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You know what fuckin bothers me?

At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, they make this whole big deal with a setup about Joseph Gordon-Levitt being left the batcave and basically leading up to him becoming Robin, but have we gotten a Robin movie with him?? No. Will we ever get one??? Probably not.

Let Sleeping Moms Lie

A/N: The second of the three little fics I have for @theysangastheyslew :3 This time from Riza’s point of view. All she wants is one good night’s sleep~

Looking back, there were many instances where Riza regretted not returning to sleep after having been woken up prematurely. Times where she forced herself out of bed, telling herself to indulge in the tranquility the early morning often brought with it. She had seen the sun rise more times than she could count, oftentimes with a piping hot cup of coffee in hand. Other times she was awake far before the sun was, and she would marvel at how still everything would be. How the streetlamps illuminated the dew droplets that had settled on the small patches of grass outside her apartment, giving the ground an appearance that rivaled the starlit sky above. There were times when she would trade sleep to satisfy that craving and now, as she laid awake staring up at the ceiling of their bedroom, she wondered why she ever did. If she could get back all those hours she had neglected sleep, she gladly would.

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Quidditch Fiend: Oliver Wood X Reader

Request: Could u do an oliver imagine where ur lockhearts daughter and captin of ravenclaw quidditch team and he is ur boyfriend and ur dad is being annoying so u go to him for comfort and fluuuufffff!?!

A/N: sorry I know this wasn’t the next request, but I wanted to post something for you guys and this one seemed quick and easy to write compared to the others. I’ve been busier than I thought unfortunately but I’ll try to get the queue filled tomorrow!

“Dad, I would think you of all people would understand that Quidditch can be just as beneficial as anything else,” you argued with your father, who has brought up a few concerns about your lifestyle.

You were angry that he was berating you for spending “too much time on quidditch” and not “not enough time on your studies,” when he was busy trying to become friends with students who had parents as successful seekers and keepers.

“For others, maybe, but don’t you feel it’d be best to have a backup plan? Things like that don’t always work out in the future,” he tried to reason.

You rolled your eyes, annoyed by his hypocrisy. “I’m the captain of the team, that’s got to mean something to you. Obviously I’m quite good.”

“Of course, Y/N, you’re a brilliant player, but the professional world of quidditch is much more competitive than Hogwarts teams. It’s lucky for someone to even become the broom polisher for those teams.”

You sighed in frustration, knowing that he was right. But he didn’t seem to understand that you weren’t going to give up just because it was a difficult road ahead. It just meant that you needed as much practice as possible, to hone your skills for the future- even if it meant not studying as much as you used to.

He had distracted himself with paperwork and you took the opportunity to slip from his office, not wanting to continue the conversation. You just wanted to talk to the one person who seemed to understand your passion and determination for quidditch: Oliver.

It was getting late, and students had begun heading back to their dorms, but you knew where Oliver would be- he told you at dinner that he had an astronomy assignment to work on, and you had a feeling he wouldn’t be finished yet.

Sure enough, when you arrived at the tower, Oliver’s back was to you, his eye pressed against the narrow end of a telescope. His hand went to make a mark on his chart and you knocked on the door lightly.

He turned around quickly, thinking it’d be a teacher telling him to go to his dorm, but was relieved and happy to see you.

“Come to watch me struggle?” he joked, already forgetting what he had been about to write.

“More like come to complain about my father,” you smiled, sitting in the floor near Oliver’s workspace in front of the giant window. The darkening night sky looked down at you, moonlight shining on the marble floor.

“What’s he done now, try to recruit you into his little club as well?” he smirked, knowing you hated the club of students with “promising futures” or “successful parents.”

“Quite the opposite actually,” you replied. He cocked his head in confusion and you elaborated, telling him how your father wasn’t fond of your evident decision to pick quidditch over schoolwork.

Oliver sat down next to you, an arm wrapping around your shoulders. “That’s insane.”

“I figured you’d agree,” you smiled. “How can he look down on it like that- like it’s less than- I don’t know- Divination or Ancient Runes. It requires skill and practice.”

“Not even that- how can he not see your potential?” Oliver asked, and you blushed at the praise.

