and I must deliver the news that this blog will be closing down shortly.

I know, I’m sorry too!  But the truth of the matter is, things have quieted down here, while Bones is much more active on their Twitter. As well, each of the mods has become very busy with their own lives, real life and online, and are not so active here anymore - including myself!

We will have the ask box closed and will leave this post up for a while, then the blog will be deactivated. If you have further questions, please contact me at my personal blog here - I’ll be happy to help out as best I can!

Thank you all so much for sending in and posting your kind words, fan art, and appreciation for Bones and their characters!  I can guarantee that Bones appreciates every one of you for being a positive contributor to this community!  Now, it’s time for us to move on, and we hope to see you all again in the near future!

Peace be upon you!

- Mod Pharah

Scotch (Justin Foley x Reader)

Warnings : Alcohol, swearing, making-out, Bryce being kinda a dick, and my English still sucks. 
Word count: 2500.

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A/N: Here’s my third imagine, woo! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I’m gonna start working on a Jeff one and another Monty one; so let me know if you want me to post it! xx

You can also read my first Monty imagine here, and my Zach imagine here

Y/N Y/L/N wasn’t the kind of person to host parties very often, but when she did – they were legendary.  Her parents were both businesspeople and were rarely home, which allowed her to do whatever she pleased whenever she wanted to. That’s why her boyfriend, Justin, practically lived with her by now – considering his situation at home. Most of the time the couple would spend time alone at Y/N’s place, invite friends over and sometimes, like today, organize parties.

The party was in full swing, sweaty bodies grinding against one another on the makeshift dancefloor in the living room, teenagers getting drunk in the voluminous kitchen the Y/L/N family owned, couples getting at it in the various guest rooms upstairs.

Y/N, however, was standing in the corner of her living room, a simple bottle of coke in her hand as she kept an eye on everyone from afar. Y/N never got drunk at her own parties – her parents would never forgive her if something valuable went missing, or was broken. She knew her friends wouldn’t cause her trouble, but she wasn’t so sure about the other fifty or so guests.

Her lips curved into a smile as she caught sight of her boyfriend who was making his way over to her, a half empty bottle of beer in his hand and a smirk plastered to his gorgeous face. Biting down on his lower lip, Justin slid his free arm around her waist once he reached her, bringing her to his side and placing a sweet kiss to her temple.

“Hi there, beautiful.” He purred in her ear, giving it a small bite as his grip on her tightened. Y/N giggled, pushing him away playfully. She could smell the alcohol on his breath but she didn’t mind. It was a party after all, and she was probably the only sober person there – as crazy as it sounds.

Justin swiftly drank the rest of his beer before putting the empty green bottle on a table nearby, his now free hand travelling up to cup Y/N’s cheek. His thumb softly grazed her cheekbone as his blue orbs stared into her E/C ones. He pressed his soft lips to hers in a loving kiss, which she reciprocated – her arms moving around his neck, her fingers playing with his hair.

Justin groaned, pressing his body to hers as his hands moved to rest on her hips, squeezing gently. He started nibbling on her lower lip, his leg making its way between her parted ones and his hands now running up and down her body. Y/N tugged at the little hairs at the base of his neck as the kiss turned rougher, making him groan loudly which in turn caused her to smile into the kiss. Justin was always very needy, but when drunk he needed even more attention than usual. Y/N didn’t mind though; she actually loved it. The couple seemed to have forgotten about the dozens of sweaty teenagers surrounding them until a loud crash interrupted their make-out session.

Y/N broke the kiss, leaving her boyfriend flustered and confused for a few seconds. Panic filled her eyes as she searched for the origin of the sound, soon spotting a couple of people picking up pieces of broken glass. The girl sighed in relief as she noticed that it was just a glass, nothing valuable.

“I have to go clean this up, go find the boys.” She gave him an apologetic smile and his hand a gentle squeeze as he nodded, pulling her into him to kiss her once more before letting her go.

Defeated, Justin made his way back to the kitchen – where he knew his friends would be. And that’s exactly where he found them. Zach, Montgomery and Marcus were chatting with a few girls, trying and miserably failing to impress them; while Bryce was going through the kitchen’s cupboards, a permanent frown visible on his face.

“What are you doing?” Justin asked, his voice filled with annoyance, making Bryce stop and turn around quickly, the frown replaced by a smirk.

