this playlist is pretty much just

things procrastinators say:

  • i can’t write my paper because until i find a good study playlist
  • one more youtube video
  • i need chocolate first
  • ok i’ll get started at 7…ok 7:30………..ok 10…
  • after i shower i’ll be productive i swear
  • i’m just taking a short break
  • what do you mean “have i started yet?” of course i’ve started! i put my name on the page yesterday
  • i basically know everything i’m gonna say, it’s just a question of getting it on the page so it’s pretty much already done
  • sure it sounds like a lot but i don’t think it’ll actually take me that long once i get started
  • i know it seems like im procrastinating right now but like…if i don’t get this out of my system i’m not gonna be able to pay attention so it’s actually like..helping me get my stuff done to be on tumblr right now

Passion’s Sanctuary 

“In you and I there’s a new land
Angels in flight
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
My sanctuary my sanctuary yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music will tie
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
What’s left of me”

Was painting with Spotify again and decided to just go to random desktop playlist and Utada Hikaru’s Sanctuary popped up and I felt inclined to do another environmental speedpaint.
I really wanted to bring some of the older black and white pieces together and color them in some sorts, so this is pretty much a sum of all of them in one picture.

aquiver | 02 (m)

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings: mature themes, talk of masturbation, smut, language, fluff
words: 11,520
summary: Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…
note. inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the character’s past occupation haha

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classical music for studying

Hello! This is my first masterpost and I thought to make it about classical music since I do have a bit of knowledge in that area. The music and playlists I chose here are chosen along my personal preferences — they may not work for you! Please let me know if any of the links don’t work etc. etc. Hope you like it!  

[[[ Also, please do not consider classical music as only useful for studying; you might not like it which is fine, but it’s an autonome genre of music. It is made for listening and enjoying just like pop or death metal. It holds emotion just like other genres of music. ]]]


  • Period Study: Volume 1 by ankwa: a great playlist of medieval, mostly vocal music, but it’s in latin i think so unless you speak it it shouldn’t be distracting! 
  • Period Study: Volume 2 by ankwa: pretty much all instrumental music from the Renaissance period. upbeat and fun to listen to, very motivational. 
  • Period Study: Volume 3 by ankwa: baroque music from the same collection, again pretty much all instrumental. this one i like less because it makes me jam too much, but maybe you’ll like it. 
  • late morning studying by Montague-Fuzzlepeck: a bit more vocals but very relaxing overall. it’s not just classical though and contains some classical crossover etc. 
  • Keep It Classycal by Audiophile: exclusively classical music; contains some popular pieces like Bach’s Cello Suite no. 1 Prelude and Pachelbel’s Canon in D.
  • The Best of Bach: as the title of the video says. for some of the pieces, the audio level varies a lot so make sure to not put your volume too high! 
  • Chopin Complete Nocturnes again, it’s exactly what the title says. i like full videos for these things because there are no ads before every single piece! 


Some of these are longer, some shorter; maybe you could listen to them to see if you like them and make a playlist out of your favourites! They are all links from YouTube as that is usually what I use to listen to music. 

As I said, let me know if any links don’t work and I hope this will be useful to you and your studies! I’m also always open to requests/suggestions :] 

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first vikings now MERMEN how do you know all my favourite things, and also draw them so gorgeously, thank you and i hope you have a wonderful day


UtA was basically the result of a bunch of my fave things mashed into one. 

preview WIP panel of an upcoming short lapidot comic!

i just want to take a minute to remind you all that you aren’t a bad person for missing your abuser, and this comic will touch on why. i’ve been in the same position for the last 2-3 years and it’s been a tough recovery, but the first lesson you need to learn before you can heal is that it’s okay to miss them.

quick shoutout to this playlist which i pretty much listen to whenever i’m drawing lapidot (and i really wish i could listen to it more than once a day)

ok but it’s canon that shou likes to listen to everything when it comes to music. and i like to think that this literally means everything.

