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this is just an old Christmas q&a video i posted in january but deleted in a few days because i lied about something to you guys.

i’m uploading it again with a side comment 😂

steller’s sea eagle, from the english school of falconry at their old location

i remember this bird was absolutely fascinated by me. she was incredibly large, almost coming up to my waist, but she sat and watched me take photos for at least ten minutes.

i didn’t dare get close, but all the same there was serious feeling of mutual respect.

[do not remove caption]


While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)

ok listen this is a day late but i wanted to participate in this really badly. better late than never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
but hello!! my name is eli. i’m 15 years old, i am a trans guy, i am Gay As Heck™, and i love thomas sanders! he’s been really supportive of me throughout my journey of discovering myself and i am so thankful for him. i’ve been a fander for around 2.5 years now, and i’ve been able to meet thomas irl a few times! i hope i can see him again soon because i miss him dearly. but anyways, i hope all you guys, gals, and nonbinary pals have a fantastic day 💞

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what's... what's the difference between owning and acquiring a ferret

owning: keith contacts a weird dude on the internet and a few months later comes home w a lil bed and scratching post and a ferret wearing a collar

acquiring: one day keith came home only to hear weird scuffling noises in his kitchen. he immediately pulled out his knife and checked out the situation, only to find a ferret digging through his cereal cabinet. keith warily eyed the ferret and debated moving it, but the ferret ignored him to continue eating shiro’s shitty old man cereal, so keith just let it be. he figured it would eventually leave through the open kitchen window (presumably how it got in in the first place), and it did. this continues to happen. keith has no idea who’s ferret this is, but he honestly can’t really bring himself to care. over time, he and the ferret eventually acclimate to each other. they learn to coexist and share the kitchen. they don’t cuddle but they do acknowledge each other, and keith likes to take selfies with it. one day shiro comes home to find keith chilling on the couch watching judge judy w the ferret and he drops the groceries.


Rework of my Tianshan Day 4 Comic [Part 1]

This has been sitting in my drafts for a good few weeks now… ^^; I’m still not satisfied with how the next panel looks like– So instead of trying to fix it up like a normal person, I’ve been working on other stuff~ *whistles*

I have completed some of the other panels, but the story can’t continue until the 4th panel is done~ Hey, I just work in mysterious ways! 😂

Ah, I’m just gonna post it as it is now, and I’ll upload the rest at a later date! ;)

This is Chai. She was hiding under the (completely non-functional) company car at work the morning after a freezing night, and she yelled at me as I was heading inside. I lured her out with the deli turkey from my lunch and she instantly went from scared to in love with all humans.

I fed her the rest of my turkey and one of my coworkers contributed a slice of venison sausage, but we knew she couldn’t stay at work all day because none of us would get anything done. I called my husband and told him we had a temporary cat, and asked if he’d mind keeping an eye on her while I figured out what to do. (My landlord has a no-pets policy, but I couldn’t just kick her back onto the street.)

They got on like gangbusters, especially after I picked up Claritin for Adam. Chai ate an entire can of cat food and then spent all day sleeping on Adam’s lap. Any time she left the room, she’d mew occasionally so Adam knew where she was. Meanwhile, I called around and made posts on local groups until I found someone who’d take her in. 

While I worked out the details with the fellow (he had a rather aloof cat already and was excited to have a really cuddly companion cat), I heated up a rice pack, which Chai promptly fell asleep on again. 

I’ve honestly never met such a cuddly, sweet cat. It was hard to say goodbye. The guy who took her in texted a few days later to say they’d been to the vet. Chai’s about eight years old, healthy, and is getting along well in her new home. 

AriA’s File

Okay, what is the deal with Aria’s file? What on earth could be her secret? A secret that would put EZRA in jail, and make him pick Nicole over her?

AD says the following to Aria:

“Jessica DiLaurentis kept excellent records. If Ezra knew what was in your file he would definitely choose Nicole, and she would be visiting him in jail.”

Why would something …

  • in ARIAs file 
  • put EZRA in jail 
  • AND have him pick Nicole


One thing we know for sure is it had to be something that happened BEFORE Jessica’s murder, since it is something Jessica found out.

This can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. Jessica DiLaurentis found something incriminating about Ezra that Aria has kept a secret. But…. why would Ezra hate Aria because of it? Why would Ezra blame Aria if this came out? What is she willing to keep secret about Ezra that she would go against her best friends for? Does Aria know a secret about Ezra that if it came out would put him in jail? Okay, there are a few possibilities here, but why would it make Ezra choose Nicole over Aria? Thats the part I just dont understand. Ezra could be upset that Jessica found out something about him, but why would it make him give up his love for Aria??? 
  2. Jessica found out something about Aria that would cause Ezra to hate her and to do something that would put him in jail….Is this signifying that Ezra would kill Aria if he found out this secret?

I feel like the following photo is significant. The 4 glasses represent the four main girls, Spencer, Hanna, Aria & Emily. 

By shattering a glass, it is a symbol that she is no longer one of them, that she is going against the group to protect whatever is in her file.

The girls have always stuck together, so it has to be something HUGE if she is willing to go over to the dArk side. 

(Side Note: I swear to GOD if Marlene messes this up and its something stupid Im going to jump off a cliff) 

There has always been something sketchy about Aria. I’ve written a million posts about it and don’t want to go through every little thing again because we’ll be here all day, but I do want to go over a few significant things.

