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Short theory time

 So a post I recently read here had me thinking.

What if Dark’s taken control, hence the “You have to wake up.” in Big Mood?

 @kellyplier suggested that Mark was the one in control of the camera at the time “Don’t remember” was taken, and that could mean either

1. Mark has nightmares, kind of wakes up but is still mostly in the dream.

2. Dark is interfering with videos lately to get closer to this reality.

3. Dark has taken control.

If Dark has taken control that could explain the whole first person experience we’ve been having in all of the van videos, the end of big mood, and that at this point we have all let our guards down enough that we weren’t prepared for this. Which is exactly what Dark does. He gets your defenses down, manipulates you to trust him. To let him in.


justveryquestionable  asked:

Okay so, I really love this blog, but with the discourse, it seems like anyone that comes to you with views slightly different than yours or asking for proof, you kind of attack them, like your view is the only view? For all you know that person might not have seen the same evidence you have, they could have seen a post that showed Amber in the bad light? Like I get there's discord but there is no need to attack someone.. Just like explain why you disagree instead of attacking them..

normally i’d really agree with you here, but claiming that amber is a liar who faked everything buys into a culture that protects men who hurt women. this isnt just a disagreement – people will formulate opinions on this, and if i give any lenience for the violent misogyny of “she faked it for money” then people will start to think that is okay to say, and it isn’t.

c’mon, your icon is of captain america. his whole thing is fighting for what is right against all odds, even when people tell you to stop.

This is embarrassing to even have to say but please don’t fucking date people just because of their KINTYPE. 

If you’re trying to claw your way into another persons heart just because you want to “ complete your OTP!! “ or kin-match just because your partner has that ~one character you’ve always wanted to ship with [insert random character you kin despite no actual attachments ] ~, then you’re scum to me and I’m literally going to step on your throat. 

That is selfish and dumb NOT fair for that person who’s looking for someone who likes them for THEM and not for something that fucking silly.

It’s hilarious how many followers i lost last night cause of the bts spam since they were at the AMAs.

Guys it’s fine if that isnt what you’re in to and dont want it on your dash but please read my url, what did yous expect?

anonymous asked:

I wanted to ask, how do you deal with someone sending a flame or just an needlessly mean review? I've worked really hard the past couple of days, and I know my story is far from perfect, but I got one last night that was horrible. The reviewer was over-sensitive, ignored information already given or questions I'd covered and basically berated me for not being an impeccable author. Now it's just weighing on my mind, and I just don't feel like writing now. Any tips for this?

If the criticism isn’t constructive, then you have to learn to ignore it, even more so if it’s clear the person didn’t actually read or pay attention.

Even bestselling authors have “haters”, so you’ll never escape that kind of stuff (especially if you post on the internet) and the only thing you can do is learn to ignore it or get over it. The people who are intentionally rude like that typically do it to make themselves feel more powerful by trying to tear someone else down. Don’t give them that power. 

I know it’s easier to say than do, but if you give up or start seeking validation to cancel out their comment, then they’ve essentially won. Nobody will ever be a perfect writer because writing is a form of art and perspective is alive and well. If you want to put anything out for the public to see, then you have to build a wall to protect yourself against nonconstructive criticism because it’s not going to go away.

I’m sorry it happened, but people only have as much power as you give them in these kind of situations. Anything you put out to the public will eventually attract that kind of attention, and if you want to stay in the public eye then you have to have an ingrained defense against it. Even with a defense it’ll still hurt, but you’ll know that the feelings will go away over time and it’s okay to focus on something else until you feel ready to write again, or just fuel yourself with rage and write more to spite the person ;)

We all handle it differently. Good luck with everything! 

At the End of the Day, Kindness Wins

I know I don’t post my own content much. I know I also don’t share much of my personal life or thoughts. But last week’s events are calling me to speak out.