like, stuff like top50 pop music, of course, dubstep and house remixes, sure, but then, he also likes hard rock, listens to metal and screamo, weird stuff like this, vocaloid, classical music, he pretty much likes a bit of everything he runs into - a bunch of meme songs too, of course, because this is shou we’re talking about

and it’s all squashed together into one giant youtube playlist, (which is named a keyboard smash probably)

when they get together and he invites ritsu over, and ritsu doesn’t care about music so he just tells him to play whatever he likes while they’re making out. shou does, and so ritsu keeps getting progressively more annoyed with each song that comes up, like what the hell, you have a chopin piece playing after nicki minaj, what even-

he pulls away at one point and draws the line like “no dude, i’m not kissing you to We Are Number One But With Airhorns”

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I don't know if I'm over thinking this, but I noticed that heavy in your arms was added to the rq4 playlist, and since when you die your body becomes heavier (I think) is this your way of telling us that there will be a pretty significant death, like mare, cal or other? Love the books by the way x

I wouldn’t read into the playlist that much. Some songs will really confuse you. Some *are* directly related to scenes and characters, while some just help me write.:)

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hi i feel like i've lost all motive to be productive and now i'm slipping. do you have any advice?

i’m in pretty much the exact same boat pal – i’m in this weird interim space in my life, but the things that do help me (and i know will help me if i can just pull my depressed ass off the couch)

  1. routines!! it’s a sense of familiarity and repetition that can start your day well and good, and send you off on a good day (hopefully)
  2. good playlists and music, the sort that calm you down and quiet your head
  3. eat!! eat something yummy and good for you (and your soul but also your body)
  4. meditate – take time to clear out your head, i find this always helps recenter my focus
  5. know that as much as you’ve lost motivation and will to be productive, the world will keep on turning so sometimes you just have to wrench yourself up from the depths of whatever it is you’re dealing with and just do your shit, as unfortunate as that is. 

i’m sorry, i’m in a really lousy space today, but i’m hoping this helped you a little bit!! and maybe it helped me too, i have so many things to do that i am not doing, rip. i’m wishing you all the best sweet anon <33

does anybody also have that one album or band that everytime you listen to, you imagine vivid memories of the past when you used to listen to it? 

It’s pretty much impossible for me to listen to Gorillaz anymore (pretty much every song from them) while I am drawing because my art skill becomes waaaaay worse. I used to play long hours of Gorillaz playlists back when I was a beginner artist and now all I can think of in my head is bad anatomy and terrible messy sketches. I just find this interesting ;o;


okay i know some people may not care but i just really want to explain my spotify playlists here and share them okay yes cool they’re pretty self-explanatory but just let me live okay

ABSOLUTE LOVES: Okay so this is basically just all of my favourite songs (it’s a big playlist because I have a lot of favourite songs) but it all kind of varies between styles and tempos and all that jazz. This is the most likely playlist to be changed because I’m constantly finding new music. 

SLEEPY SLEEP: This playlist is probably my favourite because it’s helped me so so much, it’s a collection of soothing and slow songs, and it’s obviously really good for getting to sleep, but also for calming down and just relaxing. 

STUDY PLAYLIST: This playlist mostly consists of soft and nice but not distracting songs, but not slow ones to make you sleepy, just not necessarily something that would get you up and dancing instead of well, studying. 

SHOWER PLAYLIST: This is kind of just filled with fun and upbeat songs that you’d want to sing in the shower, and even when you’re out of the shower and getting ready, I guess just songs to get you excited for wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing. I’d hope that you wouldn’t listen to all the songs during one shower though… (haha wow sarah you’re funny).

RAINY DAY PLAYLIST: Okay this song works for both literal rainy days and emotional rainy days, since it’s really just a bunch of songs to snuggle up in blankets and cry to. Kind of lame, I know. But it’s nice to just let out emotion and feel all dramatic and sad every now and then.

PICK ME UP PLAYLIST: This is kind of the opposite to the rainy day playlist, as it is full of songs to just dance and muck about to. Whether you need it as a mood-lifter, something to wake up and get energised with or something else, it’s sure to be a jam (just a warning, there are quite a few beyonce songs on there so if you don’t like beyonce, unfollow me on all social media right now) 

COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST???: Okay so this was an experiment to see if I could join our creative forces together and find somewhere that everyone can share their favourite songs but it kind of flopped so please help and add songs you like so we can work together. 


Headcanon that they manage to find a way to pirate their favourite Earth music in space. And then they blast music from their Lions even though no sound can be heard in space. They like battling on planets because then the Galra hear their music and they feel extra pumped.

