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I Know Now

Zimbits || ~5′700 words || Gen. Rating || AU || AO3

The team members who take Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food start up a study group, but it’s less of a study group, and more of a trying-to-set-Jack-and-Bitty-up group.

“Hey, Jack,” Bitty says brightly as he enters the living room with his textbook balanced under one arm, and his other holding a tray of freshly made brownie.

“Hey, Bittle,” Jack replies, already sitting on a chair with his books open on the coffee table.

Bitty puts his stuff down next to Jack’s, taking care with the tray of food. He lifts his arm to let the textbook thunk down on the ground.

“Where is everyone?” He asks Jack, sitting beside his fallen textbook.

“Shitty’s stuck talking to his thesis advisor. Lardo’s got a project due tomorrow. Chowder says he can’t make this week. No idea about Holster or Nursey,” Jack rattles off.

“So, just us then?”

“Just us,” Jack confirms.

It’s the second week in a row that has happened.


Bitty sits on a cushion on the floor by the coffee table, sipping occasionally from a mug of tea, and refreshing his twitter frequently. The others should be here for the study group by now. He reluctantly opens his textbook, figuring he should use the time to study even if no-one’s here to help him figure out the biology side of this week’s class.

He’s two pages in when the front door opens. Bitty looks up, eager for company.

“Jack! Hey.” Bitty smiles and waves at him.

“Sorry I’m late. Class went overtime.”

Jack sits down on the green couch, rolling his eyes when Bitty gives him a look. “Stop worrying about this thing.”

“Jack, it’s infested,” Bitty insists immediately.

“You don’t know that,” Jack replies.

“And you don’t not know that.”

Jack just shakes his head and takes out his own textbook and exercise book. “Did you do the extra reading this week?” he asks Bitty.

Bitty senses the topic divergence, but goes along with Jack anyway. It’s not the first time they’ve argued over the couch, and it won’t be the last.

“I did not,” Bitty answers. “But I printed it out.”

“Not quite the same thing. I’ll summarise it for you.”

Bitty smiles at Jack gratefully. “Thank you.”


The fourth time it happens, Bitty makes Jack move into the kitchen.

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Bad Day?

gif is not mine

Title: Bad Day

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Word Count: 1,049

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by @angellholmes! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Love you! <3

High school was emotionally tolling all on it’s own.  You didn’t need people bullying you about your weight or your clumsiness.  There was nothing wrong with the way you were, but other people didn’t seem to feel the same way.  You weren’t skinny like the cheerleaders in your school, but you were okay with that.  You didn’t mind the few extra pounds.

As you were getting dressed after gym, you heard girls snickering across the locker room.  You heard your name here and there, as usual.  Even when you tried to ignore them, it was still hard not to feel a little discouraged.  When you went to open the door, you dropped all of your belongings to the floor.  You were in such a rush that you dropped your books.  You let out an exasperated sigh and gathered your books.

“Come on [Y/N],” one of the cheerleaders in your school complained.  “Isn’t one shortcoming enough?  You have to be clumsy too?”

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Until I See You Again (Jongup x reader)

Word count: 3.9 k+

Genre/warnings: fluff ❤

Summary: Home just didn’t really feel like home when Jongup was away on tour, and you found yourself suffering more and more because of the lack of his presence every day. Noticing how you were slowly losing happiness and were getting lonely, Jongup, despite being on the other side of the world, decided to plan out a special date, one that you’ve never had before, just to show you how much he cares and how much he wanted you to feel loved.

He looked at your face, a little worried about you and how you spent your free time. It was the first time he’s been away for so long, and the first time you spent apart from each other for longer than one or two weeks. You smiled at him through the screen, but the way you looked at him gave away you weren’t happy at all, and he sat on the edge of his hotel bed, a little worried and a little guilty he was the cause of your sad feelings.

“Hey, (Y/N)…” he looked right into your eyes, “are you sure you’re doing fine?”

He saw you smiling even brighter and shaking your head in agreement, responding, “Don’t worry, Yup. I’m fine.”


He heard it clearly. A voice crack. And what’s even worse, at the word “fine”. You both were caught off guard by that, and it took him some time to react.


“Yup, it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow. Just make sure you eat and rest a lot so you have enough energy to get out on stage and do your best, okay?”


“See you later, Yup. Bye!!” you waved at him, your smile starting to crack and fade as you quickly disconnected, more than sure he suspected something was wrong. You let your body fall back on the bed, and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath.

Were you acting stupid? Maybe, but you missed him so bad. You were pretty sure that around a week ago it started actually hurting physically, the lack of his hugs and kisses making your day so painfully plain and boring. You were glad conversation was still there, more or less at least, but it was undeniable that you craved to be with him physically, being able to squeeze him tight and never let go so he wouldn’t be able to leave you like this ever again.

“Get it together.. You’re being clingy,” you mumbled to yourself, sitting up with a swift move and letting a hand slide through your hair before standing up, “he’s an idol, what did you expect? Just deal with it like the damn adult that you are..”

No matter what you told yourself, you still missed him, and doing random things all around the house didn’t really distract you from your thoughts at all. You sighed, finally giving up and sitting down on the couch, wrapping yourself up in blankets and taking your laptop in your hands, typing away at a work assignment that you originally didn’t intend to start up until next week, but were forced to do now, as it was the only thing that stopped your mind from racing and wandering back to Jongup, who, quite unfortunately, was too far away.
Jongup was laying on his back, sprawled all across the hotel room bed, his hand flat on his stomach as he stared up into the ceiling, raising one eyebrow every now and then as apparently that helped to concentrate.
“Hey, Himchan hyung..” he trailed off, not looking at him but knowing exactly where he was. Apparently the priority of this evening for Himchan was to take a perfect selca. God, he was usually good at it, but somehow he had a hard time taking a picture that he felt comfortable sharing with the world today, and that irritated him. He’s been in front of the windows with the astonishing view behind them for 10 minutes already, snapping away, but for some reason he couldn’t get it done.

“Himchan hyung,” Jongup called a little louder, as he understood Himchan was too much in his own little world to hear, “I thought you were a natural. Can I ask for advice?”

Himchan paused for a little, seemingly proud he just got lowkey complimented by his friend who slightly rolled his eyes in response. It’s not like Himchan didn’t need reassurance every once in a while though, so Jongup just let it slide without any additional savage commentary on top, deciding it was his good deed of the day and patiently waiting for a response.

“Depends. What’s bothering you?” Himchan put his phone down and looked out of the window, stuffing his hands in his jeans pockets and scanning the city view behind the glass.

“I mean, I know it’s nothing big, but I think (Y/N) isn’t taking the distance in between us too well..” Jongup said quietly.

“Oh, tell me about it,” Himchan’s head snapped into Jongup’s direction, “Not really sure I’ll be able to suggest anything useful, but let me try.”

“I don’t think she’s used to spending so much time away from me,” Jongup got into sitting position, letting his legs slide down the side of his bed, “I mean, I miss her too, but I guess I’m kind of able to cope with it. Just makes me want to be with her again more and more every day, and realize how much I love her. You know, regular everyday life does sometimes make me want to spend some time apart from her, but at moments like these I guess I just have some time for myself, just to understand I don’t want to spend all of that time by myself, and… Himchan hyung, stop grinning,” he remarked after a second, and realized his mistake.

Himchan. Jongup and (Y/N) shipper number one. God, why was he paired up in one room with him again?

“Look at you, oh my God,” Himchan said, making Jongup slightly cringe at his use of English for the “oh my god” bit, “kids in love. If only I understood your youth-fueled desires and feelings…”

“Himchan hyung, you’re not that old, you know..”

“But I’m single,” he sighed slightly, turning his head back to the window, “anyways, what do you intend to do?”

Silence hung over the room for a little while, as Jongup raised his eyebrow up and down again. Concentration, the key to success.

“Why do you think I asked you for advice in first place? I don’t know,” Jongup said, seemingly irritated by how clueless he was, “It’s still weeks until we’ll be back, and I can’t stand the fact she’s all sad and lonely at home.. I didn’t even think anyone could need and miss me this much in first place..”

“Hey, what about this,”
Himchan turned to Jongup and walked a few steps to the front, “I don’t really know, but like.. You guys do video chat, right?”

“You literally crashed our conversation earlier on today to whine about the lack of coffee and Daehyun acting mean-”

“Be respectful,” Himchan glared, and, even though he sometimes was a little too cringey and childish of a person to be taken seriously, Jongup still had to agree. His hyung was an authority, after all.

“What if you, like, take her out on a date?”

“Himchan hyung, are you telling me to fly back to Korea, that’s not gonna work-”

“No no, that’s not what I meant. Tell her to get ready for something special, and then plan out like.. A facetime date? Yeah, that’s about as good as I can explain it.”