“Looking for more booze.” The older boy explained calmly, as if rummaging through his friend’s girlfriend kitchen was an acceptable thing to do. He closed a cupboard and opened another one, groaning as he found nothing interesting inside.

“It’s all on the table, man.” Justin said, gesturing to the multiple bottles of alcohol standing on the table while giving his friend a stern look, not even trying to hide how irritated he was by his behaviour.

“Come on, brother. That’s shit, not booze.” Bryce scoffed, his eyes scanning the almost empty bottles. “Y/N must have something better hidden somewhere.” He continued, closing the last cupboard before joining the younger boy at the table. He nudged his friend gently with his elbow, a knowing look on his face. He was fully aware that Y/N’s father had a fine collection of liquor somewhere in the house, he just didn’t know where.  Justin sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers. He had promised Y/N that he wouldn’t let anyone near her father’s liquor cabinet, especially not Bryce.

“Come on, just one bottle and just for us.” Bryce pleaded, determined to make Justin cave in.

“I don’t know, man… Y/N would kill me.” The blue-eyed boy said, looking back at his others friends to make sure that they weren’t listening. To his relief, they were too engulfed in their conversations with the girls to pay attention to what was happening right next to them.

“She won’t even notice.” Bryce reassured, his arm hanging lazily on Justin’s shoulders. A wide smile appeared on his face as his eyes met his friend’s – he knew he had convinced him.  

“Fuck, alright. But just one bottle.” The smile on the baseball player’s face widened, if it was even possible. He nodded, his hand resting on his friend’s back, pushing him gently towards the kitchen’s door.

Walking into the living room, Justin let out a long shaky breath as his girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. Guilt was eating at him from inside but he couldn’t find it in himself to say no to his best friend. But Bryce’s confident demeanour and the bold look he had in his eyes kind of reassured him. After all, Y/N will never find out and neither will her father, right? He owned way too many bottles to notice that one of them disappeared.  

The brown-haired boy led his older friend up the stairs, and into Mr.Y/L/N’s office. The average-sized room was dimly lit – the only source of light coming from the window that overlooked the garden, which was illuminated by small colourful paper lanterns. Justin glanced once more into the corridor to make sure that nobody has followed them before quietly closing the door behind them.

Bryce’s eyes immediately scanned the room in search of alcohol and soon enough, they landed on an old wooden cabinet standing in a corner. A wicked smile decorated his face as he quickly moved towards it, frantically trying to open it – to no avail. He groaned loudly as he pulled on the handle once more, but it didn’t budge. Frustrated, he went for a kick but Justin’s enraged voice held him back.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He whispered-shouted, his eyebrows furrowed and his jaw clenched tightly.

“Trying to open that god damned thing!” Bryce chuckled looking back at his frantic friend standing near the door, clearly less stressed by the situation than Justin was.

“Just let me fucking do it.” The younger boy sighed, his face softening as he approached him. His hand searched behind the liquor cabinet, where he knew the key was. Y/N had showed him weeks ago, when they decided to spend a nice evening together. She thought that a glass of wine would perfectly pair with the diner she had prepared. But she made it clear that it was an exception, as her father would surely notice if more than one bottle went missing.

Bryce’s eyes lit up as the cabinet’s doors opened, revealing dozens of bottles from gin to tequila, from whiskey to rum. A few bottles of vodka lingered in the back, but what tempted him the most was the expensive-looking bottle of scotch. He grabbed the dark bottle and another one before quickly moving away with one bottle in each hand.

“What the fuck, Bryce. We said one bottle.” Justin hissed, his hand reaching to take a bottle from his friend. But the older boy was quicker, opening both bottles and taking a big sip from one of them. He chuckled at Justin’s petrified expression.

“Chill, dude. It’s just scotch and vodka. None will notice.” He said calmly, bringing the bottle of scotch to his lips once again and offering the vodka to his friend. Sighing, the boy accepted the beverage. The alcohol burned his throat as he swallowed big gulps, but it just felt so right.

“Let’s get out of here.” Justin said after a few seconds, afraid of getting caught in Mr.Y/L/N’s office. He locked the cabinet quickly, putting the key back in its place before leaving the room, Bryce hot on his heels.

The boys sat at the top of the stairs, deciding that it would be safer up there than downstairs, where Y/N could catch them. Sip after sip, Justin’s head felt lighter and lighter. He couldn’t even tell what the conversation he was having with Bryce was about. His head was spinning from the alcohol and his stomach was hurting from laughing. Everything the older boy said or did seemed to be the funniest thing on earth to an intoxicated Justin.

