this plushie though

*feeling nostalgic for Kirby: Return To Dreamland and goes through main tag liking every pic of that cloaked cat-eared fudger Magolor I can find*

*discovers there’s official merch of him at the Kirby cafe in Japan?!?!*

And now, the crying kiddo from the fourth fnaf game.

Why can a twenty-something-year-old idol walk through a crowded airport with a stuffed animal but my twenty-something-year-old self can’t even go to bed with my precious teddy bear without getting nagged about growing up

Also how does he look handsome even with a hippo plushie but people just mistake me for ten

Why is there so much injustice in the world


O_o  …  Powered through to finish the little plushie….  All the details on him are embroidered, every last piece was hand-stitched together.  He took me about 1/3 of the time to do than it did the bigger one (alova suede is much easier to work with than Crypton suede). I’m giving the little plush to a guest at TFCon…..   yeah…..  :P … giving it to Peter Cullen (that’s my plan anyways).  

ms-bellebelle  asked:

Actually, make that 9 plushies, my very first rabbit plushie I would like to keep, that one is a treasure to me. Also, I don't mind blood and drool all over them, I'd probably hang out with Tomalgam while he's just cuddling all those rabbit plushies. But srsly though that would look so adorable

He’ll be so happy and he’ll just stack and hug all of the plushies in his hands and won’t stop thanking you!

I made a quick trip to the grocery store today, and as always Terezigrub is there to 1NV3ST1G4T3 my haul. Here she is climbing atop a collection of SH4RP TH1NGS to observe the fresh collection of FR4GR4NT H3RBS. 

WH4T’S TH1S? >:!

Terezigrub doesn’t really know what R3D CURRY P4ST3 is, but she has a feeling it would be completely illegal not to use it right away.

anonymous asked:

i noticed you can buy like 99 plush dolls or w/e, is there any benefit in doing that?

Hi! In my room I have 2 of the new Junya plushies. Note that when I remove one of them, my My Room Bonus is lowered by 50 points even though each plushy individually only increases it by 10. In other words, having duplicate items will give you a small extra bonus. (In this case +15) 

I finally finished the thing!! How many hours did this take? Too many tbh.

But it’s cute. So all’s okay.

The long and the short of it- I became Hidden Block Trash™️ because of the Hidden route in Asagao Academy, and wanted to draw a thing for it.

There were gonna be more toys and whatnot added to this? I had Mr Bunny added into the sketch and a bunch of other things I was gonna add scattered around, but ArtRage crashed on me and I ended up like an hour+ of sketching. I couldn’t be asked to add it all back in again, so I just threw in a ton of Nokeballs? Hana still has a Clefairy Clepixie plushie though. It’s just a headcanon I have that Hidden Block!Hana gets given a Clefairy plushie by one of the boys.

I gave Ian an antler. I don’t know why. The colours are a bit off I think, but it’s almost one am rn and I’m too tired to fix it.

Caddy please stop yelling, Hana has the sads. And you are the only one who hasn’t noticed, for whatever reason.

Anyway… hope y’all like this?