When they form Voltron, they have to take turns picking the music, but they mostly agree that when it’s Shiro’s turn, and he breaks out the AC/DC, they always kick twice as much ass as before.

Soundtrack for My Day 1/20/2017

Just some of the songs I’m listening to throughout today to deal with certain frustrations and to get me in the mood for tomorrow.

Tomorrow - Annie

Respect - Aretha Franklin

For Now - Avenue Q

Fighter - Christina Aguilera

Cat People (Putting out the Fire) - David Bowie

Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks

Shipping up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys

Build a New Tomorrow - Galavant S2 Soundtrack

Today We Rise - Galavant S2 Soundtrack

Hamilton Soundtrack (Yes, pretty much all of it)

The Hanging Tree - Hunger Games Soundtrack

Man in Black - Johnny Cash

Who Am I Living For? - Katy Perry

Roar - Katy Perry

Do You Hear the People Sing? - Les Miserables

Sister Suffragette - Mary Poppins Soundtrack

Bitch - Meredith Brooks

How Far I’ll Go - Moana Soundtrack

Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar

Dear Mr President - Pink

Trouble - Pink

We Will Rock You - Queen

TIme Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show

King of Anything - Sara Bareilles

Fairytale - Sara Bareilles

Sweet As Whole - Sara Bareilles

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - Secret Sisters (Hunger Games Soundtrack)

Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift (Hunger Games Soundtrack)

See Who I Am - Within Temptation

Stand My Ground - Within Temptation

What’s Up - 4 Non Blondes

What songs are helping you get through today?


You and Me and the Atmosphere

Listen on 8tracks (X)
Listen on Playmoss (X)

Aka “A Romantic Picnic in Space”
The fluffiest sweetest most romantic RickMorty playlist to ever exist.

The first time you listen, the songs are in a ‘story’ order. Read the annotations to read the story (or click here for it all put together in a post). Not every song has annotations. (this is for 8tracks, on playmoss they’re always in order but don’t have annotations)
Pretty much, Rick is taking Morty into space for a romantic get away where they hang out, have fun, tell each other they love each other so much, they might have sex depending on how you want to view it, and then it mellows out to a sweet after glow.

Cover image by @qanine used with permission

This mix too sweet for you? Do you enjoy having your heart broken? Try my friend @homosoupien ‘s mix: Rick Sanchez Made Me Sad
Want a RickMorty playlist that’s a little more serious? Try “Don’t Tell Your Mother”.

Grand Gestures

Fifth installment of the Jacob Black “Home” series (“Home” - “Familiarities”“Reunion” - “Pitching Fits”) requested by so, so many of you. “Just wondering if you are going to continue the jacob black series because im obsessed with it. Seriously i cant wait for more of your amazing writing even if its not the jacob series.” If you’d like a continuation, just drop me an ask. The story is pretty much mapped out, so all I need to see is the interest to punch out the next installment. Hope you like it!

All past and future installments of this series can be found on the “The Story Continues…”page.

Listen to the series playlist on the “Playlist” page.

You were swelling with a victor’s pride as you joined the crowd exiting the lunch room that day, Bella’s irritation hardly putting a dent in your radiant success; you’d conquered the majority of your problems, all in one conversation. It had been such a simple solution, dangling itself in your face… the only downside was that your glimmering trophy was pinched between the over-eager fingers of Mike Newton. Most of your problems were swept underneath the rug, sure, but you’d willingly sacrificed both your peace and Bella’s by entangling yourself within the blond boy’s social snare. There was no doubt in your mind that he’d be pulling moves; first the offering of the front seat, next an arm on the headrest, a knowledgeable comment on the houses passing by, the nature trails, the weather. The car ride would be the worst of it, you knew; once you were on the Beach, you had the promise of Jacob Black as an ever-willing safety net. Even without the protection of your best friend, you knew you’d be able to lose Newton in the woods. He may have the book-smarts to survive a few nights in a tent, but no amount of training in his mother’s store could account for the tangle of roots in the ocean of daunting cedars. You were set. Bella, on the other hand… well, she was less inclined to jaunt off to the beach with her new acquaintance, especially after your rip in the truck that morning. She tackled you, verbally at least, at the end of the school day, her hands slack on the steering wheel with lack of anticipation.