“F-facetime date..?”

“Yeah. Tell her to, like, go places, or just stay home or whatever, I don’t really know what you guys prefer. Fact is, do the things you usually like doing together. You do it here while you got free time, and she does it back at home while you chat over the phone. Doesn’t matter there’s half the world in between you two, you got internet. Which reminds me.. I think the last picture was actually good..”

Silence followed as Himchan casually browsed through the pictures in his phone, trying to find the perfect selca, and Jongup sat on the bed, running a hand through his hair as he stared at the floor.

“Hey, Himchan hyung?” he asked, getting a hum in response, “didn’t you say you were single?”

“It’s not like I want to be, you know?” he looked up a little, smiling a sad smile, “I’ve got tons of ideas for when better times come around, and for now, let me dream at least. Okay, I think I found the right one…” he said, looking at the picture on his phone screen, satisfied with the result. An Instagram notification soon popped up on Jongup’s phone, and he decided to give Himchan’s masterpiece of a selfie a look.

“Nice pic, hyung,” he said, deciding two compliments a day wouldn’t hurt anybody. Jongup fell back on the bed, and closed his eyes. Damn, would he be able to think of something cute and original enough? He could only hope and try, so instead of going to sleep like he first intended to do, he popped down on the bed, legs-crossed and with a cup of noodles in one hand, thinking out loud and letting Himchan decide if his ideas where stupid or not, because apparently Himchan was the dating expert without a date.

You rolled over to your right side and groaned into the pillow, squeezing the blanket a little tighter. Seven in the morning. Who was crazy enough to text you this early?

Oh, wait, you were dating Jongup. Mystery solved.

“Wear something nice and meet me at the park at 10 AM, below that tree that you tried to climb up last summer but fell down from,” the message said, and you furrowed your brows. First off, thanks for those oh so sweet mems. It didn’t help that Youngjae was present at that time too, and you still got teased about it every now and then, even thought you just wanted to forget that incident. And second off.. what in the heavens was about to happen?

You tried to make sense of it the whole morning, but weren’t able to do so. His Instagram selfie from this morning indicated he was still on tour, but what did he mean by “meet me”? You tried to understand it, but then again, was there someone who completely understood Jongup as a person? You were certain even he surprised himself sometimes, so you just shook it off and tried to obey his orders as good as possible without dying from anticipation and curiosity first.

It was 10.01 AM already. God, the tree. You hated it, but he’d told you to wait here, so you did. At some point, your phone started buzzing in your pocked, and you fished it out, just to be faced with a video chat request from Jongup.

“Explanation, please?” you raised a brow at him when you noticed he wasn’t in his hotel room, but somewhere out in town. Was that behind him.. a park?

“Do you really need one? It might get cheesy or stupid, I’m not sure yet-”

“Or both,” he chuckled as you said your remark, revealing his beautiful, unique smile for you to admire a little.

“Okay, but while I’m at it, how about you just plug in some headphones so you look more, or maybe less, I don’t really know, like a creep walking around and talking to yourself, and take a walk with me?”

“A walk with you?” he saw you not catching on to his idea, so he started walking and explaining.

“Imagine I’m there, and I’ll imagine you’re here. Distance doesn’t really mean a thing if we still can have a good time, right?” you nodded slowly, having a mild idea in mind of what he was about to say.

“So, like, let’s just do the things that we love doing together, even if only through the phone camera.. I’m sorry, but that’s the best that I can offer you now..”

“Yup, don’t you have schedules?”

“Not for today,” he scratched the back of his head, looking ahead of him for a little so he knew where he was going, “we have a day off, so don’t you worry about it.”

A moment of silence followed, and just for a second he was afraid you’d call him stupid for even thinking about something like this, but instead, he saw you slowly moving from spot, finding a pair of tangled up earphones in your jacket pocket and plugging them in.

“Okay, I guess you’ve planned something, right?” he saw you smiling brightly, and couldn’t help but smile back.

“I hope your phone’s charged, don’t even think I’ll leave you alone today..”

“Why did you want to meet under the tree though? You know I hate it,” you couldn’t help but wonder, and he laughed at your comment.

“Shh, it’s an iconic place, now let’s go…”

It all started with a walk in the park. At first you felt slightly weird for talking on the phone like this, and you were worried people would throw you glances, but, the more you talked with Jongup, the less you cared what everyone else thought about you. He was his usual self - sweet, a little lost in his words and actions, but more than simply adorable and loving when it came to talking to you. He made extra efforts to ask you questions, and told you about how his days went, never forgetting to mention how they were good, but would be better if you were there. You walked and listened, a little amazed by how much he talked since he was usually more on the quiet side, but grateful he tired hard to make conversation as interesting as possible. Well, not that he had to try hard, because once you started talking, you suddenly had so many things you wanted the other person to know about that you simply couldn’t stop.

“Watch the street,” you told him as you saw him squinting into the distance, about to walk over a zebra crossing.

“You’re not my mom,” he answered, chuckling a little and thinking to himself, “Gosh, so adorable.”

“I don’t want you to get killed mid-tour, okay? I worry about you a lot, and I have my reasons,” you told him, coincidentally coming to a street crossing yourself.

“I’m aware of that, and I’m glad you do, thanks, babe,” he said and started moving across the street, trying to see what was on the other side properly.

“Moon Jongup, I swear. I will cut this date short to go and get you a pair of glasses if you continue squinting non-stop,” he heard you half-laughing, half-scolding tone, and his heart warmed up a little.

“Glasses don’t suit me that well.”

“Stop lying.”

“I’m not lying. Have you seen me the last time I had glasses on?”

“Yes. You looked hella cute.”

“Well, if you say so..” he gave you a cheeky grin, but you still knew he’d refuse to spare himself the squinting and get some mush needed glasses. So cute, yet so stubborn. Yeah, that was Jongup.

A coffee shop seemed to be the next place you were heading to, and it slightly amazed you how Jongup took the time to study the map of the city he was currently in, and how he found all of those places, just to make it seem like you were really doing everything together.

“Yup, you know you could’ve just stayed at the hotel or something, right? There wasn’t any need to try and search up all of those places you’re going to right now to keep me company-”

“Don’t ruin the aesthetic. I’m going wherever you’re going.. Or vice versa, since I’m the one who’s taking you out? You’re the smarter one, you figure out,” he told you, and you smiled, knowing he really put a lot of thought into all of this.

Not that Jongup was usually someone without thought or idea, it’s just that.. You didn’t think he was aware your minds worked slightly differently when it came down to this. You craved affection in every possible way, any time, while Jongup would be the person to forget about attention and affection as a whole for days in a row, just to crash your place one evening and demand cuddles, being all clingy and adorable. That was also one of the reasons he didn’t really mind being away from you for a longer time. He could actually cope with it, and at first he thought you could too, but after the previous conversation you had he started thinking, realizing not everything was completely the same and wanting to change things up a bit, making sure you were alright without him by your side.

The smell of warm, tasty coffee hit your nose as you waked into the tiny building, and you ordered yourself an extra large latte, sitting down at a table for two in front of a window and taking off you jacket. You heard Jongup talking to the waitress on the other end of the line, and were slightly amused by his language skills, as his accent was so, so cute. The place he was at seemed just as relatively empty as your coffee show, and, when he had found the perfect place to sit at, you laughed.

“Don’t tell me you got hot chocolate..”

He raised one brow, making you chuckle.

“Who do you think I am? A kid?”

“Pretty much,” you leaned on your elbow, resting your head on one hand, “you can’t fool me. You never get coffee.”

“Okay, busted, I guess,” he smiled sheepishly again, happily closing his eyes for a little just to open them wide seconds later, slightly scaring you with his sudden change in facial expressions.

“Yup.. What will the others around you think if you act this way?!” you said while laughing at the silly facial expressions he kept pulling because apparently they made you laugh.

“Do I look like I care?” he said, chuckling a bit just to look shyly around right after, realizing you were maybe right and he needed to stop.

You felt your happiness levels rise higher and higher with every passing moment. Sitting at the tiny coffee shop, and having Jongup at the other end of the line, telling you stories and keeping you company was a thing you’d needde already long ago, and apparently he was very happy about his decision to plan something like this out as well. Completely in love with this guy you called yours, you sat and simply admired him and the way he took his only free day to keep you company and make sure you weren’t lonely, even if he was miles upon miles away.

“So, okay, optional step now,” Jongup told you as you both exited the cafes, “we could go sightseeing, but that would be only on my side of the line, in that case. I’m quite close to the old part of the city, and I’ve been told it’s pretty, especially by Himchan hyung who bombarded me with pictures of it not too long ago,” you laughed at his little eye roll. Even though he wouldn’t admit it, him and Himchan were in fact close friends, and you were glad someone was keeping and eye on him while he was away.

