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Words Just Can’t Do Them Justice....

Here, my favourite multi-chaptered Captain Swan Fanfics…. They’re classics, so you’ve probably all read them, but I think re-living these two special characters is something we’re going to need soon…. 

Alternate Universe - Modern

Read All About It by Kymbersmith90 - Using Twitter to ask an actual princess on a date may not have been Killian’s best idea… until it was.Part 1 of Royal Realities

Warm Nights & Firelight  by Oubliette14 - When in the wake of a messy breakup Emma makes the impulsive decision to return home to her parent’s ranch in the Rockies, she certainly doesn’t expect to find a strange Irish guy living in what was once her apartment over the garage, and she definitely doesn’t imagine that the home she couldn’t wait to be rid of five long years ago would be the very place her heart begins to heal.

To Make Your Heart Race by fergus80 - Killian “Hook” Jones is NASCAR’s bad boy, who is forced to do some community service to clean up his act. Emma Swan is the counselor at the local Children’s shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares.

Poem Without Words by totheendoftheworldortime79 - Looking to make some extra money, college senior Emma Swan takes a post as a model for Professor Killian Jones’ art class. Sparks fly on both sides. Will they give into temptation?

Heart By Heart by totheendoftheworldortime79 - Emma Nolan, rich, famous, heiress to Nolan Tech, frustrated by her life, unable to get anyone to take her seriously as a businesswoman, flees to her New York life for Hawaii. A chance meeting with grad student-turned-mechanic Killian Jones might change her life forever. If she lets it

The Lost Boys by niniadepapa - He’s the charming, out of control frontman of one of the most successful bands in the world. She’s a hard-working rising actress. Sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s real and what’s make-believe when fame’s in the game.

Walking In A Straight Line by msgenevieve447 - It’s one of the oldest stories in the book. Two old friends have a few too many drinks, two old friends share a kiss. Happens all the time, right? But what happens when only one of them actually remembers it? (Captain Swan AU, with a side order of Snowing, mention of Emma/Walsh) 

The Trouble With Faking It by nowforruin - Killian Jones is one drunken mistake from never setting foot on a movie set again. Enter Emma Swan, the woman his manager has paid to pretend to date him and clean up his image. It seems straightforward enough…but there’s always trouble with faking it.

Wedded Bliss and Asterisks by EmilyBea - Emma Swan is an enemy of love who just happens to be an up and coming wedding dress designer. She’s convinced that true love is nowhere in her future but then she meets Killian Jones, whose magazine is covering the opening of her new boutique. Suddenly Emma finds herself drawing up new plans for her life, ones that seem to all be leading towards her own form of wedded bliss.

Search and Rescue by onceuponajollyroger - When Killian Jones, a rescue swimmer for the US Coast Guard, pulled Emma Swan from the unforgiving sea he had no idea she would end up rescuing him right back. [Captain Swan Modern AU]

World Unknown by colormyheartred - Emma signs up to be a test subject for a “guaranteed true love match”. The kicker is that she can’t see her match until their wedding day. The moment she sees him for the first time, she knows she’s doomed. - Read the Sequels too! 

With This Ring by kissmelikeapirate - This was just about the dumbest idea she had ever heard. Marry a guy she barely knew? But sometimes desperate people do crazy things. And crazy things can sometimes be the best things you ever do…

Headlights Fading by EvilIsntBorn337 - When Emma Swan’s car breaks down outside of a small town in Maine, she finds herself stuck at the local garage, but as the repairs take longer and longer to complete, she has to decide if, in the end, she wants to leave the town at all. 

With Affection by PhiraLovesLoki - Emma Swan isn’t a middle schooler. So why is she receiving notes from a secret admirer? She’s also definitely not a romantic person. So why is she writing back? Modern!AU Captain Swan, with side orders of Snowing and Frankenwolf

Music of The Heart by InMyEyes2014 - Granny Lucas loves to be both chef and matchmaker for the town of Storybrooke. When she sets her skills on Liam and Killian Jones, she is sure she has found the perfect matches with Elsa and Emma. While some participants are willing and others reluctant, Granny and her cohorts are determined to make each a match made in heaven or at least in lasagna.

Alternate Universe - With a Touch of Canon 

Remember When by Emilee Amethyst - "I will find you. I will always find you.“ Says the Charming Family motto. But does it still apply when two centuries separate you from the one you love? Captain Swan story slight universe alterations. Picks up at season 2’s "The Doctor” where Emma already knows Hook from their past, but he has “no bloody clue” whom she is.

Across Time And Space by Annaelle - Seventeen year old Emma Swan unwittingly and accidentally falls through a mysterious portal that lands her in the middle of the ocean, only to be saved by a young, dashing lieutenant, and to be brought aboard the Jewel of The Realm. Will she be able to find her home? And if she does… Will she still want to go? Lieutenant Duckling/Captain Swan. AU. Canon elements. -

Until The Fog Lifts by ArtjuiceRP - Cursed!Killian AU: Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with.

Canon Universe (At One Point or Another) 

Unbreakable by xHookedonKillianx - What if Hook was able to go with Emma and Henry when they left to escape Pan’s curse? With no memory of each other or Storybrooke, Emma and Killian meet in New York as complete strangers, both with broken pasts, and both with clean slates for their future.

Smooth Sailing (With A Chance Of Definite Passion) by sandra70 - picks up right at the end of season 3… and tries to answer the question “Where is the relationship going?” (without obstacles like Elsa and Marian; but others might appear) The rating has officially changed to an “M” now…

Chinese Food and A Movie by Ltb16 - In an interview after S3, Adam said something about Hook and Emma getting Chinese and watching a movie and this was born. 