Suddenly, Bryce’s eyes widened but he quickly tried to cover it with a smirk – which once again caused Justin to burst in laughs. A loud gasp could be heard, his head shooting to where it came from. And there, at the bottom of the staircase, stood Y/N. She was fuming – her eyes wide with anger, her lips pursed in a tight line, her fists clenched. She was looking up at the boys, her breaths short and rapid as she walked up the stairs.

“Are you fucking serious?” She snapped, snatching the bottle of vodka from her boyfriend’s hand forcefully and examining it. She quickly recognized the bottle as one of her father’s.

“Hi babe!” Justin slurred, his eyes twinkling with joy as he watched his girlfriend lovingly.

“Don’t ‘hi, babe’ me, Jus!” She yelled, taking the other bottle from her boyfriend’s best friend. “Do you idiots even realise what you did?” She groaned, gaining the attention of a few guests – including some of her friends.

“Come on Pau, chill. It’s just two bottles of booze.” Bryce laughed it off, earning a glare from the girl, to what he raised his hands in surrender, shaking his head a little.

“Just two bottles of booze.” Y/N scoffed, her hands falling to her sides in defeat. “These bottles are worth six hundred dollars each, you morons.” She said, her voice low and threatening. The words that left Y/N’s mouth made Justin sober up instantly. His eyes doubled in size and his mouth fell open. He could see the disappointment and the hurt in her E/C eyes, and it broke his heart.

“Y/N, fuck, I’m so-” He started, but she interrupted him with a wave of her hand. She looked around, noticing a circle forming around them. All eyes were on them, and she hated it.

“Get out.” She mumbled, her head hanging low, hair falling into her eyes. She could heard them all chat around, whispering things she couldn’t even make out but knew were about them. “Get out!” She repeated, this time louder to make sure that everybody heard her. “All of you, out. Now.” She gestured to the front door.

She was enraged and disappointed. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend did the one thing she had begged him not to. But she was also afraid – afraid of how her father would react. Her father was a big fan and connoisseur of scotch, so she was more than certain that he would notice that one of his bottles is gone.

The house emptied itself slowly, her friends kicking drunk and moody teenagers out as she stood on the stairs immobile, her boyfriend right next to her. Her eyes were focused on a wall as she patiently waited for everyone to leave.

“What the fuck, Jus?” Y/N faced him once the front door was shut and they were the only ones left in the house. Justin’s gaze avoided hers, falling to the floor in shame. “I asked you not to go in there, especially with Bryce!” She continued, making vivid movements with her hands to express how annoyed she was. “You know how much my father loves his little liquor cabinet! For fuck’s sake, Justin. What were you thinking?” Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” The boy whispered as Y/N sat on a step, brushing away the few stray tears that had now escaped. “I wasn’t thinking, I just… Bryce wanted more booze, and…” He trailed off, realising that he had no idea how to justify what he did. He sat on the step next to her, leaving a good amount of space between them as he didn’t know if she wanted him close, or gone.

Justin played with his fingers while waiting for Y/N to do something, to say something. He knew he fucked up, and he hated himself for it. He regretted letting Bryce into the office, he regretted opening the liquor cabinet to him. But he couldn’t do anything to change what has been done.

After a few minutes of sitting in complete silence, Y/N moved closer to her boyfriend, taking him by surprise. Justin tensed as she rested her head on his shoulder, making her giggle softly. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips and he tentatively brought an arm around her shoulders, expecting her to shrug it off, but she didn’t. Instead, she snuggled closer to him, wrapping her arms around his stomach.

“You’re an idiot.” She mumbled into his neck, earning a chuckle from the boy.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He whispered back, nuzzling his nose into her soft hair and taking in her scent. He smiled, leaving a tender kiss at the top of her head. Y/N sighed, pulling away from him and looking into his eyes.

“You’re lucky that I love you.” Justin smiled slightly at her words, his arm bringing her closer to him.

“I am.” He breathed, his nose bumping into hers as he leaned in. “I love you too.”

“And you’re gonna have to make it up to me.” Y/N cocked an eyebrow at him, causing his smile to widen. The boy laughed, his hand cupping her cheek once more that night before crashing his lips into hers.

“I will.” He promised, pulling away from the kiss to take a breath before diving back in.