“Hey, that sounds good, to be honest.”

“In case you’re tired, you can just go home now and rest for a bit, we’ve been walking a lot. Or you can also just wander the streets, whatever’s more suitable. As long as you’re ready for some architectural beauty, it’s fine, because apparently there’s a lot,” you heard him say, and decided you’d do the latter, as you still didn’t quite feel like going home just yet.

He decided it would be better to switch from the front cam to the back cam of his phone, and just show you everything he saw, just letting you hear his voice while you saw all of those beautiful places he wandered around. You found yourself smiling at the thought of Jongup being at such a pretty destination, they you heard him say.

“Hey, (Y/N)? Promise me we’ll come here together sometime soon, I actually really like this place.. Just needs more of you to be perfect.”

“Promised,” you smiled even brighter, and laughed as he switched the cameras for a second, pulling another funny grimace and continuing his little sightseeing tour like nothing happened. 

He made sure you got some takeout so you weren’t hungry, and told you to go home because of the amounts of walking you had done during the whole day. You gathered all of your things that you needed for a cozy evening and threw them on the bed, along with the phone, telling Jongup to wait for a little as you needed to change.

“Doesn’t look like one of your shirt,” he couldn’t help but smirk as but as he saw your outfit of choice, with, coincidentally (or maybe not) consisted of some comfy shorts and one of his t-shirts.

“Maybe you don’t even need those glasses, looks like your eyesight is just fine,” you said, showing him your tongue as he rolled his eyes at your statement.

“Do those hundreds of eyerolls that you do every day help your vision?”

“Maybe..” he said, trailing off a little, “but believe me, if I really want to see something, I will. And you, especially in my clothing, is a sight I never want to miss out on..”

You stayed in bed, watching some dramas or other things together. He had started watching a minute prior to you on his side of the line, and spoiled every single important moment, making you laugh and cry out how unfair that was. In reality, you didn’t mind at all thought, at least not if the person spoiling the show for you was Jongup.

You yawned for what seemed to be the tenth time, and saw him shifting on the other end of the line, turning the sound of his laptop a little quieter.

“Hey, how about we end it here?” he said, and quickly regretted the sentence when he saw your face. 

“Or, hey, if you don’t want to, we can-”

“No, no, Yup. You’re right. I’m falling asleep already and you must be tired too. You have to rest in order to be able to do everything properly tomorrow, so let’s go to sleep I guess..”

“Hey, (Y/N)?” you had looked away for a little, and when you turned your head back to the phone, you could feel his intense stare piercing right through you.

“I’ll be back soon,” he said softly, making your heart skip a beat, “just wait for a little longer. We’ll go places and cuddle and everything, I promise. Just wait for a little, and don’t feel lonely, okay?”

You nodded, not really wanting to add anything, except something you felt like you weren’t saying enough in the past time.

“Thanks for taking care of me, Yup, and thanks for the beautiful date. I love you.”

“I love you too,” he simply said, and it took you a few more minutes of goodbyes and promises to squeeze each other with hugs and shower each other with kisses once you were re-united for you to finally disconnect. Laying your phone on the bedside table and climbing under the blankets, you were surprised at the way you felt. He was still physically missing, but somehow you didn’t feel alone anymore. Just knowing that he was on the other side of the world, probably thinking about you, made everything a little better, and you were able to fall asleep, dreaming of being in his arms again. Soon.

Pretty Baby

Group: BTS

Pairing: Kim Seokjin/Jin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 2387

Warning: Men wearing lingerie, male masturbation, (solo) sex on camera, voyeurism-ish?, cum eating

A/N: Thank you so much to @igot7bangtanbaes for editing this mess (at midnight after getting off work no less). Thank you to my daughteire @softtummytaehyung for helping me pick out the original lingerie for Jin. Also a big thanks to my fellow Seokjin stans who have put up with hearing about this fic for months. This ones for you.

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thewayiseeetheworld  asked:

Hii loves! I was wondering if you could write anything with Jackson? Maybe something like Y/N is very insecure and Jackson finds out about it somehow, not by her telling him, and he does everything he can to comfort her.. The details are 100% up to you, whether their together or not, or if they get together in the process.. Thank you anyways!! 💜💜

Hello, doll! Thank you for requesting~ here is what I came up with for your request so I hope you enjoy :D 

- Admin Dream ☁🦄

Genre: angst/fluff

Pairing: Jackson x You

Plot: You are going through a tough moment in your life, and your best friend Jackson does not want you to face it alone.

“Next, we need to add some veggies”, Jinyoung instructed as you two were working on the dinner you would eat with the rest of the Got7 boys at the dorm. 

“Yes, chef!”, you called out playfully as you passed him the small bowl with the different leafy greens and vegetables you had just chopped up.

Jinyoung carefully poured them in the pot and gave the whole thing a quick stir before putting the lid back on and setting the timer so that neither of you would forget to check the progress of the food.

“Alright, now we wait for it to finish cooking. It should be done in ten minutes or so. You can stay here and keep an eye on the stove while I go help the boys with dressing the table.

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Sam x Reader - Masterlist

this is mostly put together by the amazingly wonderful @onceuponasaltcircle​ who you should go and shower lots and lots of love on<3

I Told You So- You get injured on a hunt and Sam doesn’t want you to go on another one.’

Cold Motels in Winter- You get cold so you steal your boyfriends warmth

Butt Touches- Someone doesn’t treat perverts very nicely

Fluffytime- Morning-after fluff.

What Team- When Sam is feeling down you cheer him up.

Guardian Angel Who isn’t Actually an Angel- Things can’t be bad when you have each other

Tell me a Story- You are seriously injured during a hunt and Sam is keeping you awake.

Sea Your Opportunity- You make the guys go to the beach.

Rejected- You are Sam’s girlfriend and Becky gets jealous.

Complimenting Sam- You love a lot of things about Sam.

Bored- The frickle-frackle and then cuddling

Start a Family With You- Sam wants to start a family.

Maple Syrup- The boys worry over their pregnant girlfriend.
Cramming for a Test- You tell Sam about your cancer diagnosis.

Say Something- Based on the song.

Not Even if You Tried- Sam takes an argument a little too far.

Smoking Hot- Sam is worried about you smoking habit.

Her Over Me?- You don’t trust Ruby at all.

Joking Around- Sam brightens your day.

Too Much Worry- Hunters can’t be in relationships.

Look Silly Together (Part 1)- You chop off your hair together.

You Don’t Look Silly (Part 2)- The mocking begins, together.

Nose Twitching- Getting sick gets you cuddles.

Smurf Attack- Dean puts blue die in Sam’s shampoo.

After All Your Dreams Came True- Gabriel puts you two into Disney movies.

Party Poopers and Sunshine- Sam knows the right things to sing.

Green-Eyed Monster- Sam gets jealous.

A Little Bit Deaf- You like singing, but aren’t good at it.

Lazy Morning- Morning fluff with Sam.

I Want To- After a demon attack you need some comfort.

Online- An online relationship.

A Dog, or A Guy- A Nurse stitches Sammy up.

Chewbacca and Thumblina- Size differences can be funny.

Beach Day- Sunburns are terrible.

Just Friends- A friend from college wants to be more.

Study Buddy- Sam helps you through school.

Finally- Sam makes a good pillow.

Love is Blind, or a Little Deaf- Sam goes partially deaf.

Perfect Fit- Who said girl’s muscles weren’t sexy.

Note to Self- Drunken Love Confessions

Back Your Corner- Too much of everything can cause the best to crack.

Plan 7A- Fluff, just fluff.

Fall- Sam catches an angel crying.

Hell Hath No Fury- You take out your anger on a Vamp nest.

Real or Not?- Things are fuzzy after Sam gets his soul back.

That’s What You Get- You break down after your family dies.

Firmly on the Hook- You and Sam help Destiel happen.

Out Like a Light- Sam is a pillow while recovering.

Home- Sam proposes.

Awkward- Cas tries to help with a little mind reading.

Wish You Were Here (Part One)- Sam’s dead. Based on the song by Avril Lavigne.

At Last (Part Two)- You finally get to be with him again.

Bad Day- Some cheery fluff.

Bleeding Out- Based on the song by Imagine Dragons.

Now I’m With You- Sleepy stressed out Sam.

Totally Perfect- Sam attempts to be funny.

Don’t Know Where We Are Going- Sam is awkward around girls.

Like a Princess- Sam drinks demon blood again.

Make a Move- Being hammered helps love confessions.

Popcorn War- Sam cheers up his boyfriend.

Good News- Sam’s a little excited that you are pregnant

Over Anything Else- Back to your icky hometown.

Freedom- Sam rehearses his vows.

Take A Picture- Their photos get Tumblr famous.