Everyday I Write The Book by msgenevieve447 - "I’m in the book now.“ To say that a lot has happened tonight is something of an understatement, but Emma is determined to make it all fit together on the same page. (Post-322.) 

Separate Lives by lenfaz - Set after 3x20 "Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.

Stroke of Midnight VA Auditions

My last assignment in my class is to create an animatic of a scene for Stroke of Midnight. Stroke of Midnight is a re-telling of the fairy tale Cinderella that takes place in Venice, Italy during the Italian Renaissance. Take a look at my Stroke of Midnight tag to learn a little more about the project. 

The scene I will be doing is the final confrontation between the heroin, Elena, and the villain, King Parrion. The final animation will be posted on youtube for public viewing. Please take note that I am a broke ass college student and will be unable to pay you for VA work if you are selected. I can do an art trade if you like with a painted commission - but I am making this perfectly clear from the beginning that I am unable to pay. Credit will be given and again, an art trade is something I can totally do!  


The heroine of our story! For the part of the story this scene will cover, she has been cursed by Fairy King Parrion to relive the same night over and over again and at this point has lived YEARS in this loop. So although she appears young, she comes out of her conflict determined, strong-willed, and powerful. 

Audition Lines:

  1. “This is not a GIFT! This is a CURSE!” (angrily)
  2. “My father and I planted this tree together…in memory of my mother…” (sadly)
  3. “I was my step-mother’s prisoner for years, I refuse to be yours as well! You have no power over me!” (determination and bravery)

While Elena is Italian an accent is not required. 

King Parrion

A powerful Fairy King who is ‘in love’ with Elena. He may call it love but in all honesty he treats Elena more like a favorite toy than a future Queen. He is seductive and calm, expect when his temper flairs. When angry he becomes a monster and a merciless beast. 

Audition Lines

  1. “Just think of all the wishes I might grant for you…if you simply obey me.” (seductively) 
  2. “Elena! Come here…come away from the tree…” (fearfully but whilst trying to remain in control)
  3. “If you will not accept my gifts, you ungrateful child, then I will take everything you have left in this world until I am all you have!” (ferociously, becoming more beast like)

If you wish to use a filter for Parrion’s voice I am fine with that - he is not supposed to sound 100% human so I encourage any creativity you might want to explore!

Alessandra and Margehrita 

For obvious reasons the same person will voice both sisters. Alessandra (left) is extremely smart, but must hide it due to the expectations of women at that time. She is protective of her sister and will do anything to please her mother.

Margehrita (right) is a little slower than her twin, but has a knack for fashion but is unable to explore her interests due to the fact that their mother dresses them to her own tastes. 

Both sisters love each other very much and at this point in the story, love Elena just as much. 

Audition Lines

  1. “Run Elena!” (fearfully)
  2. “I’m sorry…for the way I treated you. I hope…you’ll come to forgive me.” (apologetically)
  3. “I suppose I should call you ‘little sister’ now.” (lovingly)

Recording & Sending Instructions
-Save all files in mp3 format.
-Record all of a character’s audition lines in one file.
-Label as Yourname_Character.mp3
-Put “SoM - Audition" in the subject line of the e-mail 

E-mail you auditions to

Note: You will need to have a way to record quality audio in order to be considered for this project. My grade is depending on this! This means no background noise or poor audio quality. 


foxagine  asked:

cries i love the way you drew that pjo stuff and now im wondering how youd make them look when theyre older bc its always such a big change with pjo artists :0

Thank you!! Hmmm, older pjo characters..?

The only thing better than cute cartoon kids is awkward lanky cartoon teens! Some sort of redraw of “The Last Olympian” cover then Percy & Annabeth (bc back to back fighting greek monsters with a cute snarky girl is relationship goals tbh)

I was gonna draw older!Nico & Hazel too but I really really gotta run;;; (also i want to reread heroes of olympus first bc I don’t remember CRAP about it and I’m only on the Titan’s Curse rn)

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Originally posted by jengkook

Note: For @taesthetes and @optosomnio. As a thank you to the squad for my bday gifts. And @yoonminnings for being one of the sweet beans that dedicated a scenario for me. And for my followers who’ve been nothing but awesome  and understanding even tho I haven’t posted anything in ages. I was planning to post it on my birthday (16th august) but I couldn’t get it done in time. It took me like two weeks to finish this so I hope ppl will enjoy it.

Jeon Jungkook. 10 990 words. Assassin AU + Soulmate AU.

Warning: Implied smut.

[v.] to love for the last time - a bittersweet feeling of knowing that a love won’t last.

❝ Fleeting is the chance you take to glance at Jungkook but it’s  all you need to discern the look he’s giving you, something akin to desperate pleading for you not to take it.

But you do anyway even if you knew the forthcoming of the fall of his face and bob of Adam’s apple as though he’s trying to swallow bitter medicine.

Because you feel safer with a gun than you do with your soulmate.❞

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Cold, Warm

Here’s a soft thing before I post the birthday sequel! Also: Why do all of these stories end up in a bed? Who knows. I’m a slut for domestic scenarios.

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@victorieschild asked: “Do you happen to have any(more) Curse of Achilles AU/headcanons for Percy?”

Oh do I…

This is round 2 of my Curse of Achilles posts. Part 1 is here.