  • Aria and Eddie Lamb

When Aria goes into Radley to get info on Bethany’s old roommate, Eddie Lamb recognizes her and says he feels like they have met before. Aria acts REALLY BIZARRE in this scene. She is obviously hiding something. She has some kind of connection to Radley Sanitarium. 


  • Aria and Jason

A part of me has always believed that Jason is A. I have written theories about it. He has always had a thing for Aria. The weirdest thing was when he had all of those close-up photos of her sleeping. He claimed Alison took them-but I just dont buy that. And later A had the same photos in his/her lair.

Then there is a very similar scene in later seasons, of Aria hanging up her creepy doll photographs in a dark room. It is a parallel to when Jason is in the darkroom with the pictures of her.

Its possible that whatever is in her file has something to do with Jason. This could lead in to why it would cause Ezra to choose Nicole over Aria.


  • Aria and Mona

What the hell did Aria whisper to Mona at this moment that had her running scared?????? Aria and Mona have always had an interesting relationship and suspicious conversations.


  • The Dollhouse 

Aria had the mannequin family framed in her Dollhouse bedroom. The look on her face seems to convey that she KNOWS SOMETHING. Who/why they were taken there.


There are so many crazy possibilities as to what is in Aria’s file. The last few episodes of the show have really depressed me. I’ve been majorly disappointed in the writing and reveals. I am really hoping they give us something shocking and amazing for Aria’s secret.

Fingers crossed. 

context: our cleric’s player is kind of ridiculously pretty, and another player was making a temporary succubus character so they could participate while their usual character was comatose for plot reasons. they got stuck on a description, and ended up describing the cleric player in a fit of desperation. they then named the succubus after her, too, for shits and giggles. this went about as well as you’d expect. apologies for the length !

succubus ( ooc, while winking at cleric ): i roll to seduce the rust monster.
cleric ( ooc, exasperated ): can i stop it?
dm: alright, roll persuasion to convince [succubus] it’s a bad idea. 
cleric: *rolls a 6*
dm: you beg, desperately, [succubus] to think her decision through. she hesitates for a few moments, but ultimately presses forward. roll to seduce the rust monster. 
succubus ( gleefully ): *rolls a 3, with advantage*
bard ( me ) and barbarian ( ooc ): *tease cleric about how her good looks failed her*
dm: you draw closer to the rust monster, a sultry look on your face. it skitters forward, and you’re convinced you’ve managed to succeed, when it bites you. the damage isn’t severe, but is bad enough to need healing.
cleric ( ooc ): ouch??
after a few minutes, the rest of the party manage to fight off the rust monster, and everyone makes it away.
succubus: dear [cleric], would you be kind enough to heal me?
cleric: i will not. you tried to seduce the monster even though i advised you not to. consider it a lesson learned.
succubus ( ooc ): …i roll to flirt with [cleric]. she’ll heal me if she’s in love with me.
everyone ( ooc ): *break out into laughter*
cleric ( ooc ): no, ohmygod.
dm: i’ll allow it.
succubus: *rolls an 16 to flirt, with advantage*
cleric: *rolls a 2 to resist*
everyone ( ooc ): *break out into laughter again*
dm: …even the blood stains across her suddenly entice you. as much as you try to fight it, you can’t help but feel a pull to… [succubus]. (who, may i remind you, has cleric’s rl name. )
at this point, even the dm loses it, and the session eventually breaks up, as we can’t take anything seriously anymore.

this continued on for a few more sessions, the succubus was eventually retired, the player’s old character being revived from his coma. and our poor cleric player somehow manages not to murder all of us for our countless selfcest and succubus jokes to this day.

DIY Witchery Resources

Because tumblr now only allows 250 links on a page or some nonsense like that, here’s my DIY Witchery Resource page broken down. It’s not all of, but I did as much as I could for now:

Part 1: Info about me, and my blog, my thoughts on building a secular witchcraft practice, Witchling info and some thoughts on how to get started studying witchcraft, Problems with the general New Age and pagan community including cultural appropriation and their “grabby hands” approach to things they perceive as exotic.

Part 2: Magical Mechanics, Skepticism, Misconceptions about Witchcraft, and Secular Witchcraft

Part 3: Posts about different Kinds Of Spells, and also Witchy Tips

Part 4: General Spell List

Part 5: Cleansing, Anti-Negativity, Wards, and Protection Spells

Part 6: Curses, because sometimes curses just level the playing field

Part 7: Magical Brainstorming and more Witchy Tips

Part 8: Energy Works and Sigils

Part 9: Crafts and DIY Witchy Stuff

There was more on the original page but this is all I’m able to get to now. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to add the rest and add more as these are at least 2 years old and there’s been some fun witchy stuff on tumblr in the last few years.


When I started my first tumblr blog, one of the very first things I posted was this set of avatar posters. They kind of exploded, racking up 10k notes within a few days. Needless to say it was thrilling for 15 year old me, having barely just started drawing seriously.

Unfortunately they pretty much defined my old blog, which was a big reason for me to let it go and start fresh here. For the most part I was content leaving them behind me. But especially this summer, I couldn’t shake the feeling that they weren’t a good example of my current skill as an artist, so naturally I had to remedy that!

I finished the sketches about a month ago, and finally found time to sit down and finish painting all of them, in this final week before school. I also made them available to buy on my society6 store - check it out.

Please (don’t delete my comment) and enjoy them!