The Only Ten I See- The brothers find out you have a southern accent.

It’s My Job- Sam is insecure about his addiction to demon blood.

Asshole Relationship- You mock each other with love.

To Be Of Help- Sam teaches you how to research.

I Like the Sound of That- Cas’s Little sister finds her soulmate.

The Real Magic- Should Sam know you are a witch?

You for You- Trans acceptance.

Holding On- You never lost faith in your religion.

Harmless Prank- What was meant to me harmless, wasn’t.

Earlier Hours- You are not a morning person.

Made it - Based on 18 by One Direction.

Close Call- You hear his confession in a coma.

Question- Drunken Sam pops the question.

Laura Croft, Tomb Raider- You get a codename.

Not True- Dealing with past accusations.

See You Later- Asked out after a demon attack.

Mr. and Mrs.- You go undercover as newlyweds.

Cute Guy on the TV, or Not- Your actor crush makes Sam worried.

Scary Movie- The horror movie freaks you out a little.

You Morons- The Ghost Facers are trying to flirt with you?

Don’t I Always- Plus Sized Sam fluff.

Just What to Say- Sam knows how to make it better.

At Midnight- Sam’s daughter is a singer.

Rough Time- School is draining and hard.

Plot- Kidnapped by Abadon and her followers.

Only Human (Part One)- Another ability child.

One Hell of a Biology Lesson (Part Two)- You learn everything about monsters.

Defiant- Sam’s daughter sneaks out to hunt.

The Twins- In order to escape horrors you hear stories of the starts.

Falling Apart- You drift apart to save each other.

Not For Us- Father Daughter fic based on Breathe Me by Sia.

Nephilim- You find out you are part angel at an inopportune time.

Bad Days- You give each other hope.

Miracle- Sam gets very protective.

Dance With Me- Sam catches you having a dance party.

Turn Away- Sam falls out of love and cheats.

Adjusting is the Hardest Part- Adjusting to College life is hard.

Red Like Roses- Sam refuses to leave you after you come back from the dead.

Sand Bar- Swimming based panic attacks.

Never Knew- They find videos of you in a musical.

Shield Against Evil- Sam will protect you from all 8 legged monsters.

Swip Swap- You switch bodies with Sam and he has to deal with your monthly gift.

Only if its Eternal- Faces of concentration make Sam realize something.

Family Barbecue- A get together with the Harvelle family.

Fever- A bad cold and Sam is there.

A Sick Hunter is a Dead Hunter- Sick and sleepy Sam.

Can’t Sleep- It’s okay to be scared.

Can’t Say It- Everything Sam loves dies.

Gag Gift- Dean gives you stilts to help out the height difference.

The Keeper- Sam tries to keep you entertained in the hospital.

At Home- Cuddling in the Impala.

A Lot- The Winchester fight for your heart.

Figure from the Past- Cas recognizes you an an angel.

Better Off Without You- When your heart is broken you give away your soul.

My Hammy- Your daughter loves her “Uncle Hammy”.

Family- Your daughter calls Sam “Daddy”

Where Do I Start- Sam’s birthday present to you.

Any Other Way- You are worried how your ex will react to this relationship.

Where You’re Wanted- Spying on the Winchesters didn’t involve falling in love.

Perfect for Us- Best Friends fall in love.

Fight Club- Sam is teaching you how to fight.

Scheduled Meeting- Everyone wants your attention.

Tackle it Together- You are skipping meals and Sam notices.

Sleep Tight- You fall asleep in the library.

Water Buddy- Involving mermaids.

As You Wish- You know ever word to the Princess Bride.

To Fit In- As Sam’s daughter you just want to do normal things.

Undone- Based on the song by Haley Reinhart.

Eternity- Blue hair, don’t care.

Flight of Fancy- He broke up with you to date Jess.

Hurdles- Cute internet dating.

Before Anything Else- First things first, underwear.

On Purpose- The hemline is rising for a point.

The Happiest Place on Earth- You go to disney for your birthday.

Far From Perfect- Dean likes Sammy’s BAMF girlfriend.

All This Time- They were both hunters all along?

Day Waster- You just want out of this dumb hospital.

Links- Sam gets worried when his daughter goes missing.

Fact or Fiction- He wants you out of the bathroom.

Too Hot (Hot Damn)- You just need to go swimming.

Don’t Want to Wait- It doesn’t make sense that he would love you.

I Gave You All- Based on the song by Mumford and Sons.

Seeing Things - You’re cursed by a witch to see things that aren’t there - Sam understands what you’re going through.

You Think I Don’t Notice - Sam misunderstands your lingering glances.

Make It - You always manage to incite a reaction from your boyfriend.

Take It Off - You can’t decide whether you want the blanket or not.

My Attention - You haven’t been eating or sleeping enough.

Have Faith In Me - Sam isn’t willing to let the reader hunt vampires, unknowing of her personal vendetta against the bloodsuckers.

Wild and Free - Sam and the reader leave the job as teenagers, then flash forward to a few years later…

Someone Like You - You end up on the same hunt together, which leads to something more.

Rough Time - Sam does everything in his power to cheer up a depressed reader.

Epic Saga - Soulless!Sam does have a habit of spouting some pretty unforgivable crap.

Frozen - on a wintery hunt, you fall into a frozen lake.

anonymous asked:

I know you say that d/Deaf people have hard times with phones but I always thought your guys had special phones? I'm sorry if this is ignorant, but you've always said how hard it is for the d/Deaf/HOH to talk on the phone but you never really said why? Could you please explain?

Alright! Let’s talk phones. Yes, we have several different kinds of phones. Let’s start from the beginning and talk about phones first. 

TTY - This stands for Text Telephone.  It usually looks like this. 

I used to have this old ass thing! Except mine didn’t have a printer. You see those two big ass things there? You take your phone and put it there and it gets transcribed for you by someone. This was around waaaaay before cellphones became affordable and popular. Here’s what I mean. 

External image

See that old ass phone?? That’s how old that TTY is. I don’t use it anymore. I don’t know where mine went, actually, haha. 

How it works.. You don’t talk. You type. Someone listens to the person you are calling for you, and types what they’re saying. You type what you want to say, and they speak for you. I remember the “GA,” which meant, “go ahead,” to let the person on the other line know when it’s okay to respond. I believe some people still use it, but I don’t know any. Of course, you have to have a phone line. I’m not sure about the internet part.. because when I had this, it was around the AOL days.. You know.. The annoying part where you couldn’t be on the internet and be on the phone at the same time. 

Yes.. I’m that old, man. 

It’s good for some of you who are somewhat traditional, aren’t vocal, don’t mind not being able to hear what the other person sounds like, and like to type.  I hated it though, because when my friends wanted to call me, they had to call this long ass number first, and THEN call my home phone number. It sucked for them. It was like having a 20 digit phone number. And I hated how when I called someone they had to state that it was a service, and people always assumed that it was a telemarketer calling, and hung up before I even got to type anything. The only time anyone knew I was calling was if I had my cousin call first and tell them I was going to call. 

When cellphones came around, they started making TTYs that connected to your cellphone. 

I didn’t have this one. Because when I got my first cellphone, all I did was text. 

Here’s another that I did have, though. After my first TTY, the very first one that I showed you, I felt weird, because I liked to be able to talk and hear the other person. Then came along the CapTel phone. I LOVED it. 

It’s like a regular phone, but like shown above, it has a screen and it shows you everything the person on the other line is saying! Like a captioning phone. It’s not 100% but it was great for me when I was HOH, since I loved being able to talk and not feel left out or constantly ask my friends to repeat what they’re saying. I used it for business calls. I started to hate it because holding the phone against my hearing aids caused a lot of feedback, and like always, there is a slight delay in CC and CC isn’t always accurate. But there is no such thing as “fast” captioning on phones. It’s real time. Someone’s typing things out for you as they speak. 

I’ve had people hang up on me because I wasn’t responding fast enough, but I had to wait for the CC to show up in order to reply to what they said, so they thought that I put them on hold without telling them or they just weren’t patient enough. I gave up on it after like, a year. 

Then came AIM! I loved that little thing! 

AIM, or AOL Instant Messenger, was of course, an instant messaging service. Guess what? There was a SIP Relay online! I used it in my early 20′s to make phone calls because around that time was when my hearing really started to deteriorate.  It was kind of like TTY, but all I needed was a laptop and a working internet connection. I typed everything I wanted to say, everything was spoken for me, and everything was typed for me. I didn’t have a problem with it as far as CC.. but I had a problem with people thinking I was a telemarketer because they had to state that I was using a relay service. I would use it to try and check up on my applications when I couldn’t find a job. And I would get responses like, “How would you work for us if you can’t even talk on the phone?”  or again.. “We don’t take relay calls,” because they thought relay was entirely something else. SIP Relay is now shut down, and I’m not really sure why. I was bummed when I found out, because I could no longer make calls on my own. I had to ask people to call for me.. and I fucking.. HATE that shit.