  1. Having invulnerability makes Percy very handy to have around the house. Percy can grab cookies out of the oven without mitts, or any other kind of protection. Nothing is out of his reach; the only thing that stops him from eating them off the tray is the fact that hot cookies fall apart and his mom disapproves. 
  2. In the same vein, Leo is invulnerable to fire, but no one else is except for Tyson. I bet that Percy comes in real handy when anything needs fixing. Rotating blades? No problem. Covered in abrasive or corrosive gunk? Meh. Searing hot? He’s got it. It also makes the smithy very popular, as Percy’s clothes do not share in his invulnerability, so he frequently works in a state of undress. >:D
  3. Invulnerable and invincible? That sounds like an ideal sparring partner. The other 7 can go ham without a worry that Percy will get hurt. Percy, meanwhile, can watch his opponent and suggest improvements to form. It is all quite useful.
  4. As @vampipers pointed out in xer post about the Curse of Achilles, Percy probably feels pretty guilty. Everyone around him is bloody and bruised but Percy is always unharmed. It probably falls to him to stitch everyone up after a long day of fighting.

Yeah, I have TONS of ideas about the Curse of Achilles. I could go on, but I only have so much time. 

Happy Beginnings: A Rumbelle/Gold Family Fic

Summary: In the aftermath of the OUAT Season 6 finale, The Final Battle, Belle and Rumple bring baby Gideon home and celebrate the second chance to raise their child and be a happy family. Featuring emotion, a nursery, reunion smut, fluff, and a special visit from Baelfire. 
Word Count: 6,045
Rating: M for smut
A/N: Hi friends. Here’s a post-finale fic I’ve been mulling over for a while. Took me some time to collect myself but here it is. Tremendous thanks to @maplesyrupao3 for being an extraordinary beta on this story, and to @virgidearie for this art. <3

{On AO3}

Just let that word wash over you
It’s all right now
Love’s healing hands have pulled you through
So get back up, take step one
Leave the darkness, feel the sun
‘Cause your story’s far from over
And your journey’s just begun.”

Their family is going home.

Belle leans against the soft leather passenger seat of the Cadillac, cradling Gideon against her ribs. He lifts a dimpled hand, reaching for a fistful of her hair. Lips parted, she marvels at the perfection of those tiny, pink fingers. “Ouch.” Gingerly, she unwraps auburn strands from around his wrist. Perhaps it would be best to switch to ponytails and braids for a while.

“Our son has a strong grip,” Rumple says, his voice choked with paternal pride.

“Yes.” Belle whispers, mesmerized by the image of Gideon being lulled to sleep by the motion of the car, his breathy coos turning into hums as he drifted off. Was it last evening or the one before, when she was glancing at him in the rearview mirror, a lanky young man draped over the back half of the car? Now he’s a bitty thing, cozy and bundled in Belle’s arms for the short ride home.

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Christ On A Biscuit (John X Reader)

WC: 2076

AU: Soulmate AU where the first words you hear your soulmate say are written on your body

Warnings: A looot of cursing, fLuFf

A/N: I’ll be going on holidays to a place sans internet while the @hamwriters write-a-thon is scheduled to take place, so I’m posting it early. Here is Day 1!