I’ve been in this fandom for just under a year but the ways that I’ve been positively influenced and inspired are many. The ways that I’ve grown as a writer are uncountable. This fandom, these people, became a safe haven for me. The friends I’ve made are a place I can share my worries, my joys, my failures, my victories. I feel lucky to be surrounded by incredible artists and writers and advocates. I am better because of this fandom.

Recently, a post swept through the fandom like a hurricane, leaving all of us worse for wear, irrevocably changed and damaged. That post (that has since been deleted) and the resulting witch hunt caused me to rethink my place here.

I take it as a personal rule to side with the abused. As a survivor of forms of abuse myself, knowing that the stories of other victims are being heard is comforting and encouraging. However, the people who were accused in that post are innocent. They were wrongly accused of something they didn’t do.

It hurt me to see a story of abuse that, instead of aiming for personal healing, started a witch hunt that should never have begun. It is because of false stories of abuse (like the one posted) that millions of victims feel they can’t speak out. This is the sort of thing that limits our progression, keep women under thumbs of oppression, and in some cases, causes us to disregard the stories of those who desperately need our help.

The initial reaction during the witch hunt was a mass frenzy of unfollowing, blocking and division. It reminded me of the aftermath of the Presidential election in the US last year. It made me feel the same fear and the same division and more than anything, I wanted to hide my head in the sand. I wanted to stop writing fic altogether. There was so much wrong, so many big unsolved problems. So many questions I couldn’t find easy answers to. I hope I can find answers to those questions.

What I know for sure: As a creator, I know I can never please or protect everyone. Logically, I know I can only control my own actions. And I could never stop writing.

I stand with @tvshows-addict @nottooldforthisship  @cuethetommo  @twopoppies  and @littlechilllarrie  because I know their innocence. I didn’t speak up earlier when this began. I didn’t vocalize my support until now. For that, I am sorry.

I’m not leaving the fandom either. I hope by staying I can offer a little more kindness to a fandom that clearly needs it. I’ll still write, and I’ll still be here. If you seek kindness, meet me here. The world can always use more kindness.

Outside of our comfort zones lies the beauty of change. And while this fandom has a pretty terrible history of witch hunts and divisions, it doesn’t have to be the end of the story. I want to be one of the ones who leans in, who can lead the charge of kindness and respect on the internet.

If you, like me, thought it was better to stay silent or to back away, I encourage you to lean in. It’s hard, I know, and frightening. And it might be chaos while we all learn new rules to keep each other safe. But if we don’t lean in, history will repeat itself.

If we don’t step towards each other, if we don’t enter this fandom with kindness, with compassion, and with empathy, then we will never progress. If we automatically assume that everyone else is on the wrong team or is trying to hurt you, we will never move past this dangerous trend of witch hunting innocent people.

If you’ve read this whole thing, thank you. I have one thing to ask: I ask that you’ll act in kindness. Think twice before you post or reblog something that could be harmful, or hurtful. Second guess everything. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

The internet and the real world can both be cruel places. When we forget that there is a human being at the other end of our conversation, we become villains in our own stories. Be the hero instead and act in kindness. Take the high road and consider the emotions of others first. You gain nothing by hurting others.

In case you didn’t notice, all of my stories are now locked on AO3, meaning you must have an account to view them. As well, each of them features a disclaimer about the content.

appreciation post p1

@tory-b - wifey 💍 incredible fic writer

@bettyscooperr - a wonderful human being and my favorite bitchy bitch™

@wonderrful - an absolute sweetheart beautiful inside and out

@colesprous - one of my fav cole stans❤️ always so kind 💞

@colelili - an extremely funny person , I <3 trinnie

@gershwinn - always has quality Andy samberg gifs to reblog with

@dawn-to-dusk-already - incredible photographer and the kindest soul ❤️

@yourfaithwasstrong - the sweetest human 💞

@cooperbettycooper - ten is an icon and an inspiration 💖

@ohkingsteve - wicked games is the best thing that’s ever happened to this fandom 💓 has the best humour