There are a few Apps that do things like this like Purple, or Hamiliton Captel.. But for me, I always had to put my phone on speaker because the other person couldn’t hear me speak without it, and I wanted to hear them, too. You used your phone and the CC would pop up. But I had so many problems with it. It was SO FUCKING SLOW, and people hung up on me for it. And it would lag all the time. 

It kind of looked like this.  I didn’t like it. 

Then here comes VP! The Video Phone that us Deafies love so much. 

It’s great.. if you’re fluent in ASL. If you’re not, I would steer clear from this, because sometimes the interpreter signs too fast. You can tell them to slow down, though. You can’t use your voice and I don’t think you can set it up to where you can hear your caller talk. I have this. I use it sometimes, but not often enough, because I’m never home anymore.  I love this because I can call my sister and see her and we sign back and forth. If you’re calling someone who doesn’t have VP, you’ll be signing with the interpreter. The interpreter speaks for you as you sign. I like it because it’s quicker than all the other phones that I had before. I haven’t had anyone hang up on me.

Now that you know about these phones. Let me tell you why it’s hard. If you haven’t paid attention to what I said earlier, let me say it again. People hang up on us if we don’t respond fast enough. People hang up on us if we ask to repeat themselves too much. People hang up on us because they think we’re telemarketers before we even get to tell them we’re not. And.. last but not least… People don’t give us chances because those that know what a relay service is and does.. knows that we’re deaf. And for that sole reason.. they choose not to communicate with us or hire us for that matter, if you’re calling to check up on your job application. 

Cellphones these days may be loud on speaker, but it’s still extremely hard for us to make out what the other person is saying. It is exhausting as hell, and damn near impossible. That’s why we all get so pissed off and upset when someone tries to force us to use a phone and blasts the volume.

For the record.

You get louder. You don’t get clearer.

Have some respect. Have some patience. 

Thank you!

Lucky Fan: Dan Howell

warnings: the feels

Swiping the vibrant red lipstick over my pale lips, I look at my reflection in the smudged mirror in the poorly-lit bathroom of the bar. I look good tonight. It’s a rarity in itself that I even went out tonight, let alone be graced with the uncommon event that I actually liked the way I looked. Nevertheless, the stars must have aligned. With one more shoulder pop and a smirk at the mirror, I walk back to my friends at the table, my hips swaying as I walked and a bounce of confidence in my step. I got a few looks from strangers, and a wink from a guy at the bar, which only widened the smirk on my face.

“Damn (Y/N), you look hot tonight!” my friend said. Another looked me up and down and added, “Wow, this is new,” she said, “Confidence is a good look for you.” I smiled to them, accepting the compliments and humbly saying thank you.

Looking around the bar, I take in my surroundings in attempt to fully experience the moment. But, my eyes catch a familiar figure at the bar. I squint towards him, only to confirm it is, in fact, the internet star, Dan Howell. I suck in a breath of excitement, and I felt my stomach drop. Tonight is my night.  

I look back at my friends, who would never understand my dying love for the Youtuber, nor would they want to come talk to him with me. I tell them I saw a friend and I am going to say hi. Skeptical, my friend says to me, “A special friend?”

I shrug and she nods her head, and adds, “just remember one thing,” she said, leaning in, “keep him wanting more.”

I shake my head, laughing at her advice. As if I could get Dan Howell to sleep with me. I turned away from her and started to weave myself through the crowed bar.

I keep my eyes on him as I walk over. He turns around, looking across the sea of people. His eyes catch mine, and he most certainly knows I’m coming towards him. Adding a bit more swing to my hips, I watch his eyes trail down my body and back, a small smirk playing on his lips. Our eyes lock as I make the final steps towards him, my stomach churning with nerves and excitement.

“Hello,” I said, my voice soft. “I’m a really big fan of your channel. You’re my absolute favorite.”

He smiled, his eyes glistening with pride, “Thank you. How long have you been watching?”

“Oh, probably about two years now.” I said.

“That’s awesome.” He said and an awkward silence followed. I have so much to say to him, but the confidence I held yet five minutes earlier subsided. Come on, (Y/N), talk to him.

“And I also wanted to just say I really respect you, you know, as a Youtuber. You always have such original content, and you work so hard on everything you do and you’re just,” I paused, thinking of the words to describe it, “really underrated.” I spit out, gaining my confidence back.

Rolling back my shoulders, I smiled at him, satisfied for what I had said. And, it seemed that he did too. My words twisted his face into pure happiness, his smile radiating.

“You actually have no idea how much that means to me.” He said, laughing a bit. He looked down at me, but it was different than before, as if I had shed the title of a fan, and gained the title of a new friend.

“I don’t think I caught you name,” he said.

“Oh sorry, it’s (Y/N).”

His smile widened when I spoke, “(Y/N),” he repeated, as if he was testing the taste of it, “I like that.”

“Why thank you, it’s all mine,” I joked.

“Hey, why don’t I buy you a drink,” he smiled down at me.


After ditching both our friends, he promised to walk me home. The chilled air bit at my face, but I didn’t mind. Not tonight.

We finally get to my flat, and he turns to me and says, “We should do this again.”

“I’d like that.” I said, smiling.

“Here,” he said, pulling the phone out of his pocket, “put your number in, and we can get together again.”

“Excuse me,” I say jokingly, “I don’t give my number to just anyone.”

His eyebrow lifted, giving me a playful smirk. “Not even you’re favorite Youtuber?” he said, mocking me from earlier in the night. I simply smile and raise my eyebrows as well. I was pleasantly surprised how flirty I could be with just a little red lipstick.

“Well, how about I give you my number,” he said, laughing. I agreed, and he put his number in my phone.

“Well I guess this is goodbye,” I said.

“Guess so…” he said, trailing off. The flirty atmosphere subsided and one of curiosity arose as both of us were unsure if we will kiss. He made his decision, locking eyes with me and slowly leaning in. As the tension rose between us, a thought popped into my head.

Keep his wanting for more.

And with that, I diverted my head to the side and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, followed with a small whisper in his ear, “goodnight, Daniel.”

I turned and walked to the door of my flat and I felt his eyes watch my every step. Just as I unlocked my door, I turned back to him and flashed him a cute wink. He stands there entranced, a red stain left on his cheek.



The Season 2 Effect

Something’s been gnawing on me the last couple days. Well, for most of Season 5, but it reached a high point after I read the TVLine Winter preview. It mentioned the new character, SCPD Detective Tina Boland. TVLine said she and Oliver would form a “connection” (TVLine’s words - not Wendy’s. That’s an important distinction) because (and these are Wendy’s words), “she has been through her own hell, her own sort of ‘island.”

There were, of course, some immediate concerns that Oliver and Tina will be in a romantic relationship. Just to get this out of the way - no, I don’t think they will be in a romantic relationship. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m just saying I think it’s unlikely. 

First, we still haven’t ditched Susan Williams. They’d have to unravel Oliver’s relationship with her and with Felicity while starting up a new relationship with Tina all by season’s end. That’s a lot to accomplish in 5B, even by Arrow’s standards. Not impossible, but unlikely. 

Second, “connection” is an arbitrary term, which is probably why TVLine used it. It doesn’t necessarily mean romantic. 

Third, Tina has to form a connection with Oliver. She’s going to be the new Black Canary and join the team. Anyone who joins the team A) has a connection with Oliver and B) goes through some kind of “island” at one point or another. That’s the show. The fact that Tina already went through hers I’m viewing as a positive. They want to get her up and running fast. Fine by me. She’s a guest star at this point and the less time we have to spend on her character the better. I’ve had my fill of newbies right now.

But that’s not what this post it about. No, when I read the article my first thought (and what’s been gnawing on me) was, “Man this feels a lot like Season 2.”

Then I recalled something Marc told me at SDCC.  He said he hoped fans got more of a Season 1 or Season 2 vibe from Olicity. Lord, he wasn’t kidding. 

Now, I’m not saying, “Hey Arrow Season 5 is just like Season 2! Everything is wonderful! Problems solved!” Uh… no. I think those who are unhappy have valid reasons. I also think those who are happy with the season also have valid reasons. I am joyfully in Switzerland for the most part on this topic. Truthfully, I think entertainment is subjective. Everyone likes what they like (or dislike) for their own reasons. Arguing about it is as arbitrary as arguing about whether or not you like cheese. I am quite content owning my choice and believe everyone has a right to theirs. (For the record, I really like cheese.) I’m simply pointing out some similarities I’ve noticed between Season 2 and Season 5 in terms of Olicity and promotion.

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Why is it like this?