I stumbled my way through the crowded Manhattan streets, a latte clasped in my right hand. I glanced down at the words so elegantly tattooed on my forearm, reading them for the 7 billionth time in my life. That was the greatest profanity I have ever heard. I had a tendency to curse like a sailor, and my curses were, creative, to say the least. My go to one was ‘mother of god in a fucking hand basket.’ Clearly, my soulmate will have a wonderful first impression of me if the first thing they say to me is a compliment on my handle of the English language. “Sorry.” I muttered as I accidentally nudged someone, a look of exasperation on their face. “It’s not my fault you can’t keep your goddamn arms to yourself.” I heard the man say and I froze, feeling my blood boil with rage. “What was that?” I said, louder this time, and the man turned around to face me. “What was what?” He said, mock innocence in his voice. “You know bloody well what. I can’t keep my arms to myself, huh?” I said and the man sneered, nodding his head. “It’s so nice to know that you agree with me.” He jeered and I felt like I probably had steam pouring out of my ears. “The only thing I’ll agree with is a foot so far up your ass you can taste it.” I said, my voice laced with fake sweetness. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened in shock and anger. I simply turned on my heel, and walked as far and as fast as the street would allow me to. I took a sip of my coffee, proud of my victory of the asshole I had just confronted. What I didn’t notice, in my state of pride, was a man with long hair and freckles approaching me at a breakneck speed. He looked up and noticed that I was in his way far too late, trying to stop but instead slamming into me. “Jesus motherfucking Christ on a biscuit.” I said, feeling the hot coffee burn my skin and soak my clothes. The man started laughing and I frowned at him, wondering whether the scalding coffee or my anger was heating my skin. “That was the greatest profanity I have ever heard.” The man said and I gasped, my eyes immediately darting to my forearm. The man followed my gaze and gasped as he read the words he had just uttered. His eyes met mine, shock on both our faces. He tugged the collar of his shirt down slightly, and there, tattooed in dark ink, were the words Jesus motherfucking Christ on a biscuit. He coughed awkwardly and his eyes widened slightly when he saw something that was clearly out of my line of vision. “I’d just like to point out that your previous statement, which was hilarious, was probably not that appropriate given that we’re in front of a church.” He said and I turned my eyes to the building, confirming that it was in fact Trinity Church. I smiled and shook my head at the irony of the situation. “My name’s John Laurens.” John said, stretching his hand in my direction. I shook it warmly, looking him in the eye. “Y/N Y/L/N.” I said and John smiled, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it. “Stunning name for a stunning soulmate.” He said and I felt my cheeks heat up involuntarily. “I could say the same for you.” I said and John chuckled awkwardly, dropping my hand reluctantly. “I don’t know. John’s a pretty bland name.” He said and I frowned, stepping closer to him, almost subconsciously. “I don’t think so. A name is only as extraordinary as the person who bears it. In this case, John is an incredibly extraordinary name.” I said and John’s jaw dropped, his cheeks flushing bright red. “You an English major?” John asked and I chuckled, shaking my head. “I’m actually majoring in the dramatic arts. I just love to write and play with words.” I said and John smiled, nodding slightly. “Well, Y/N, oh mighty wielder of words, what would you say to a cup of coffee to replace the one you blasphemed over?” John said and I let out a loud laugh, nodding eagerly. “I would love one. New York winters are a right pain in the ass.” I said, and the smile on John’s face widened as he grabbed my hand, almost dragging me alongside him. “Easy Laurens. I don’t know a lot about anatomy, but I’m fairly certain that my arm will come out of its socket if you pull any harder.” I said and John chuckled, lessening the speed he was pulling me at. We continued walking in comfortable silence, John’s grip on my hand like a somewhat comforting vice. “I still can’t believe the first thing you said to me was Jesus motherfucking Christ on a biscuit. Some wordsmith you are.” John said and I scoffed, taking my hand out of his to smack his shoulder playfully. “Shut up. I was covered in scalding hot coffee, so cut me some slack.” I said and John chuckled, taking my hand back into his. “Ok, ok. You remind me of my friend Alexander. He, too, has a penchant for writing, coffee and gloriously constructed profanities.” I laughed at John’s description to his friend and went to say something  but I was cut off by John stopping abruptly. “Here we are.” John said, taking his hand out of mine to open the door. I immediately noticed the absence of the warmth of his hand, but followed him inside. “John! You have a visitor today!” A young woman with dark skin and curly hair said, a smile on her features. “That I do Maria. This, is Y/N Y/L/N. My soulmate.” John said, stage whispering the last two words. Maria chuckled and turned her eyes to me. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Maria Reynolds, John’s favourite barista.” She said and I chuckled, shaking her outstretched hand. “The same goes for you Maria. That it’s nice to meet you, that is.” I said and Maria smiled. “You don’t strike me as the kind of person that would say something like 'Jesus motherfucking Christ on a biscuit.’” Maria said slyly and I groaned, burying my head in my hands. “I just can’t catch a break, can I?” I said and Maria and John chuckled, John squeezing my hand reassuringly. “It’s all good Y/N. So, what can I get you two lovebirds?” Maria said and I glanced briefly at the menu behind her. “I’ll have my usual. Y/N, what do you want?” John asked and I paused, biting my lip in thought. “I’ll have a caramel macchiato, thanks Maria.” I said sweetly and Maria nodded, jotting our orders down on a piece of paper. “I’ll have those ready in a jiffy. You two have a seat, get to know each other.” Maria said, shooting us a wink before moving around the kitchen, making our coffees. “There’s this one booth I know that’s like right near the heater.” John said and I smiled, the adrenaline and excess caffeine in my system convincing me to lean up and press a kiss to his cheek. John froze momentarily, a steady blush creeping across his cheeks. “That booth paired with a coffee will work wonders for my half-numb fingers.” I said and John broke his trance, laughing lightly at my comment. We sat down at the booth and I immediately felt a wave of warmth roll over me. “This was a brilliant idea John Laurens.” I said and John smiled sheepishly. I reached across the table and laced my fingers with his, the warmth of his hand warming mine. “So, Y/N, how’d you end up studying the dramatic arts, as you so eloquently put it?” John asked and I chuckled, licking my lips. “Well, I grew up in Philadelphia and I always had a passion for theatre. I started my wonderful theatrical career as a doorknob in a second grade production of Beauty and the Beast.” I said and John let out a loud, booming laugh. “Seriously? A doorknob?” He asked incredulously and I nodded, a wide smile on my face. “It’s true. I was so untalented they cast me as a doorknob! That didn’t stop me from loving the theatre.” I said and John smiled brightly, looking at me with something unidentifiable in his eyes. “Here you go lovers. One caramel macchiato for Y/N, and a cappuccino for Johnny boy.” Maria said, handing us our drinks. I held the mug in my free hand and felt the warmth seep into it. I took a sip of the drink and let out a hum of delight. “Oh my god. This is the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life.” I said and Maria chuckled, sticking her pen behind her ear. “It’s no biggie. You want anything to eat or is this good?” Maria said and John shook his head. “I think we’re good, given Y/N’s reaction to the coffee.” He said and I blushed a bright pink. Maria laughed and nodded, walking away from the table towards another group of customers. “This is nice.” I said softly and John nodded, looking at me with his bright hazel eyes. “So, Johnny boy, what’s your major?” I asked and John laughed a little at the name I used for him. “I’m a visual art major. Third year.” John said and I nodded in approval. “That’s so cool. I can’t draw squat. My artistic skills are few and dismal.” I said and John smiled at me softly. “We can work on that, don’t worry.” He said and I felt my cheeks heat up under his gaze. We continued talking long after our coffees had disappeared, and my cheeks were beginning to ache from all the smiling and laughing. I looked at my watch while John was in the middle of telling a story about a turtle that nearly bit him and gasped when I saw the time. “What? What’s wrong?” John asked, immediately cutting his story off. “I just noticed the time. We’ve been here for at least 3 hours.” I said and John’s eyes widened, a sheepish smile settling on his face. “I’m sorry. It’s just, it’s not every day you meet your soulmate. I wanted to get to know you a bit better.” John said and I smiled, placing my hand on top of his. “It’s fine John. You’re my soulmate too.” I said and John smiled brightly. “I should probably get your number.” John said and I nodded, passing him my phone. “Just put your number in.” I said and he smiled, nodding as he typed his number into my phone. I did the same on his, entering my contact name as Church Kid, hoping he picked up on the joke. “Well, it was a pleasure running into you today Y/N.” John said, taking his phone back and chuckling at the newly added name in his contacts. “The same goes for you John. I never thought my soulmate would be that attractive, and appreciate my awful profanities.” I said and John let out a loud laugh, his eyes brightening as he did. “It has been my pleasure.” John said and I nodded, standing up from the booth. We walked outside, waving goodbye to Maria as we left. “It’s been wonderful meeting you Y/N.” John said and I smiled at him, stretching my arms out for a hug. John wrapped his arms around me tightly, the heat of his body filling me with warmth. “How do you feel about dinner tomorrow night?” John mumbled into my hair and I disentangled myself from his embrace. I looked into his eyes and pressed my lips to his, wrapping my arms around his neck. John’s eyes widened briefly, but he quickly melted into the kiss. He rested his arms on my waist and I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling a few strands free from his ponytail. John pulled away from the kiss and a dumb grin was painted on his face. “I take that as a yes to dinner tomorrow?” John said and I laughed, nodding my head. “Of course, you idiot. I’d love to.”