“How quickly are you planning to ditch me for Jacob Black once we make it to La Push?” she inquired, her voice soft and leaking injury like fluid from a shallow wound. Your chest tightened with guilt, your face blazing with heated embarrassment at the thought of being so predictable in your abandonment. She offered a weak smile, her lips pressed into a thin line, turning upwards ever so slightly to indicate her lack of aggression. “I’m not angry with you, Y/n, I’m just saying… I don’t know, let me know when I’m a part of your escape route, okay? I still have to plan mine.” She turned the keys in the ignition, her beast of an automobile raging beneath you, your ears vibrating with the sheer force of the engine’s growl.

“Am I really that obvious?” You questioned, Bella’s warm eyes flickering from your face to the rain-slick road behind you, watching as students tore out of their parking spots at breakneck speeds. She grinned, her body twisting as she began to reverse, the truck’s groan a sign of progress.

“As soon as you started talking to Mike, I knew you were up to something. What could you be interested in at La Push?” She feigned confusion, her eyes narrow as she followed the string of cars as they exited the parking lot. You slapped at her arm, knocking her elbow into her rib cage. She scoffed in mock offense, her jaw dropping dramatically. “First she talks her way to another man via Mike Newton, and now… she dares to distract the driver? No limits.” You rolled your eyes, leaning your head back against your seat, your body melting easily into the worn leather upholstery. Despite your comfort levels, you found your skin prickling with a different sort of heat; the embarrassment you had felt at the thought of abandoning your sister had faded from your face, but a new breed of tingling warmth flooded your body at the thought of Jacob Black, drastically changing the temperature (and likely the colour) of your skin. What was it with your family and matchmaking?

“God, not you too. Charlie’s already rooting for a marriage, or at least he was. I don’t need you two tag-teaming to steer me into a relationship with my best friend.” Bella clicked her tongue in faux defeat, eyeballing your flushed face as she drove, trying her hardest not to appear conspicuous. She had all the stealth of an elephant in high heels, her gaze burning holes in your already scorched face, watching for telltale signs of her sister’s involvement with public enemy number one. After a few moments of silence, save the earsplitting roar of the truck, Bella’s voice filtered over the engine, pricking at your ears. “You should call him tonight, if you can. Let him know you’re coming down so he can pull you from Mike’s clutches. Wouldn’t want you to be stuck with a bunch of boring juniors all day, especially…” she widened her eyes knowingly, capping her sentence in silence, knowing you’d fill her empty ending with your pre-made prejudices about the leader of the outing. She guided the truck into Charlie’s driveway, parking beside your father’s police cruiser, cutting the engine and flooding your world with watery quiet, rain pattering against the metal exterior of the cabin. You exited the vehicle, not bothering with a hood, allowing the few seconds of exposure to dampen your hair as you walked towards the front door, listening for the telltale signs of Charlie’s presence within the house, planning routes to avoid him. He was far from in the clear, unless he’d somehow managed to visit Billy while in uniform and apologize for his explosive departure. You doubted any progress had been made.

Bella held the door for you, her keys jingling against her palm as she moved inside, darting up the stairs to the quiet sanctuary of her bedroom, stumbling audibly as she disappeared from sight. Charlie’s usual clamor was erupting from the kitchen like an active volcano shouting its intentions to the villages below; silverware clattered against each other, cups clinked, and water ran roaringly over sink edges. Even without visibility, you could tell he was creating quite the mess. You wandered over to the phone, your fingertips barely brushing the cradle before Charlie’s footsteps found you, the gravelly bass of his voice humming weakly against your ears.

“Hey, Y/n,” he began, his tone failing to mask his discomfort; he was well aware of your current opinion on his more recent actions. You turned to face him, absorbing his figure; his hands were tucked into the pockets of his police jacket, his badge gleaming softly in the yellow light of the ancient lamps he had inherited from his mother. His brows were raised in greeting, but his eyes were clouded with the familiar smog of guilt, polluting the purity of his usually trustworthy gaze. “How was school?” You nodded you greeting, refusing to answer his innocent inquiry, taking the low road and selecting the silent treatment as your chosen method of petty teenage rebellion. You returned your focus to the phone, punching in the area code for La Push as the Chief cleared his throat, preparing for the oncoming, and inevitable, speech. “I know I’m not your favourite person right now, but… look, what I’m trying to say is… I’m sorry,” he concluded, his hands relocating to perch on his hips, assuming the typical father stance when addressing his child. You chewed your bottom lip, tapping a few more numbers into the phone. You were tempted to reject his apology, but there was no denying the goodness in Charlie; he was sorry for souring your evening, and his apologies were almost always genuine. He sighed, tilting his head in the direction of the kitchen. “My grand gesture burnt on the stove, but if the kids these days are interested in… charred…” his voice trailed off, his brows furrowing. “You have my permission to order pizza if Bella doesn’t feel like cooking.” He turned to walk towards the door, fiddling with his belt as he went. “Might want to let it air out, too.” You twisted the phone’s glossy spiral cord around your index finger, calling out to Charlie as he opened the door to return to his stagnant shift.