I find myself feeling a bit sad and adrift. I’m not sure what to do with myself. I love being part of different fandoms. I love coming online and talking to the lovely, lovely people I’ve met on Twitter who share the same interests. I like looking a new pictures of my favourites.

But something just isn’t right. And it’s bothering me. A lot. 

Today, being a member of a fandom, though it comes with so many positives, saddles a person with so many negatives. And while social media makes it all possible to exchange ideas and stories with each other, social media is also the problem.

Well, I think it’s all media that’s the problem. 

It used to be, with media in general, that you got the news on TV at supper time and at bed time (unless something big happened to interrupt regularly scheduled programming). With newspapers, it was once a day. Now we’re bombarded with the 24 hour news cycle. There’s 24 hours to fill. Within seconds of an event, someone’s reporting on it. And generally reporting badly. There’s no time for finding out the facts. There’s no time for verification. Everything’s got to be out there right now. It’s a sad thing that many people go to Twitter to find out what’s going on. 

And it also means that the most banal thing is reported. Innocent remarks are broadcast and picked apart by people looking for offence when there was none intended. A person who’s famous has stories written about the least thing they do because they are guaranteed to get clicks on a news site. 

And where once comments were sent into newspapers’ Letters to the Editor where the best ones could be chosen and printed, anyone can write whatever they want on a comments section. 

And that’s just the problem. It’s the first thing that pops into people’s heads that is getting put out there for everyone to see. And so much of it is either full of hate or ignorance (or both). It’s like when you write a paper for school. You don’t just write it all down and hand it in. You stop and read it, consider whether you said it correctly or should change the order, and generally rewrite. But not on the Internet. Not anymore. 

The same thing happens on Twitter and Facebook and all social media.

Which brings me back to fandoms. 

I belong to several. And what gets me is the sheer negativity out there in the world. Fandoms are supposed to be fun. They’re supposed to be for people to share ideas and stories and pictures about things they love: specific actors or singers or television shows or movies, and so on.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely lovely people on my Twitter TL who are fantastic. But I do hear about things. 

The worst is people who have decided they aren’t fans anymore. Which happens. Your interests change over the course of your life. I was a big fan of things in the past that I’m a less interested or not interested in at all anymore. But what’s awful is those who decide they aren’t fans and bully people who are. Or make up stories to badmouth the actor or singer or whomever. What pleasure they get in all this negativity is beyond my understanding. What’s also disturbing is people who leave fandoms because the actor or actress or singer gets married. Do they really think that the person they were a fan of was going to someday meet them and marry them? Did they think that person should stay single all of their life? 

I’m a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. And when he announced he was engaged last year, it was the beginning of some nasty stuff in some corners. Some immediately said they weren’t going to be his fan anymore because he was getting married. Others took a different route. 

The conspiracy theorists began. At the first red carpet he went to with his fiancee, she looked very nervous. Because they weren’t kissing on the red carpet, some started in on the “this is all a publicity stunt. I just know they aren’t in love”. It went on from there. When, after a red carpet or two, she was obviously more at ease, they stared smiling and laughing more, and he would kiss her on the cheek often. No, say the conspiracy theorists, this is fake. When it was announced she was pregnant, at first they argued that was the only reason they were getting married and then it switched to, no, it’s all publicity, she’s not pregnant at all. The conspiracy nuts thought they would last only until he got an Oscar nomination and breakup. (They only seemed to think this of him, though. When Keira Knightley was nominated and announced she was pregnant, no one said it was all a publicity stunt to get her the Oscar. When Eddie Redmayne got married in December, it wasn’t called a publicity stunt to get him the Oscar.) Then they said that they would only last until the Oscars then quietly breakup. When they got married a week before the Oscars, they thought it a publicity stunt so the Oscar voters would vote for him (though the ballots were in by then). They conveniently ignored the fact that if it had been a publicity stunt, they would have plastered wedding pictures everywhere but not one has ever been released. Paparazzi pictures showing a clearly pregnant Sophie were released but the theorists insisted that that wasn’t her. When the baby was born, still they insisted that it wasn’t real. When paparazzi pictures of them with the baby came out, no, it’s not theirs (or, I read one post saying it was a doll they were carrying around). These people are clearly delusional. 

And they aren’t alone. I know some people have mentioned the same thing happened to the actors on Supernatural when they got married. Their wives were harassed. Friends of their wives were harassed. Rumours surrounded them. 

What is it? Why can’t people let other people be happy?

It’ got to the point now where absolutely everything Benedict Cumberbatch does is criticized. Someone finds offence in everything he does, no matter how innocent. I’ve gotten so I can’t read interviews without nervously scanning them to see if there’s anything anyone could possibly take the wrong way. I can’t watch interviews either. I’ll record them but sometimes can’t even bring myself to watch them. It’s absolutely ruining being in the fandom for me. 

And I know it shouldn’t. He’s said in the past that he knows there will always be people who don’t like him. And he’s okay with that. Why does it bother me so much? I don’t know.

I guess it’s because his work has always helped me deal with my depression. I can put on one of his movies or TV shows and it takes me away from it. It makes me happy when so very little else does. But now when I watch things of his, the back of my mind is buzzing about what the last thing he did that made people upset was. I guess I feel helpless. I want people to stop it. But I know I can’t do one thing about it.

Why people can’t let other people enjoy things, I will never know. Why they get pleasure from ruining things for everyone, I’ll never know. 

Sometimes I find myself in tears because of this. And I know I shouldn’t be so upset. I know it doesn’t do anyone else any harm, just me. I know I can’t change people. 

It’s made me question being on Twitter at all. I took a break earlier this year. I’m on a complete ban of it right now until at least Sunday. Benedict Cumberbatch is on The Graham Norton Show tonight and already nasty things were starting to appear so I won’t be watching it or on Twitter to see what people think. Normally I would be. And I feel sad and let down that I can’t watch it. But I can’t stand the thought of sitting there with my stomach in knots waiting for some innocent thing he says to send some people into “why did he say that” mode. I just can’t do that to myself. 

Will it change? No. I don’t think so. We’re in an age where the absolute nastiest things are accepted as just part of what life is like now. I wish it wasn’t. 

JUST A NOTE: Thanks everyone for your reblogs and comments. You’ve made me feel much better to know that I’m not the only one who feels like this and that there are such wonderful supportive people out there who are fans of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Car Rides With The Hemmings Clan

            I leaned back, double-checking our four-year-old daughter’s seatbelt, before setting up the camera on the dashboard. I glanced over at my husband in the passenger seat. He had sunglasses perched on his face, hiding his baby blue eyes our daughter had inherited. I reached over and snagged them off his face.

“It’s sunny,” he complained, reaching out for them.

“One, you don’t get to wear sunglasses in a video. Two, I like your eyes. Three, sunshade, honey,” I told him with a sigh as I turned on the camera.

            He sighed before flipping the sunshade down, giving in to my request. I smiled as I started recording.

“You’re lucky I love you,” he mumbled.

“I am though,” I told him honestly. “You’re the best husband and the best father. Maisie, isn’t Daddy the best?”

“Daddy is the best!” she shouts from the backseat.

“Daddy loves you a lot, baby girl,” Luke told her, glancing back toward her in the rearview mirror as he spoke.

            A broad smile had formed across his face when he looked at her. I was always his soft spot, ever since we first met when we were seventeen. Now, Maisie was taking the cake from me, but I didn’t mind. Seeing him love her with every ounce in his body made me love him even more than I ever thought I could.

“Okay, so,” I said, looking at the camera. “Luke and I wanted to let all of you in on what goes on during our family car rides.”

“I’m doing this under duress,” Luke added.

“He’s not. He loves doing this. Ask anyone who pulls up next to us at traffic lights,” I corrected.

“Don’t,” Luke laughed. “All the guys are going to make so much fun of me for this. Don’t you dare tell them I do this willingly. Why did I agree to let you film this and put this on the internet?”

“Because you love me and you love the little Nugget in the back who thought it would be cute to show everyone our family car trips,” I reminded him before turning my attention back to the camera. “So, Maisie loves Frozen-”

“Only because you showed it to her like a million fu-freaking times since the day she was born.” Luke managed to catch his curse word this time, but most of the time I have to remind him to watch his mouth. He’s always with the guys and they don’t bother to clean up their language at all, so whenever Luke is home, I have to remind him to watch his mouth. Luke was the odd man out of the band as the only dad since Maisie wasn’t exactly planned. Luke and I had gotten married young and wanted to wait a while before starting a family, but Maisie came along within the first year of our marriage. We had been terrified at first, but now neither of us would change a thing. We couldn’t imagine our lives without our little Nugget, as Luke had called her from the day I first found out I was pregnant.

