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{summary: “it’s so easy. falling in love with you is incredibly easy.”}

you anons are turning my whole inbox into some erotic fanfiction with all of the naughty headcanons you’ve been sending in ;w; i’ll work on posting those headcanons as time goes by, for now, all i want to do is write a fluffy story for peter parker based on my long winded answer/headcanon about how easy it is for peter parker to fall in love with someone. yeah i meant to post this on queue, but this was too fluffy and sweet to NOT share ASAP.

lmao someone boost my confidence and tell me that peter would love me as much as i love him ;w; [♥] because honestly, this boi means the world to me and i’ll always want him to be happy

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**warnings: none, just pure fluff [♥]

**Don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


You thought that you had misheard Peter, feeling your eyebrows furrow together as you slowly brought your book down to get a closer glimpse of your best friend.

Sitting on the edge of his bed directly in front of you, you watch as Peter nervously fiddled with the ends of his oversized sweater with a prominent blush settled against his cheeks. Closing your book so that you could give him your full attention, you slowly ask him, “Peter, what did you just say to me?”

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You know what fuckin bothers me?

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, they make this whole big deal with a setup about Joseph Gordon-Levitt being left the batcave and basically leading up to him becoming Robin, but have we gotten a Robin movie with him?? No. Will we ever get one??? Probably not.


* The seagulls are slowly inching closer. Judging by the glint in their eyes, they will not be satisfied with your lunch this time.
* Every day, one more spot in the vending machine has been claimed by Hot Cheetos. You aren’t sure what happens when they’ve taken over.
* It’s June, and the tourists begin to roll in. Everyone keeps their doors shut, and avoids them at the beach. We can’t shatter the illusion of the postcard-perfect town. Not again.
* Four surfers enter the water one night. Five come out.
* The mountains are alive. No one mentions it. They don’t have to.
* You’re at the county fair one night, at the top of the Ferris wheel. You look out over the ocean, and see something moving. Surely it must just be a surfer, right?
* While swimming in the Pacific one day, you feel something caress your leg. You pray it’s just seaweed.
* There’s an unspoken rule about going into the desert at night.
* You come back home from a night out to see a UFO hovering above your residence. You shrug, and leave to spend the night at a friend’s house. Better safe than sorry.
* You see what looks like a fire burning on the surface of the water one night. It’s too far to be a boat, but too close to be an oil rig.
* You lie awake, unable to sleep. The waves sound closer than usual.
* It rains, just a light sprinkle. The people are celebrating in the streets. It’s been so, so long.
* The hills above town are on fire. Ash fills the air and congests your lungs. No one evacuates, PE classes are simply brought inside for the day. Like everyone else, you simply wait, hoping it doesn’t cross the 101.
* There’s a loud grating noise from down the street. In the morning, you see that the landslides have swallowed your neighbor’s house again.
* Everyone awaits The Big One, the earthquake that will send California tumbling into the Pacific. For many, it can’t come soon enough.

Happy Birthday @incaseyouart 💕

If you asked me a year ago if i will ever draw myself, I would have said no. But if its the only way we can ever be in the same picture, I’ll draw myself standing next to you over and over again to remind me even if we live all the way across the ocean from each other, art and internet can keep us together. Thank you for being you and the biggest ray of light in my life. Happy birthday, my special bean :’)! You mean so much to me and more!!!

Trans Masterlist

Her name is Tyler by ttsg (1/1 | 20142 | Explicit)

Josh didn’t typically pick up other guys in a bar and take them home but then again he also didn’t see many guys wearing a soft pink skirt.

Don’t Leave Me Alone by Schizzar (1/1 | 1729 | Mature)

“Hi Tyler. I’m Josh.”

Tyler smiles.

Wear a hat so you can’t see my hair by slacked (1/1 | 3046 | Teen ad Up)

He didn’t know what was going on. He knew the rules. He knew that his parents weren’t ready, that’s why they couldn’t call him Tyler, that’s why they still called him a girl, that’s why he couldn’t cut his hair. He had to be ‘patient with them’. But it seemed that his body was rejecting the rules. That the pulling had become a symptom. And it wasn’t stopping.

Doubt by leooX (1/1 | 1498 | Teen and Up)

Tyler meets Josh at the supermarket.