“Billy?” Charlie’s lips twisted in an uncomfortable grimace, his dark eyes on yours, countless unspoken apologies dancing in his irises.

“Workin’ on it,” he admitted, stepping onto the doorjamb, his heavy boots scuffing along the ridge as he worked himself out of the house. Before the door closed him off to you for the night, you called out your thanks, watching his mustache twitch as his smile grew more prominent, his happiness at having cleansed the air of all pollutants with the daughter that openly enjoyed spending time with him clear as a Phoenix sky. You returned to the phone as the front door closed, finishing Jacob’s number as the cruiser pulled out of the driveway, disappearing on the ribbon of asphalt to a soundtrack of mechanical ringing. After the third ring, a voice deeper than expected answered your call, your heart sinking into your shoes.

“Billy, hi,” you started, leaning against the wall as your struggled to formulate conversation points with a man who may or may not be extending his grudge to include you. “Is Jacob around? This won’t take long, I just need to talk to him for a minute.” Billy sighed into the receiver, his lungs deflating audibly.

“Y/n, now’s not the best time,” he began, continuing over your weak attempt to jump in between his sentences with a counter argument. “You know it’s tense right now. I’m in hot water with your dad, and he’s in hot water with me. I hate to drag you into this, but I don’t think now is a good time for… whatever it is you’ve got up your sleeve.” You clenched your teeth, disappointed in yourself for once again proving so very predictable. Twice in one day… you needed to step up your game.

“You know me too well. Let me know when things simmer down. We’d love to grab some fish fry.” You parted with polite, if strained, words, hanging the phone on the cradle, your palm slick with salted sweat. With every victory came defeat, and your battlefield was under constant attack. You condemned yourself to your bedroom once again, steering clear of the kitchen entirely, your face growing numb from loss of faith, your features falling into a mask of muted sorrow. You had no other option but to lay in the trenches and pray for a hasty resolution to end the war of old men that hindered your diplomatic meetings with your beloved enemy. Unable to scavenge the willpower to begin your homework, you decided on sleeping your stresses away, or rather pushing your stresses further into the future, tucking yourself beneath a cavern of sheets and settling into a well-deserved nap.

However well-deserved, your slumber was short lived. You were roused from your sleep by the timid tapping of knuckles against glass, your bleary vision clearing in time to notice a handful of rather important details. The first, and most consuming, was that you’d managed to sleep through a good five hours of your day; the afternoon you had kissed goodbye was now shrouded in the pitch darkness of night, your view out of your window aided only by a distant streetlight. Second, the rain had increased greatly, drowning the forest beyond the streaming glass panes, leaves laden with heavy dew droplets. Third, you had a guest. You stumbled uncoordinatedly towards your window, your feet hammering against your floorboards as you fought the confines of the blankets still tangled in your limbs, your fingers struggling with the latch locking poor Jacob Black outside in the pouring rain. You flipped the mechanism, sliding your window open, your hands collecting water as soon as the outside world was made accessible.

“Jacob, what are you doing here? What time is it?” you wondered aloud, your voice docked in volume to avoid alerting Charlie or Bella to the presence of your visitor. No matter how much Charlie liked Jacob, if he found the boy outside of your bedroom window, he’d turn him inside out. The Chief didn’t set aside his duties as a father, not even for Jacob. Jacob’s face illuminated as he smiled, his brows raised with mischievous ambition.