Jimin - Dope Series

Originally posted by parxjimin

You were an artist without inspiration. Desperate to find something, you visit your best friend’s office in hopes of sparking something artsy - But you only find Jimin.

Genre: Fluff | Smut
Members: Jimin x Reader (feat. Taehyung)
Word count: 8414


Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

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Casting Shadows


Rating: T (warning for some intrusive thoughts, suicidal ideation)

Summary: Based on this comic. @sightkeeper
Lighthouse Keeper AU
Stan wakes up in very precarious predicament.

AN: You shall pry this AU from me when Ran stops making cool art in it… So that may take a long while. (Also woo~ Something to post ♥)

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The Curse of Lethe

This is my fic for the @pjohoobigbang! Posting is now complete! Links to all of the chapters can be found on this content page.

I’d like to thank the @pjohoobigbang mods for running the Big Bang, because seriously, without the challenge, this probably wouldn’t have been written. My betas on this project, @supernaturally-percyjackson and @preciouschildrenofolympus also deserve the loudest shout-out I can possibly give because they were A-MAZING. They cheerfully offered their help polishing up this fic and so much encouragement over a half year of writing this. Their dedication over all that time was phenomenal. This fic is really an offering to the fandom from all of us!

Right then. On to the story!

Summary: Percy and Annabeth intended to retire and spend a quiet four years at college in New Rome. However, old enemies have other ideas, and one very determined attack leaves Percy poisoned and fighting for his life and Annabeth facing the difficult decision of giving him the only cure: water from the Lethe…and dealing with the heartbreaking side-effects. There is hope, though, but will Percy, Annabeth, and their friends have the courage to brave Tartarus again to retrieve Percy’s memories from the edge of Chaos?

Warnings: This story is rated R (or M, if that’s your system) for adult themes. Although no explicit material is covered, there is reference to some dark stuff in later chapters. Appropriate warnings will be given before each chapter.

Also available on Ao3.

If somebody had been waiting for Percy when he first woke up, if they’d convinced Percy that his name was Bob and he was a friend of the Titans and the giants…would Percy have believed it? Would he have felt betrayed once he found out his true identity?

—The House of Hades, chpt 62

List of chapters:

I: Annabeth

II: Nico

III: Percy

IV: Percy

V: Percy

VI: Annabeth

VII: Percy

VIII: Will

IX: Will

X: Annabeth

XI: Thalia

XII: Percy

XIII: Annabeth

XIV: Nico

XV: Percy

XVI: Annabeth

XVII: Thalia

XVIII: Percy

Check out @preciouschildrenofolympus’s accompanying art!

- Illustrations for chapter 1 & 7

- Comic strip for chapter 10

Companion pieces for the fic:

- Rescue Mission

- Never Argue With Annabeth

- The Best Underwater Proposal

Writing Tips #12: Aesthetic in Story Design.

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another episode of Writing Tips. Today’s topic centers around the aesthetic components of your stories. Though this post will focus primarily on speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.), these principles can be applied in any sort of writing.

So what do I mean when I refer to a story’s aesthetic? Well, there are several considerations, but basically it comes down to how your reader visualizes the environment of the story they’re reading. Part of their perception will come from cover art/design, but most aesthetic decisions can be made as you’re considering the following story components:

Setting: Where is your story set? When does it take place? Is it a real place, or a secondary world forged from your imagination? If it is a real place, are you writing historical, contemporary, or futuristic fiction?

Setting is the most basic component of aesthetic, as well as being one of the first things writers think about when they’re designing their story. Those of you who do a lot of worldbuilding will likely have extensive notes on settings, with broad overviews and specific, plot-relevant details. But setting is not the only consideration when it comes to aesthetic. You also want to consider:

Tone: What kind of story are you writing? Is it a lighthearted adventure? A fast-paced thriller? A dark crime drama? Do you want your readers to be inspired by the boundless altruism and potential of the human spirit, or do you want them to face the bleakest depths of humanity?

