this playlist is pretty much just


a distinctive sound // an 84 song journey (in four parts) through a vast musical landscape, to the outer reaches of stereophonic sound, in all its majesty. for best results, use headphones, and consider taking the time to just sit back, close your eyes, and feel where the music takes you.

vol. 1: exploration // a 21 song introduction to the wide possibilities of stereophonic sound. // listen // download

1. stereo (mono mono) - the brunettes // 2. bread and roses - mr. hudson & the library // 3. a distinctive sound - gotye // 4. passion - yoshida brothers // 5. money - pink floyd // 6. upstairs - psapp // 7. my lover’s gone - dido // 8. a cowboy overflow of the heart - the avalanches & david berman // 9. space oddity - david bowie  // 10. bohemian rhapsody - queen // 11. the long island sound - beirut // 12. upular (3d version) - pogo // 13. such great heights - the postal service // 14. a venture - yes // 15. love affair - regina spektor // 16. long, long, long - the beatles // 17. spring and a storm - tally hall // 18. two small deaths - wye oak // 19. ekki múkk - sigur rós // 20. full moon in paris - amber rubarth // 21. stairway to heaven - led zeppelin

vol. 2: immersion // 21 songs to wander deeper into the wilderness of sound, and get lost in it. // listen // download

1. where is my mind? - yoav ft. emily browning // 2. hanna’s theme (vocal version) - the chemical brothers // 3. kettering - the antlers // 4. the last song ever written - stars // 5. e is for estranged - owen pallett // 6. hardwire - metric // 7. retrograde - james blake // 8. marta’s song - deep forest // 9. hide and seek 2 - imogen heap // 10. jacksonville - sufjan stevens // 11. grand central station - rogue valley // 12. the rip tide - beirut // 13. holocene - bon iver // 14. brothers on a hotel bed - death cab for cutie // 15. cologne (piano orchestra version) - ben folds // 16. new doomsdays - mimicking birds // 17. teardrop - massive attack // 18. angels - the xx // 19. smother - daughter // 20. creep - i’m not a pilot // 21. winter 2 - max richter/antonio vivaldi

vol. 3: submersion // 21 instrumental songs to meet you at the shoreline of a vast, deep sea of sound, and draw you under the waves with them, through dark, foreboding depths, and warm, sunny tropics, and all that lies between. // listen // download

1. prelude - the decemberists // 2. lose control - the vitamin string quartet // 3. black rose/green sun - h.omestuck // 4. summer 2 - max richter/antonio vivaldi // 5. morning talk/supersymmetry - arcade fire // 6. contact - daft punk // 7. wait it out (instrumental version) - imogen heap // 8. the garden - siddhartha barnhoorn // 9. mr. handagote - tomas dvorak // 10. breath and life - paul dinletir // 11. the bottom feeders - darren korb // 12. painted sun in abstract - trent reznor & atticus ross // 13. war is over/eta ya - paul cantelon // 14. the devil is in the details - the chemical brothers // 15. parents, prisoners, and the picture - bobby johnston // 16. isadora’s lair - christof dienz // 17. ashes to the wind/roux returns - rachel portman // 18. dearly beloved - kaoru wada/yoko shimamura // 19. la petite fille de la mer - vangelis // 20. foreground - grizzly bear // 21. time - hans zimmer

vol. 4: explosion // and finally, 21 songs to wrap you up in a rush, and pull you crashing back to the surface with bright lights flashing. // listen // download 

1. girls girls $ - theophilus london // 2. 551 - dessa // 3. paranoid android - radiohead // 4. shock to your system - tegan and sara // 5. pink batman - dan deacon // 6. express yourself - diplo ft. nicky da b // 7. monster - kanye west ft. jay-z, bon iver, rick ross, & nicki minaj) // 8. bang - rye rye ft. m.i.a. // 9. rampage - kavinsky // 10. love like a sunset - phoenix // 11. psyche - massive attack ft. martina topley-bird // 12. vision one - röyksopp // 13. what i got - sublime // 14. stay don’t go - spoon // 15. vulture - patrick wolf // 16. vow - garbage // 17. television - natalia kills // 18. beyond monday - the glitch mob // 19. drugs - ratatat // 20. super taranta! - gogol bordello // 21. la lights - grum

Hey everyone!! So I’m pretty sure most of you know how much I love musicals! I thought I would create a Spotify playlist of some of my fave songs from shows you may not have heard of! Check them out at my profile on Spotify!! Just search “Thomas Sanders” and look for me in the Profiles section!