“You rang?” He chuckled, his muffled laughter sending droplets cascading from the hood of his raincoat. You shot him a severe look, cautioning him wordlessly to keep his volume to a minimum. His smile softened, his face radiating warmth even when drenched and exposed to the elements. “Relax, Y/n. I’m here for business reasons. Someone, and by someone I mean myself, ordered a jail break for a Miss Swan.” You stared, dumbfounded, watching the rain streak the planes of his jacket, your just-woken mind too groggy to comprehend so wild a gesture as this. He rolled his eyes, motioning for you to join him outside. “C’mon, the paperwork’s in the car. Someone’s gotta sign for this.” You beamed, closing your window on Jacob’s smiling face, turning to sprint for your bedroom door, your hand snagging your raincoat as you went.

miscellaneousrenaissant replied to your post “Hey! I was wondering if we’re gonna get anymore of the character music…”

Playmoss is similar to 8tracks but uses Youtube videos so you don’t have to upload anything, and you don’t need a minimum number of tracks to make a playlist

litriu replied to your post “Hey! I was wondering if we’re gonna get anymore of the character music…”

Don’t know if you’ve heard of it already, but Playmoss is what I use. You just link in youtube videos or soundcloud audio posts and compile the songs into whatever playlist you want. It’s free, unlimited and really easy to use. And you can still make your own cover art for your playlist.

Oh! And you can even put in more than two songs from the same artist, which is cool!

This sounds pretty much like exactly what I was looking for! I just went and started playing around with it, and it’s really cool! Super sleak, I like it a lot!

I’m a little bummed that you can’t upload your own tracks, though, since I have some songs that aren’t up online anywhere, or are really hard to find a good quality track of on Youtube/Soundcloud :’’< Also this kinda seems like it would have a similar problem of just using Youtube to compile playlists, in that if someone takes down the video, wouldn’t that mess up your playlist? I want to avoid that hassle if possible :<

I made a fatal error in judgement.  I put on my VNV playlist to drive home because you know, good driving music and gives me a happy.  

Instead what I got was punched in the stomach with ffxv feels and spent the entire drive home on the verge of tears.  

Now I have learnt. 

And I am pretty sure if Yoko Shimamura hadn’t been able to do it, they could have just stolen VNV’s discography and used that as the soundtrack and it would in no way have changed the mood of the entire game  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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♪ & ❦

  • ♪ - music you like?

i’m pretty much okay with anything really, although my playlists contains a number of 90s music but I don’t like rap much, especially those ones with bunch of irrelevant meaningless words or nasty curses that makes it sounds so painfully extra, it hurts not just my ears but also my brain.

  • ❦-.fave characters?

h-HE!!!!!!!!!! if i were ever to date a person, his character & personality are the ideal thing, he could literally step or kick me in the face and i’d still give him two thumbs up. he’s the only anime dude that could turn a stoic loser like me into a fangirling mess in just a mere two seconds and he’s only thirteen i hate this i want to die

ask the blogger

i’m in love with momojirou so i had to make a playlist of rock songs for ‘em, all sung by female vocalists. the links lead to yt videos because 8tracks isn’t the ideal in my country anymore, so i hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience to listen to!! i’ve been stuck on wondering what subgenre(s) of rock jirou would prefer and what music momo would be a fan of :0 i just know i love them……

bokuni kanojoga dekitanda - SHISHAMOSECRET GIRL - specialthanks 

 you’re so cool - colleen green / pretty - girlpool

always looking - dum dum girls / always and forever - cults

think of you - bleached dreamphone - peach kelli pop

rebel girl - bikini kill / eyes on you - veruca salt


Hello Fellow Fígrid Fans! 

In the last year Fígrid has grown and grown as a ship, but we’d like to spread the love even more and try to get our little ship sailing strong! 

As such, we’ve devised a cunning plan; Fígrid Febuary! 

It will be a month long fanevent, run by us here at FYeahFigrid, encouraging everyone to fill the tag with all love for this little rowboat.

There’ll be daily prompts for writers and artists to create new works. 

We’ll be reblogging and sharing all our old favourites too, as well as encouraging you all to do the same! 

Pretty much anything tagged with “Figrid Febuary” we’ll reblog, be it headcanon, metta, RP Requests, playlists - you name it. We just want to celebrate our beloved ship with you all =)

We’ll announce the first set of prompts on 25th January to give you time to prepare, but for now follow us for more updates about what’s to come! 

Art by the lovely @tosquinha