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When Magnus and Percy meet, I want Percy to just go “So you’re the newest victim of a prophecy. Lemme tell you this now - them gods will never leave you alone.”
“Percy that’s not encouraging.”
“I’m just giving him the cold, hard truth. You’re screwed Magnus. There is no way out of this.”

You Clearly Don’t Understand. Play You.

(Or: Things that everybody thinks make Sherlock canonically straight but they really really really don’t and why don’t you see that, because it’s so beautiful!!!)

Apologies to my Doctor-Who followers for this ongoing Sherlock intermezzo, but I just need to vent a little longer: I. Loved. Series. Four!!! 

In particular, I loved The Final Problem. I loved Sherlock calling John family, I loved the smashing of the casket, the touching of non-existent glass, the air plane metaphor, Mycroft outside his comfort zone, etcetera etcetera etcetera. I loved the whole bloody thing.  

But my favourite, favourite moment was the one when Eurus asks Sherlock to “play you”. And he plays the theme of The Woman. 

Because it is the bravest thing Sherlock has ever done. And it makes this moment incredibly powerful. 

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The "At First Sight" series

Title: “At First Sight”

Author: whispersofwinchesters

Original Imagine Link: Imagine Castiel learning he has a soulmate… and it’s you.

Warnings: Contains mentions of danger/violence (hunts), blood, kidnapping, harm to reader and characters, light cursing, angst, and peril.

Word Count: Average of 2,200-2,400 per installment, 33,779 as of the fourteenth installment.

Summary: The reader, Castiel’s soul mate, is the only human able to see his magnificent wings. As their relationship grows, they find themselves threatened by the forces of Heaven, who are desperate to see them torn apart before their relationship can produce risks to their way of life.

Note: The series is still under construction, and new installments are posted when the most recent has reached or grown near to 200 notes. I will be accepting requests for future installments after the fifteenth is posted.

Link to Fic: “At First Sight” - “You’re Growing On Me” - “Under His Wing” -“Wandering Thoughts” - “Warrior Of Heaven”“When You Wake” - “The Ultimatum”“A First Glimpse” - “A Flared Soul” - “A Final Farewell” - “The Crosshairs” - “The End” - “Heavenly Repair” - “Northern Lights”

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I look at every single reblog I get. I can see what you comment on my posts, and every time, it makes me smile when I see that one of my posts has become known widely. I haven’t reached 200 notes on any post, but that’s fine. I just want people to laugh at my things. To smile at my posts. To cry at my stories. I want to be there for people. I want to be a part of you. And I try so hard. I really do. So when I see a reblog without anything in the tags, or that people haven’t added anything, I feel cast out. Sure, I do it as well, but I try my best to leave feedback on drawings. It isn’t as easy as 123 or ABC. It takes time, patience and creativity. You have to know your tools, your characters, the body language, or how clothes go, or how a house can and can’t stand. You have to know, and do, and repeat and repeat and repeat, because you have to sketch, and sketch, and outline, and outline again. Then you have to color, shade, create a background, and all of that will take hours to do. Days, even. And yet, there are always flaws, because you were impatient. I love you, artists. I love you, writers. I love you, everyone. And I’m not joking. You did something good today. It doesn’t matter if you wrote something, drew something, learned something or smiled, or even just woke up. You are the best you. No one else would do anything different in your situation. Because a situation isn’t only what’s happening to the person at the moment; it’s what they’ve experienced that makes them decide how to go on. And this is why I don’t blame you when you refuse to go on a diet, when you refuse to go outside, or when you decide to hit someone because they’ve been annoying. I don’t know what you’ve been through. But your experiences say that this is what you should do. Sorry for writing such a long thing. I love you!


Today’s supposed to be genderbend day in KakaYama week and despite not being into genderbending at all, I gave it a shot anyway..

The result is trans Tenzou who had more or less decided he’s ready for the haircut, but on the point of asking Kakashi to do it, had second thoughts.

Kakashi doesn’t understand why Tenzou’s come to show him scissors.

It’s probably very important to mention that using bandages as binding is not safe, it can cause serious bruising to the chest. It’s just that I had a feeling proper binders and information about transgenders is not readily available in the Naruto world. (Maybe a bit late to say this as this post already has over 200 notes, but better late than never I suppose)

I also drew Tenzou after he had his breasts removed:

(nsfw version here)

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Did you get my yandere PTA Sans headcanons ask?

Yes and I can’t help but be angry every time I look at it because I hate my PTA Sans hc post and it has over 200 notes. I spent 5 minutes on that!
But I’ll write it up soon.

anonymous asked:

Hey, dude just came to say that sorry your getting a sudden backlash from people from that fandom comic you made

Thanks. Tbh I didn’t expect it to get this much attention, good or bad. I’m not a very popular blog on here. Got less than 200 followers. So now that post has got so many notes that for a little while I was kind of frightened. I thought of taking it down, but it’s gotten quite a bit more positive feed back than negative so my friends convinced me to keep it. I only had good intentions, not to get into some giant morality battle. My messages are for the happiness and help of the people, I’ll have to work better to make sure they don’t get misconstrued.

why do cis ppl get so worked up over trans headcanons anyway

like seriously if a trans headcanon post has at least 200 notes at least one of them will be a cis person trying to disprove it

or at least shouting “NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE TRANS”

like they honestly think trans people are literally trying to force people to accept the headcanon lmfao

I posted an older, much uglier version of this some months back and that post has almost reached 200 notes (how, I cannot understand for the life of me) so here’s hoping this gets half of that because it’s so much prettier. and I put so much effort into those gold drip things.

Anyway, nb law in a dress with a prosthetic arm because the original sketch is that old.

Prints and merch of this design can be found on my society6 and redbubble

Kyouko Kirigiri protection squad 2k16

Omg guys. Since this post has gotten nearly 200 notes already when I’m posting this, I will make one for Kirigiri and Asahina too!

Same as in the other one. Every time this gets reblogged, Kirigiri’s chance of surviving Danganronpa 3 will increase! And I will write down your url, to post it after the series ends and show how much support we had.

(and again, I tag @weebish-fish and @shsl-succ because they helped me.)

Naegi version / Asahina version / Hagakure version