“Anyway, Nugget loves the movie and she loves listening to the soundtrack in the car. Luke and I have also been getting into it and Maisie said we should show you what we do,” I told the camera. “Ready, Luke?”

“I need a son,” Luke groaned, banging a hand on the steering wheel. “There’s too much girl in my family.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I laughed before turning the song on.

            Luke, despite his earlier protests, slipped right into character when Maisie started clapping as opening lines of “Love is an Open Door” floated through the car. I started lip singing along to the song. Luke joined me enthusiastically during his parts. We went back and forth, performing the duet as he drove. He occasionally glanced over at me as he mouthed the words and I had to bite back a laugh. I managed to get my husband, a six-four pop-punk singer and guitar player with a lip ring, an eyebrow piercing, and multiple tattoos to lip sing a song from a Disney movie in the car with me.

            When the song ended, Maisie clapped again, making both Luke and I laugh.

“So, that’s how the Hemmings do car rides,” I said to the camera. “I hope you guys liked that and, if you’re one of Luke’s band friends, I promise he’s masculine.”

“Great. Thanks, honey. That’ll solve everything,” Luke sighed. He glanced back in the rearview mirror at his daughter, smiling form ear to ear before he added, “But my Nugget and my wife are happy, so forget everything else.”

“Hemmings clan signing off. Everyone wave to the camera!” I shouted.

            All three of us waived toward the camera, Maisie being the most enthusiastic, before I stopped recording and shut it off. Just as I slipped the camera back into my purse, Luke pulled into his parents’ driveway.

“You getting her or am I?” I asked Luke.

“I’ve got her,” he said.

            I smiled as he eagerly hopped out of the car and opened the back door to scoop Maisie up out of her car seat. Whenever Luke was home, he took over as many parenting duties as he possibly could, spending every single second with her he could squeeze into the times she was awake. He’d called me countless nights this past tour, crying about how he was a terrible father and how he should be there for her all the time. He told me once that he was terrified she was going to start hating him because he was never around. My heart broke the night he told me that because I knew it was never going to be true, but Luke didn’t. Maisie adored him. She loved him with every inch of her little person. She could never hate him.

“Do you want to walk or do you want me to carry you?” Luke asked her softly.

            I always loved seeing him interact with her because he was so gentle with her. His large, calloused hands usually gripped a pick and a guitar or a microphone for all they were worth, but he treated her so carefully, never being rough with her. He screamed at massive audiences ever night, but never raised his voice at her. I knew he’d be an excellent father, but he went above and beyond with her.

“Ah, there you three are!” Liz greeted us with cheek kisses and hugs when we walked into the house. “Oh, you’re getting so big, Maisie!”

“Do you want to hold her, mum?” Luke asked Liz.

“I want to stay with you, Daddy,” she mumbled, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Later,” his mom smiled. “I think she wants her daddy right now.”

            Luke couldn’t hide the smile playing across his face. He pressed a soft kiss to Maisie’s head as we walked into the kitchen where the rest of the family was. His brothers reached for him to mess with his hair and tackle him, as brothers do, but refrained when they saw Maisie in his arms.

“Aw, is Nugget sleepy?” Jack asked her.

“No,” she replied. “I just love my daddy.”

“Love you too, Nuggest,” he told her. “So much more than you can possibly understand.”

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Let Live

Requested by voguebikini
‘Can u write a one shot where HARRYS mad at you but someone is hurt at the stadium and U help them and he feels guilty’

A/N: This is the first one shot / imagine I’ve done, so go easy on me and if you liked it request some more please!!
Thanks guys!!



I looked through my bag to make sure I had everything needed for tonights show in Chicago. I had my camera and 2 extra lens and extension flash. I was currently the photographer for the biggest band on the planet aka one direction on their ‘On the Road Again’ tour and it has been so much fun. I had known the boys since the ‘take me home’ tour when i was hired to be their professional photographer for tours. This means I take all Meet and Greet photos and get to be by security during the show to get good up close shots.

You could say I’ve always been the closest with Harry, we just clicked. Harry and I have been dating for a little over a year now, and its been incredible being able to be on tour with them and we don’t have to deal with a long distance relationship.

I walked down the long strip of buses to the doors of the back of the stadium, i heard a few gasps as some fans waiting to see if the boys will come out. I gave a little wave as they started to mutter things with smiles that i couldn’t make out. The fans were great with me but of course there was some people who didn’t like me. Most of those people were over social media i had only met about a dozen fans who told me shit to my face. But obviously they were being honest with their opinions so i try to brush it off.

I showed the security guard my badge and walked down the hall to the dressing rooms. I gave a light knock and then let myself in, you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to learn to knock before entering with these boys.
“Y/N!!!!” Niall yells from the table with food on it with a stuffed mouth
“Hello Niall” I smiled and look around the dressing room, Louis and Liam were playing a video game and Harry was on his phone sitting in the corner.

I strolled over to him in curiosity to what he was up too. He seemed to not realize i had come in because when he looked up and saw me he looked a little taken aback.
“Oh…Hi love” he said looking tried
“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner on Friday night since we haven’t been on a date in a wh-“ he cut me of
“Are you serious?” his eyebrows frowned together like he didn’t like the idea.
“Y-yeah, I was just wond-“
“I don’t want too, that’s one of my only days off this week and I want to go out with he boys that night” His voice turned into a deep growl like it does when he gets annoyed with me.
“okay okay i was just asking” I put my hands up in defense
“Well you always seem to think I’m just free to do whatever when you want” his voice raised higher and he stood up from the ground where he sat
“No I don’t, please don’t yell, the boys don’t need to hear us arguing” I tried to settle him back down before exploding
“Arguing? your the one who started this conversation”
“I just asked you a question and-“
“Will you just shut up and drop it? Your voice is giving me a headache” He screamed in my face and I went silent. The boys all hushed and starred at us.
I gulped as Harry walked off and grabbed a water off the table and took a drink.
“Well if my voice gives you a headache, then why are you dating me?” I questioned
He glared at me “Oh don’t be pathetic” he said and took another drink of his water.

I looked down at my feet, how was I pathetic asking a question like that? I slung my bag over my shoulders and walked out and towards the stage to get some pictures of the fans before the show starts.

I took my camera, setting my bag down by the edge of the stage and walked around taking pictures of girls with their internet friends, their best friends or with their boyfriends. It reminded me of when Harry took me go see my favorite band for the first time. He got us pit tickets so we were right up front and he stood behind me the whole time holding my waist so i wouldn’t get hurt.

I got my mind off Harry when some girls asked to take a selfie with me, I was kinda shocked. They were really pretty girls, so I took some selfies with them and they asked me about Harry and I smiled when they said his name.
“How are you guys?” The girl with long pretty blonde hair asked me, they had to be about 17.
“We’re good” I smiled genuinely
“You guys are so cute, aw. What did you do for your first year anniversary?” the bondie’s friend asked
“Harry and I were in London, and we went on our first date in London and it was like a coffee date. So we went their and had coffee then we walked around downtown and then went to a nice dinner” I smiled at how easy and simple it was, I’ve never been one for over the top things and Harry was such a gentleman that night he kept asking me if I was having a good time like he always did on dates not wanting me to get bored and I’d would always reassure him I was having an amazing time.

I asked the girls their names and the Blonde girl was May and her friend had bright purple hair with pretty brown eyes, her name was Laurel. They were both taller than me with cute festival shorts and crop tops on. I told the girls to have a good night and walked around a little bit more then head back stage. I saw Liam and he was messing around with Niall they turned and saw me.
“Hey Y/N you good?” Liam asked
“Ya i’m okay” I said quietly
“What Harry said wasn’t okay” Niall brought it up.
“I know he’ll come around”

I got some dinner from the catering and then went and took some pictures of icona pop while they performed. It wasn’t my job but I was trying to avoid Harry.

Soon they came on stage and they were on fire. The boys were having a blast and so was the crowd, the crowd was so loud tonight. Harry seemed to be avoiding me on stage but it was okay because i was getting great shots of the other three boys.

I looked back at the crowd and saw the blonde girl, May sitting on some guys shoulders we made eye contact and she lifted her hands off guys hands and waved at me. I waved back I watched her shove her hands in the air and sing along like she was having the time of her life and then i saw terror in her eyes. She was loosing her balance and fell backwards off the guys shoulders.