How you answer these questions will affect the way you write about your setting. For examples of this, I will refer you back to lesson X, where I talked about how to evoke emotion through description. Tone is all about how you say what you want to say. Two pieces could have the same setting–say, a carnival–but if one has a whimsical, comedic tone and the other has an eerie, haunted tone, your reader is going to imagine those settings in very different ways.

Motifs: This one isn’t quite as important as the others, but it’s still worth consideration. Motifs rely on recurring imagery, and can be specific to a setting, character, or plot-line. They also tend to have some symbolic value within the story (more on motifs when we get to the examples).

Whatever you’re writing, you want these three elements to complement each other. An adventure story demands a world filled with wonders and excitement. A thriller requires an uncertain and treacherous setting filled with ruthless enemies and potential traitors. Certain types of stories need very particular aesthetic details and motifs. For instance, if you want people to describe your book as a “swashbuckling” adventure, you’re probably going to need pirates, ships, and maybe a sea monster or two.

Examples: For today’s lesson, we’re going to be looking first at Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, then at Beauty and the Beast. Let’s get started.

The Mistborn Triolgy has one of the best visual aesthetics of any book I’ve ever read–and I’m not just saying that because it has a pretty cover (though it does). The opening line, “Ash fell from the sky,” (Setting) establishes a major element of the aesthetic right away, immediately impressing upon us the grim undertones of the series as a whole (Tone). Ash continues to be a major aesthetic element throughout the rest of the trilogy, to the point where (in future books), this era is referred to as the “World of Ash.” Though the ash seems relatively benign at first, by the third book, the Final Empire has been almost entirely buried by it, showing the progression of the dark forces working to destroy it.

Mistborn’s other major aesthetic element, the mists, (Setting) act as a counterpoint for the ash. Each night, the mists shroud the world, softening sights and sounds, but taking on a playful aspect in the eyes of our main characters. This monologue from Kelsier in the first book pretty much sums up how we’re supposed to feel about the mists (Tone):

“This, Vin. This is ours. The night, the mists—they belong to us. Skaa avoid the mists as if they were death. Thieves and soldiers go out at night, but they fear it nonetheless. Noblemen feign nonchalance, but the mists make them uncomfortable.

“The mists are your friend, Vin. They hide you, they protect you … and they give you power.”

There are other elements which enhance the Mistborn Trilogy’s aesthetic. The Gothic architecture, the elegant dresses and suits, the dichotomy of black and white. The last example is a motif, representing Ruin and Preservation, respectively, though there are cases where this motif is subverted.

Let’s examine another work which uses visual aesthetic in a compelling way: Beauty and the Beast (note: I’m specifically using the 2017 live-action Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, as I feel this is currently the most relevant version, but most the elements I mention here are consistent across other adaptations).

The setting consists of an alternate version of France where sorcery exists and an enchantress, upon being denied shelter from a storm, lays a curse upon the selfish prince who tried to cast her out, turning him into a beast. However, the enchantress offers a way to break the spell: If the beast can learn to love, and be loved in return, before the last petal of an enchanted rose falls, the curse will be broken and the beast will become human once more.

The tone reflects the fairytale atmosphere of the original version of the story. This is a realm where you can expect themes like “True Love Conquers All” and “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.” The fairytale atmosphere also makes the existence of magic feel more plausible while still creating a sense of wonder for the audience.

And finally, we have the motifs, the most prominent being the rose, which is used both as a symbol of love, but also as a symbol of imprisonment. The rose is sealed in a glass case, just as Belle, our heroine, is imprisoned within the castle, and as the Beast is imprisoned within his inhuman body. It is only after the Beast allows Belle her freedom that he can be freed from his own condition.

Regardless of what sort of story you’re telling, it’s important to consider how it will appear in your readers’ minds. Just as a compelling character makes a story engaging, a compelling aesthetic makes a story memorable.

Thanks again to everyone who has read/reblogged/followed. If you have any questions, feel free to message/comment. I hope you found this post helpful, and I’ll see you in the next one.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Four Seasons

4.3k words, G rated.

I wrote this weeks ago but have been too busy to post it until now! Based on this beautiful and heartbreaking bit of art by arbutus-blossoms, this is a series of four scenes tracking Scorpius’s relationship with his parents prior to, during, and a little beyond the events of Cursed Child. I really hope I did justice to the amazing art. <3

Beta’d by @bounding-heart

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Just A Name (Bucky Barnes x O/C)

Originally posted by buckyvrnes

A/N: FLUFF. ALL THE FLUFFY GOODNESS. As many of you know, I haven’t been feeling so hot in the mental department recently. Which affects people on here, because I project it onto people, and for that I apologise. My apology is in the form of a new fic, a fluffy one. I had fun writing this one. 

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Supercorp Graffiti AU

Here you go @elliotdrawpls (also this is based on a post from like 4 months ago but I completely forgot who posted that so hopefully this gets to you. Sorry!)

From her office at the top of the L-Corp building, Lena Luthor had the best view of the city. She could see practically everything: the children playing in the neighborhood park, the students of National City University rushing down the sidewalk to their next class, and even the quiet flower shop a few streets down that always had plumerias in stock just for her. But, out of all the different things to see, Lena’s favorite was the slightly hidden wall opposing her building. While a wall might seem like an odd thing to be someone’s favorite thing to look at, this was no ordinary wall. In the past couple of months, it had gone from being a bland brick wall to a magnificent canvas. Every week, Lena would glance out her window and be mesmerized by a new colourful masterpiece; a breathtaking sunset, an exploding galaxy, a magical waterfall… The painted wonders never seemed to end and each week a new piece of art would adorn the side of the old brick building.

