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Fic: Poem Without Words (6/?) (M)

Author’s note: Two updates in one week! Had a bit of free time, so here you go! Enjoy!

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Chapter 6

He stood there in the middle of the party, searching for Emma. He tried to be casual, to be unobtrusive, but he quickly garnered the attention of his unwanted admirers.

His lips still tingled from that kiss.

He could only now admit to being nettled by the sight of her on the arm of some plain boy. He wouldn’t have dared before she lured him into a secluded corner. Well, lured was the wrong word. Killian had been trying to disengage from the crowd around him for the better part of an hour, so they could continue their conversation. Or had it become a flirtation? All Killian knew was he craved her presence, the way her eyes lit up when they spoke.

So when she wandered off alone, he rather rudely left his undesired cortege and followed her. A few pointed words later, she dragged him into a broom closet of all things. Everything happened so fast…but that was merely an excuse. He wanted to be alone with her. He wanted to find out what would happen next, even if that made him a selfish bastard.

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