Well, that was embarrassingly cringy. The end was, once again, terrible. I’m gonna hide somewhere now, byeee.


anonymous asked:

How do you feel about 2d with a chill, "dirty hippie" chick kind of s/o? Like someone super calming and emotionally stable but still quirky and a little gross like him haha, thoughts?

A/N: i’ve been binge watching mpgis the past 2 days 

  • He’d be really into you, that’s for sure. He’d probably be bit intimidated to talk to you at first, for whichever event the two of you would meet, but nonetheless he’d end up talking to you and immediately question why he hadn’t done so earlier.
  • Your welcoming personality took him by surprise at first, but he’s not at all uncomfortable throughout the entire conversation.
  • The two of you share a lot of “Yeahs” whenever you find common ground.
  • 2D would most likely develop an attraction to you well before you did to him, but, of course, that would only develop slowly over time, since he’d definitely kept in contact with you after the two of you had first met.
  • Well into your relationship, he begins to notice certain things about yourself that share similarities to some of his own habits.
  • Bed hair is the only acceptable hair. The two of you don’t even own a hairbrush, but you still look swank as fuck when you hit up your local McDonalds™.
  • He’d probably feel comfortable enough to shower with you, which sometimes leads in to a failed attempt at shower sexy times. He usually ends up slipping and accidentally rips the shower curtain off of the pole. A lot of property damage ensues.
  • You’re both really comfortable around each other, sometimes too comfortable. He can literally take a shit with the door open while the both of you converse about something random like whether Sasquatch is real or not. he is. he’s 100% real. i seent him.
  • You steal clothes from one another a lot. Most of the time, it’s entirely accidental. Sometimes during one of your outings with him, he’ll pause mid conversation and look you dead in the eyes and ask, “Is that my shirt?”
  • “Whoops.”
  • Household duties are left untouched as none of you really make it much of a big deal to clean the overwhelming amount of dishes left in the sink.
  • Take out is literally the only option on the menu for dinner every night. Maybe if you’re not really feeling fried noodles and egg soup, you’ll make something easy like ramen or pasta, but you never really finish it and it just stays in the fridge for 10 days.
  • You probably have the same music taste as him, his being a bit more on the unusual side, but you have endless conversations with him about different musicians and all that.
  • Sometimes, he’ll catch you humming a mindless tune while you’re going about your business and probably ends up sampling it in one of their songs. When he presents it to you and recognize one of your original melodies, you call him out for it and he gives you a smoocharoo in his defense.
  • When you both go shopping together, you both end up buying shit that you don’t need which just takes up whatever space is left in your shared home.
  • It’s usually 2D who has the problem with impulse buying, telling you that you absolutely need to own a miniature hedgehog candle holder, or something completely random like that. i have one of these. his name is norman.
  • For whatever reason, you’d both try to take up the hobby of gardening which didn’t really end well. Most of your plants end up dying within the first week, even the cacti that 2D had selected various names for.
  • All that survived was the cannabis due to the fact that it was the only plant you both meticulously cared for.
  • You both end up smoking it on the couch while 2D mourns over the deaths of “Tom” and “Henry II”.

please remember that all media consumption is political action and if you do not watch this diverse property you are personally responsible for the failure of all diverse properties, everywhere, probably

Hey yo so I know I don’t talk about this kinda nonsense a lot but here’s the thing-

If I am following you and you are underage, and I notice you’ve posted NSFW content on your blog, I’m out the door. I dont support that kind of behavior, nor do I want to be involved in it. Call it a red flag, but I don’t take chances.

it  has  been  such  a  fun  time  on  ellie,  honestly!  when  shana  did  the  play through  for  me,  i  never  thought  i  would  grow  such  an attachment  to  this  little  badass. there  was  just  this  constant  spark,  and  now  she’s  become  one  of  my  favorite  muses  of  all time.  I didn’t  think  i was  doing  her  any  justice,  &&  then  all  of  you  showed  up. All  your  kind  words,  your  amazing  replies / starters,  thank  you  for  making  my  time on  ellie  so  far  as  wonderful  as  it’s  been!  you  guys  are  amazing,  &&  i  can’t  thank  you  enough.  

@wearesurvivxrs : Shana, like honestly? i could  have  made  a  whole  post  with  everything  i  have  to  say.  you’re  the  whole  reason  i have  this  blog.  you  &  i  have  always  had  this  instant  connection,  you  have  always  been  there  for  me.  I  honestly  think  you’re  were  meant  to  be  my  best  friend,  my  person, my S2! thank you for everything you’ve done, you’re such a beautiful soul, &&  i’m so glad to call you  my best friend. 