I gasped and ran down the side of the catwalk and through the crowd rows to where she was standing i saw her friend and the guy and two security guards around her making sure she was okay. I squeezed in and asked her “May are you okay??”
“Yeah I am, I fell backwards but Braden caught me before I hit my head on the chair” She smiled and took a drink of water
“Well you should have been on his shoulders in the first place people were getting annoyed because you were blocking their view and it was a danger hazard” The security guard scolded her “Well at least she’s not hurt” I said

I looked back up on stage and saw Harry’s eyes were burning into me with concern. “Are you good?” I asked May “Yes thank you Y/N for caring” she smiled “Of course” I said and patted her shoulder “I’m going to get back to my job”

I walked back to the catwalk and took some pictures between songs while Liam and Louis spoke. Harry came over to me and I wasn’t sure what to prepare myself for, “Are you fine, love?” Harry spoke with the mic behind his back.
“Yes i’m fine.” I said with no emotion “The girl just fell over there so I wanted to make sure she was okay.” I forced a smile on my face and I could tell Harry noticed it was fake because his eyebrows frowned together and I could see the guilt in his eyes from hurting me earlier.

“Can we talk later in the hotel?” He asked
“Yes” I said and walked off fittling with my camera and changing the lens on it

Later after the concert ended I helped take some of the stage down for what the crew felt like doing for the night. I don’t usually but tonight were staying in Chicago for the night and I try to help as much as possible. Then I made sure I had everything and then I saw Harry waiting at the end of the corridor for me with a very big and buff security guard.
“You didn’t have to wait Harry” I told
“I wanted too.. there was no way I was letting you drive back to the hotel alone with all those fans at the hotel”
“Oh…okay” I muttered and we walked out to the of the many SUV’s we heard screams of course and Harry took my hand in his intertwining them. We got in the car and the drive back to the hotel was silent but my hand never left Harry’s, I looked out the window as we drove through downtown and saw all the lights in the city. I could feel Harry’s eyes on me, We went into the parking garage and went up to our room.
“Y/N…” Harry whispered when he shut the door
“Do you not get how rude you were Harry? You totally embarrassed me in front of the boys you could have just said you had plans instead of blowing up on me” The anger and hurt in me finally exploding.
“I know baby girl, I don’t know what I was doing. Ive been just super tired lately I feel like I’m getting no sleep and so i’m cranky and I’m taking it out on you. I’m sorry. When you were helping that girl and making sure she was okay I realized what a great girl I have and I don’t deserve you. You’re the best thing in my life Y/N.”
“I get it, I just wish you would think before you speak sometimes but I forgive you” I walked over to him and my chest pressed against his. He ran his long slim fingers through his hair “Like I said I don’t deserve you” He shook his head
“Well you have me” I smiled “Let’s go to bed big boy” I walked over to his suit case and grabbed one of his Black Sabbath t-shirts and shimmed out of my jean shorts and took my pretty blouse off and took them in my suit case then put his t-shirt on then took my bra off.

I felt hands wrap around my waist and Harry’s breath against my ear “I love when you wear my shirts, you where them better then me baby girl”
“Damn straight I do” I laughed and turned around in his arms and kissed him lightly on the lips then crawled into the cold, stiff, unfamiliar sheets.

Harry took his black shoes, black jeans and black plain t-shirt and crawled into bed next to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me all over before saying
“I love you Y/N” he pushed some hairs behind my ear
“I love you too Harry” I kissed his nose “good night H”
“goodnight baby girl” he snuggled his face into my neck.

Troye Sivan on moving beyond YouTube to pop radio: 'That's what I want'

Mikael Wood

Singer Troye Sivan may be an established YouTube star with millions of subscribers, but recently while rehearsing for his first major tour, the digital celebrity looked anything but a seasoned veteran.

Running through his song “Happy Little Pill” in a North Hollywood studio, the 20-year-old stuffed his hands in his pants pockets and messed with his hair, clearly unsure what to do with his body as he sang. Later, a stage manager instructed him on the basics of returning for an encore.

“This whole thing is definitely out of my comfort zone,” Sivan said. “But I’m getting more and more comfortable with it every day.”

In the pre-digital age, such performances would’ve been crucial to developing the kind of devoted audience that Sivan has already built online. He’s been making YouTube videos since he was 12, and now the baby-faced artist from Perth, Australia, speaks to millions more on Twitter, where he holds forth in bite-sized installments on food, sex and Taylor Swift (after she tweeted her endorsement of his song “Wild”).

As modern a pop star as you’ll find, Sivan still had to push himself this month during preparations for his road show, which launched last week and stops for sold-out concerts Thursday at the Roxy and Friday at the Lyric Theatre. The tour — along with Sivan’s upcoming debut album, “Blue Neighbourhood” — reflects his desire to turn a YouTube following into the real-world kind.

Watch Troye Sivan’s “Fools” (Blue Neighbourhood Part 2/3).

“I know people with 10 million subscribers on YouTube,” he said after the rehearsal. Wearing a baggy denim shirt over super-skinny black jeans, Sivan sat on a lumpy sofa as he picked at a container of takeout Vietnamese food. “But pop radio? To reach that many people — that’s what I want.”

He isn’t the first Internet personality to attempt such a crossover. But for every Justin Bieber there are countless strivers whose skills have proved unexportable.

Sivan seems more likely than most to break through thanks in part to his proud identification as a “young, openly gay artist” writing “songs about loving boys,” as he described himself and his work. It’s a role that deepens his connection with his fans and gives his music a cultural weight not unlike that of Grammy-winning Sam Smith (who recently wrote on Instagram that Sivan’s voice “does things to my body”). Beyond that, Sivan has the kind of old-fashioned songwriting talent that drove musicians to success in earlier times.

“Troye is like the friend you have who one day sits down at the piano and starts playing, and you’re, like, ‘Oh my God, you’re amazing,’” said Jack Antonoff, the songwriter and producer known for his work with Swift and Sara Bareilles. Antonoff co-wrote and produced Sivan’s song “Heaven” and called the singer “someone who’s meant to be doing this.”

“This whole thing is definitely out of my comfort zone. But I’m getting more and more comfortable with it every day.”
- Troye Sivan

Due Dec. 4 from Capitol Records, “Blue Neighbourhood,” which follows a pair of impressive EPs, is full of shimmering electro-pop textures and disarmingly intimate lyrics, such as this line in his song “Fools” about his and his boyfriend’s differing tastes in deodorant: “You like stick, and I like aerosol.”

“I feel really safe saying whatever I want to say in the music,” Sivan said, one happy artistic result of his having documented nearly half his life on YouTube.

Years before he took to the video-sharing site, Sivan started singing at his synagogue around age 8 and was soon booking gigs at corporate events as a “little boy soprano” doing Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli songs. The experience opened his eyes to the idea of being an artist, but it wasn’t until he wrote his first song — a response to the hit YA novel “The Fault in Our Stars” — that music felt like “a passion,” he recalled. The track, which went viral online, also got him signed to his record label.

For “Blue Neighbourhood,” much of which he wrote and recorded in L.A. with collaborators including Emile Haynie and Bram Inscore, Sivan said he was less interested in demonstrating his vocal power (though it’s certainly there) than in “making you feel the emotion in the music.” He took sonic inspiration from albums such as Lorde’s “Pure Heroine” and Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange,” “where there’s more than one layer to what’s going on in a song,” he said.

Even so, tunes like “Wild” and “Heaven” have an immediacy that stands up to popular Top 40 fare.

“We were definitely focusing on hooks,” said Alex Hope, an Australian producer and songwriter who worked on the album. “'Is this going to sound cool when you’re driving around with the windows down?’ That was always on our minds.”

The combination gives “Blue Neighbourhood” a powerfully relatable quality. In spite of his quick wit and his good looks, Sivan’s appeal is to some degree an Everyguy thing — the way he makes you feel as though you’ve been invited into his head (which, it turns out, is just like yours).

“You tell me what is stopping me from eating this tub of salsa in bed,” he tweeted, along with a photo of said tub, after his Seattle concert last week.

Yet increasingly Sivan is also looked upon as a leader. At a screening of his new music video Tuesday night at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, one visibly nervous fan asked the singer for guidance on how to square his sexuality with his religion.

Regarding his “obligation to the cause,” as he put it, Sivan said he feels fortunate to be in a position to provide whatever help he can to young people struggling to come out.

“I turned to the Internet when I needed it,” he said, adding that he watched “nearly every coming-out video on YouTube” before he made the move himself at 15. “Now I have a lot of Twitter followers, so I can give back as someone who’s on the other side.”

Mike Flynn, an A&R executive at Capitol, said he’s counting on those followers’ devotion — the “army,” he calls them — to help convince gatekeepers in the music industry that Sivan is worthy of their attention.

“Our thinking is, Let’s build the story to the point where KIIS-FM can’t say no,” Flynn said, referring to the influential L.A. pop station. “We want [programmers’] kids to be, like, 'Mom, Dad — Troye’s the biggest thing in the world. You’re missing out.’”

In the rehearsal room, Sivan said he has a long way to go before he cracks the music business like he cracked YouTube. But he’s getting the idea of how things work.

“I can be mentioned now in the same sentence as Taylor Swift,” he said. “That’s, like, what!?”