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The Aftermath Addendums

Journal Entry 14/2/2017

This is the final straw. 

I don’t know why I thought having Adrien and his friends under my supervision would deter them from engaging in frivolous, hormone-driven activities, but clearly I will not be making that mistake again.

I’m substituting Adrien’s fencing lessons with a rigorous and thorough sexual education and health regime starting tomorrow. I feel it would be better if he is not practicing “thrusting” techniques at this point…

…where did I go wrong?

I am curious as to why only Mlle. Dupain-Cheng and Adrien were undressed, as well as why the other boy was wearing a blindfold, but I think it best not to ask too many questions… although I must say, I was rather impressed with the design and workmanship of the undergarments being modeled by Adrien’s young fri–

–I’m going to burn in hell for that thought.

-Gabriel Agreste

why are people still reblogging that asinine “just plonk down a big old grid of solar panels in the sahara and you’ve powered the entire earth. boom. done”

not to say that renewable energy isn’t important and feasible but like… please think for like a millisecond about such things as “actually building them” and “if you literally did that how in god’s name would you set up the electrical grid” and “are there perhaps any concerns of politics, economics, or system redundancy here” and probably a thousand other things

it might be a good illustration of what could be achieved but it’s not good as a literal plan you jackasses

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berena #8 :)

8. It’s below freezing outside, do you mind if we just cuddle on the couch?


“Who would have known that Major Berenice Griselda Wolfe is a cuddler?” Serena addresses the room, empty aside from the two of them huddled together under blankets.

“I’m not a cuddler.” Bernie’s tone is slightly petulant, and Serena turns to raise an eyebrow at her. Bernie pouts. “Not with anyone else, anyway.” Serena makes a noise of contentment and burrows back into her partner’s chest.

“We were meant to be going down to the bank later.” Bernie doesn’t sound especially motivated, and Serena isn’t either.

“We can sort a joint account another day. It’s too cold to go outside today.” Bernie drops a kiss to Serena’s hair.

“Good plan.”


Later on, Jason walks in and addresses them.

“I am guessing you didn’t go to the bank and slept on the sofa all afternoon instead.” Serena makes to move away but finds Bernie has her held in a tight embrace.

“We weren’t sleeping, Jason.” Serena feels Bernie smirk into her shoulder at that.

“Well what were you doing then Auntie Serena?”

“Cuddling,” she replies.

“Cuddling?” Jason doesn’t sound like he believes her but Serena knows he’ll drop it soon enough in order to put Countdown on. She simply snuggles herself back into her partner and nods sleepily. “That’s right. Intense cuddling.”

someone buy me a harvard for police tank top, please and thank you

I was just about to make a post because I have no idea what to write, but I typed all my thoughts out in all caps and now I know exactly what to do.  Also I’m mad because I didn’t do this when I blanked last Saturday.

For anyone wondering what it’s like to be a writer, this is what it’s like to be a writer.

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You know what im just gonna go ahead and cry now. Get that out the way before shit hits the fan.

a good plan, but i’m also gonna take this ask as a space to get this out there:

my favorite brand of angst isn’t so much the ‘stab-happy’ variety these days. i’m more into ‘quietly-collapsing’, something gentle, almost subdued in comparison.

you can make of that what you will///

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hi every time you post about bread it makes me think of how one day i'm going to run away to a mountain and live there with my wife and our 7 adopted children and we're going to make our own bread and raise chickens and goats and start a commune and join with other mountain lesbian communes and overthrow the united states

Sounds like a good plan honestly anon. Good lesbian luck!

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Playlist for romantic night in with tyler

he was tired of going out, putting on airs just to face the world. he wanted to have you all to himself: make you dinner, slow dance in the living room, take you to the bedroom, light some candles and make you feel good. he planned the whole night out just to surprise you.

- everlong (acoustic) by foo fighters
- sideways by citizen cope
- earth angel by the penguins
- 1979 (smashing pumpkins cover) by young love
- i’m like a lawyer with the way i’m always trying to get your off by fall out boy
- all of me by john legend
- my body’s a zombie for you by dead man’s bones
- the very thought of you by billie holiday

Hello, my lovelies!

 It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a selfie and although I’m sick as fuck, I felt kinda nice today.

 My hair color almost looks like Tenti’s, maybe I should go neon green for Anti next. C: 

 Well, anywho, I am currently working on some ring demons and I shall be posting them either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. Depends on if I keep my focus on them, I have a lot on my mind at this point in time.. 

 Plans for a new laptop are in the making and finding a good one without my techy friends arguing with each other is stressful as fuck along with uh.. a even more stressful living environment.. 

 But things will turn around when I get the new computer and when I do get it, be prepared. I shall be streaming like crazy like how I use to! It’s been since the start of November since I last streamed… I feel bad and upset that I haven’t streamed in ages. 

 Anyways, I’ve rambled what I wanted to say. 

 I hope you all have a wonderful day so far and your night is twice as amazing~ 

Eat, drink, and take yo meds.

 Much love!

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2/21/2017 evening check in

Today was a good day! I did what I planned – had my typical avocado/veggie bacon on toast for breakfast and packed a PB&J sandwich for lunch. I was super hungry by the time I was able to go get dinner and I did stick to my sushi for dinner plan……however…….

it was all you can eat sushi 😬and the reviews on yelp were great. and it was so cheap. so even though the concept of all you can eat is kind of messed up, i’m also kind of messed up, and I couldn’t pass this opportunity by.

i ordered thai spring rolls, veggie tempura, 3 (i know) veggie rolls, and agedashi tofu. it was the first time i have ever left a sushi restaurant feeling like, full. the good news is that unless Lose It is totally off, that dinner was probably like 1,000 calories. which makes sense because most of it was literally just vegetables and rice and there wasn’t a ton of tempura or tofu. maybe i’m kidding myself. no idea.

so for today, let’s say it was 1,800+ calories. key point being the plus. but guess which bitch can button her old blazer in the front and doesn’t regret the sushi


Some people are saying I bypass people for interviews.

TBH, I didn’t even know that people cared to sit and chat with me.  

These ‘interviews’ are very impromptu.  I get on, I see the person, I say hey, let’s do this…boom! We do it.  I have always been more of a spontaneous person; I’m not good with plannings and schedules and rules and such things.

The only interview that I ever really sat and made a decision about was Tre’s. Tre was a special case. LOL He had a lot going on and it had to be done.  So please do not assume that there is a special method to the madness.  It is all based on special urges. (OK that sounded sexualish, but you get it).

Thanks for reading them. I’ll try to find the old ones and add them to the page for those of you who enjoy the read.

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The first time Naegi and Kirigiri opened a bottle of fine wine during a romantic dinner, Naegi somehow ended up completely plastered and blubbering cheesy-affectionate nonsense at her for hours. Kirigiri's face was a bit red, but she was still sober enough to perfectly remember the entire incident, and has no plans of letting him live it down ;)

Yep yep this is good and totally something that would happen.