@ceirtlin:  our  friendship  started  on  beth  &  maggie;  and  now  it’s  carried  over  to  here.  i adore  you  so much,  you  have  such  a  big  heart.  anytime  you  pop  into  my  im,  it  puts  the  biggest  smile  on  my  face!  thank you  for  adopting  ellie &&  being so  amazing.  I love you so much!! 

@ashesfade:  janni!! i know  we  haven’t  talked  as  much  as  we  used  to , but  i  want  you  to  know  that  you’ll  forever  be  another  amazing  friend  of  mine.  i  adore  you  so  much,  seriously.  you’re  beautiful  both  outside  &  in,  and  this  place  honestly  wouldn’t  be  the  same  without  you. 

@aintashes:  my bubs!! one  of  the  people  i  have  known  the  longest  here.  you  have  always  been  so  kind  to  me  from  day  one.  i  love  you  &&  your  accent,  you  just  make  me  so  happy!! I’m  so  glad  to  have  you, and i  don’t  think  you  know  much  i  appreciate  you.  You  never  fail  to  make  me  laugh,  and  i  just  love  you  to  pieces?? actual daryl dixon  you  guys.  

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honestly  there   are  a  million  more  i  could  put  on  this  list, &&  i  hope  i  haven’t  forgotten  anyone.  apologies  in  advance  if  i  have! mom  brain  gets  the  best  of  me  sometimes! 

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Hi! I was just wondering if you had any suggestions on how to become more involved politically? I'm a student at a small university and I was a member of the college democrats club, but the club kind of fell apart and no longer exists. I know I need to be politically active beyond voting but I feel overwhelmed and I don't really know where or how to start? Any advice would be really appreciated. I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but you seemed like the best person to ask about it.

It’s not a dumb question at all! I wish I’d saved some of my older posts for you to read because I’ve been asked this before and gave a pretty detailed response. But that was months ago so they’re gone now :/

The way I got involved at first was just by watching the news, honestly. I mean, I don’t really watch it that much now, but I used to every night. Every now and then these days I’ll catch Nicolle Wallace or Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell on tv, and I watch clips from Joy Reid’s show online, but that’s about it.

Aside from my Apple News push notifications, I get all of my news from Twitter, honestly. I follow a lot of news outlets, journalists, reporters, politicians, and activists, so I almost always know what’s going on and find articles and such through there. It’s far better than Tumblr because these people are far more educated and actually work in the field they’re talking about, lmao. I’d suggest anyone on here that cares about social justice and politics to get their information from verified and credible users on Twitter instead of from here.

I’d asked a while back if anyone wanted me to make a list of my “must-follows” but can’t remember if anyone ever said yes, lmao.

⬆️⬆️ If anyone is interested in me doing this, let me know. ⬆️⬆️

There are loads of ways to get involved beyond just staying informed. Here are some organizations you can check out to see if they’re something you can get involved in in some way:

  • SwingLeft - an organization with the goal of flipping the House back to Democratic control. Get matched with a swing district in your area and help flip it, whether it’s volunteering for the campaign or just making donations.
  • Flippable - an organization working to flip state legislatures back to Democratic control. State legislatures are important (sometimes more important than the federal government) so it’s vital that we win back as many state legislatures as we can, and hold on to ones we currently control.
  • Indivisible Guide - almost like a one-stop-shop. They have their guide on how we can best replicate the Tea Party’s success re: getting Congress to listen to groups of citizens on the ground, as well as loads of other things like call scripts, events, etc. They even have a calendar to show you what Congress is up to on what days.
  • 5 Calls - gives call scripts tailored for specific issues. Calling your representatives is probably the best way to make your voice heard, and 5 Calls makes it easy. Just plug in your zip code, pick the issue you want to call about, and you’re ready to go!
  • Town Hall Project - tells you when a town hall is happening in your area so you can show up and hold your representatives accountable in person. A lot of Republican lawmakers aren’t holding town halls, so constituents are doing it instead and even some Dem. lawmakers are “adopting a district” and holding town halls when their Republican colleagues won’t.
  • And then of course, if you’re comfortable in that kind of environment, you can attend a protest or a march. But marching can’t be the only thing that you do, because the effects of protests only go so far.