Pot Roast by Blurryface__0 (1/1 | 1456 | Not Rated)

“Hey, I saw your posts on tumblr from last night and wanted to make sure you were okay. If you need to come over you can. I know it gets hard for you sometimes and I’m here for you, don’t forget that please. Stay strong, my prince.”

hooped earrings by lavenderlow (1/1 | 1485 | Not Rated)

you have got to do this now, or you can never come home again.

Focus!AU by Dun_with_Life (9/9 | 15531 | Teen and Up)

Josh, A seasoned master of misdirection, Becomes romantically involved with novice con artist Tyler. As he teaches her the tricks of trade, She gets too close for comfort and abruptly breaks it off. Three years later, The former flame – now an accomplished femme fatale – shows up in Buenos Aires In the midst of Josh’s last, very dangerous scheme. She throws him off his plan for a loop…and the consummate con man off his game.

We Could Fly Far Away by Pinkstationfrerard (20/20 | 55576 | Mature)

When he was 13 years old, Tyler left his phone number in a bunch of random books for a boredom-curing bet. 6 years later, Josh Dun finds one of those books.

(a.k.a the “You found my phone number in a book and decided to text me and hey you’re not a creepy old man for once- you’re actually pretty cute” AU featuring socially awkward trans!Tyler)

I’m boyish enough, right? by minecraftwarcat (27/27 | 13381 | Mature)

Tyler Joseph is transgender. And for that, he gets bullied a lot.
Enter Joshua Dun, the new student with a smile that Tyler loves and hates at the same time.
Josh likes him, and Tyler has no idea why.

Should have brought my library card because I wanna check you out by gardenpsyche (dorktier) (10/10 | 17339 | General)

‘I’m a librarian and I catch you almost every week moving your favourite fantasy series from the fiction to the non-fiction section.’

AKA josh is big scifi nerd and tyler is an overworked librarian dealing with his shenanigans

Not a Client by edy (1/1 | 40180 | Explicit)

my name is tyler joseph, the post reads, and if you see this, then i am in trouble. i have been unable to gain access to my queue to remove this. please, if you see this, call 911.

Mustard by edy (1/1 | 14827 | Explicit)

The one where Tyler sits on street corners and plays his ukulele for money and Josh hates his life.

P.S I Love You by Pinkstationfrerard (8/8 | 24189 | General)

Liking your best friend is tough. High school is tough. And to top it off, not fitting in or accepting yourself is pretty tough, too.

… And here is the story of a not-so-simple high school AU featuring trans!Tyler and ace!Josh.

Safe by edy (1/1 | 3111 | Explicit)

“Hey, you should fuck him.” She points, and she drinks, and she says, “I heard he was easy. I heard he’s got a pussy. You should fuck him.”

Pay Attention by ttsg (1/1 | 2228 | Explicit)

Tyler’s not paying attention

How to Love Your Body in 10 Easy Steps by planetcleer (1/1 | 1077 | Teen and Up)

Josh’s fingers itch anxiously, like the always do before he performs, but the other poets are talented and more than once he loses himself in the way their words feel.

And then this girl walks up on stage. She looks to be around Josh’s age, hair just grazing the tips of her ears, tattoos banded around her arms, tall and lanky but fitting. Someone announces that this piece is called “How to Love Your Body in 10 Easy Steps”, and that the speaker is named Tyler Joseph.

People murmur.

Josh blinks.

The girl on stage begins.

slow on sunday morning (and i never want to leave) byfobfantasia (1/1 | 2214 | Mature)

virginal trans boy tyler who was too worried about sex that he never really explored it nice i suck at even the mildest of smut

Jake by edy (1/1 | 7851 | Explicit)

shut up, Tyler would text. send me a dick pic

now send me a video where you’re jacking off

stay with me tonight by pretttysounds (1/1 | 2217 | Mature)

Josh is sleepy and cuddly, but Tyler has other ideas.

Wicked Crush by edy (1/1 | 7449 | Explicit)

The one where Josh robs houses on the side and accidentally steals a few pill bottles, vials of testosterone, and a pair of tweezers from Tyler. Josh swears he didn’t know it was Tyler’s house when he broke in. Please believe him.

85 Percent by marsakat (1/1 | 2991 | Explicit)

Josh doesn’t do this often, but tonight is different than every other night.