@paperlesscrown - one of the best fic writers and the nicest human being ❣️

@adorebughead - talented video maker and all around wonderful human

@dive-in-ice - the cutest cutie to ever cutie

@freetimefase - has a beautiful face , heart and soul

@jeemyjamz - kind sweet and amazing

@jinglejanglejones - Fps wife 💋 fabulous human being

@lilsreinheart - always great posts💗

@juggiesbetts - everything she says makes me cackle

@ninelittledevils - himym queen one of my favorite humans 💋

@bughead - one of the best gif makers

@mionetrash - cutest accent

@monkeybizzz013 - quality shitposts 💘

I feel super lucky to have found, as an adult, the kind of friend you might have had as a kid where you would spend all day at school chatting and then you’d spend the bus ride home from school chatting and then you’d instantly phone each other up as soon as you got home and continue chatting. Geography is kind of the worst, but I am so delighted every time I get to hang out with loquaciousquark in person!

Hi all!

I hope to only have to make a post like this once.

So basically, for a while a blog had been sending us asks all relating to Tokoyami. It was all innocent stuff at first and then quickly became quite uncomfortable. We sent him a warning message and he didn’t stop, so we blocked him.

By the time we blocked this guy, he had asked me:

-what kind of panties I wear

-if I could be his boyfriend (im a girl, but, whatever)

-bugging us to tell him personal information


When we blocked him, he made another account to interact with us. We ignored him until it got too frustrating and creepy, and then mod kaminari reached out to basically say “leave us alone”

He’s the reason we added the rule “don’t send the mods things that would make us uncomfortable.”

Since then, he’s reached out to Mod Tsuyu to ask her weirdass personal questions and now he’s reached out to my fic beta, @heroesarelife-imagines to also send creepy shit. And apparently other bnha blogs are getting contacted by him as well.

I ended up finding several other blogs that he owns. One of which has my little pony pedophilla porn. That was fun finding.

Anyway, if you’re being bothered by the blogs lucar2017, yosefcubas070, yosefcubas707, yosefcubas09, or yosefcubas12: it’s all the same guy. Block him. His name is Yosef and he sends you really creepy shit and then makes more blogs in order to bypass you blocking him.

Let’s talk about this review I got today for Experimentation. I doubt the person who felt the need to send this message to me is on tumblr, but I’ll never know because they posted as a guest. Which also means I can’t actively reply to it.

Now, I’m going to approach this kind of like a PSA or one of those videos we were made to watch in school about why you’re not supposed to walk on the railroad tracks. Only I’ll be explaining why you shouldn’t send messages like this to fanfic authors.

First though, let me just say that if you’re going to ask/demand things in your message, then please do so under a registered name so that the author can reply personally to you.

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Upcoming Fics

since I’ve been getting a few asks lately, I’m going to be taking a page out of this person idk’s book @kpopfanfictrash - jk buddy ily - and give you guys kind of an update on what’s coming next and what you can expect. I won’t put dates on them and I won’t put all my future works, just the few that are in the nearest future. SO here we go.

Bound - Yoongi: Writing - 75% done - next to be posted

Bound - Hoseok: Outlined - 0% done - will begin once Youngi is posted

Surprise One Shot - Junmyeon: Writing - 25% done

Exordia Academy - Chanyeol: Planning

Exordia Academy - Jongdae: Planning

Kyungsoo One Shot: Outlined - 10% done

After Dark - Chanyeol: Planning

BTS Collab we haven’t announced - Jungkook: Outlined - 5% done


Daisy: Ja… ccy?

Jaccy: Thata girl, I’m glad you remembered.

Daisy sighed and remembered her mission.

Daisy: It’s great to see you but I’m trying to look for someone, have you seen a guy with black hair, kind of long-

Jaccy: And what, you gonna frame him for posting that pic online?

Daisy: … I suppose you saw it.

Jaccy: Oh… Yeahhh, I definitely saw it. Live. And! In person.

Daisy gasped.

Daisy: Y-You posted it!

Jaccy let out a laugh.

Jaccy: Oh reaaallly?