At the end of the day, you do what you think is best for you. Not everyone can do everything, but anything you choose to do is better than you not doing anything. Don’t try to do everything at once if you can’t handle it/get overwhelmed, because you don’t want to stress yourself out, get burned out, and not be able to contribute in any way. And unplug sometimes. I myself have a hard time with this every now and then, but I have to remind myself that if I miss something, I have to trust that someone else noticed it and did something about it. And you can always catch up when you plug back in.

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what was míriel's blog like before she deactivated

  • their blog url: @a-thtitch-in-time
  • the kind of posts they reblog: Cross stitch. omg so much cross stitch, it is wall to wall embroidery and sewing techniques up ins. Incongruous nonsense on linguistics. 
  • the first person they followed: Finwe
  • what kind of theme they’d have: It’d be all cute and sewingy- ahem thewingy, and the curser would be a little needle. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: ‘so I’m reading everything about parenting and freaking ouuuuut, there’s so much to remember nd I’m trying to translate all my anxiety into crochet but I’m on baby blanket number sixteen and we’re running out of space in the linen closet. I hope I don’t smother him :D Haha i already know I totally will tho, not literally lol! I’m just gonna be such a helicopter parent’

I remember back when I started dating, I had decided I wouldn’t post much about my bf here cause when we broke up it’d be awful and that’s kind of why I don’t tag these in my personal tag, but in the end, as we’ve been together for about seven months now it becomes more and more complicated not to share some stuff as so much of our life kinda happens together. So please, let me share a bit of what’s happening with you guys cause this week has been kind of really eventful and I need to talk about it:

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What are some good I-think-I-might-want-to-convert-to-Judaism things to read? I'm serious here, but I don't want to approach a rabbi until I'm well on my way. Thanks!

Ooh, I’m not the person to ask. I was born into Judaism ethnically/culturally but was never very religious and have become even less so lately, so I’m kind of going the opposite direction from you. I’ll post this so people can make suggestions in the reblogs.

Hello followers!! I have decided what contest I want to do to celebrate 1000 followers!!! The contest is best URL and best avatar/icon. In one week, I will go through all of the reblogs and chose THREE winners.Thanks to some help from @mollyhooperish , the contest rules and prizes are as follows:

Rules: 1) you MUST reblog this post, not just like.
2)You may reblog as many times as you wish.

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Hey friend, I've been thinking this since you started posting yoi baby fics and just,,I really like that they aren't really omegaverse and the mechanics of it left kind of ambiguous. As a trans guy, it's nice for me personally to see victuuri baby stuff like that and I can headcanon trans yuuri with his wonderful family. Sorry if this is weird, just wanted to say I love your baby stuff :) Hope you're having a good day!

:DDD YES! I’m so glad you like it! The ambiguity is what I was going for this whole time!! Like, we have YOI canonically set in a universe where things are just sort of left uninterrogated and I felt like it was important to continue that in my narrative? I also know that Mpreg/Omegaverse is a VERY TOUCH AND GO thing for trans people, and I’m very aware and cautious of that. 

I’m also very cautious with how I portray Yuuri in this because I do kind of lean further away from outright Mpreg and closer to trans Yuuri but I’m trying to be tender with how I would approach that idea simply because I’m cis, and I never ever want it to be thought that I’m trying to speak over trans people or even talk about things that trans people have the right to speak about without a cis opinion butting in and muddying the waters. 

So that’s why I keep it very ambiguous and open to interpretation, and why it’s probably going to stay that way. I hope I explained myself well! :D

This is my post for @mythicalmeetup.

I kind of heavily edited my photo, because I’m a very private person in real life, and no-one in my family knows about my secret life as a mythical beast. But that is my real current hair colour and my eye, and if someone recognizes me from this, say hi! because you must be here for the same reason as I am.

So, I’m Leena (but you can call me Lou, Loulou or whatever you like!) and I’m from Finland. I’m 38 years old. I’m a bi-demisexual girl. Most days I feel I’m still a teenager, and only very rarely do I feel as old as I am. I think that is only a good thing. I’m still on the path to finding out who I want to be when I grow up, but currently I have a small jewellery business and I make art and write. Or some days I do nothing.

I found Rhett and Link and eventually this fandom after going through a hard time in my life about a year ago. I suffer from social anxiety, panic disorder and a lot of other issues, and I hit rock bottom last year. R&L helped me find my lost laughter again and literally saved my life. This fandom has helped me find myself, and for the first time in my life I feel I finally know who I am, and to my surprise, I kind of like what I’ve found.