The Ballad of You and I by franticatlantic (2/2 | 2775 | Explicit)

The window is open, Tyler is cold, and he smells bacon.

Steer Me from the Hive of Bees by edy (1/1 | 8072 | Explicit)

He has that dream again.

this love by roseq (1/1 | 1260 | Teen and Up)

josh is trans and having a bad dysphoria day. tyler tries to help him out.

Can’t Spell Without A by edy (1/1 | 17534 | Mature)

By September’s end, they’re living together.

By January’s time, Tyler’s lips will turn blue.

Josh doesn’t know that yet.

On The Nickel by orphan_account (7/7 | 8763 | Not Rated)

They don’t get it.

Another Western Vampire (Different Time, Same Place) by stalksoftly (9/? | 28798 | Explicit)

Tyler Joseph is a mysterious cowboy. Cityslicker Josh Dun doesn’t know what he got himself into when he agreed to be his ranch hand for the summer.

Joy to the World by edy (7/12 | 52453 | Explicit)

Fires will consume soon.

Leave while you can.

I heard Greenland is nice.

Everything will be okay.

This last message is sprawled across the front of the bakery, two suns for the dots of the i. Josh reads and believes the message.

okay so this is nowhere near all of the trans fics that have been written but i plan on updating it again sometime soon. this is just a quick list so please don’t be upset if your fic is left out i just haven’t gotten to it yet) -Madi

One Year Anniversary of Texts From the FAHC 🎉

Hi everyone! Mod Lauren here!

Today, November 22nd, is the one year anniversary of the first chat we ever posted on this blog, so I wanted to take a moment to say some thank yous.

First of all, a big thank you to Mod D @davidelizabethbowiestrider for starting all of this! It was their idea for a FAHC rp group over a year ago that started this all and brought us together. Thank you so much, boi!

Thank you to Mod M @miss-ingno / @funfahcts for running our queue and schedule so diligently and for being our mother figure, and thank you to Mod Lily @portinagoldstein for being there to help us get things going from the start!

Thank you to the three who joined us after our first lot of auditions for spicing things up and adding new voices and more laughs to our crew - Mod H @doctorzieglerwrites Mod S @wash-your-sinful-hands and an extra lil thanks also to Mod A @airrichan for taking care of blog theme/maintenance as well.

My fellow mods are all incredibly lovely people and I’ve enjoyed chatting and making chats with them so much that I’m actually getting emotional and tearing up a little bit as I type this right now haha. I love you guys, thank you so much for being a really awesome crew to do this with ❤️

But there is still one more thanks to give. And that is, of course, to all of you!

You guys are the ones who have read, liked and reblogged our posts. Who have sent in asks, drew us fanart, left lovely tags and spread the word about this blog. On behalf of all of us, we appreciate your support so much. It really does mean the world to us. So thank you again to you, our followers, for helping us grow and making what we do even more special ❤️

Currently, the other mods and I are all pretty busy with life and health and responsibilities, but we’re working on finalising even more new additions to our team, preparing some special opportunities for hitting a special milestone >.>, and I know there are some really awesome chats in our schedule on the way. So be on the lookout for all of that~

Thank you once more to all of my fellow mods and to all of our followers for just. Being amazing. I love you, we love you, and never stop being you ❤️

-Mod Lauren

(PS: Sorry for the essay~)

kirst’s guides and sentinels sterek au

I apologise to everyone for taking so long to post another list, I think I’ll try put things in queue the next time I’m busy for so long. New layout type of thing, because Twitter voted for summaries..Anyway, I wish there were more fics under this trope because it’s truly one of the best. 

I Want You Under My Skin by FunkyinFishnet

Stiles is a Guide who looks after catatonic or feral Sentinels. One day a grief-stricken fugue-state Derek is brought in and Stiles realizes that he’s found his Sentinel. Now they’ve just got to get Derek out of his own head and able to bond.

I’ll Tie You (In My Arms) by Kian

Teen Wolf/The Sentinel Fusion. Derek doesn’t want a Guide after his last attempt at a bond nearly got his whole family killed, and Stiles doesn’t want to be one if it means losing the last of the family he’s got. But Fate doesn’t take requests.

