this place was way better than my hometown

Webcomic Roundup

Part one of my top web-comic picks, focused on comics with daily updates (no particular order) 

Bad Machinery: 6 pre-teens solve utterly bizarre mysteries in their English hometown while being the wittiest bunch you’ve ever met. By John Allison. 

Dumbing of Age: Another web comic by internet sweetheart David Willis. Follows the lives of college kids figuring out their lives their freshman year. Actually way better than this description sounds. 

Stand Still Stay Silent: A post-apocalyptic /zombie story that takes place 90 years in the future. Most technology having been lost, Nordic mythology and magic play a large role in a society that struggles to thrive. The story focuses on the friendship that develops between a misfit group of adventurers, rather than the typical gore and horror associated with the genre. Also unlike most post-apocalyptic stories it takes place in not North America, but in Northern Europe instead. By Minna Sundberg