“I’m not that good-”

“Are you mad? (Y/N) you’re brilliant! Obviously it’s difficult to get on a professional team but if anyone can do it it’s you,” he said, looking at you intensely. You could hear the honesty in his voice and it only made you love him more. “I hate seeing you upset, especially over something you don’t even need to worry about.”

“Well it’s hard to be upset when you’re around,” you said, looking up at him.

He leaned forward, giving you a quick, gentle, but romantic kiss. His hand caressed your face even after he pulled away, and you smiled against it.

“I love you, you know,” you assured him. “Thanks for making me feel better.”

“I love you, you quidditch fiend. And don’t you forget it,” he replied, giving your nose a playful kiss. The two of you cuddled together, viewing the stars. Your worries were miles away.

Difficulty || Closed

@ask-ahsokatano || continued from here

I certainly believe it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you had the same phrase thrown at you plenty of times way before me either. And who were those lucky people who say they saw your level of difficulty?


Presenting the GameGrumps au!
Brought up entirely by Mod Rachel and Mod Robin

All art you see is by [x]

In this au Karkat is Arin due to being more quick to anger thus being the “grump” in the duo. 
Dave is our lovable musician and “not so grump” Danny.
In the au instead of karkat dating someone else like Arin dates suzy, karkat and dave are dating rather than being just partners.

Speaking of Suzy (along with her side channel Kittykatgaming), Kanaya fills her place being close to Karkat and being interested in makeup and fashion as well as being a model.

Terezi (Jontron) used to be on the show with Karkat, but then decided to take a different route and left the show. Dave, a band member who also happens to like video games, joins in to take up her place in the show and ends up working even better with Karkat than she did.

Rose (Ninja Brian) worked closely with Dave through their band. She follows him to Game Grumps where she meets her amazing girlfriend, Kanaya. When she notices the growing relationship between Dave and Karkat, she writes fanfiction about the two of them.

Fanfiction which John (Ross) gets his hands on and uses to embarrass Dave on-air. John loves playing dumb tricks on Dave and Karkat and messing around with the two to make them look like idiots. He, much like the real Game Grumps Ross, is in a relationship with our resident Commander Holly: Roxy! Bad-ass special effects artist and everyone’s best friend.
Commander Holly is also known for gaming upon her channel as well as being a caretaker for a wide variety of birds and animals. Roxy is canonly known to play video games and took care of thousands of cats and the various carapaces from the game. This helps the parallel thicken.

Partnering up with John (Ross) on Steamtrain, in the au’s case Tiertrain (playing off the appearances of the kids and their godtiers) and Kanaya (Suzy) on Table flip is Jake (Barry)
Barry is known to be one of the main editors for the grumps and showed up more and more along the way. He’s funny and lovable. Jake is known to be very acquainted with sciences himself and became good friends with John. Plus table flip helps accommodate his whole old-style English thread.

 Sollux (Kevin) is the newest member and second editor for the grumps. They’ve both got a way with technology and sarcasm.


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anonymous asked:

Do you think Will is, as Bedelia said "not a killer; capable of righteous violence because (he) is compassionate" normally and that Hannibal's influence just brought something out in him that he never would have found otherwise? Or do you think it would have come out anyway? Do you think Will's a killer at heart?


The mistake I see people make, again and again, when it comes to defining Will, is this: 

You can’t define Will. 

I know, I know!

It’s annoying, that you can’t get a solid yes or no or a straight answer about him, but that’s the very essence of a character who (in the words of Hugh himself) never knows he who is.

Morally speaking, he’s not black or white. He’s not even grey. He’s the full gamut of colours.

It’s funny, but no one seems to have this trouble with Hannibal. 

Perhaps because we’ve always seen him as Other from the very beginning, this strange creature who has his own specific nature which he has to follow. 

We accept that the reason for his actions is: because he’s Hannibal. 

But because Will was framed as the normal, everyman, when he does something that Hannibal would do, suddenly it has to be agonised over and picked apart. 


The reason he does things is: because he’s Will. 

Like Hannibal, he is a creature with a specific nature that he has to follow. 

