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I just started watching Rhett and Link and went to their facebook page after they told people to go because they livestream there and I am looking thru their videos and I can't find any they are in. :( Do they ever make facebook videos?

They used to be in pretty much all of them and there are quite a few good ones (playlist here), though of the eighty-seven videos posted so far this year, there have only been four Rhett and Link exclusive videos (plus three short BTS clips).

"A few of our heroes might be more than just friends.”

(Okay I might be on a giant Hiatus - but when news like this hit the internet, even I rise again!)

This was posted by someone on Facebook today  - the translation of the status is, as follows:

“Relaxed interview with Hajime Tabata about german cars, music playlists and the possibility of a few of our Final Fantasy XV heroes being more, than just simple friends.
With something like this, who still cares about a release date delay?”

The german way in which this is worded pretty much leaves no doubt, that a romance between some of our bro’s is implied.
(Showed this to a few other german native speakers and they all said they get the same impression - so either this was worded in a really confusing way, or it means…what IT MEANS.)

The only thing I am not certain about though:

- It could mean that we can choose whom to date among our bro’s - or its just 2 selected characters being more-than-just-bros for each other.)

As in - is it only one chosen guy we can date?
Or can we date all of them?

Will Noctis date them - or can Noctis play wingman and help them get together?
(Example: Him realizing Prompto has a crush on Gladio and then it’s up to the player to decide on if he ll help them, or not)

My thoughts on this?
If we really had the option for some gay-romancing, it would be ground-breaking.
While Type-0 had a canon-gay characater, this would be the 1st time we’d have a canon gay-romance in a Main Title Game.

Tabata-san has stressed and proven before that he is fan of multiple game franchises - many western series being among them.
It’s also no secret how much western influence XV has.
He is aware of the demand for more inclusion and variety - and when Games like Persona 2, which are ways older, can pull a canon-gay ship, why should XV not be able to do the same?

Honestly, with Tabata-san in charge I really could see this happen.

Please note that I don’t know the guy who posted this - he claims to be some sort of Journalist I guess? Because Interview?
(Was too lazy to do research :’D)
This was not posted via a well-known Game Site’s Page, or via an official account, or anything.
Since this was posted on a private account I did not include the name, but if you access Tabata-san’s profile you should find the post, I believe.
Take it with a ton of salt - ….and please be excited. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Can you do a traveling with ian headcanon? Thnx :)


Ok but the playlist would totally be lit. Like I feel he has a rlly good music taste.

-I feel like t0ll-ians playlist is what I feel he would have as his mix!!

-Every time you guys stop for gas, he buys you a million snacks

-Really long and meaningful talks while you guys are in traffic

-He snapchats you so much

-Ok but if you guys stay at a motel for the night, he’ll try and wake you up as early so you guys can see the sunset, bc this might be the only sunrise you guys see in that town ever.

-He loves eating breakfast at a really small diner with music playing quietly and it’s pretty empty and it’s just you and him

-Coffee cups flood the car

-He gets really nervous when he enters a big city and has to be in a specific road, so he’ll start shouting and throwing the gps at you

-He likes exploring small towns

-So many pictures of the scenery. He’ll have you hold the wheel, and he’ll take the pic

-Singing competitions

-When you guys stop at a pit stop, he’ll wrap a blanket around u both and sleep all cuddled uwu

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I am NOT the Genghis Khan anon, but thanks to the both of you I went looking for villain playlists (actually looking for shit to help me develop an Eobard rather than Coldflash, but the icy ship she is my first love) and found this song called Nemeses by Jonathan Coulton and started picturing pretty much any of the big villains singing that damn song to Barry. Or all of them fighting about it. I'm not picky. Just check the lyrics.

Holy shit these lyrics! You’re totally right. This was made for The Flash, I swear.

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11, 13, 24!

11 - do you listen to music when writing?

yes! definitely! absolutely!!

like i said in a previous ask response, i make playlists for all my multichapter stories, and even for shorter ones usually pick something fitting, like a character playlist or specific songs that work

…and sometimes i just play a single very fitting song on repeat for a whole chapter’s worth of writing, but that happens less frequently

13 - hardest character to write


i think it all started with the fandom was really pitting the older twins against each other so dramatically and i really didn’t want to write like i was playing favorites, but i have always agonized over his characterization. not so much dialogue, i feel pretty okay there, or as okay as i ever do with most other characters. but i still meander all over with concerns about his portrayal and have spent way to much time in wwsd (what would stanley do…..) headspace

which really raises the question of why he’s the person the pov focuses on for the entirety of my longest gf fic but i have no good answers for that beyond “he made the best gothic literature protagonist, thematically, and i care a lot about themes”

24 - favorite scene you’ve ever written

i have several! but! the scene in antidotes where stan and ford are arguing in the kitchen and ford (in the words of julian’s liveblog to me) “argues so hard he collapses” and they awkwardly banter at each other right through it is definitely up there. i was particularly proud of that dialogue