I had never been to tumblr before, but I found all you amazing, kind and inspiring people here and felt at home. I’ve never really been a fangirl until I found R&L, but I guess I am one now, and I like it, a lot. But I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all the other mythical beasts. I like to think of you as my friends. 💕

Like this is your blog consists of

Parks and Rec, nature, memes, dogs, poetry/prose, personal bullshit, yoga, psychedelics, health sciences, music of the indie-acoustic or indie-rock persuasion, your selfies, positivity/recovery from addictions of any kind or mental illness/encouragement blogs

Bad weather & DIY 

Since I came back from Italy the weather up here in Glasgow has been…not the best, let’s put it this way. It’s not even been raining much, but the wind has been quite strong for a few days, to the point that one of the huge centuries-old white willows in my local park has basically split in half. Definitely not the right weather to take photos of wildflowers, but today it was finally good enough to go out, and I’ve snapped photos until my phone died, so you can expect some new posts in the next days. Yes, I should get a camera, my old one has developed a personality and literally does what it wants regardless of what buttons I’m pressing. 

As I’ve not been able to write much and I’m not the kind of person who just watches TV in my free time, I tackled one of the projects I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. I had ran out of growing space on the windowsill which enjoys the best sun exposure, so I went to a DIY store, bought wood and a hand saw -luckily I already had paint and varnish- and over the past three days I built myself the perfectly fitting shelving unit I couldn’t find anywhere, all for £20. And although I’m not a carpenter I am quite happy with the final result, which basically quadrupled the space on the windowsill you see behind it, at least for small plants and compact succulents. 

I’m probably prouder than I should, but I hadn’t built something in ages and I was aching for it!

Clarifying some things

I’m here to shut the fuck up those stupid people who are being really assholes with my precious little baby @lambieprincess

If you do not know, I know her in real life, off the internet and I KNOW she’s a minor, just like me

If you do not believe me, I have some pics here to prove:

Continuing… She is a very sweet and kind person and we have talked for a long time, we are very friends and I can not stand the people doing these bad things with her anymore

So I’m going to break some things these people are talking about her … So sit down in a comfortable place that will take a while

1 - They Say Donut is not 15 years old, and that’s not true! She already posted photos of her ID, and if you think her ID is fake, I’ll leave mine 2 to see that this is a LIE

They took an old model of Brazilian IDs to try to say that the ID of Donut is false, but in case you do not know or where you live is different, here in Brazil the design of the IDs changes with time

2 - Said that Donut had a relationship with a much older person in the year 2014 but if only my word saying that she did not have that relationship is not enough for you, here are some proofs that I’m telling the truth:
- here in Brazil it is common to have a serious relationship with close friends or best friends, just to make jokes
- Her facebook status is “married” in the year 2014 (let’s make some accounts, if in 2017 she is 15 years old, in 2014 she was how old? I think there are 12 … And marriage under 18 in the Brazil is not allowed.And even if it was, if she had dated a guy so much older this way would be CRIME, it would be pedophilia! Then shut the fuck up)

Prints to prove what was said:

3 - They said that Donut used to be in DDLG

That may be true, but she was a CHILD at until 14 years old and did not know what to do. When I found out that I was a age regressor, I did not know what to do, what community to participate in and this is very common.

That’s why we’re struggling to get people back from these communities, they’re involving CHILDREN in kink

And if you want to know, All posts that involved ddlg were deleted, her current Tumblr is 100% SFW and with NO involvement with this type of community

She is now trying to help other people in the same situation that she has been through, She even helped me out of CGL

What matters is not what we did and the mistakes we made, it’s what we do to change that and what we do to try to improve

The prints used in the post are from her TRAUMA blog, using that to say she’s bad is DISGUSTING! Blaming someone for their traumas is something not to do, she is trying to deal with their problems and this does not have to be used against her in any way

If you want to use something from a blog TRAUMA to blame someone, feel free to use my ( I’m not joking, the URL is @precious-cherry-pain, feel free to print whatever you want from there  )… Because the fact that someone has done something grotesque with another person makes you blame the same person, you are even more grotesque. But do it to ME, not with this precious angel that Donut is! She’s been through a lot of bad things and she’s still struggling and being strong, I’ll NEVER let anyone try to do something like that with her

Want to try to do something bad with Donut? FIRST FIGHT ME AND LEAVE HER ALONE

People who try to do something bad to other people for no reason are disgusting