In the beginning of this episode (which, to be fair, I think most of us were too busy reeling from the Will/Bedelia conversation to notice) Hannibal summed it up beautifully when he said: 

Will’s thoughts are no more bound by fear or kindness than Milton’s were by physics. He’s both free and damned to imagine anything.

His thoughts can go anywhere, and because they can, they do. It’s not a matter of choice, or morality. That’s simply what his Nature is.

It’s like when someone says: Don’t think about elephants.

What do you do? 

You think about elephants!

Now imagine that your imagination is so powerful that it can make the walls of reality melt away 

So that when someone says Don’t think about elephants 

you blink, and there’s an actual fucking elephant looming over you

you can look in its small wise old eyes, count its eyelashes, see the tiny dragonscale paper creases in all the folds of its hide, smell the straw, hear the crunch of its feet, the deep rumble of its breath, feel the cold of the massive shadow it casts over you, the gust of hot animal air as its waving trunk sways past your face, feel the earth-shuddering reverberation of its footfalls in your leg-bones, see the white hard outline of light that edges its ears when it flaps them, like clouds obscuring the sun, feel your knees going weak with that quaking little-child-gazing-up-a-rollercoaster vertigo of the enormity of the thing towering over you. 

The second someone says don’t think about elephants, 

there are actual real elephants.


Are you imagining that?

Now replace elephants with murder.

That’s Will Graham’s brain.

There is a darkness - a violence - in Will, yes; because there is an everything in Will. 

Before he knew Hannibal, he was conflicted about this fact of his nature. He wanted there only to be the good things in him. He couldn’t accept that there would always, always, be all of the things.

But accepting all the things - the bad, violent, as well as the good, kind - gives him equilibrium at last. He is, like Hannibal, finally calm. 

This is why murder-husband!Will seems smoother and more elegant than nervy, highly-strung ‘trying to be a normal person’ Will. That man is nervy because deep down he knows he is walking a tightrope over the Abyss. Murder-husband!Will is calm because he knows he is perfectly balanced. He’s not afraid of falling. He could walk the tightrope with his eyes closed.

Righteousness and compassion are the connective tissues which allow Will to reconcile these two extremes in himself, morally speaking. And Will does have his own personal morality. He is a kind man. His instinct is to help the wounded bird, not to crush it. But he could do either of those things, or nothing; he holds all possibilities.

Righteous violence, compassionate cruelty; because they combine disparate (you could say opposite?) elements, he can indulge in them without becoming unbalanced. They balance each other out inside him. A tightrope walker can’t be carrying weight all on one side - it has to be equally spread.

So the murders he would prefer to commit would be righteous or compassionately motivated – Bedelia was bang on the money in that sense. 

This week he put someone in harm’s way merely because – by chance – his wandering, all-embracing/nothing-rejecting Thoughts whispered to him aren’t you curious…? 

To recoil from that thought and say ‘no! I’m not!’ That would be stacking all his weight on one side. He can’t do that, he’s a balancing act. His thoughts can and do go everywhere, down paths dark and light, good and bad, kind and cruel, safe and dangerous. 

Once that thought occurs, he has no choice in the matter. To be at peace with himself - to be true to himself, to follow his own nature - he has to go wherever his thoughts lead. 

He has to imagine elephants. 

Blog Inactivity - (3/24 - 3/25)

🜟 ⤐ ⳼ Due to an emergency in my family, I will not be available from March 24th - March 25th. I will do my best to queue content to keep the blog active while I am gone. I will still be taking questions and answers and posting a few ask memes, and you’re free to ask them. 

This emergency has taken a mental toll on me and has brought up a lot of problems I thought I had put in the past. I appreciate your patience with me.

This post will be reblogged throughout tomorrow and Saturday. 

Simblr community appreciation post

I’ve been thinking about this since a long time ago and I think it’s time to write it down.

Let’s see. When I first arrived at the simblr community I thought it would be difficult to get to know people and as my images had a really low definition, I thought I’d never have followers. One day, one gross anon told me I hadn’t got future on the simblr community. It kinda brought me down but then a lot of simmers messaged me saying cute things and that’s what gave me the strength to continue my Simblr. I had like 15 followers then and I didn’t even know how to install CC. Thanks to a lot of people who helped me a lot here I am and I improved A LOT. I learnt how to install CC. I got a new computer with better graphics. And I recently started to edit my pictures so they’re better (You’ll be able to see it soon, the edited posts are on the queue already).