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In a modern au setting (just plop everyone into our world), what music do you think Greed would contribute to a roadtrip playlist? Also for fun, what do you think his fav food would be since there's so many new things to try? I've totally decided that he's going to be all over bai coconut water because I'm like legit addicted to it myself

i think greed’s music taste would have a healthy sprinkling of rap/r&b, grunge, and classic rock. and we’re all pretty much in agreement (see here and here), that greed is also into your standard emo alternative rock groups like panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, fall-out boy, maybe the neighborhood and twenty-one pilots. He’s also wildly, unabashedly into Nicki Minaj. because of this post, I loosely associate the entire Royal Blood album with greed, and i also kinda think artic monkeys has a certain aesthetic that would appeal to him. But when it comes to roadtrip mixes, i feel like greed is definitely the kind of asshole that would add stupid shit to the queue like “what’s new pussycat” 21 times in a row

with a modern au and food, i think greed probably eats like a friggin garbage disposal. will eat anything on a dare. the only thing he outright refuses to eat is beef (”for a friend”). he’s the kind of guy who fucks up his tongue by eating a pound-bag of sour-patch kids in one sitting. loves popeye’s and taco bell. i also like to think he’s a starbucks junkie, will spend $5+ on a single drink. 

i have a playlist for her. its 21 songs long. its not even done and im.

god. shes so wonderful. shes so understanding and caring. shes sweet and funny and im so at ease talking to her. weve been friends long enough that i dont really worry if anythings going too far bcus i know where the lines in the sand are. i love talking to her she sounds so cute and hearing her laugh makes me feel the same way spring does after winter. i trust her so much and i love her and shes so pretty and lovely and wonderful and i just.

god. god. i got so damn lucky.

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squeaks i just started listening to Brand New again and they remind me of your taste! do you listen to them? (if not you might like them i think)

i haven’t listened to them! but I’m looking to get into new bands, i haven’t added any new bands  to my playlist in a long time 

i used to rely on my favorite radio station to introduce me to new bands because they were SO GOOD they got me into Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Broken Bells, Portugal. the Man…actually they got me into pretty much all my bands 

but recently they’ve been kinda….not good? just playing the same 8 songs over and over again, and the genre has shifted really dramatically in a direction i dont  like (for all you seattlites, its 107.7) 

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OMG ok so your FYA fic (which is truly amazing, I love how you have captured each character. I could go on but this is a separate topic) and specifically the relationship between a Kylo and the reader really reminds me of the song Synthetic Love by Motionless In White sooo much. It is a hardcore song so if you're not interested in that then skip the song but definitely read the lyrics.

*blushblush* Thank you very much! And! I just listened to the song–I like pretty much everything except for like, death metal or stuff that’s like, discordant noises. And music people smoke weed/do drugs to. That shit is boring as fuck.

But YES ABSOLUTELY I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! I love the lyrics, I love the song. I love to hear songs that are about their dysfunctional relationship. Ahhhh. I put it on my playlist!! <3

iron-cap replied to your post “@incinerates Ahaha, well I never imagined that people would be playing…”

LOL. EHATS WRONG WITH MILOW? 50 Cents version is totally smutier, and on my NSFW playlist, that’s pretty much the tamest song on there. XD also, in regards to you “watching Bob Ross in the background”…ARE YOU DRAWING SMUT? Is that what this ‘survey’ is about???

@iron-cap THAT IS EVEN WORSE! All that singing about being tired of technology and yet the song sounds like they are stuck in 16-bit game console, what the hell 50 Cents and Timberlake

Hey man, I’m just trying to be a good friend here and get yours and @i-d-k-man ‘s birthday cards done here :O Not sure if these are even considered smut since there’s nothing sensual in these drawings. I’m not used to this stuff

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So, What’s on the playlist, Sunny? (I was reading your About Me page and I'd like to know!) btw its sarah :P (used to be illegal-meme-dealer until i decided i should stop showing what phase im in why my url haha)


EDEN’s I think you think too much of me EP just came out and it’s pretty great! Albeit not my favorite EP of his but it’s still fantastic if you want to listen to it!

(There are some songs with explicit words and some more mature themes so listen with caution :)) 

In another direction, I’ve really been loving Ricky Mear’s Deliverance EP!



Stay Down=


It’s really great and affordable on Itunes :D I like the drum and bass and future bass vibe it has going :) 

I’m so happy someone asked that finally ;u; Thanks sarah! ;A: 


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i feel like you have a gay playlist somewhere

Lmao, I was never hiding it in the first place?

It’s called “Two Girls In Love” and it’s technically one of my Gravity Falls playlists, but if you actually look at it, it’s pretty much just a gay playlist

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hey! just wanted to stop by and say I saw your playlist idea and then read your about me and I am super impressed. I have such a hard time reading fantasy so you seem a little bit super-human! if you're up for it, I'd love to hear your take on a Thranduil playlist? I feel like he went through a pretty big change throughout the course of the battle and it would be really interesting to see that explored more. ♡

Hey there thank you so much!

Ah nah, it’s just that people are different, sometimes we like reading more one thing than others. I personally read evrything. Everything meaning literally everything. I have my preferences of course but I love and read all kinds of books. One time in university (the lair of prejudice) when I told a professor Tolkien was my favourite author he said “oh but that’s because you only read those stuff right? If you knew the mastery of the great writers you wouldn’t say that.” Can you believe that? I was so mad that I couldn’t even give him a good answer I just said “I read the “great writers” they’re okay, but compared to Tolkien they suck”. Of course I don’t think that but fuck that asshole! Well later on I had the chance to rub my literature knowledge on his face so it’s okay. :)

And I put Thranduil on the list friend. :)

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15 and 23?

15. Eye color?

Grey-green :>

23. Favorite song?

How.. how does one limit a tremendous playlist of favourite songs to a single piece? I really love Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’, ‘Kamikaze’ and ‘Fuzzy Blue Lights’ among so many other songs from him. And then I also adore ‘Roulette’ and ‘Highway Song‘ from System of a Down, and aughhh pretty much the entire fire emblem fates ost….

Whelp pick one of these because I just can’t pick only one.