It Started Out as a Feeling by flitterflutterfly

When the newly bonded Sentinel Scott joins Derek Hale’s pack, Derek had just been happy that his group was growing larger and stronger. But Scott brings with him his old-temporary-guide-turned-friend named Stiles and the rest of Derek’s pack begin to conspire to get them together. And while Derek is attracted to Stiles, Stiles doesn’t want a full bond and Derek would never force that. 

On Anchors and Rudders by Unloyal_Olio

Stiles might be a sentinel, but Derek is a werewolf. Derek is not and never will be a guide.


There is no way in hell he’ll be a guide. No. Way. In. Hell.

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anonymous asked:

But think about this: bricks are the rock equivalent of necromantic constructs. What else would you call something made from a slurry of their ancestors' ground-up remains that's been molded into a useful shape and then bathed in fire to be brought back to a semblance of life?

i gotta tell u anon, the post this ask relates to was in my queue and i spent like 10 min trying to find it and figure out what was going on lol 

George Harrison, 1987. Photo: John Livzey.

“I had the great fortune to meet George and speak with him. He was as warm, gentle and funny as his close friends have stated in the days following his death on November 29, 2001. I miss him very much. I hope this reminiscence helps you through the loss we share.

In May 1987, I had to fly from LA to Boston on business. I got to the airport a little early and went to the American Airlines Admiral’s Club to kill some time. Since I was in the travel industry at the time, I had entrée to the club even though I was far from being a big shot. When I entered, I saw a guy I knew who worked there and he said, “Guess who’s here today? George Harrison!” So he points to this longhaired guy with really big sunglasses sitting in a remote corner of the Club. His hair was kind of wavy and I thought he looked more like a George Harrison wannabe than the real thing. Still, it did kind of look like him. A woman, probably a ‘meet and greet’ type from a travel agency or American Airlines, was hovering near him.

I knew what I had to do.

In spite of it being 7:30AM, I went to the bar and had a glass of wine. As I finished, the woman who was shepherding George left, leaving him alone. Good timing - the wine was starting to take effect on my empty stomach. I summoned up as much nerve as I could and, keeping my arms at my sides in as non-threatening a manner as I could muster, walked up to George and said, ‘I started playing guitar 20 years ago because of you and I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to something that’s given me a lot of enjoyment for a long time.’

Instead of brushing me off, he looks up and asks, 'Do you still play?’ So I joked 'Yeah, more to piss off the neighbors than anything else.’ He grinned and invited me to sit down. I sat next to him. He’s looking at me and I’m looking at him, and 20 years of questions as to who played this and what guitar was used on that song just evaporated. And we’re sitting there staring at each other. I noticed he was wearing these goofy tennis shoes, like the ones you see him wearing in 'Magical Mystery Tour.’ Finally I said, 'Do you still have the Rickenbacker 12-string you used in "Hard Day’s Night?”’ and he emphatically said, 'Oh yeah!’ like he’d have to have been crazy not to keep it. So much for giving away guitars! We talked about The Guitar for a while and I asked him if that was the first one they made. He said it was the second, that some American woman had the first (which I later read about in one of the books on Rics). The Beatles albums were being released on CDs at that time and I think 'Revolver’ was the latest. I asked him about one of the songs I always loved (although never a hit) that I heard on the way to the airport, 'And Your bird Can Sing.’ He said he had just gotten the CD himself and said, 'Oh yeah, I just was listening to that. It was a good song.’ I asked him how he played the lead, since I could never figure it out and he said, 'Oh Paul played one of leads and I played the other.’ My cordial response was 'I’ve been trying to figure that lead out for two decades and now you tell me it took *two* of you to do it!’ We both laughed.

When I asked about the 360/12, he also said, 'A friend of mine - do you know Tom Petty? - (I nodded my head - I had actually heard of him) has one just like it.’

Anyway, we talked about 20 more minutes about guitars and music, and then a woman came to escort him to his flight. He got up, we shook hands (very gentle handshake, like you see him give Ed Sullivan), he smiled that famous toothy smile and said 'Take care, nice talking with you,’ and left.

I felt proud not to have asked for my idol’s autograph. Just two musicians chatting about guitars and music.

I hope this story brought you a smile. It does for me every time I think of talking with George Harrison, ex-Fab, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and nice man who took time to treat a fan like a friend, all those years ago.“ - Lewis Lustman, [Previously posted on the blog here.]