People in this community are all friends. We don’t know each other but we’re already friends. Each one with its own style that can easily be identified.

When you ask WCIF’s they happily answer your question. And they organize events for halloween, and christmas, with lots of cute gifts.

If a gross anon shows up, we’re all united in one force. If someone doesn’t feel well, we support that person.

It’s the best community I’ve ever been on. No discrimination nowhere, doesn’t matter your skin tone, age, gender, sexuality… We’re all friends here.

Just thought somebody had to say it.

The Hiatus

As of tomorrow, August 1st, Bellarke Fanfiction will be on a month-long hiatus. We know this isn’t an ideal thing for many of you. We know a lot of you rely on us as a resource. 

The good news is, we’re not going anywhere. You will still have access to all of our tags and the blog itself. 

What is happening with the hiatus:

  • A rejuvenation period for the admins, managers and assorted teams.
  • A chance to reassess our teams, features, and goals as a blog.
  • A chance to work on a new and improved layout in the near future.

Some things you might notice:

  • Our queue will be brought down to 3 posts a day. We will not be pulling from the tags over the next few weeks, with the exception of our bffnet tag – which will be added to our queue approximately once a week.
  • Our anonymous ask has been disabled. This is to slow down the traffic to our inbox, especially for those who do not receive the memo that we’ve gone on hiatus. You may send asks, but there is a good chance they will not be answered until September.
  • Our writing team will not be accepting prompts, nor filling them. They will be back in September.

As many of you know, we just wrapped up our second Bellarke Fanfiction Awards, and we hope everyone enjoyed them. But what we want to emphasize is this:

We are real people. Real people with real jobs, real commitments, real feelings. We have lives and hobbies outside of running this blog (sick family members, full-time jobs, full-time school loads, etc.) That is not to say we don’t love what we do, because we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t. But for every nice message we get, the negative ones are ten times louder. When we make a mistake, it’s frustrating for people to come at us with accusations and harsh tones, and while sometimes tone of voice and intention doesn’t come across accurately via the internet, you have to understand we have no way of knowing how to interpret it. 

When we encounter technical difficulties, they might seem annoying or frustrating to you but imagine being the one that’s actually experiencing them. We spent hours and hours trying to get everything right, only for things to explode in the last minute. That’s annoying. That’s frustrating.

This fandom is very large and there are a lot of different personalities, opinions, styles, tastes, etc. We cannot possibly cater to every single person, so we do our best to stay as objective and professional as we can. Please always know that we are doing our best.

We recruit, we ask for help – and we don’t always get the response we want or need. So, when it comes down to it, a lot of the coordinating and implementation of blog activities and features, it falls on just a few shoulders.

And when you take into consideration that the managers of this blog live in three different time zones/countries, you have to understand how difficult communicating and coordinating can be sometimes. But we do our best.

So it all comes down to this: we’re tired. 

We’re not tired of Bellarke, don’t get us wrong.

We’re just tired. 

So, we’re going to take a break, and we hope you can all understand our motivations and personal needs.

Had the worst day in work EVER today, all because one woman couldn’t tell me something needed to be done 15 minutes later, which managed to hold up a queue for an hour. Got sent home early after they brought in somebody who works with me, because I was getting I annoyed at everybody (though by the time they arrived I’d sorted it all out)

But I get home and this has arrived in the post and I almost cried, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Thank you @elithien for the perfect pick-me-up


Daphne’s Infinite List of Ships: Lowell and Olivia (iZombie)

“The zombie thing is a bitch. Your world shrivels down to a dot, you know this– and all you can think about is how to get your next meal and keeping your secret. No one can really know you now. Kissing, touching, sex, love, yelling at someone for stealing the blankets– out of the question, forever. But then one day I see this beautiful woman. She’s the only thing in color. Odd, cause she’s so pale. Then suddenly there’s hope again.”