After another few weeks, Lena’s curiosity got the best of her and she decided that the best course of action was to go on a stakeout to discover the mysterious artist. She couldn’t wait to finally see who was painting those gorgeous masterpieces, and who knew, maybe she could get them to paint a kickass mural on the walls of her apartment…

Lena got lost in her own thoughts. She had been sitting in her parked car for what seemed like an eternity with nothing but a distant flickering lamppost to keep her company. Her phone had died on her just after the four-hour mark and she was super hungry. She mentally cursed herself for getting addicted to Kwazy Cupcakes™; the app had quickly drained her phone’s battery and now she was craving cupcakes.

A small flash of light suddenly pulled Lena out of her own mind. Distracted by her grumbling stomach, she had completely missed the silent silhouette passing by her car.

Lena cursed softly, squinting to see a little bit more of the hooded figure that was only illuminated by what seemed to be a very small flashlight. However, while she was trying to figure out a way to casually approach them, the hooded figure had pulled out a lantern, casting a soft glow around the alley.

Lena looked up just in time to see the figure slide off their hood and let a cascade of blonde hair fall down and frame their face in a golden halo.

“Holy shit,” whispered Lena, suddenly breathless, staring at the literal angel that was currently covering the wall with paint. Oh no, she’s hot.

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Starco Week Day 7, AU of Choice: Marco 1/2

Muahahaha! I’ve been waiting for this day to come! My two obsessions mashed into one!

Ranma ½ // Star Vs, lets gooooo!

Marco is 16 here, just like Ranma was.

Marco Diaz burst from the water, gasping for air. He had gone on a training mission with his Sensei to the Cursed Training Grounds to further their martial arts skills. Everyone had warned them that the location was extremely dangerous. The entire area was cursed, but nobody had explained exactly what that means.

Marco was about to find out.

Pulling himself from the crystal clear pool, he noticed a strange weight in his chest. He knew Sensei had given him a good kick, but this was a different kind of uncomfortable. Looking down, he realized the truth.

In place of his regular flat chest and boyish frame, he was sporting a rather… large set of assets, and quite the figure to match.

Marco screamed, but it wasn’t his voice that came out. A high-pitched, feminine voice rang out through the valley. He quickly covered his mouth with his hands.

“Uuhhhhh… Sensei?” Marco frantically searched for his teacher.

“Uh, yeah du- WHOA! What happened to you?” Sensei lept down from one of the many bamboo poles scattered across the training grounds.

“I… I don’t know! Two minutes ago I was a dude! Now I’m… not.” Marco sat at the edge of the pool he had fallen into. He stared into the mirror like surface at a decidedly female version of his own face.

“You idiots! I told you training here was dangerous! Now you’re cursed!” a very pissed guide screamed from the entrance. “That was the spring of the drowned maiden! Long ago, a beautiful young woman fell and drowned in that spring! Now, whoever falls in is cursed to live half their life as a woman!”

Marco continued staring at his new face. Her new face? This was very confusing. Finally, he spoke up.

“What do you mean, half my life? Am I going to die!?” He was terrified now. Sensei had planned this trip. As soon as Marco saw cursed in the name, he wanted nothing to do with it. Now he was going to die? This had to be in his top 3 worst trips.

“No no, nothing that horrible! You’re… what did that one pigtailed buffoon call it? Aquasexual! Yes, simply put, hot water makes you a boy, cold water makes you a girl.”

“So… I’m not going to die, but I am going to change gender?”

“Quite frequently, if that other guy’s story is to be believed.”

Marco thought about it for a moment. This couldn’t be too bad. Just… avoid cold water. That’s not too hard, right? He lives in Southern California, how often does it really get wet? Sure, going to the beach or pool might get a bit hairy, but he could manage it.

“I guess that’s ok,” he finally replied. “I mean, changing genders isn’t too much of a curse. It could probably be useful at times.”

“Whatever you say, idiot.” The guide turned around and walked back to his post. Those two could find their way home without him.

Marco got up and met Sensei near the front of the training grounds. Neither of them were very interested in continuing their training here.


Star waited patiently for Marco to return from his trip.

Well, maybe not patiently, but at least she had stopped casting destructive spells on the house.

It had been 2 weeks since Marco had set of with Sensei on their training mission. They had learned everything they could from the VHS tapes. They needed a proper journey to unlock their hidden potential. At least, that’s what Sensei said to convince Marco to join him. Star was pretty sure he was just kicked out of his mother’s house again.

Suddenly, Star was jolted from her daydream by a creak at the front door. Excited, she bolted into the living room at full speed.

“WELCOME BACK MARcooooo??? Who are you?” Star stared in bewilderment at the beautiful young lady before her. This was not Marco. She looked a little like Marco. She had his eyes, and the little mole, and even the red hoodie, but this was clearly a girl.

“I… uh… it’s… it’s me, Star. I’m Marco.”

“Uh, no. Marco’s a boy.” Star continued eying the stranger before her.

Marco let out an exasperated sigh. “Star, I’m tired, and it’s a really long story. Just… trust me. I’m Marco. Can I please go to bed now?”

“Prove it.” Star stood her ground. “Prove you’re Marco, strange pretty lady who knows my name.”

“You collect bottled ships. You have a secrets closet that I got trapped in 2 years ago. Your book is run by an annoying blue being that gorges himself on pudding and sass. You once whispered some extremely graphic things about me while passed out on friendship Thursday and I pretended not to hear you. I could go on, but I’m tired. Please let me in now.”