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Headcanon that they manage to find a way to pirate their favourite Earth music in space. And then they blast music from their Lions even though no sound can be heard in space. They like battling on planets because then the Galra hear their music and they feel extra pumped.

When they form Voltron, they have to take turns picking the music, but they mostly agree that when it’s Shiro’s turn, and he breaks out the AC/DC, they always kick twice as much ass as before.

behold the most important smh categorization since attic v. roaches

  • wellies who know all of Kanye West’s Monster by heart:
    • lardo
    • ransom
    • holster
    • (the samwell class of 2016 is just Cooler Than U, sorry)
    • whiskey (honorary ‘16 for this reason)
  • wellies who only know nicki’s verse, but they Fuckin Own It:
    • shitty
    • bitty
    • nursey
    • chowder
  • wellies who unironically ask “what song is this?” EVERY TIME it’s on:
    • tango (with trepidation)
    • dex (with thinly-veiled distaste)
    • jack (with NO recognition)
    • johnson (”wow, does kanye west exist in this canon? my musical knowledge is pretty much limited to thematically poignant beyoncé songs and bitty’s warmup playlist, ha”)

Hello Fellow Fígrid Fans! 

In the last year Fígrid has grown and grown as a ship, but we’d like to spread the love even more and try to get our little ship sailing strong! 

As such, we’ve devised a cunning plan; Fígrid Febuary! 

It will be a month long fanevent, run by us here at FYeahFigrid, encouraging everyone to fill the tag with all love for this little rowboat.

There’ll be daily prompts for writers and artists to create new works. 

We’ll be reblogging and sharing all our old favourites too, as well as encouraging you all to do the same! 

Pretty much anything tagged with “Figrid Febuary” we’ll reblog, be it headcanon, metta, RP Requests, playlists - you name it. We just want to celebrate our beloved ship with you all =)

We’ll announce the first set of prompts on 25th January to give you time to prepare, but for now follow us for more updates about what’s to come! 

Art by the lovely @tosquinha  

☆ chill night time jams for the people who come alive at sundown ☆

sonnet - the verve | pretty baby - brendan benson | female robbery - the neighborhood | electricity - arctic monkeys | brand new day - ryan star | say it, just say it - the mowgli’s | asleep - the smiths | blue monday - new order | love will tear us apart - joy division | creep - radiohead | sex (acoustic) - the 1975 | the eternal - joy division | fireside - arctic monkeys | pretty girls make graves - the smiths | heart out - the 1975 | to lose my life - white lies | last night i dreamt somebody loved me - the smiths | girl you’ll be a woman soon - urge overkill | shake the disease - depeche mode | son - the national | diamonds - the boxer rebellion | knee socks - arctic monkeys | reel around the fountain - the smiths | fever - the black keys | lullaby (instrumental) - the cure

S A V E / {listen}

1. Lonely Rose Cusco / 2. Never Be Alone The Fat Rat / 3. Heartache (Extended) Undertale OST / 4. The Trouble Pogo & Jeesh / 5. Dreamcatcher Set It Off / 6. Don’t Give Up (Extended) Undertale OST / 7. American Horror Story (Dubstep Remix) Darklordz / 8. Super Final M.T.B. Dangan Ronpa OST / 9. Memory (Extended) Undertale OST / 10. Lonely Planet Nautiluss / 11. Painted World Two Steps From Hell / 12. Bring It In, Guys & Last Goodbye (Extended) Undertale OST

Art by godzillagiroflex


Wish You Were Here Fan Mix for day 6 of my 15 days of fan mixes
Previous fan mix

1.If These Sheets Were States - All Time Low 2.Shrink the World - Yellowcard 3.Never Met You - Tom Law 4.West Coast Friendship - Owl City 5.I Miss You - Blink-182 6.Hey There, Delilah - Plain White Tees 7.The Call - Regina Spektor 8.In Space - Ludo 9.Northern Downpour - Panic! at the Disco

I hate whoever messed up and deleted Ashton’s Spotify playlist. You don’t mess with or delete someone’s music playlist especially if been created throughout the years. That’s their “life” you fucking with. That playlist Ashton build can correlate to certain memories, people in his life, favorite songs/albums, who they liked at the time, situations, his emotions at that time, etc. You deleting or messing with their music playlist is pretty much like messing with them. Just don’t fucking touch their shit. Hope Spotify can get all that fixed for him and recover it and help guide him to set his playlist to a public playlist (not collaborative) so no one can edit it.

