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The latest Cracked Podcast brings together Kevin Avery, Kid Fury, Crissle West, and Andrew Ti to ask why even the smartest white people can think such racist stuff. And it’s soundtracked to all the hottest new tracks we could bring together on one episode:

Find those first three tracks in this Tumblr post, and find that Kendrick cut (plus all our past curated song picks) in the Cracked Podcast Spotify playlist.

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  • Terri Miller: Andrew was a little jealous because I had a short film that did the circuit and I was travelling with it for about a year and he was like "Air Force One got one weekend! You're getting an entire year!"
  • Andrew Marlowe: I went to the theater in Santa Monica and I ended up with two jackass tv writers cracking jokes through the whole movie while I was watching it... she's going from film festival to film festival, in sold out houses giving her standing ovations every day. It's not fair!
  • Terri: It's pretty gratifying.
  • Andrew: Then I got my residuals and I rubbed them in her nose. Then she said "I married you, I get half".
Peter in the meantime was playing around with, he doesn’t want to drop the spoon, I want him to drop the spoon, in the script it said he almost drops the spoon and I want him to drop the spoon but there’s only one costume so this is a typical situation right, so what can we do because if he drops the spoon and he hasn’t eaten all the soup then it’s going to splash on the costume … god, really, do I have to deal with this! But that’s what’s going on in our minds so question asker I’m sure that was in your mind and the theory of that as well. In the meantime, so that’s when Peter starts playing around with the spoon and things and starts playing around with the drips, in the meantime we’ve come and looked at this second shot with this gorgeous back lit shot and as we’re watching that I’m looking at and thinking well we’ve got to get a detail of the spoon that’s where that, so that’s not something I planned from day one but something I planned as we were working with it. I came up with this progression of shots so its a combination of the main shot was planned and then we progressed as we went along and I felt like it was the perfect punctuation point to ‘forever’.
—  Rachel Talalay answering a question about the planning of the soup scene in Heaven Sent - the afterword podcast

Shannon’s Recent Pre and Post Series 3 Johnlock Recs

In Episode 20 (coming March 1st) we’ll hear more about a few fix-it fics that address the Elephant(s) in the Room as well as a roundtable discussion on the state of the Johnlock ship. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite recently discovered Johnlock stories, both pre- and post-series 3 as well as a few WIPs that are updating regularly and worth following:

Pre-Series 3 Fic

  • Against the Rest of the World (by silentauror) - Finished just three days before series 3 aired, this is a bittersweet post-Reichenbach reunion fic in which Sherlock fights his way back to John both literally and figuratively, forcing John to choose between him and Mary. (Explicit)
  • All We Ought To Ask (by archray) -  John as clergyman, Victorian angst, soul-searching and sexing. Inspired by an actual angsty Victorian novel that deals with similar religious themes but without the sexiness. (Explicit)
  • Fan Mail (by scullyseviltwin) -Begun pre-series 3 and completed just recently.When a fan gets out of hand and Sherlock and John bridge the final gap. Upsetting yet satisfyingly warm and sexy. (Explicit)
  • The Sexual Awakening of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John Watson - (by suitesamba) - There will always be gorgeous Johnlock fic in this fandom. Here’s another new gem, finished pre series 3.  A murder mystery weekend party forces these two to acknowledge what has been there for so long. (Mature)

Post-Series 3 Fic

  • How to Lie (by kedgeree) - Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive. My heart broke a little but not nearly as much as Sherlock’s as he helps train John in the art of deceiving Mary. (Explicit)

Post-Series 3 WIPs

  • Devours, As From a Memory (by hum_hum_humbug) - Fix-it fic that examines the unrequited love and UST between John and Sherlock in a slightly altered series 3 world. (Eventually Mature)

AU WIPs that Pay no Heed to Series 3

  • No Stranger to the Cold (by objetpetita) - Fusion of Sherlock and Jane Eyre with a young and brokenhearted Dr. Watson coming to Thornfield Hall as a personal physical and tutor to the ward of the unusual and isolated Mr. Holmes. (Explicit)
  • A Study in Transfiguration (by Aristophanium) - Potterlock, in which the sortings were influenced by TPP’s own Drinkingcocoa, and the boys are in pursuit of a mystery involving students in Potions in a post-Harry Potter Hogwarts. (Explicit)
  • Working on the Edges (by earlgreytea68) - Johnlock on ice. At the Olympics. I’m a huge fan of the film, The Cutting Edge, so this fic is a little slice of heaven. (Mature)
Up until the day we started shooting Peter was on episode nine, so getting ten minutes with Peter given the volume of work he’s doing at all times…and when he’s not shooting, he’s off doing ADR or photoshoots or, it’s not like if he has a day where he only shoots a half day the rest of the day is his and he can come meet with me or even have dinner with me. He’s also prepping for the next day and so we had about maybe 40 minutes one day where we talked about the episode in a big picture. And then about four or five days into…before each scene we talked about, we talked about the scenes as we went along but about four or five days in we were lighting something very complicated and he and I had about 30 minutes where we talked again about all his, he does extensive notes, I obviously do extensive notes and we had an overview conversation that we were desperate to have for the five days of shooting before that. So, no, yes ideally you would go through everything and talk in detail and we had to make decisions, like, especially in that middle area what iteration are we on, what’s the Doctors mental space here given that we don’t know how long each iteration is so and your hoping that as long as you’re compelled all the way through that there isn’t a right of wrong to those things necessarily. The difficulty of the schedule meant that most of Peter and my dialogue about scenes was as the scene came up.
—  Rachel Talalay on whether she and Peter discussed Heaven Sent before filming the episode - the afterword podcast
I don’t actually remember having a specific dialogue about it, Peter was acting his socks off and that’s what he felt was, he should do. Knowing that we could put a scream in later if we needed to and not wanting to scream for the entire day of doing that scene. But I don’t actually remember much, it’s so compelling what he does, that I don’t remember, we didn’t sit down as I remember . When things seem right you don’t go and say ‘oh well but the script says…’
—  Rachel Talalay on the choice not to have the Doctor scream when attacked by the veil in Heaven Sent - the afterword podcast