Star couldn’t believe it. This girl standing before her was… Marco. Her Marco. The boy she had lived with for the last two and a half years. The boy she fell in love with. He was… she.

“What… what happened? Are you ok?” Star started freaking out.

“Star, calm down, I’m fine. I just need to lay down. And could you get me a glass of warm water? Like, as hot as the sink goes.”

Star was a bit confused at the last request, but she wasn’t going to argue. She set off to the kitchen while Marco laid down on the couch. Just as he - she - was about to fall asleep, Star returned with the water.

“Um… here you go. I’d probably let it cool down before drinking it though. It’s pretty hot.”

“Nope, this is perfect!” Marco grabbed the glass from Star and swiftly dumped it on his head. True to the guide’s word, his body suddenly shifted back to his original male form.

“Okay, what in the WORLD just happened Marco! That was incredible! I don’t even know that kind of magic!” Star was amazed. She had never heard of such a power, and somehow ordinary Earth-boy Marco had them!

“You know the training grounds Sensei took me to? This is what it meant by cursed. Apparently every single spring was tied to a tragic drowning. Falling in means changing into whatever drowned there, at least between doses of hot and cold water.”

Star stared in awe. This was so cool! Imagine all the crazy stuff they could do together! Imagine all the pranks!

“So… say I do… THIS! Hydro jet blast!”

A stream of cold water shot from Star’s wand, drenching the once again female Marco.

Annoyed, Marco shot Star a look. “Well, then I’d be a soaked girl. Again.”

The worst part of this curse had not been turning into a girl. Marco could handle that, for the most part. No, what Marco learned in his travels back home was mentioning his curse meant a 650% increase in the chance of wet socks. The worst thing in the world, is wet socks.

“Sorry, I just had to see. But now I know! I’m so excited! Think about it Marco, now we can do anything!”

“Star, I change gender, not reality. I guess I can participate in ladies’ night at the bowling alley, but it’s not like I’m Super…person.”

Marco was too tired for this right now. He just walked all the way home from China. All he wanted was to go to bed.

“Look, we can talk about this tomorrow, ok? I just want to sleep right now. My feet are KILLING me.”

Star nodded in response. She could tell her excitement was not appropriate right now.

“Ok, I’ll let you sleep. But we gotta see what your new body can do! You’re a whole new person, sometimes! This is so cool! Now were magic twins!” Star’s face beamed. She was taking this way better than Marco had anticipated.

Marco giggled. He couldn’t say no to that face. “Alright, we’ll see. For now, I’m gonna…” He fell asleep before he could finish.


Sooo… this is already posted 3 hours after Starco Week ended, so I’ll end it here for now. Maybe I’ll come back to it. Ranma ½ was my first manga and anime, and it still holds a dear place in my heart. If I find inspiration on an interesting route to take this, I’ll post more.


AUTHOR: @ShinjiteFlorana

Prompt: Marriage is War // Who will Rule

Kagome didn’t know what possessed her to do it. Maybe it was this angle, looking down at him, knelt before her. It was really complete impulse, and in that moment, she was as surprised as he was when she placed her heel smack in the middle of his forehead and shoved.

Note: prepare for a lot of dumb rambling leading up to some a strange unfulfilling end. I started this thinking, man, a min of 500 words? That’s gunna be tough, I wanna keep this real shot. & here we are. 2,600 words later. Unproofread TRASH. Can’t post under my Inublog, ShinjiteFlorana, so don’t sub to this “betsystanich” thinking you get inu stuff. Sub to ShinjiteFlorana, if you want to after this TRIPE.

Extremely minor blood & femdom themes

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Falling Into Your Heart (Phan Fiction)

Dan is a fallen angel bent on becoming a demon powerful enough to rival all of heaven. But to do so, he must kill his hearttwin Phil Lester before his twenty-eighth birthday. With the clock ticking by, murderous archangels on his heels, and his heart singing, will Dan be able to fulfill his destiny, or create an entirely different one?

Art link: (it’s so good I’m kinda crying go look at it please)

Rated: R

TW: blood, violence, gore, scars, cursing, some smoking, death, fighting, suggested smut

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Complete Fic:  Operation Raptor

Regal Believer

Rated T.  Family/Angst

Summary:  Regina Mills is the mayor of a small town in Maine, a reasonable and responsible woman, who along with her son Henry decide that they’ll break the curse they live under and defeat the Evil Queen.  Except the monster they’re hunting is closer than either of them realize at first.  As her son pulls away from her Regina has the terrible realization that she is the Evil Queen and the endless terrible crimes are on her soul.

Preview:  “We should talk about what you found last night.”

“Should we? Or perhaps we should talk about pancakes. Pancakes are delicious and don’t lie.”

Regina’s shoulders sank, “I didn’t lie to you.”

“You told me you were my mom.”

“I am your mother.” Regina said, her heart dropping to her stomach. “Somewhere out there is a woman who gave birth to you but she didn’t want you. I did. Being a mother isn’t giving birth. You are my son by choice.”

He looked at her eyes as if he wanted to believe her, but pressed his lips together and did not answer. Instead he sat down with his juice and breakfast and ate in pointed silence.

“We didn’t get to work on the curse last night. Have you figured anything else out? Anything that can help us?”

“I think I have some leads on the Queen.”

She frowned a little, “Just don’t confront her Henry. If she is in town she surely knows who she is and won’t just let a threat to her curse go on.”

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Cover art by @maleficentsunicorn