UPDATE: Spotify recovered it and took it off collaborative mode so no one can edit it or delete it again. But just in case I saved a copy of his playlist on my account in case he needs it again if shit goes down.

lights out/lock up

malachite fanmix / listen on 8tracks

rumble - brooke waggoner / all the rowboats - regina spektor / in the direction of the moon - wolf parade / astronaut - wintersleep / après moi - regina spektor / colony - now, now / did you drive - the blow / fancy claps - wolf parade / my body is a cage - arcade fire

30 day summer study challenge xvi/xxx

study sounds 

Tbh guys, I just listen to whatever music is in my phone or on youtube when I study. I love music, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not the type who’s really motivated to search/update myself on music things- in general, I love musicals (coughHAMILTONcough) & anime music - so I’m pretty much _(┐「ε:)_. 

BUT!! I have searched studyblr for absolutely wonderful resources for different study playlists, by lovely people in the community much better versed in this than I am, and I’ve compiled some of them here! Enjoy lovelies!! 

movie playlists/classical music

anime/video game instrumentals 

study moods series by @howtomusicmajor

+ study moods by @getyoureducation


THE WORST PART WASN’T LOSING HIM. IT WAS LOSING ME  just a playlist with pretty songs and deep lyrics i compiled for myself. hope you enjoy this as much as i do.  [listen] [download]

colors - halsey // go go chaos - bonjah // intro - the xx // without you - lana del rey // the heaven smiles - peacock affect // i won’t mind - relta remix // compass - zella day // no rest for the wicked - lykke li // feeling good - ane brun // coming down - halsey // you - keaton henson // 102 - matty healy // if you love me come clean - flatsound* // ride (monologue) - lana del rey //  

ok sO i hit 3k last month and it’s almost christmas so i thought i’d combine those two things and say a lil thank you to all of you!! i’ve had this blog for just over a year (feels like waY longer) and i’ve met some fkn amazing people over that time so ty for being cool n nice n supplying lots of memes, i appreciate it (especially the memes)

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roisin/avocadhoe/great grandchild: ( @calom ) maaaaate, broooo, maaaaaate, ur my avocado queen, the most talented poet and honestly the sweetest lil peach in the world, love u x10000 

tara: ( @hotdamn5sos ) honestly just thank u for helping me to keep track of where 5sos are and what they’re doing, posting tweets 0.00002 seconds after they actually posted them it’s amazing, *dj khaled voice* “i appreciate u”

The Most Annoying Boys In The World™:  ( @5sos-official ) u suck

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** Listen Here **

Bagginshield + Pretty Space Words

Aphelion - the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is farthest from the Sun
(The battlements scene, mostly from Thorin’s PoV)

♦ Tracklist
01 Elastic Heart - Sia | 02 Love the way you Lie (part II) - Rihanna ft. Eminem | 03 Heavy in your arms - Florence and the Machine | 04 The Fall - Imagine Dragons | 05 Things we lost in the Fire - Bastille | 06 Liar - Mumford and Sons | 07 Wide Awake - Katy Perry  | 08 Death of Me - R.e.d. | 09 What Have You Done - Within Temptation | 10 Everything Goes Black - Skillet   

Another playlist of another series. (I’m slowly gathering songs for the Places of Middle Earth one.)

You and Me and the Atmosphere

Listen on 8tracks (X)

Aka “A Romantic Picnic in Space”
The fluffiest sweetest most romantic RickMorty playlist to ever exist.

The first time you listen, the songs are in a ‘story’ order. Read the annotations to read the story (or click here for it all put together in a post). Not every song has annotations.
Pretty much, Rick is taking Morty into space for a romantic get away where they hang out, have fun, tell each other they love each other so much, they might have sex depending on how you want to view it, and then it mellows out to a sweet after glow.

Cover image by @qanine

This mix too sweet for you? Do you enjoy having your heart broken? Try my friend @homosoupien ‘s mix: Rick Sanchez Made Me Sad
Want a RickMorty playlist that’s a little more serious? Try “Don’t Tell Your Mother”.