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About the bi cap thing: I'm not even into the fandom, but sometimes I see posts like "yeah these comic characters are cool but WE NEED POPULAR ON-SCREEN HEROES BC THEY'RE BETTER REPRESENTATION". And, like, I get the whole point of rep is visibility, but... why not make petitions and hashtags and campaigns to see already-canon lgbt heroes (and their canon partners, ofc) in movies and tv series and things like that, then? Why not make fanworks and initiatives? Why not try to *make* them popular?

beats me, because it’s too complicated and requires effort and actually reading things that aren’t famous

I mean, I haven’t seen tumblr break in joy because rictor (ie half of my canon m/m marvel comics otp) was in the last wolverine movie when they should have because THERE’S A CANON GAY CHARACTER WHO MADE IT ON SCREEN, but are you even surprised? I’m not. this is all the worst kind of armchair activism and I already seen enough of that shit in asoiaf when everyone is like POPULAR CHARACTER X SHOULD BE GAY OR BE BC THERE’S NO CANON GAY POV CHARACTERS and I’m like okay I dreamed joncon once upon a time then -__-

Our Deal Ch.4 (Trixya) - Tati

A/N: So sorry it’s taken me so long to update this! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and haven’t forgotten about this. Thank you to all that read and leave some love, ya’ll are the best. Although this has taken me a month to update, this chapter is longer than the others, I hope that somewhat makes up for me being shitty at updating. Shoutout to that hooker Alex for being my beta, love ya sis!

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So I went on holiday for two weeks...

And when I came back this morning, my team insisted on us having a meeting.

And when I walked in the room, this was waiting for me.

They somehow got hold of/made a giant cardboard of Liam Payne, for me.

Then spent the week I was gone taking pictures with him. Reading to him, smoking with him, watching Eurovision with him, making him wear my infamous Harry Styles hoodie, and a few of them even made out with him (who could blame them).

These are the people I work with.

Words fail me.<3333333

list of AUs I want to write but never will
  • “We don’t really talk but I think you’re hot, funny, and all around amazing but there’s only a few days of school left and we’re both seniors and you’re going to college across the country so I gotta make my move, befriend you, and make you fall in love with me in like a week”
  • “We’re roommates and I broke your favorite cup that you always drink ice tea out of and apparently it was really rare and limited and we go on a wild odyssey through a bunch of Walmarts to get a new one”
  • “We both run ask blogs for the same character but we interpret the character a bit differently and somehow our followers get our interpretations to fight, and in a string of reblogs where our characters argue we exchange skypes and become friends and do collabs with our characters often and now our followers ship our interpretations of our characters and whoa your Mod Monday Selfie is attractive”
  • “I’m the coach of my kid’s soccer team and you’re the rival coach of the other team. I brought orange slices for my team after the game but you brought ice pops. next week I bring candy. the week after that you bring cupcakes. let the battle of one-upmanship  begin”
  • “you complemented my Teen Titans shirt but apparently you only watch the shitty new version so I must show you the error of your ways. I don’t care that we just met in the line at the grocery store, you are coming over to my house and marathoning this shit with me”
  • “I’m a die hard Harry Potter fan. You’re a die hard Percy Jackson fan. we’re in the same book club and we’re aggressively trying to convince everyone else to read our favorite series” (BONUS OT3: person 3 is a die hard Hunger Games fan)
  • “we both got scared and ran out during a horror movies that our separate friend groups dragged us to and now we’re sitting outside the theater crying and sharing a bucket of popcorn”
  • “I write erotica and you write children’s books. we’re both pretty famous authors. it’d be best if no one knew about our relationship.”
  • “I’m eating a conventionally unheard of and odd-looking food item in public and you’ve been the only one brave enough to ask what it is so far so I let you try it and you love it”
  • “We’re both in seventh grade, in the prime of our weeb phase. we became friends because the rest of the school is full of bakas who don’t understand that anime is the supreme form of entertainment. and whoa you’re looking pretty kawaii lately and I think I’m starting to feel like how Naruto feels about Sasuke about you (yaoi 4ever)”
  • “I write fanfiction, you do art. you liked my fic so much that you drew fan art for it, making it popular. and now we’ve both gotten pretty fandom-famous off of this and our followers want to know when we’re getting married”
  • “You caught me cheating off of your test and instead of getting angry you just moved it so I could see it better. how can I repay you.”
  • “i follow you on tumblr and you just made a post where you just ended your sentence with a period. you never end your sentences with periods. are you okay. is everything alright. I’m sending concerned asks your way.”
  • “I didn’t include an oxford comma in a tweet. you called me out on it. let the war begin.”

i love how there’s all these “internet famous” gossip tumblrs. and occasionally questions/posts show up about me on them, and these sad little teenage girls who are insecure with the way they look and feel about themselves, go and make fun of me, or the way that i look. and its just so ironic, to me. do they assume they are better than me because they run blogs dedicated to talking shit about anyone and everyone that they can? 

like one girl said i had a hideous personality… umm… i’m not the one talking shit about some random ass bitch on some stupid ass tumblr blog dedicated to just that, talking shit. you fucking twat. 

i also noticed there’s this one particular girl that follows a bunch of them and every time i’m mentioned she goes “she looks like stevie nicks grandma”… fucking woah, settle down on the BR00TAL insults mate. 

puberty is going to be very painful for you young ladies. 
how pathetic. 
the internet is cancerous.