Daisy: What the hell Jace, you-

Jaccy: Ha, don’t even call me that. If I can re-call, I remember telling you that I only let my best friends call me that and in my book, you ain’t my best friend.

Daisy: What is this, some kind of revenge? Because if it is, it’s childish.

Jaccy smiled and raised her eyebrows.

Friend post - Chris and Marie-Béatrice

Don’t take it personally if I don’t mention you in these posts. I appreciate every single one of you I’ve met here, I really do. I’m so grateful of this amazing simblr community. But I just wanna give special thanks to some. And for the discord guys I wanna say that I’m way too shy for group chats so you probably won’t see me there very often. I’m so sorry for being like this.

The party posts are gonna take a long time to do, sorry for that but I will do them!

Chris / @all-you-need-is-love-us

My super cool wolf girl! You’re so caring and kind and such a strong person. Everytime I feel down I think about the wolf story and it gives me so much strength. Maybe it’s silly but it actually does! I love you and your amazing blog! If I ever get better I’ll definitely start to learn Russian again!! I would write ”I love you” in Russian here but I only know how to say it, I don’t know how to write it ahaha!! Thank you for existing, you’re awesome! 💖

Marie-Béatrice / @simsophoniques

You’re such a sweet soul! You’re always so kind and supportive and I feel like we can talk about everything! And you always know everything about all the things I ever ask! You’re such a great friend and you deserve all the best in the world! Here’s the hug I promised, I love youuuu 💖

Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was in a car accident and it kind of shook me up. I’m okay though, don’t worry! I hope to be back in the swing of things for Steter Week, though I’m not sure if I’ll get to any prompts before then. Just wanted to give you all a heads up for my radio silence. Please be patient with me; I’ll be back better than ever!

@twopoppies I personally want to say thank you for your kindness and generosity over the past couple of months. To everyone who proudly liked or reposted those disgusting allegations about Gina and her friends I hope you rot in hell. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past couple of months and Gina has been nothing but kind to me. She has been sending me blogs and posts all about helping depression anxiety and i for one want to say that is the type of human being she is. Because of all the bullshit the last couple of days and because of the vile people who made these allegations we are losing someone in this fandom so kind, loving, generous, and talented. I have one thing to say to the person who made the allegations. Karma truly is a bitch and I hope it comes back to bite your head off!!! To Gina…I want to say thank you for so generously letting us as a fandom be a part of your art. Wherever life takes you I wish you all the best! Love you and thank you again ♥️

anonymous asked:

Oookay, so what's with that "It seems the only thing I'm good at is disappointing people"-tag in your answer to the anon-ask about requests? o: I don't know you very well (yet), so of course I can't rly judge that statement. But even in that short time, I myself have never been disappointed from you. You are a kind person, gifted with the wonderful talents of drawing, and stayin in-character when RP'ing / answering asks. You are awesome, and I want you to know that. *sends lots of love and hugs*

This response is extremely late as I’ve been meaning to go to these a while back. My sincerest apologies for making you all wait, again. I’ll place everything under a read more as a little bit of this post might be negative for some. So please bare with me for a small moment, please. 

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followers i need your help

can you point me in the direction of any posts about epic fails by major corporations on social media? or famous people? I’m looking for seriously tone deaf posts/tweets/facebook threads, or community managers being assholes, or just plain foot-in-mouth situations.

Example: Starbucks Argentina ran out of imported cup sleeves so they bought some locally made ones. After they managed to import their standard ones again, they posted on facebook: “Good news everyone, you don’t have to worry anymore, we are no longer using cup sleeves made in Argentina”.

Edit: please reblog this so other ppl can answer too!


hey u guys! it can be kinda hard to find posts that fit ur blog aesthetic so I’m proposing these tags for the Star Wars fandom

  • swpastel (pastel)
  • swbw (black and white)
  • swvibrant (bright and colorful)
  • swdesaturated (neutral and desaturated)

They can be for any kind of edit!

I personally am gonna start using these tags on my posts and am tracking them now. So idk if you guys wanna use them? But I think it’d be helpful!